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Miley Cyrus Slaps The Paps With Verbal Horror! WATCH!

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This must be that Dirty South comin' out in ya!!

Seriously, Miley Cyrus was not playing around when she landed at LAX Tuesday morning. But by "morning," we mean 1am.

And she makes damn sure this photog knows what time it is when he tries asking her some questions.

Not only does she cuss him out (above), she even tells him:

"Use the money you get from selling peoples souls to buy a watch."

Um yeah… it's pretty bad.

But at the end, Prince Liam Hemsworth comes to the rescue for his bride-to-be. And eventually, all is well in Mileyland!

[Video via Splash News.]

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52 comments to “Miley Cyrus Slaps The Paps With Verbal Horror! WATCH!”

  1. Kimmyjoy says – reply to this


    These people you tell "shut up" to made you, bitch!

  2. 2

    "Use the money you get from selling people's souls…" Bahaha. Miley, you're about as idiotic as the Kardashian sisters. Without those photogs you'd be nothing more than a walking panty stain.

  3. Natasha says – reply to this


    I would have acted the EXACT SAME at 1am. She is not being unreasonable at all. And the only thing that is bad about this video is the paps harassing her

  4. tjpm says – reply to this


    Anyone has the right to be fed up at any time they choose. Travelling is not easy. And pms is just a drag :)

  5. pac says – reply to this


    ohhh poor Miley.

    she must be soooo tired at 1am from doing nothing. it's not like she works or anything.
    miley is such a spoiled brat, she's always going off on the paparazzi. she knows she likes the attention

  6. 6

    your soul has been sold in hollywood over and over and over already, bitch. these guys are just trying to make money like you.

  7. 7

    If you are going to make the effort to tell them to shut up, why not just be civil? If she doesn't want to talk to them, then ignore them - plaster on a smile and pretend they are not there.

  8. Dave says – reply to this


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Am i the ONLY person that realized that she took the time to sign an autograph for somebody while being HARASSED BY OLDER MEN AT 1AM and couldn't have been nicer about it! Give me a break people saying she loves the attention, thats why she went on tour out of country to avoid these creeps that only wanted "pictures of her hair".

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Why is she in such a bad mood …? Did only one cousin show up last night for the barn orgy …?

  10. 10

    I do think that the paparazzi is ruthless. Day in and day out she is harassed. She did use harsh words but you know what…I'd probably do the same.

  11. 11

    Re: Be-Atch – BFD, moron. it's worse that he is hanging around at 1AM then the paps. she signed cause she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

  12. 12

    Re: Be-Atch – bwaaaaaahaaaaaaa

  13. 13

    Re: Be-Atch – 1st comment was meant for dave,

  14. Chronic says – reply to this


    Re: Natasha – The photogs didn't give her start in Hollywood bitch. The photags don't write her music. They didn't get her on Hannah Montana. They don't do a damn thing for her career. Understand that, First everyone wants to say Billy is the one who got her here and now the photogs. That is bullshit. They have no effect on what part she gets or any thing. All they do is follow her around and make her look bad just so they can keep the heat on in their house. They should really get a "JOB". The photogs should just die, Celebrities don't need magazines to help them in their careers. You act like they gave birth to her. Like really. What does a photo have to do with a career? People need to educate themselves and realize that photogs don't make people but they can destroy peoples reps.

  15. Erica says – reply to this


    At lease she sighed an autograph :) ..she's tired guys and PMSing

  16. Chronic says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – You sound so stupid. How did they make her? They have no speak on what she does with her life or career. You must be mentally retarded. They didn't get her the job for hannah montana or anything else she has done. Educate yourself stupid before you want to go around calling people a bitch.

  17. Chronic says – reply to this


    Perez you need a damn life and a "JOB" too. All you do is talk about people and make people feel like fucking shit. At least Miley can entertain people without making fun of them. is this what you call anti bullying?

  18. 18

    People say she has the right to and blah blah but I know she has called them herself so fuck her.

  19. 19

    Re: Chronic – I agree with part of what you say - the photogs did not get her started - but I disagree that celebs don't need them. Fame needs to be fed, and publicity is what feeds it. The worst thing that can happen to someone like Miley is that the paparazzi no longer care.

  20. 20

    Ummm that's how she got famous. What's the long face for now? Seriously these people wanted to be famous and now that they are they can't stand it. Comes with the territory. Number one reason no one really likes or cares about any of these so called stars. They all suck and have a terrible attitude. Don't bite the hand that feeds.

  21. 21

    Re: Natasha – They know she's there because her PR rep called them and told them So she basically has the paps notified where she'll be and then treats them like a problem. She's a crazy little girl. Hopefully her singing days are numbered.

  22. 22

    Re: Chronic – The photogs keep her relevant no one cares about her possum huntin ass. Seriously get a f*cking life

  23. GetOverYourselfMiley says – reply to this


    I don't understand these celebrities that sell their own soul to the media and the paps but call them out when they arent in the mood to deal with them. They would be nothing without the media! You can't court them when you want to hock a product or film then expect them to just go away. Ingrates.

  24. Julie says – reply to this


    She does have the right to react the way that she did in this video. How would you feel if several men flashed cameras at your face and asked you annoying questions, constantly? And to have all of that happen at 1am in the morning after you just got off the plane? She was in a bad mood and tired. Get over it. She is only HUMAN. Plus, she gave her signature for one of her fans and was very nice. Because… at least the fan is there to support her and not drag her down with false stories. The photographers should have taken the hint the first time she told them to "shut up" and that she won't be answering their questions. Instead, they harassed her with questions, followed her, and continued to take photos (that could temporarily blind someone).

  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She is SO pathetic….she goes RUNNING to the media when she has some crap movie or cd to promote…but, when they wish to speak to her fugly face, she puts on the major 'tude. WHO in the HELL does this little HillBilly Skanks think she is ? ! She likely is in a bad mood as well due to coming down from a drug HIGH…she does do drugs, the little tramp ….. Glad her career is in the crapper……She could ALWAYS take over for the Voice of Elmo…..

  26. 26

    I would have been the same way after a long flight with jet lag when all you want to do is get home and climb into bed. The guy was asking pointless questions.

  27. chrys says – reply to this


    well no one would be all to cheery @ 1am. besides, she already told the paps that she is not in the mood, especially @1am right after a flight.

    bad timing mr. paps. you should have bought a watch and been considerate.

  28. 28

    Wow, this actually surprised me, lol.

  29. kasia27 says – reply to this


    shes nice enough to sign an an autograph for a fan at 1am. i totally understand her reaction, i nearly got a seizure just by watching the video.

  30. Am24 says – reply to this


    Seriously?? You signed up for this Miley…get the f**k over yourself. What a d**k. If you want the career, you have to take all that comes with it…you already sold your soul

  31. Chronic says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – The photags don't work for the Media smart ass. They sell pictures to them. Get it right you piece of sh*t.

  32. Rita says – reply to this


    She doesn't have to be rude. If she doesn't like the paps, she should retire. The only time I have sympathy for celebs is when the paps break into their property or take pictures of them inside their home etc. Other than that, deal with it!

  33. Michael says – reply to this


    She has the right to say whatever she wants in this situation. Let's see how everyone how is talking shit about her would like to be jet lagged and have a billion cameras flashing in your face at 1 a.m. That's what I thought. Now take some advice from Miley and shut the fuck up :)

  34. stevie says – reply to this


    i feel bad for her :( What a douche i know hes just doing his job but really couldve just been waaay more polite. could have just asked her politely if he could get a pic of her and be on his way.. and shit it has to be hard trying to drive away with all those flashes blinding you….

  35. Josie says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – The media and and the paparazzi are two different things. That wasn't Access Hollywood at the airport with a camera in her face at one in the morning. Besides, after she told them she was not in the mood at that late hour, they should've left it alone. The pap kept needling, so he deserved whatever reaction she gave.

  36. caitlin says – reply to this


    Everyone needs to shut up. She's always hated those weirdo older men following her and I don't blame her. Also it was one in the morning so she must've been tired. stop hating on her, they deserved every word she said.

  37. 37

    Fucking whore, do you know those people are the one who make you famous?? Do you really think people care for your music/acting or whatever the hell it is you're doing? people care because you're a fucking mess and they can't wait to see you fail! BE GRATEFUL WHORE!

  38. 38

    Seriously I can't believe it! What the FUCK is wrong with her? who does she think she is? She should be THANKFUL they take picture of her!!!

  39. 39

    are you people DUMD????????? HER PR CALLED THE FUCKING PAPS!!! HOW DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD KNOW??????????????????????? AND DO YOU REALLY THINK MILEY WOULD BE FAMOUS IF IT WASNT FOR HER CRAZY LIFESTYLE/HAIR/RELATIONSHIPS??? FUCK OFF PEOPLE !! WHY do you think you NEVER see dozen of papparazi following A-LISTERS like Johnny Depp?? It's because they don't NEED the attention, they're famous because of their TALENT! WIch is not Miley case! DAMN PEOPLE WHAT'S WRONG WITH Y'ALL!!!!!

  40. MileyHasbee. says – reply to this


    She has no problem flashing her side tits and waxed twat to the public but this the has been needs to vent about.

  41. Florence says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – I NOTICED TOO (:

  42. Laura says – reply to this


    I would've slapped that pap right on the head. Kudos to her for still taking time for the fan.

  43. 43

    wow…thats true miley…

  44. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Don't give me this CRAP of 'poor Miley and the media'…this little SKANK knows all about the Fame Game, and certainly uses it to her advantage when she wants to. She can't have it both ways. As someone mentioned…side boob shots, new hair-do….she certainly cultivates the media when she wants to. This little Tramp better STFU, and do her 'thang' and give the media a little leg, even when she is 'not in the mood'. True Miley, indeed …… Ugly, isn't she ? And not just her face !

  45. TheRealQueenB says – reply to this


    Sounds like all the people throwing out negative comments need to get lives. You're bitter because you aren't a celeb, shame get over it.

  46. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Shaddap ! WHO would be jealouse of this two-bit skank? She does drugs, so she can't be a happy camper…….

  47. Athyna says – reply to this


    My heart hurts when I see paparazzi chase celebrities. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be stalked by paparazzi day in and day out with camera's flashing in you face.

  48. t13 says – reply to this


    Why are people so heartless? she's tired and getting harassed by sleezy scums. I'm not a miley fan but paparrazzi are full on scum that's all they are.

  49. jess says – reply to this


    she can do whatever she wants . i'd like to see you get off a flight at 1am and have sick creeps taking her photo even after she said she was not in the mood . she's 20 years old and can say and do what she likes . paps are the lowest excuse of human beings . they don't care about anything except making people look bad . they could have at the very least be polite and ask for a real quick photo and not harass her like she owes them anything !!

  50. Anonymous says – reply to this


    What a bitch. She should keep her mouth shut.

  51. kkik says – reply to this


    I would have done exactly the same.. Probably worse!. Doesn't matter who you are what you do you do not want to be hounded by people asking you stupid questions like that after travelling.

  52. aly says – reply to this


    1st . she would be NOTHING if it wasnt for the paparazzi