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Christina Aguilera's Lotus Smells Not So Sweet On Music Charts!

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Well, at least The Voice is raking in the ratings, right Chrissie?!

After tons of extravagant promotional performances and leaked tunes, Christina Aguilera's latest musical venture JUST officially unleashed its power upon the world this week…

But unfortunatly it seems Xtina's delicate flower only reached #7 in the US Billboard 200 — the worst album debut of her whole career!


Yep… Lotus has officially sold LESS copies (73,408) in its initial week than Christina's poorly received 2010 effort Bionic (110,000).

But, hey! Perhaps Lotus will have a sales surge during week 2? How can anyone possibly resist the heady scent of Christina's precious flora?!

[Image via WENN.]

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85 comments to “Christina Aguilera's Lotus Smells Not So Sweet On Music Charts!”

  1. 1

    I think her 15 minutes is just over. She's just way too trashy for my taste.

  2. 2

    the album is so good.

  3. 3

    Christina sweetie, give Steven Hirsch a call, he'll resurrect what's left of your career:

    ATTN: Desperate Has-Been Celebrity Dept.
    3599 Cahuenga Blvd.
    West Los Angeles, CA 90068

  4. 4

    She did it to herself. Nasty attitude coupled with gaining weight. Can't be fat when you are a pop star or a bitch. Maybe she should rethink leaving The Voice.
    LOTUS isn't bad but most of the songs are forgettable.

  5. 5

    She has one of the best voices ever, but she has never managed to be likeable. Personally, I love her - but I would love her more if she would be natural - it always seems like she is trying too hard.

  6. 6

    Re: Angela430 – NOT everybody loves Gerbils. Christina's not home writing about you.

  7. sheisabitch says – reply to this


    She has said to many nasty things about other celebs over the year..remember when she called Kelly O. a fatass? and said (about herself) that she was "naturally" thin? She has talked shit about Brittney for years…Cristina has a beautiful voice but if you are not likable and people can't relate to you..well then,you will fall from your high horse and back down to reality..Karma is a bitch.
    I still like her voice..but I don't like her..and wont be buying her album.

  8. 8

    She needs better writers/producers to make her some hits…

  9. 9

    Christina ROARING LIKE A LION IN-HEAT between every song verse DOES NOT MAKE HER an incredible singer…..

  10. 10

    Re: sheisabitch – Kelly O is a FAT ASS, and a FILTHY-NASTY MOUTHED drug addicted alcoholic bulimic mess….

  11. treyman says – reply to this



  12. 12

    her best chance of a comeback hit wouldve been with a strong ballad. She shouldve searched high and low to find a great ballad to comeback with. Instead she made the same mistake as last time and tried to compete with the current big pop girls with an uptempo song. Sorry Piggy you just dont have their relevance or popularity..or pop songs.

    to be fair she is trying hard to be nice on the voice. Sadly she has a face that kinda lets you know what she really thinks and she's not a great actress.

  13. 13

    Maybe it's because it's before it's time, like her last flop. OYEAH, REMEMBER WHEN YOU USED TO CALL HER FLOPTINIA? Ha, those were the days. Other than that, put down the booze and fried chickin, she is huge.

  14. 14

    Christina's Bionic was critically slammed and Lotus is critically luke-warm. But Lotus is being WAY better received by her fans. I personally love it but I've bought only three songs off the entire cd. Just a Fool is 13 on itunes and NOTHING on Bionic charted, period. So, hopefully her follow up singles will be better than Your Body. Either way, I smell grammy's coming from this album… at least for best pop female vocalist…

  15. 15

    hmmmmmmm i think its weird that she wasnt more popular this time around being shes on the voice etc so i think something must be wrong with her songs because shes getting enough exposure in the spotlight..and has a good voice

  16. pan86 says – reply to this


    Lotus is an amazing album! People just find it easy to jump on the hate-Xtina-bandwagon… it's just sad that it prevents people from enjoying one of the best albums of the year imo! Also her personality, good or bad, has nothing to do with the quality of her music… other very "relevant" female artists are slutty skanky bitches but nobody seems to care…. SMDH

  17. 17

    I think if you have the voice, you don't need the gimmicks that Britney, Katy, Nicki need. You don't need th dance pop songs. All you need to do is find songs that are good and show who you are. Christina tries too hard to be like every other pop act and she is failing miserably. Look at someone like Pink, she has been around as long as Christina. Pink has a fantastic voice but she has also gone her own route, not copying everyone else's act. She writes the songs she wants and performs on her own terms and has never been afraid to show who she is. On the other hand, Christina tries to copy other pop acts and acts like a Diva. For sure, she has the voice to be a Diva, but she doesn't have the sales numbers.

  18. babyrach says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – hahaha love your comment u have to be nice if your fat y cant ppl get that

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Who are the 78,000 miserable people who bought this CD? You can record the digital songs off the radio for FREE.

  21. Eva says – reply to this


    Re: Pray the Gay Away… – haha talking about miserable!! What are you doing getting the songs for FREE?? Get a good job and stop being a starving who doesn't even have money to buy music. And of course I bought the CD cuz I like real singers and don't feel comfortable with those auto-tuned stars making money with stupid people like you =D

  22. 22

    Re: Eva – Shut Up you pathetic stinky TWAT!

  23. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    This is just in the US!! Cuz the CD is not even in other countries, like here in México.
    We are wating for it!! And it can sales more like Stripped wich sold a lot after they launched the second single Beautiful.

  24. nome says – reply to this


    The album is good, MUCH better than Bionic but Lotus was rushed. The release date for Lotus wasn't released until two months ago and they should've released the first single around the time The Voice went live because that would've been a much better promotion tactic.

  25. 25

    Truckloads of Christina's LOTUS CD's are already arriving at Goodwill for sale in their 5 for-a-Buck bargain bins….

  26. Loca says – reply to this


    I did not like one song on Lotus it was unoriginal I felt like she still tries to follow what everyone else is doing. Christina is not likeable like Katy Perry, Gaga, Spears, Swift they treat those who work for them great and no matter how much money you have you need to remember that it can all be taken away. People don't root for her, she is trashy and no one wants to see that when she is 170lbs overweight. Its just gross and the heavy makeup has got to go. Christina doesn't listen to anyone but herself thats why she will continue failing, she chose to drink, party, and eat her way of her problems. This time you can't blame your ex husband on low sales like Bionic, I wonder if she will blame Matt.

  27. 27

    Floptina strikes again!! I feel bad for her. American Idol even help Jlo relaunch her career.

  28. andrea says – reply to this


    I am not really a christina aguilera fan…like a few of her songs but would never go out and buy her cd. Have to admit that I think LOTUS is really, really good. Already bought a few songs off iTunes and it's on heavy rotation on my iPod…she really has a phenomenal voice, just extremely talented but I have to agree with some of the comments here. It all boils down to personality and perception. She comes off as bitchy and unlikable…listeners will not even give her the time of day no matter how kick ass her songs are.

  29. 29

    HALF as many copies as the Kendrick Lamar cd (album of the year btw). How can one of the most famous singers on the planet not sell more, or at least similar, albums than a rapper who is almost unknown off of the internet? That's only 73,000 more copies than the A$AP Rocky album that didn't even come out…

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who cares if she's top 40 with those pipes. That's basically tween/teen territory. She can and should tour and work her niche, because those people are def. out there. There are some amazing mid sized rooms with orchestral acoustics that she would love to sing in.

  31. GenXY says – reply to this


    Dear Christina,

    You have at least one bit hit in this album with lots of goodies BUT your story is no longer clear as you did in your first 'come hither', 'dirtcy', then 'LGBT' then your 'era-genre' albums. Your body was an easy win because of femme power plux sex-sells BUT you have clearly matured and I love that you can put out messages such as 'anti-bullying' and 'hot rod/period look'. Your story was consistent, at all events, you had mega attention to little details, you were bold and consistent, however, you lost the focus. I love the relevancy you have on 'Cease Fire', I love that you updated your look for the new generation of younger fans, now update all of that focus across EVERYTHING. We like your sound, we respect your message, we love you bold… but why do you look outdated in your 90% of PR efforts???? You have done the hardwork already, now don't settle at every single event and have a plan even with paparazzis: show the world when you are on and off. It's okay to be a mom but it isn't okay to look like 2 albums ago when you have a current look to keep up with, it's all a part of now, relevant lotus. Otherwise, connect 'Cease Fire' with the Secretary Hillary Clinton the way the first lady did with Beyonce, make powerful waves beyond being a hollywood star just as you did with Anti-bullying 'You're Beautiful'.

  32. 32

    God damn, Lotus should have came out with a BANG and Max Martin's SUREFIRE hit and a performance and LOOK like she gave on the voice….and she should have STUCK with it and drilled it in everyone's damn heads. SHe's been performing a different song every time and while its nice to give a taste of Lotus, she's struggling to find a consistency and instead of reinvention she's switching herself around too damn much. Show more character, more fun…..its a really really GOOD album, she needs some direction clearly with her marketing and publicity, her damn team should be fired. She needs to go back to showing personality and fun rather than terribly scripted answers to interviews in a valley girl voice…she has an intelligent independent woman that has fun inside of her I dont know why she doesn't let her OUT! LOTUS IS A GOOD ALBUM!!!!!!

  33. 33

    the lack of promo doesnt help. but after 'Just A Fool' gets officially released, i can see sales picking up

  34. Robert Stover says – reply to this


    Perez .. You may think your the be all and tell all but you lift your "news" from other sites… You weight loss has rendered you ET and your hatred is goi g to come back to haunt your skinny ass .. What goes around comes around.. I wish you well ..how do we block this site from appearing on our searches? Barf

  35. 35

    Christina has been making music for years. It's safe to say that it's been a lot longer than 15 minutes of fame.

    She's done a terrible job promoting this album. Very few interviews and press promotion and live performances. She also needs to take some of that makeup off and dye her hair a human color.

  36. James Grey says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha – piggy lol look at u hahah.

  37. 37

    How can anyone resist? Seriously? She was done for as an artist when she took the "Diva-In-Command" post on "The Voice" as all the sties of her outrageous disgusting behavior emerged (which everyone now denies, of course. Remember Adam Levine said way back season one that Xtina would not even talk to the other judges when the cameras were not rolling??) Plus her weight gain does not sit well with her style of music. She is not a class act like Adele or Kelly Clarkson. Her fan base was built on nitty gritty down and dirrrrty sex appeal (almost porn at one point). No one wants to tap that now. Well, chubby lovers, maybe.

  38. ONIT says – reply to this


    Many reasons probably, her behavior, the songs of which I just heard a few and all of them are irrelevant and sound kind of outdated, her weight even though it shouldn't but knowing her old look and seeing her at the AMAs, what a shock.

  39. 39

    She looks like a orange pig. It was pretty obvious that her album wouldnt do well, as her last album didn't do well. Though Lotus is an okay album.

  40. christinafan says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430

    i really couldn't care what a lot of people think about her anymore or how well she does. i was bullied badly at school and some of her lyrics/songs have helped me sooo much and i'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same as me! i think she has her guard up to the world but if you listen to some of her songs you can tell she is a nice sensitive person otherwise she wouldn't be singing about some of the things she sings about. people who aren't fans probably just think of dirrty, not myself tonight, your body etc and just think slut etc but there is so much more to her than that! songs like "lift me up" "best of me" "i am" "keep singing my song" etc etc etc show how much depth she has. in my opinion i think she is one of the strongest (on the inside) artists/people in the world and her family and loyal fans who listen to her songs all know that and i think that's what matters to christina now. money wise she's sorted for life, i think she's making her albums now for her/us :-) xxxxxxxx

  41. UmbrellaEhEh says – reply to this


    Lotus is actually a huge step up from bionic. Problem is she's known as a bitch behind the scenes. She has an amazing voice but she has an attitude problem. Hopefully she can work out her issues cause she is extremely talented.

  42. BionicX says – reply to this


    Hmmm perhaps its her lack of promo until almost week 3 with back to back to back performances in the AMAs and two succeeding The Voice episodes.

    I think this first week captured only Tuesday to Sunday of last week, if I'm not mistaken. The Billboard charts measure songs from Monday to Sunday and post them on the next Thursday, dated the week afterwards.

    It'll bounce back when it reflects the sales during her intense promo on TV.

  43. JRDASHING says – reply to this


    Christinas music always spreads so much positivity and I blame the media and the nasty peope out there for concentrating on her weight and forgting abou her great voice and gorgeous looks. Get a life people Xtina has a strong fan base and with music being illegaly downloaded of course her salesdon't reflect. She has a great album and is awsome

  44. 44

    omg, i hate crisitna in so many levels. she wants to be so fab and great, and nobody cares for her anymore. wake up girl, youre soooo 2002 !

  45. Bandwagon joiners. says – reply to this


    It's pathetic how much you guys hate on a woman you DEFINITELY know NOTHING about. Even more pathetic how every single one of you claims to KNOW that she's a "bitch" with a "nasty" attitude..Honey, you're just joining the bandwagon. She's nothing but a nice REAL person. On Kelly O's note..dearie, Kelly O is the one who started backlashing on Christina, and ever since ’till NOW she still puts time to hate on her whenever she gets the chance, while miss Aguilera haven't mentioned her ever since the "fat" comment [Which Osbourne deserved]. You guys make me sick.

    The Album is GREAT totally deserves a 5 star rating, and definitely a high spot on the charts. If you disagree, then you're missing out on a MASTERPIECE.

  46. 46

    Re: Bandwagon joiners. – EXACTLY!!! I'm sick of people defending Kelly Osbourne as if she's some innocent angel that Christina Aguilera attacked. KELLY OSBOURNE STARTED THAT DAMN FEUD FOR NO REASON!!!

    As for Lotus, RCA should have waited an extra month before releasing the album to promote it better because Lotus is actually very good…MUCH better than Bionic.

  47. 47

    you're a pos. you've hated her forever, pezie! AND still, no matter what, xtina don't give a shit.

  48. 48

    Its the way she presents herself, i think the weight gain is good, she looks healthy to me, but she always manage to look sloppy and also in interview she doesn"t come across likeable anymore. she is always on the defense. but the biggest issues with her is promotion, because she is doing the voice she can"t really do alot

  49. Ricky says – reply to this


    The sad fact is that this album is genuinely INCREDIBLE and people just aren't listening to it. Christina is a REAL talent no matter what she looks like and this should not dictate album sales.

  50. XtinaFan says – reply to this


    Omg! Haters!! She IS and amazing singer/artist. I guess too many stupid idiotic people liking Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj..I guess y'all don't like Talent. I bought the album and it is Amazing!! I love it!! Y'all keep talking shit that she's Fat, she's not Fat…she's a REAL woman WITH curves!! So….keep running y'alls mouth Haters.

  51. XtinaFan says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430 – 15 minutes??? Are you serious?? Wow you're incredibly oblivious!! She's been in this business for over a decade…and MANY more years to come. You're just another Little Hater. Go on and keep listening to Justin Bieber.

  52. Idiots on this thred says – reply to this


    Re: Bandwagon joiners. – Oh, and you know her well enough to say she's such a nice person? Moron.

  53. 53

    Well she sucks what the hell do you expect. No one likes her she's an underdeveloped over eater with bad face. Her personality isn't likeable.

  54. Bandwagon Joiners. says – reply to this


    Re: Idiots on this thred – Honey, I make my judgement through her life story, persona, interviews, articles, and so far The Voice [Also, her music says A LOT about her]. And she DOES come off as a nice, honest, vulnerablel and REAL woman. Unlike pathetic idiots like you jump to the nearest bandwagon Perez and his likes [Aka Kelly O] create, and start bitching about the poor woman without knowing a bit of her life..or even listen to her music. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

  55. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: Bandwagon joiners. – No, we don't personally known Christina, but neither do you. So, on that note, who are YOU to say we are wrong? ESPECIALLY as SEVERAL celebrities (Avril Lavign, Mariah, Mary J Blige, Valerie, Mark from Westlife, Charlotte Church, Vin Disel to name a few) have ALL commented on her nasty attitude. Fair enough Kelly is just pressed, but they can't all be jealous and vindictive like you make them out to be. Just face it girl, Christina isn't as nice as you'd like to believe. I will agree that she used to have a nice voice, but now even that's gone, with her screaming and straining more than ever.

  56. Ponda says – reply to this


    Re: Bandwagon Joiners. – LOL. You're delusional. Christina comes across as a snobby bitch on The Voice. The Wanted commented on it. Then it was confirmed when she tried to avoid Bieber's hug. Her excuse is the only thing that's pathetic.. 'i had Bieber fever'… BIEBER FEVER MY ASS. AND one last thing, the reason the album flopped is because it's shite! Your Body, Blank Page and Sing for me are good songs, but the rest are just bad. Her voice is even a bit unbareable in some songs.

  57. Bandwagon Joiners says – reply to this


    Re: Rita – It's true, we don't know her. But the way I see her throughout everything, is absolutely the opposite of what people see in her. I have all the right to say YOU are wrong, since YOU people take a FEW notes, exaggerate about it and take those notes, round it around her and pin it on her as if she's ONLY those things and forgetting EVERYTHING else about her.

    As of those people who commented about her, I only know of Mariah's comment WHICH makes this whole post invalid. Like, Seriously? Mariah? of all people, commenting on nasty attitudes..MARIAH?

    Anywho, no ONE's a saint [neither I am, you, or anyone in this whole post] but if the deal is that a comment would determine my WHOLE personalty and self, then fine, everyone who calls someone's a bitch is a bitch themselves, so, EVERYONE here is A BITCH. therefore I am a bitch. Wo-Ho.

  58. Jade says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – this is the generation we live in the INTERNET generation where people ILLEGALLY download music for free & therefor chart certifications MEAN NOTHING LOTUS may have sold 70,000 LEGAL COPIES in its first week but THERE IS NO DOUBT that LOTUS would have had 300,000+ copies where stolen online from ILLEGAL MP3 file hosting sites when LOTUS LEAKED 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO ITS OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!

  59. 59

    were living in a world where Taylor Swift has more Grammys than Whitney Houston and Celine Dion so were clearly living in a musical tasteless world….

  60. 60

    Re: lolita.posseur – BINGO !!! SO TRUE

  61. Firtisdale says – reply to this


    Lotus is the best album. And for the haters' information, she is unlikeable cause at least she's being herself. She's NOT FAKE. And I don't even think that theres a problem with her voice. If she wasn't shouting or screaming? Her music would not hit the charts, get Grammys, and won a lot of awards. I don't even have a problem with her voice cause its just unique and it would ordinary if she sings like normal. She can sing and her weight is not a problem, she's happy and DOES NOT seeks attention like other singers. Thank you.

  62. Firtisdale says – reply to this


    Re: Ponda – WTH? She had to decide about her team on the voice, and do she even need to hug that stupid gay? She does not seek attention in order to get fans. STUPID HATER

  63. prg says – reply to this


    i dont care about album charts and billboard its a joke anyway music is dead with talentless muppets like one direction and justin biber minaj and kesha topping the charts where are all the talented singers and artist i grew up listening to?? thankgod i grew up listening to christina so what if she didnt sell the album shes still one of the best selling artist of all time u mad perez

  64. 64

    Re: prg – exactly. XTINA is a legend and is still almost a kid at 31!!!!! the bitch will be around forever while nicki minaj and justin b. are showing up on celeb rehab!! :-)

  65. 65

    Re: Angela430 – 13 years, ya douche!! and she's only 31!! bitch is gonna be around for a long long time — get used to it, ya doodie guzzler!!

  66. Lotusflower26 says – reply to this


    Haters are always gonna hate, this is the album of the year.

    I love how people just on her weight when she's a happy healthy 31 year old woman, people hide behind computers, go look at yourself cause I can guarantee she's more attractive than you and probably in better shape!

    Also Perez writing this, get a clue, you can lose all the weight you want, you still and ugly wannabe!!!

  67. Manuel says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Xpose – I dont think touring will be such a good idea because it will probably end up floping

  68. Angela43isstupid says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430

    15 minutes? She burst on to the scene 13 years ago!!! Are to stupid?

  69. Manuel says – reply to this


    Its kinda sad too see Christina not being able to sell records considering the fact that she is so talented but I think I know what her problems are…
    1. She doesnt not come off likeable unlike pop rivals(if you can even consider them rivals) Beyonce, Katy, and Gaga they all come off humble despite their huge success she comes off really bitch and a lot of fellow celebrites dont like her.
    2. She always trys to follow trends, like at the beginning of her career she looked liked a Britney wannabe. then during the Bionic era a Lady Gaga, and now shes more like a Nicki, Rihanna wannabe. I think she should go the Adele route and just be about her voice
    3.She is not good a producing hit songs, she hasnt had a #1 solo song since 2000 yikes!

  70. daric says – reply to this


    Perez hilton is a flop talking trash to get famous LOL like Xtina would say "Shut up! just shut the F— up!!

  71. loggan says – reply to this


    it is at no 7 in billboard and top 10 in all countries! how is it flop???

  72. Kama says – reply to this


    Ain't no other man was nr 1! She got grammy for that!Re: Manuel

  73. BandwagonJoinerIsATool says – reply to this


    Re: Bandwagon Joiners.
    " Honey, I make my judgement through her life story, persona, interviews, articles, and so far The Voice [Also, her music says A LOT about her]. And she DOES come off as a nice, honest, vulnerablel and REAL woman."
    So she just "comes off" as nice?? In other words, you don't know her, "honey!"

  74. BandwagonJoiners.. says – reply to this


    Re: BandwagonJoinerIsATool – Niether do you…so you're calling yourself a tool too?…The difference between us is: I judge her by what I see in her, not by what turds like Perez and his likes say about her and you would just go with the flow and become a turd like them aswell..

  75. Victor says – reply to this


    Re: Pray the Gay Away… – Hilarious!!! And I totally agree

  76. Brad says – reply to this


    Trashy? She aspires to be trashy! Time she put her spray-tanned titties awat and moved to Vegas!

  77. Brad says – reply to this


    It seems Slapper-stina's mentoring skills match her poor cd sales. All of her contestants have been liminated. WOn't she be in the mood for the fianl weeks of The Voice.

  78. Latinprince says – reply to this


    Re: sheisabitch – LMAO! this is the most redick! thing i've have every read.. Christina has had the same attitude since her stripped era, when people called her trashy, bitchy etc.. yet she managed to sell over 14 million albums world wide and was the most popular pop artist around. And now everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon just because she's on the voice and gives constructive criticism doesn't mean she's a bitch!! oh I get it, because she's a woman she's automatically called a "bitch" but SIMON can say whatever he wants and gets praised for it!! And since when did being "FAT" become unlikable? STUPID PEOPLE I swear!!

  79. Unbreakable Lotus says – reply to this


    Re: Manuel – Beyonce humble MY FUCKING ASS! that bitch shamelessly steals everything she can, she gets sued and doesn't care for her fans at all

    Christina is consider a wannabe? Yet everybody, from Rihanna and Madonna to Flo Rida and Amy Winehouse work with all the producers that work with Christina Aguilera in the past…. some of them came from the "poorly received" Bionic album by the way

    She wasn't wrong to say it was ahead of its time, she is following no trends, but people are stealing her ideas instead

    I really want her to get the last laugh over all these jobless nobodies that hate on her so much when all it's said and done

    She has succeeded in so many areas: music, television, movies, what have YOU achieved, Perez? a very small role in a cheap comedy about bitchy queens like you?

  80. back&forth says – reply to this


    She's now a Rihanna wannabe? Yet Rihanna got her current number one by collaborating with a person who worked with Christina in the past (Christina made Sia to get her first Golden globe award nomination bitches, she brought Sia into mainstream and now she's the most required songwriter today) and Nicki Minaj would have NO career if it wasn't for people like Mariah and Christina

    Before Woohoo nobody knew who the fuck Nicki Minaj was, so who's the wannabe now?

  81. Colleen says – reply to this


    I LOVE Christina Aguilera. I downloaded her album. And I'm buying the cd.

  82. mr.ffs says – reply to this


    I think it is the time for aguilera leaving the whole pop scene coz nobody cares bout her trashy pop music anymore. she should do sometihing mature like a contemporer jazz album. I believe it'll suit her and revive her career into better stage of critical-sounding recognition.

  83. LJC4evr says – reply to this


    Re: Bandwagon Joiners – Wow. This post just goes against what you've been trying to say. Do you know anything about Mariah? I happen to be a huge fan, and based on her life story, interviews, what others have said about her and her songs, she's an amazingly nice person. And if Christina's songs say a lot about her, Mariah's do even more because she actually WRITES ALL OF HER OWN SONGS. Christina doesn't. MANY stars have commented on Christina's bad attitude, including Mary J. Blige, people from The Wanted and even Mariah herself. You an find all of this on YouTube. However, no celebrity has ever said one bad thing about Mariah's attitude. They always say how nice she is. Don't get me wrong, I think Christina a great singer, but she does come off as a bitch. Now, get your facts straight about Mariah before you post.

  84. Shazza says – reply to this


    Perez can suck a dick. That kind of shit coming from someone who only 'got somewhere' because he stands around bitching about other people and getting punched in the face by William.
    Christina's amazing and if she says anything 'bad about someone' so does everyone else in the world, who gives a fuck!? Hypocrites. Her new album is fresh and once again different, and bringing up her weight as a 'deficiency of not getting good sales' is sad and just plain stupid. She looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, it a great gal and doing better than any of you mofo's.

  85. Shazza says – reply to this


    Re: LJC4evr – Christina writes at least 80% of her stuff, should really read the credits in the Cd's before you say stuff like that.