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Real Housewives: Taylor Armstong Intervention Episode On It's Way!

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Oh man…..

It's about to get crazy up in hurrr when the ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills force Taylor Armstong to confront her drinking problem.

After watching the first two episodes of the season, it's clear that Tay loves drinking as much as she likes shit-talking Brandi Glanville. If you ask us, both have gotten out of hand.

We're ready to see Kennedy's mom get some help! And, according to an RHOBH insider, we won't have to wait very long.

The intervention episode takes place when the "women go to Ojai, for a spa weekend. Instead, it becomes an intervention about Taylor’s drinking." The source says at this point in the season:

“They [the other ladies] all think her drinking has grown out of control and they sit her down and give it to her straight. The intervention was definitely filmed. Everyone just hopes it makes it to air so Taylor’s problem can finally be out in the open.”

Did the intervention actually work? Not really.

In the insider’s opinion:

“I don’t think Taylor’s gotten healthier since the intervention. I think she’s just gotten a little smarter. For the rest of the season, she tries to watch herself when the cameras are around — but as soon as they’re done filming, I’ve seen her start to drink more heavily again. When she’s not filming, she does what she wants.”

UGH! That is really disappointing.

She has been through so much. The last thing she needs is another problem!

Still, we're very curious to see what she does that causes the gals to confront her, and what the ladies have to say.

Does that make us horrible?? HA!

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