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Kendall Jenner Couldn’t Make Her Boy Band Dreams Come True

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You can’t always get what you want, even if you’re Kendall Jenner.

The teen recently celebrated her 17th birthday, but one big wish was missing. The Keeping Up star wanted the X Factor contestants Emblem3 to perform at the party.

But they said no!!!

Not even Kris Jenner or sis Khloe Kardashian could get them to do the gig. But it had nothing to do with Kendall.

The band really wanted to perform, they were just too busy working on their show rehearsals to make it happen.

It’s okay. Jaden Smith was there to lift Kendall’s spirits.

And there’s always the big 18th birthday next year. Maybe they can start planning early.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Kendall Jenner Couldn’t Make Her Boy Band Dreams Come True”

  1. Nate says – reply to this


    FIRST! YES!!! =D

  2. 2

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  3. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    What a pathetic sad life this girl has, and all because her mother is a whore monger, and her father has no balls
    Just look at the pictures of her, she was 16 years old ,
    and she looks like she was hitting 30

  4. LoriC says – reply to this


    I feel SO BAD for Kendall's twin sister. :**** She has to feel inferior to her twin right now. :(

  5. 5

    Emblem3 doesn't do SKANKS….

  6. 6

    She needed her "SPIRITS LIFTED" by another spoiled-rotten brat because of the boy band's schedule conflick/

    THIS IS A FAKE AD for the band; Kris Jenner is their manager!


  7. 7

    Hopefully she'll commit suicide over this and we won't ever have to hear this BUTT-UGLY SKANK again…

  8. 8

    I love that my comments are always blocked. Rememeber when you're entire site was devoted to trashing celebs, Perez??!! Now you censor people who are just trying to crack jokes? Stupid tubby bitch. Anyways, like I was saying… anything that comes from Kris Jenners crusty old poo hole has to be a piece of garbage. Who finds these people interesting?! Get a life, go have sex, meet someone new, play a video game. Good lord!

  9. 9

    At least she's not FOAMING-OUT-THE-MOUTH over those GHETTO THUGS; Bruce must be relieved…

  10. Daniel says – reply to this



  11. 11

    SLUT. when is the sex video coming?

  12. easyweblinx.com says – reply to this


    looks great!


  13. 13

    Kendall " One of my sisters is a "BACKDOOR" PORN STAR, another is the FEMALE SASQUATCH, one is an UNMARRIED WOMAN with two bastard kids, and another is a BULIMIC & CUTTER….That's how we were raised; I'm the only normal one"

  14. gwen01 says – reply to this


    i totally believe that this is a ploy to use the Kardashian fanbase to ensure that this band wins on X factor. This is cheating and I believe Simon is in on it. This girl doesn't have to ask or show a sign to get them to play. If Kris J wanted them to play they would be there. This is a manipulation to use fans to ensure they win. It is cheating and it puts the other contestants at a great disadvantage. SImon this is why your X factor is not doing that great in the ratings. You hooked up with the Hollywood gypsies and your both using each other to ensure you get what you want. Honestly Khloe a host on the show, everyone wondered why and now we know, its all part of the deal. Kris uses her fanbase, you get the contestants you want to win and it all looks like its on the up and up. Again, how unfair to other contestants. What other little tricks do u use to eliminate those that you don't see a future with.

  15. OBUMER THE MAGICAL JIG says – reply to this



  16. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Geez, am sure glad the holiday weekend is almost over with and we can hopefully get back to the normal amount of stories tomorrow.

  17. malika says – reply to this


    @LoriC #4, Kendal doesn't have a twin sister. Kyle is her younger sister, 2 years younger than her. I think she is pretty, slim and has long legs perfect as a model. Her half sister Kim on the other hand, doesn't have a nice body at all though she likes to show off her body. I hope she (Kendal) keeps out her body from botox or plastic surgeries like Kim does to her body.

  18. prg says – reply to this


    i guess mama jenner cant always make their children wishes come true even with all that money