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Taylor Swift Wants To Watch Harry Styles’ House

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This seems to be a trend for her.

When Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy, she bought a house near his. Now, she’s told real estate agents to find a house near Harry Styles!

The two aren’t officially a couple, but looking at this trend, we’d say it’s pretty serious.

The country singer is looking in the Primrose Hill area so she can walk right on over to his house for some afternoon delight. Or just a cup of sugar! LOLZ!

Swifty seems to be doing this because distance was the reason they hit splitsville before. A source said:

“Taylor says the reason things fizzled out between them last time was because they had no time together. I’m sure their recent contact is behind her sudden enthusiasm to buy in London. She says they’ll be able to pick up where they left off. She has even asked Harry if he’ll look at some places with her, since he knows the area.”

She must really have fallen for him!

However, Harry might not be as serious. The source went on to say, “I’m not sure how Harry will cope if Taylor does move in down the road.”

She’s adorbs! How could anyone NOT love her living down the street?!

We hope this helps their love blossom this time. They’d be the world’s pop power couple!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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60 comments to “Taylor Swift Wants To Watch Harry Styles’ House”

  1. sayswho says – reply to this


    This gal has some really serious issues and appears to be crazy as a loon! (sorry to all loons)

  2. sm87 says – reply to this


    she's so fucked… like get a clue

  3. 3

    This girl is fucking her way through Hollywood on a quest to gather the sperm of all the worlds most beautiful men. Pediction! They find a room in her house with shelves and little glass jars, a collection.

  4. bE-aTCH says – reply to this


    I highly DOUBT that this Swift chick is dating this little Gay Boy. Likely for publicit eeeeee.

  5. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    She a cit!! cougar in training….watch out Harry!!

  6. Dan85 says – reply to this


    She is fucking crazy. Her next song should be called 'Maybe its me?'

  7. 7

    Add "STALKER" to Nashville's Little Prick-Teaser's resume…

  8. hayley says – reply to this


    hahahaha I agree with all of the comments so far…especially the song title "maybe its me?" one…its so true…how embarassing, she makes herself seem so immature and desperate when it comes to men….I'm surprised her management or even her parents havent been honest with her and told her to stop being so open about how weird and clingy she is!

  9. 9

    if this is true, this girl is batshit crazy. sorry, but behaviour like that when you're only at the crush/lust stage makes her come across as a desperate, clingy stalker girl. I know she is young, but COME ON GIRL, learn to practice emotional restraint. Otherwise you will just keep getting walked all over… unless that's what she wants. Can't write sappy breakup songs if you don't have any breakups to sing about.

  10. 10

    This girl has issues.

  11. 11

    The way things are going for Taylor in her personal life, things are not looking good. She gets way over obsessed. He's an 18 year old boy turning 19. You think he wants you to buy a house near his? Get real. There's a reason why he won't commit: because he doesn't want her to get all crazy attached like this. It isn't cute anymore Perez, it's just creepy!

  12. Seto says – reply to this


    I call bullshit… and I think Harry's most likely gay. Maybe they are friends and see a great publicity boost to be gained from it.

  13. sarah says – reply to this


    She is a grade A stalker and a Stage 5 clinger. I don't even like Harry Styles or One Direction, but for his own sanity, he needs to end things for good.

  14. Whitney says – reply to this


    This girl needs help. I can think of quite of few guys who wouldn't want her living near them. John, Jake, Taylor, Connor

  15. el32 says – reply to this


    Maybe she just wants to buy a house in London, it isn't like she doesn't have the money…wasn't it previously reported that she was looking for a couple different areas for houses? Celebrities often live near celebrities. I think most of this stuff about her isn't completely true. Hey, if I knew I was going to be able to make billions off of talking about exes, I would have, most people would.

  16. 16

    There are WAY too many idiots on this site. Do any of you who believe the crap the feggot posts not know that he's wrong 99% of the time? Do you dimwits still fail to realize that he'll copy and paste anything from anywhere?
    Re: sm87 – You're so fucked … you need to get a clue if you believe what the homo posts here. It's sad that someone as stupid as you consumes oxygen that a smarter person deserves far more. End it please.

  17. lola says – reply to this


    She is just buying house in London couse she want to invest money.

  18. 18

    I do not believe one word of this story. "A source said" means nothing to me. Identify the source by name or keep doing what you do now. Just make me some gossip and put it online.

  19. smdh says – reply to this


    seriously? This girl is crazy. She really needs some therapy. Most 23 year olds I know don't act this way.

  20. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Gossip Cop already said its BS. You are late as usual.

  21. 21

    this lesbian only dates gay boys!! she's sooooooooooooooooo FAKE!!!!!

  22. lala says – reply to this


    Run Harry for your life. She's as creepy as they come. She'd be locked up in a psych ward if she wasn't famous. She is a ball and chain in any man's life.

  23. dey65 says – reply to this


    I'm calling bullshit, all of this haylor seems staged for publicity, harry seems gay to me..

  24. Britt says – reply to this


    She has officially LOST HER DAMN MIND.

  25. 25

    Yikes! I hope this ain't true. She kinda seems like a stage 5 clinger.
    Lol to the "maybe its me" song idea above.

  26. 26

    IF this is true….she is now coming off as a stalker or a very clingy girl.

  27. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Okay, she seems pretty crazy!! that is seriously stalkerish!

  28. lol-@-haters says – reply to this


    The girl is fucking crazy and people know it. Who does that, barely started dating? In our non celeb lives we know that she's that type.

  29. marcela says – reply to this


    It's crazy how much her "innocent" persona lets her get away with. She gets around more than anyone else in hollywood including Miley and Lindsay who are supposed to be the hollywood sluts. and I would not be surprised if she purposely does all this to sabotage every relationship just to sell albums. lol pathetic.

  30. 30

    he needs to run the fck away from this crazy ass bitch. Move house and dont even tell her which city.

  31. call bs says – reply to this


    The only batsh*t crazy people anywhere on this page are the ones that believe any of the crap in this story!!!

  32. terija says – reply to this


    She's such an innocent acting stalker. She's 23 what is she doing dating these 18 year old boys. She is so emotionally immature and clingy that her boyfriends all RUN!

  33. 33

    So creepy! You don't buy a house next to a guy you're dating. It's weird. At least wait until you've been together for a while to even think about living in the same city and don't move in next door. She is a creepy girlfriend. Like boil the bunny, watching you sleep while standing over you, type chick. Run away any guy who is dating her!

  34. Honey's Booboo says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift is insane. And this relationship is so ridiculously fake, it's actually funny. Worst PR job ever.

  35. Nadia Comenencia says – reply to this


    this makes taylor seem completely mental!! but i dont believe she's dating harry-effing-styles

  36. Leila says – reply to this


    This is a completely fabricated story that Gossip Cop has already proven false. You guys are so stupid if you believe this stuff. First of all, the relationship hasnt even been confirmed and second, if she wants to buy a house in london, it probs has nothing to do with harry and more so to do with the fact that she is always in the uk and it is easier to have a base there. It hasnt even been proven that she bought the hyannis house so simmer down on the judgement people. Who the hell are these sources anyway, I cant see any of Taylors close friends running to the press about this and remember when taylor was apparently getting married and it turned out to be false or the 10,000 false pregnancies that have been reported on this site!!!…Wake up people its mostly BS

  37. yourbully says – reply to this


    Taylor learned something from John Mayer… no matter how many times you screw up a relationship just keep banging away from star to star. Taylor, please, just write songs. Stop dating and singing you're not good at either!

  38. Jessica says – reply to this


    Maybe it has nothing to do with the guy. If I had the money, I'd own many houses all around the globe. They just make it about the boys for the talk.

  39. 39

    Ok… I hate to admit it but… I don't like it. One thing are rumors, another that they are really in love, and other is that Taylor moves to Harry's neighbour hood (sorry if I'm dramatizing) to watch everything he does as a girl obsessed with his boyfriend, stuck to him like glue. For me its ok if they are dating, because i'm a directioner, and the only thing i care about is harry's happines, but this… is making me angry.

  40. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Why are the Comments off on the Lindsay story, I get and fully approve that you put stories about kids on Perezitos so they do not get exposed to hateful comments, but here we are talking about an unborn baby. Lindsay stories usually generate a fair number of clicks and comments.

    On topic, know nothing about either one and never heard their music, only know about the two of them from celebrity gossip sites like yours.

  41. Whut says – reply to this


    I love T.Swift's songs. But, come on! You're on your way to being the creepiest girl on Earth.

  42. Kate says – reply to this


    Perez needs helps and needs to stop posting stuff that isn't confirmed. The fact that One Direction is about to go on a world tour would completely defeat the purpose of buying a house near his, he won't be there. I think she is touring soon too, but I'm not sure on that one. Leave these two alone already, until one of them confirm they are dating leave it alone please.
    To the people who is making fun of one of these two, get a life. Just because Taylor has been linked to many duded or even dated the, doesn't mean she has had sex with them all. She is a young girl, of course she is going to date a lot and be looking for love, give her a break, she seems sweet.
    As far Harry, he seems like a sweet and caring guy, he is also young and should be out dating around, again doesn't mean he is screwing them all. And to call him gay is just being lame, everyone always called Justin Timberlake gay as well, see how that went? And who cares if he IS gay? Why are you so concerned with it?

  43. 43

    Regardless if this is true or not, the girl is looney tunes. I know the Drew that she wrote her first hit about. He didn't even date her. She just had a huge crush on him. When he started dating the girl he supposedly left Taylor for, Taylor would text/call the girlfriend and Drew non stop. When she realized he wasn't going to break up with the girlfriend anytime soon, she started being a real bitch to both of them and then wrote that song.

  44. NoOne says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377
    Yeah I totally believe because no one would lie on the internet.

  45. 45

    sorry….sounds stalkerish

  46. Jd35 says – reply to this


    Crazy as fuck..but god how I love her she can buy a house on top of mine for all I care.

  47. 47

    I love Taylor Swift.. but something.. is starting not to click quite right with her… she's starting to look a little psycho or something. She needs to retreat and stay out of headlines for awhile… She's gonna lohan herself out here pretty quick

  48. dyantha says – reply to this


    she seems like a nice girl?? She is in stalker mode! what is she thinking, spying on them to see what they are doing.. ? And people love her? yeah real role model.. is you have a crush on a guy buy the house next door and spy! weird one she is

  49. 49

    Most likely a FABRICATION !

  50. Harrybomen says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift makes so much money and that's why Perez is on her payroll.
    Taylor Swift makes so much money and that's why Perez is on her payroll.
    Taylor Swift makes so much money and that's why Perez is on her payroll.Taylor Swift makes so much money and that's why Perez is on her payroll.Taylor Swift makes so much money and that's why Perez is on her payroll.

  51. 51

    are you serious??? " Why WOULD'NT he want her to move in down the street, she's adorable!" Perez, you're as messed up as she is.

  52. Me23 says – reply to this


    Is she so low on publicity ? Like for real .. They dont even look good together .. My opinion . I just think that she wants nothing more from harry than fucking publicity am i right ?!

  53. alex says – reply to this


    she knows 3 chords ..wow

  54. Bella Marie says – reply to this


    I don't understand why a 23 year old is going after an 18 year old. Because what are you expecting from him!? He's 18! He has just become so successful do you really think that at such a young age he wants to be tied down especially in such a committed way? I swear she's insane and she expects to much. It was never cute to be a whore but people see her as so innocent and people like Kim K. get called whores! Please Kim is a saint compared to Taylor, Kim made a mistake but Taylor is just batshit crazy. Styles should run for the hills and enjoy being a bachelor

  55. Sheila says – reply to this


    I think Taylor goes for 18 year old boys because she is a virgin and feels safer with young boys. I liked her best with Taylor Lautner from Twilight. However, Taylor Swift dumped him. Ted Cassablanca who used to be on E! wrote that Taylor Swift had become friends with Eddie Redmayne when she was trying to get a part in the film version of Les Miz. She supposedly visited him while in London once and it didn't go over too well.IMO Eddie was too sophisticated by far. He was an Eton grad and managed to escape without getting a song written about him.

  56. RM says – reply to this


    "She's must have really fallen for him." Are you serious? What guy has this alleged 'role model' not fallen for? She hasn't even closed escrow on the house she bought next to her last 'boyfriend' before falling head over heals for the next guy…and quite hilariously house hunting in said new guy's neighborhood. What a joke….

  57. andrea says – reply to this


    lmao..they're not dating. calm your tits everyone.

  58. dramadrama says – reply to this


    Re: elsie72377 – She did the same thing to the guy she wrote "Mine" about. Creepy.

  59. 123 says – reply to this


    Taylor swift needs o be single a least 1-3 months or is that too much for her

  60. 60

    she needs to read the rules book how to meet and marry a man whats shes doing is all wrong and more likely out of stalkers how to book…