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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Getting Deported??

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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Getting Deported??

Good news for Halle Berry!

Her archenemy/baby daddy Gabriel Aubry may be getting deported from the country.

Gabe, who recently won his custody battle over his and Halle's daughter, Nahla, got into a bloody fist fight with Halle's fiancé, Olivier Martinez, which may cause authorities to ship him back to his Canadian homeland.

A source close to the former model reveals:

"Not only is Gabe dealing with the possibility of losing shared custody of his daughter, Nahla, and possible criminal charges, but the real possibility of being deported back to Canada because of the arrest."

The source explains that:

"Gabe is in the United States on a work visa and anytime someone is arrested on child abuse, domestic violence, assault or battery charges the Immigration and Naturalization Services is contacted by law enforcement.

"During the time Gabe was being held at the police station he was asked if he was a United States citizen, and he said no. This is what triggered INS being contacted. It's not a given that Gabe will be automatically deported, but it's a very real possibility. He doesn't need to be convicted in order to be deported, the arrest is enough to terminate his visa."

This arrest couldn't come at a worse time for Gabe!

just weeks ago a judge ruled Berry couldn't move to France with Nahla because it would effectively remove Aubry from the little girl's life. If he gets deported Halle may as well move to France, cuz Gabe ain't gonna be around to stop her!

This is pretty much a dream come true for Halle — and Gabes thinks it was all planned. Insiders say Mr. Aubry plans to accuse his Oscar-winning ex of provoking him to fight durning his next court date, Dec 13.

If cars could run on drama, this family could fuel El Lay for a decade!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Getting Deported??”

  1. trina says – reply to this


    He was totally baited into this fight with Olivier. I smell a rat. Halle's been trying to get her way in this custody battle and she found her path. She has a history of pissing of the men in her life -I think she's just getting better at the manipulation. I'm from Montreal and Gabriel has an excellent reputation as a gentleman and a good person in general. Too bad for Nahla that her mother is being selfish and denying her her father. The rich are such egomaniacs.

  2. 2

    Was a complete setup. Halle and Oliver, along with some attorney, conspired this entire thing.

  3. Elizabete says – reply to this


    I don't believe at all that Gabriel is a monster like Halle wants everyone believe. The injuries speak from themselves. I believe she is doing everything to get custody of the little girl, why cops did't watch the video of the security camera right the way??? They will delete the evidences….. I am sure everything was recorded!!!

  4. 4

    wow, that's terrible. I'm convinced Halle goated Oliver into fighting this guy. She's been on a mission to take Nahla from her father. Unless she has proof he's been a terrible father or abusive, I don't buy it for a second.

  5. Roxie says – reply to this


    Halle and her boyfriend wanted to get Gabriel Aubry in trouble so she can go for full custody of her daughter. I lost all respect for her and I hope Gabriel can beat this charge and continue to see his daughter.

  6. kayla says – reply to this


    Halle Berry is a bitch! What goes around comes around and Olivier is just STUPID!
    Gabriel should sue Olivier for beating him so in the face which is his moneymaker !
    I would turn the cards around on Halle and Olivier so fast that they would wish they had never screwed with me if I were Gabriel! Halle and Olivier are has been movie actors and they deserve each other but their relationship will not last wait and see! Halle is all DRAMA!

  7. 7

    This whole thing is suspicious. I hope the truth comes out - Halle Berry is just creepy.

  8. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Something smells really bad. This is not a good thing for anyone.

  9. Re says – reply to this


    Perhaps mommy will think of the child now
    Safe with a loving father school friends a non violent
    Will mommy keep crazy boyfriends away and let
    Her daughter have a drama free life
    Let's get real people there are millions of illegal s
    In the states
    What makes a mom want to keep a child from her father Who loves her

  10. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    That would be totally wrong. What a set-up this was!!!! A good judge will see right through this.

  11. Wrenn says – reply to this


    She should not get away with this!!! He has every right to see his child without interference of ANYONE…including Halle or her latest boyfriend. The judge should give Gabriel custody of his daughter and give Halle visitation rights.

  12. 12

    child authorities need to remove the child from halles custody she stood by and let the man shes supposedly in love with fight with the man she dissed and shat on.. in front of the child what a disgrace of a human she is. shes the monster and olivier are the monster they lose in court so then start this shit

  13. 13

    why do canadians always have cone heads

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    This whole fishy thing could seriously backfire on the ticked off 'couple.'

  15. 15

    I can't stand Halle Berry anymore.

  16. Kathy K says – reply to this


    I sincerely hope that the court looks VERY closely at the details of this case because this absolutely smell like a set up. From what it sounds like, Olivier just harrassed him to the point where anyone would have snapped, but the security tapes may show that Olivier threw the first punch, if that's true, than Olivier should be on his way OUT too. The photos of Gabriel's injuries are so completely out of line, and considering that Gabriel makes his living based on his face, he could very easily sue Olivier for loss of income. This needs to stop and I hate to agree with people but I feel like Halle's a drama queen looking for drama and enjoys being perceived as a victim in this situation.

  17. 17

    Any chance we can get rid of Halle from the United States? That would be the best option.

  18. 18

    If he was going to be deported, why would he have just gotten a restraining order yesterday against Ha;;e's frog Prince? And is going back to court today to get the restraining order lifted and press other charges. Plus DCPS is involved. The security cameras were moved etc. This is getting to be a great soap opera. Mark my word, Ollie will be deported before Gabe is. Not saying Aubry isn't concerned. All efforts by Hale and her drunken henchman are crumling.

  19. 19

    Ollie will be deported before Gabe will. Gabe just got a restraining order against him and is going back today. Halle hasn't won anything as of yet. He will still win even with them setting things up and tampering with the security camera (big surprise -not). Plus CPS is involved.

  20. Gamecock says – reply to this


    That is exactly what Halle Berry is hoping for! She is a piece of work and has issues. They all have issues. Violence is never ok but the majority think this was a set up. Halle Berry is beautiful and wealthy but she has yet to learn that being a parent means your child comes first! She has a history of being a "victim" and will not give up until Nahla's father is out of the picture. I just hope Nahla won't grow up to resent her…….especially when she has her 6th stepfather!

  21. Gamecock says – reply to this


    Look at the Kelly Rutherford case. That judge made a horrible and biased ruling. Sorry I don't trust the courts. But I hope Halle and her latest boyfriend do not get away with this set up!

  22. Rachel says – reply to this


    We don't want his racist, abusive self here in Canada! Ship him to some remote island somwhere! Aubry has PROVEN time and time again to be a monster. Clearly court ordered anger management therapy did nothing for him. He obviously has serious mental issues but he should be permanently banned from seeing the child. He's a danger to her.

  23. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Perez UR whacked – There is no CPS involvement and Monster daddy has not gotten a restraining order against Oliver. Oliver did nothing wrong. Aubry threw the 1st punch. Halle is in court today to get an extended order against Aubry.

  24. jk says – reply to this


    They better come out with that tape before the btramp and the drunk destroy it, this thang will stop at nothing to get Gabe deported and away from that child. That drunk boxer should be in jail for this and the tramp knows it. I hope people picket that bitches house and force her to go live on the hood somewhere but they wouldnt want her either, I hope that judge sees what is really going on here. Too bad Gabe doesnt grab that kid and go to some country where they wont make him return her, Maybe then that tramp can feel what she is puting Gabe thru,

  25. 25

    Come back home Gabe…as for her…karma will take care of her (better yet, of "it")

  26. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Man leech / pretty faces sues for alimony and child support (where the real money is) - why wouldn't she be P-oed. It's not like she didn't already fund his business endeavors to the point of the split. He stupidly throws punch at an older man and assumes he will come out on top because he's young and muscled. He proceeds to get his arse whipped. Yes, Halle has drama in her life but most of it is because she chooses awful men to marry. Why would I assume Gabriel is different? He's already profited from being with her why would we assume that this isn't the usual gold digger syndrome playing out with a 3 legged @hore? People, especially women are so quick to judge women harshly and forgive men for the unspeakable (Chris Brown) — why not give her a break and wait to see it play out?