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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Planned Gabriel Aubry Beat-Down!

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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Planned Gabriel Aubry Beat-Down!

And the Halle Berry family drama has taken a VERY interesting turn!

Thanksgiving cops arrested Halle's baby daddy / bane of her existence, Gabriel Aubry after he got involved in a beat-down with Halle's fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

NOW Gabe claims Berry and her new man provoked him to fighting in an attempt to get him deported, and out of there lives forever. And THAT isn't even the crazy part.

Halle's camps says Gabriel was dropping off Nahla when, out of no where, GABE threw the first punch.

Gabe claims Olivier not only started the fight, he was antagonizing him for days! Mr. Aubry says Oilvier threaten to "beat the sh*t" out of him when they came face-to-face earlier in the week — and insists that on Thanksgiving day "Olivier jumped off the stairs and knocked" him to the ground and "started brutally beating him, screaming that Gabriel cost them $3 million to fight the custody war." (Which Halle lost.)

According Gabe's declaration, Olivier then said:

"We called the cops [and when they get here] you're going to tell them that you're the one who attacked me, or I'm going to kill you."

That's some f*cked up sh*t!

We hope a judge can help sort this dysfunction out before they all kill each other — which shouldn't be a problem for now considering all the parties involved have obtained emergency restraining orders against each other.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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109 comments to “Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Planned Gabriel Aubry Beat-Down!”

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  1. 1

    I believe Halle Berry is mentally ill. How else can you explain engaging in actions,over and over, that harm her child?

  2. 2

    gabriel doesnt deserve this demon hell he just wants to be around his child halle and olivier lost and deserve what they got

  3. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for the kid.

  4. 4

    Halle orchestrated the whole thing…she demonized Gabriel. Horrible mother, poor kid doesnt stand a chance.

  5. TRouble says – reply to this


    I totally believe this 100%. After all she the kind of person that leaves the scene after a hit and run and you can just tell Olivier is a jackass.

  6. memi says – reply to this


    You can clearly see that this was all planned out.

  7. 7

    OLIVIER WILL leave the dried up hag when he gets the cashola they are both disgusting trash

    let gabriel be the daddy leave him alone…

  8. 8

    I believe the baby-daddy. Hallie is crazy, and I wouldn't put a stunt like this past her after she wasn't granted full custody. Sadly, the only real loser in this situation is the kid.

  9. Anna S says – reply to this


    LMAO last post you were supporting Halle and her emergency restraining order! You are so full of shit!!!

  10. Virgin Isle says – reply to this


    Wow, I would love to hear the actual police tapes!

  11. Arrora says – reply to this


    I totally believe Gabriel, I don't trust Halle Berry, she's evil, I'll never watch a horrible movie she's in. What she is doing to her daughter is so screwed up, she deserves to be with her father. One day your child will figure out whats going on and never speak to you again.

  12. boston61 says – reply to this


    SHE needs to lose custody of the child and she need her ass put in prison.

  13. 13


  14. 14


  15. kell says – reply to this


    Wow Perez.. looks like you're the only one who didn't see this coming! She is a sick, evil bitch. I think everyone knew this already tho.. didnt she have a hit and run charge a few years ago too? I think she has no emotion towards anyone but herself HATE everything about this woman! They need to give the adorable little girl to Gabriel!

  16. 16


  17. Jamie says – reply to this


    When I first saw this story, I was thinking exactly the same thing. I was, and am, convinced that this was planned to make Gabriel look like a danger to the child. Halle had been relentlessly trying to convince the courts to allow her to move to France with Nahla; since she was denied that, what better way to get what she wants than to force Gabriel out of the picture.

  18. In florida says – reply to this


    I would believe it and it was my first time I heard about the fight. Halle Berry has never fought fair….their poor daughter.

  19. 19


  20. candoz says – reply to this



  21. celeb hater says – reply to this


    Halle Berry is quickly becoming synonymous with Lindsey Lohan! What a waste of human flesh.

  22. linda says – reply to this


    Re: TRouble – It's just ridiculous how people are making Halle out to be a bad mother because her fiance' and her ex got into a fight and the fiance' won. So what if Gabriel is good looking.

  23. linda says – reply to this


    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – How has Halle engaged in anything that has harmed her child?

  24. 24

    Halle really comes off looking like the bad guy here. I hope she has a good PR team because the perception is that she picked a hot guy to impregnate her and now that the kid is here, she wants him to disappear. This is not how grown adults in their 40s go about co-parenting, no matter how much they hate each other.

  25. carina says – reply to this


    I do not believe a word that comes out of Halle Berry's mouth.I so hope karma comes full circle and the bitch gets whats coming to her.

  26. linda says – reply to this


    Re: celeb hater – In what way? She is a successful BLACK actress with an oscar, she has a beautiful daughter and a man that loves her for being both black and white, while the other one, did not want her to acknowledge that she or Nahla is black. You people are all just haters that are jealous of how beautiful and successful Halle is that you want to believe anything negative about her and Olivier. Rock on Halle, fight for your child, just like any of these negative assholes would if it were theirs.

  27. and says – reply to this


    totes believe that halle would do this! what kind of woman wants to take their kid halfway across the world so that the kid can't see their dad just because she is not in love with him anymore

  28. Jupiters Mother says – reply to this


    I typed up a well thought out comment on the last blog and when I attempted to post it I got some ridiculous msg. to the effect of……boy you sure like to talk don't you. too bad your comment is too long and then poof it was gone and I wasn't able to retrieve it, no matter what I did. Not a good system but I'm happy to see that you've finally wised up and come out on the right side of this issue. Halle Berry has had this plan of hers in the works for a very long time. Gabriel had to go to court to be acknowledged as the child's father because Berry didn't register him as such on the birth certificate. Clearly she was just looking for a set of attractive genes and has thought all along that she'd have no trouble extricating Aubry from the child's life. It's gratifying to see that public opinion is against her although I had no idea until a few days ago that such was the case.

  29. Crowgirl says – reply to this


    I am convinced that Barry is bi-polar, which would explain how she is overdramtic on everything. She has a history of extreme behavior, especially with ex's. I also feel that all of this is because she lost her court plea to physically remove her dtr overseas away from her father. Look how manipulative she can be -she has taken a grown man and convinced him to be her pawn in her little headgame. My heart truly goes out to her dtr and Gabriel. It will be interesting to see how this lil one turns out!

  30. LillySawko says – reply to this


    So. Not. Surprised.

  31. 31

    As a mother with a young daughter, I'd totally feel safe dating someone with such violent tendencies - not! There's a good chance he'll turn that around on you or your loved ones.

  32. terija says – reply to this


    1) Halle was ordered to pay Gabriel $20,000 per month in child support, she was livid!

    2) Halle attempts to move to London. If Gabriel doesnt follow he loses child support,
    she lost, she is now seething!

    And the beat goes on… (as Cher would say)

  33. 33

    If that's true then Gabe is an idiot for falling for it.

  34. Anne says – reply to this


    I belive Gabrial… it why would Oliver be outside with them when Gabrial was dropping his child off. Its not his child… I so see him (Oliver) to blame.

  35. terija says – reply to this


    Another thought: Halle loves dragging Gabe into court action so he eats up the $20K she has to pay him per month. Feels he'll cave as she's loaded, sorry Halle it just ain't working.

  36. Sally Swanson says – reply to this


    Everybody knows that halle bitch is crazy, that's why she can't keep a man and now she gonna take this poor girl's daddy from her!

  37. 37

    Most people don't remember - Halle was married to David Justice (played for the Atlanta Braves) and claimed he was abusive to her too. She's got issues, always has. It's hard to know what to believe but you can't deny the injuries to Gabriel's face and Olivier's hand. Don't see it the other way around here…

  38. 38

    Halle and Gabriel need to find some way to get along for the sake of their child. She can send him to court all she wants, get her boyfriends to beat the shit out of him, call the cops, but he's still that baby's father and will be there for the rest of her life.

  39. 39

    This is so screwed up! I feel so bad for Aubry. He doesn't deserve this at all! He should get custody of his daughter so that Halle can move away with her scum boyfriend. For someone to do this, he's got to be sick as her!

  40. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Sounds like a set up to me!!!! Gabriel just won in court. He would not want to mess that up.

  41. madmike says – reply to this


    Halle's Berry has proven time and time again that she is bat shit crazy. Where is DSS and why is that little girl still in that home?
    This situation was a total set-up and Halle's Berry seems to forgot this IS the childs' father. Happy Holidaze……maybe she should consider a doing a love story w/ TommyGirl. That'd be H.O.T. ahhahahhha.

  42. 42

    I completely believe it. Olivier was a boxer for crying out loud!

  43. kandycane says – reply to this


    THAT'S NOT SELF DEFENSE AND WHY WOULD WE CARE WHAT HER COLOR IS? Tyra is black and I love her. This chick is wrong. And how smart could u be to try to move to France and say, " I'm not trying to take her away from her Dad" she knew exactly! That's ok this girl will end up hating halle, girls love their Daddy

  44. Cindy Michaels says – reply to this


    Perez - I CAN NOT believe you didn't see this … Halle Berry is a mental case who is manipulative, selfish and crazy. She clearly set this whole thing up and got Olivier to be her pawn. It is so clear from the photos who the real victim is (other than poor Nahla) - GA. I hope Halle Berry loses custody for being an unfit mother. And what judge is going to allow Nahla to stay with Olivier now - he's clearly unfit and VIOLENT, not to mention psycho. Just give Nahla to her daddy (her REAL dad - not Olivier who is not even related).

  45. Cindy Michaels says – reply to this


    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – I agree. I think she's either bipolar or has some serious issues that she needs to deal with.

  46. kandycane says – reply to this


    Breaking ribs…..is never self defense. That's very barbaric and police know this. It's very clear Oliver must be unstable

  47. 47

    I hope Halle dumps Olivier.

    The only reason Gabriel won so much is that he signed a non-disclosure agreement. He was going to write a tell-all book about Halle and she offered to drop certain areas of their custody fight.

    There must be something crazy going on with her if many people call her violent and mean. Sometimes the prettiest women can have the ugliest personalities.

  48. kandycane says – reply to this


    What's really sad, when they have a he said, she said case they then start interrogating then child. My gay friend was accused of sexual molestation just because then mother hated paying child support. My friend had restraining orders, and lost his kid for weeks. Thank God judge ordered lie detector and she could not pass. She later admitted she lied and thought court would believe her bc he came out gay:/ women are nuts

  49. Ko Ko says – reply to this


    Halle Berry is evil!

  50. 50

    Team Halle Over Here!!!! It kills me how people are judgemental over Halle and her fiance when Gabriel hit Olivier first. If Gabriel is man enough to hit another grown man, he needs to be man enough to take his beat down. Nobody remembers when Gabriel chargered Halle to keep his own child while she made the movie in africa. Nobody also remembers how he doesn't even have custody and she still has to pay him 20,000 a month. This sounds more about the money as oppose to his child. If he cared that much about Nahla everything concerning him would be more about his daughter as oppose to $$$ signs.

  51. 51

    If Halle Berry and her boyfriend were manipulative enough to put a scheme together to try and make Gabriel look bad, then why would Olivier have beaten him up so badly? That would be an incredibly stupid thing to do if you are trying to make the other guy look like the bad guy. I believe Halle and her boyfriend's story. I think Gabriel tried to get physical with Olivier when Olivier brought up the subject of his daughter, and Olivier defended himself, while letting out months of pent up frustration on Gabriel's face. And now Gabriel is trying to use this to his advantage and making up these ridiculous claims. I could be wrong though, not really enough evidence to know for sure yet, but that is where I would put my money.

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    The photos of Aubry's injuries are shocking. Olivier Martinez was a trained boxer prior to taking up acting along with squiring a succession of celebrity women around.
    A matchup between Nahla's father and a trained boxer hardly seems kosher.
    Does it stink in here, or what?

  53. 53

    shes not that pretty ugly is as ugly does indeed very ugly and selfish

  54. Judy says – reply to this


    I believe that it was said that Olivier Martinez was a pro boxer. Does that not make his hands a legal weapon? I hope that Gabriel Aubry has a good attorney to get him out of this miss. I do believe his story but I feel that it is going to cost him a lot of money to get out of this. I now understand why Halle Berry cannot keep a husband. I think that she has had 2 or 3 as she is a real bitch. I don't know anything about Mr. Martinez, but she must have him under a spell if he thinks that in the future that she won't get rid of him. I hope that you win your case Gabriel as I hate to see that you won't be able to see your daughter.

  55. Aboogie says – reply to this


    Olivier is a piece of garbage, he left Kylie Minogue when she was diagnosed with Cancer. Halle used Gabriel for his looks, so she could have a beautiful child, she pretty much admitted that. When she had what she wanted ( a baby) she left him high and dry. They both deserve each other. This bullshit was orchestrated cause the judge blocked their move to France!!

  56. notahallefananymore says – reply to this


    I am so glad the the cops can see through Halle's (and Olivier's) bad acting. It has been obvious from day dot what she was up to… even from the time she used Gabriel to make a baby that he obviously really loves. She is despicable trying to get her way in this manner and thought it pretty disgusting she was trying to take the whole custody thing to court in the first place… to get away from the paparazzi, right Halle? HELLO PRINCESS DIANA! What a selfish woman. On that note her and Olivier seem very well suited. Hope her gorgeous daughter isn't too messed up from a stupid mother.

  57. rsvp says – reply to this


    Without any solid evidence to back it up, it's just his word against theirs. Good luck, judge.

  58. nodol says – reply to this


    You've changed your tune haven't you fattie? A few posts ago you jumped on board with Halle Hit And Run Berry and good ol Frenchie. You just knew that evil Canadian Gabriel was a bad man and needed to be put down, like a rabid dog. Well you sure are wrong aren't you Fattie? Looks like good ol Frenchie is the one who should be put down.
    You're still an overweight, ugly, bully. Some things never change do they?

  59. jackie says – reply to this


    The whole story makes me nervous….I hope it turns out that Mr Aubry is right….On photos it seems that Nahla clings more to her father - he seems to be relaxed and easy-going, maybe Mrs Berry is extremely jealous and hopes to minimize his influence for that reason?
    Should a real man be aggressive and arrogant, Mrs Berry? Well, my husband is more the friendly and relaxed type and i appreciate that!

  60. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    She isn't right in the head that woman.. control freak springs to mind. The injuries Gabriel has sustained are horrendous and he has no swelling on his fists, whereas Olivier comes off without a scratch bar a broken hand.. pretty clear who is the mentally ill pair in this case. How could he have been arrested.. she's CRAZY!

  61. 61

    poor gabriel why would u even fuck this disgusting trashy woman

  62. Sofia says – reply to this


    This woman is capable of everything, she is disgusting and the stupid french guy (which calls himself actor but no one has seen him in any good films lately) is just plain stupid and criminal. I feel sorry for the father who has been fighting against a oscar winner with millions just for the right to see his daughter! It's David against goliath!
    He might loose but the biggest looser is his daughter, but she will grow and will understand that her daddy fought for her.

  63. Wyatt says – reply to this


    Please note that Gabby requested that Police secure the video records of Halle's cctv cameras before they could delete them.

    I am unsure if they were able to do so, they should have as police have the right to enter your home if they believe that you are destroying evidence.

  64. Elly says – reply to this


    In all fairness, I don't think any of us can make real assumptions about what's going on. The situation is clearly bad for the child, HOWEVER, we do not know what kind of person Gabriel Aubry really is! Get real, it's hard to defend or antagonize someone you don't know. Halle may come off cold, but she's not one to put her personal life out there on full display. We do not know what happened and we don't know every person's point of view.

  65. 65

    HALLE IS A LIAR but gets HOT MEN and then MAKES THEM CRAZY TOO!!!!!

  66. 66

    it's THEIR not there. When r u gonna hire some help? kinda embarrassing - eh?

  67. KerriM says – reply to this


    Olivier should have had nothing to do with the drop off of the child…why was he there? It should have been between Gabriel and Halle. I believe this whole thing was orchestrated so that they could make Gabriel look bad…poor guy!

  68. kitty says – reply to this


    SHE needs to lose custody of the child !1

  69. Aviva says – reply to this


    I hate this woman. She has made a career by making herself look like the victim and al her men look like the bad guy when the truth is she carefully orchestrates everything.I'm sure one of the reasons she wants Gabriel out the way is to make it seem like she is this pooor mother raising a child who has been abandoned by her biological father. I'm sure it really upsets her that Gabriel isn't fading quietly fading into the background so she could play the victim again.

  70. cm says – reply to this


    Sadly, I do believe this. It's too convenient for all of this to happen just after Halle was denied the right to move her and her child to France. No father would be stupid enough to risk an act of violence right now. An emergency restraining order instantly makes Gabriel the "bad guy" and now Halle will most assuradely make another plea to the court to allow her to move out of the country, all for her child's safety of course:/ I love how she blames the papparazzi for endangering her child, yet she's the one always approaching and antagonizing them instead of just walking away.

  71. MamanAubry says – reply to this


    Gabriel has been a stand-up father and should for Nahla's safety be the primary custodian. The environment Berry provides is volatile and when she doesn't get her way, she doesn't accept it. Halle Berry has now painted herself in a corner and hopefully, will not be so desperate as to hurt the child.

  72. Dodo says – reply to this


    I 'm french Canadian and personally know Gabriel.
    All i can say is that he's a really nice guy and deserve to see his doughter.
    Ale is a spycho self centered B with a lots of money and you wouldn't believe what she is willing to do for this custody battle.This was all orchestrated i'm sure

  73. 73

    Re: Judy – The French are a funny race.
    They fight with their feet and fuk with their face. Why do think Olivier has those squinty eyes?

  74. 74

    Remember India? Her ADOPTED DAUGHTER that she just dismissed after divorcing her father? She should lose custody of her daughter and pay handsomely to Gabriel for her evil doings. Then she will hate Oliver and blame him for beating Gabriel brutally and turning her fans against her. Maybe Oliver will beat her and she will come out saying she had been under his sbusive authority. I hope the judge smells the guilt off these two as Gabriel HAD NO REASON TO BE ANGRY AND START A FIGHT. HE WON HIS CASE AND GOT EVERYTHING HE WANTED. Hopefully he will keep custody and just have a third party to supervise drop off and not deal with drama. Not nannies or paid Halle staff but a non biased third party.

  75. SevenShadesofRed says – reply to this


    There are two sides to every story. Some truth, some lies. My concern is for the child. This child needs her father in her life. It seems Halle Berry has always had issues. She knows this and she should make the greatest effort to ensure her daughter is a well-rounded individual. This kid is going to be messed up later on in life. I'm a witness to this fact, because I always saw my parents fight (verbally) and I'm a mess at 50 years old. I'm not a raving lunatic, but, I know that I was affected by what happened. I also think that Halle made a huge mistake, allowing Olivier to almost beat Gabrielle to death. Girl, this makes you look really bad. Trust me, she had something to do with it. If you think, for a second, that she and Olivier haven't discussed this at length, grow up. What happened has been brewing for a minute or two. I'm praying for Nahla and for her dad. He also needs to get himself together. However, I don't think there's any hope for Halle and Olivier.

  76. Andre says – reply to this


    As I know Gabriel through a mutual friend, he does have a temper and have major anger issues. So I can attest to say that he may have provoke this fight. You should not have put your hands on anyone. If you choose to do that, then you choose to suffer the consequences. In Gabriel case, he got beat down. He deserved it. Second, they all are in fought. They need to try to work things out for Nahla sake since she is a part of all their lives. Come together and try to repair any damage that has been done.

  77. ANNA says – reply to this


    I cnt belive that somone like nasty Halle Berry who thinks is so sexy its that evil simular situation on a very end as Anna Nicole Smith and figth for her daugther father and her lover I hate Halle as a actress and mother she is ugly and old to me!

  78. AgentF says – reply to this


    Re: Andre – And you wouldn't happen to be the slimy restauranteur in NYC who backstabs his friends to kiss up to celebrities?

  79. sarahlies says – reply to this


    You flaming liars on here, SHUT UP perez is the biggest liar of all trying to be relevant, BYTCH have several seats

  80. sarahlies says – reply to this



  81. sarahlies says – reply to this


    [re=6270694]Re: Dodo[/re BYTCH SHUTUP you're a liar too.

  82. 82

    Re: linda – well technically, Halle Berry is half black so, her daughter with a white guy is only a 1/4 black. If you were 1/4 korean, would you consider yourself korean?

  83. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Honestly I totally believe it. Since this shit happened Halle Berry has done nothing but downgrade the guy and portray him in a negative light, even going as far as calling him racist. Also he is a model, what would mess up his career more, they totally mangled his face. This whole thing is just bullshit, but I believe she'd go this far.

  84. 84

    Of course they planned it! Halle Berry is INSANE! I mean that woman is vile and nuts…she is a lune! The judge should take her kid from her. And that new boyfriend of hers? He's a slime! Halle Berry is just…awful.

  85. Caro says – reply to this


    Re: prettygirl2518 – Look at the facts: Oliver has hurt his hand badly, Gabriel has broken ribs, his face is a mess and he has NO marks on his hands, indicating he did NOT threw a punch at Oliver. Olivier clearly beat the … out of Gabriel and why? Could the fact that HB lost in court, she can't move to France? Olivier must be very angry about that! He wanted to move to France. HB has done EVERYTHING to bad mouth Gabriel when he didn't want to give up his child. He has always been a good parent and suddenly, out of the blue, HB started to accuse him of stuff that has never been proven. Now Gabriel has proof that her boyfriend Olivier was the one who fighted, there's no evidence at all that Gabriel had hurt Olivier, none! Also, why would Gabriel request several times to get the security tapes before HB and Olivier will delete them? Why would he point the police to the existence of tapes if those tapes would hurt his case by showing he was the one who started the fight?! And last but not least: Why oh why would he fight at all and risk the chance of losing his custody win of Nahla? And risk losing her permanently? Nobody would do that, not after a win in court! You're happy and content after you've won. The one who is likely to be angry and frustrated are the losers - Halle and Olivier. This is clearly a way to trap Gabriel, everyone can see that. And does see that.

  86. Caro says – reply to this


    Re: Andre – You don't know, you weren't there so you can't say what happened. We can look at the evidence, though: Gabriel won in court, has no reason to be upset or frustrated or angry with Olivier. Olivier clearly has enough reason to be very angry with Gabriel. Again, Gabriel won in court, why would he risk that by fighting and thus possibly losing custody and his win in the France case? Also, he has NO marks on his hands or anywhere else that proves he beat Olivier. Olivier clearly used his hand and maybe also his feet, Gabriel's face is smashed and he has a cracket rib. That doesn't sound like self defence, it sounds like a frustrated, angry and violent man. Scary to have such a man around your kid! I hope HB and OM didn't already delete the security tape also something Gabriel talked about, not something he would do if it would incriminate him! - and that those tapes will prove what kind of a man OM is. HB should get limited visitation herself and Gabriel should get primary custody over Nahla. He clearly does want to share Nahla with her mother, all HB does is everything in her power to alienate Nahla from her father. And she has a 'good' supporter in Olivier. Now let's hope the judge will see that truth, too.

  87. ActUp says – reply to this


    Sheesh this world! I don't understand some of these dumb comments blaming Halle Berry, it's obvious this unemployed model Aubry is lying. First off who would go to a residence alone, taking their only child and dropping her off with a man who supposedly just threatened his life the day before? Then Aubry shows up and with no malice on his part attempted to leave his child with someone who just told him "he would beat his $$$", then martinez whose dang near a foot shooter and 11 years older, pounced on Aubry and beat the bejesus outta him…and then forced him to agree with Martinez's claim that he was the agressor, otherwise Martinez would kill him? Really when? After the police arrived, after he didn't comply with martinez's demand or maybe right after christmas? To me, this was nothing more than an old saying my grand-pop uses "DON'T LET YOUR MOUTH WRITE A CHECK THAT YOUR BUTT CAN'T CASH"! He went looking for it and got served! Plain and simple!

  88. black? says – reply to this


    Re: and – She is NOT black. She is biracial.

  89. bjsmith says – reply to this


    I don't particularly care for Halle Berry. But I dont think she should be called all those names. Was she ordered to pay Gabriel some money a while back? If so he must be broke. I do not think he has a job. Does he pay any child support? Or maybe he truly loves his daughter. And maybe he still has feelings for Halle. I just hope they both come to their senses and not lose their daughter to a relative or foster home. It can happen.

  90. 90

    I really wish u people would get a life. At first I wasn't even going to reply until I started to read all the negative comments that are being left about hallie and her fiancé . First off I honestly do not think Hallie nor Martinez is savvy enough to plan for broke, stupid, desperate , conniving ass Gabriel to get beat up in front of hallie's daughter Nahla. Secondly, Martinez nor Hallie has time on their hands to be thinking about Uh nobody such as Gabriel. .. Gabriel is the only that's unemployed with uh motive. If it was ever about the child, hallie would have never had to pay an Ex boy friend 20,000 to support his own child. Gabriel is uh douch bag and needs to get uh job and a life… With hallie and Nahla as a crutch an money bag he is nothing. I hate broke boys like him. Team Hallie

  91. 91

    I want to know who the judge was/is when the made the decision to make hallie pay an Ex boyfriend 20,000 for nothing… He is a worthless piece of shit that needs uh job… If I were hallie I'd move to a different county and transfer my case appeal the decision to supreme court because she owes Gabriel nothing… What is this world coming too?! He is just uh sorry as baby daddy that is broke, desperate and needs hallie to support his sorry ass. My advice to Gabriel is to move on and stop looking at your daughter as a pay check and stop tryna ruin her mothers life looser

  92. 92

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  93. VET says – reply to this


    I believe all these quick judgements are harsh and undeserved. It is up to the police to investigate and find out who was at fault and so far Gabriel was arrested for the incident. I believe both oarents should have the oppurtunity to raise their child. It is not the childs fault that they no longer get along. They need to work it out for the childs sake. That is what you get for just picking any one to be your childs father…..now shw has 18 years to deal with him

  94. Lance Love says – reply to this


    Halle Berry is GAY-gross! (sorry P.Rez, but she is unnatractive, please do not hit me…not even with a car!<-) Anyways, Halle is really a dirty fighter using Olivier like this to destroy not only the mans face but his career. Custody suits are a GIVEN in any divorce and no one should ever be blamed for attempting to reach thier child even if the mother is a weaponized fixture in the armory of cos-palladins that work for her and with her. In the end Olivier is being used and to some degree he likes it. He needs help and so does Gabe. Who should be locked up? Berry. Halle is obviously running on some serious lines here. Maybe she's afraid of N.M. getting word of her opinions of her? Maybe she's just a massive manipulator. Yep. That's the one! (DUCK!)

  95. kylie says – reply to this


    i think halle is the blame for it i think she manupulate and control oliver . Halle is known is a control freak a bit dominant woman. i think its a set up they wanted to move nahla to france but the juddge didnt allowed so they have to make a plan

  96. 96

    Wow! Trouble follows Halle in every relationship doesn't it. The true victim is her daugther. She is going to loath her mother when she grows up and realizes that she sided with the violent new lover after he beat up daddy. Shameful Halle!

  97. 97

    This message goes to "Strong black woman". I would agree with you ordinary as I liked Halle. The ONLY problem is that Halle has a LONG history of bad relationships. It is always the mans fault. The last divorce was because hubby cheated on her multiple times. Think about that a minute. Halle is like a 10 physically on a scale of 1-10. Why would any man cheat when he has that? Regardless I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then all this combined with the first marriage, 2nd marriage etc…… She is unstable. The model may not be perfect but she sure thought so. Good on youtube and look it up. She was on Oprah while preggy and praise her baby daddy saying they were like married and didn't need a piece of paper. She is all over the place and needs a good psychiatrist to get to the real issues going one. For now she needs to allow her daugther the privilege of knowing her daddy who obviously loves her so much.

  98. 98


  99. 99

    Halle Berry needs to be sent to the plantation to pick cotton, serve the white folks, and learn some humility. She is one crazy-ass, mean-spirited neeguh, but aren't they all? I bet her white mother is deeply ashamed of the trash she gave birth to. I know I'd disavow her (but I'd have the brains to not breed with a black).

  100. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, are very untalkative, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

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