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Angus T. Jones' Pastor Promises The Two And A Half Men Actor Will Soon Speak Out!

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Will Two And A Half Men survive without its other half?!

According to Angus T. Jones’ pastor, who’s featured in his video tirade, the 19-year-old actor is getting ready to officially sever ties with the show for good!

In the video we recently posted (above), Angus went on a rant about how the show is “filth” and told everyone to stop watching it!

So far, there’s been no word if the show’s execs have talked to him about the incident, but it sounds like Angus is already over it!

Christopher Hudson, Angus’ Seventh-day Adventist pastor, stated:

“Pretty sure a statement from Angus will be happening shortly. I cannot make an assumption on his behalf — but can say that Angus has a strong belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy scripture — he believes we are in the last days, Jesus Christ is coming and he wants to be walking with the Lord.”

So we’re guessing the general belief here is that God really hates sitcoms, huh? LOLz!

The pastor was also asked what he thought about Angus blasting the source of his $350,000 per episode paycheck, which has kept him with steady work since he was nine years old!

Hudson responded:

“This revelation has come 10 years later, he is a very level headed 19 year old.”

Well that didn’t really answer the question, but okay then!

Guess now all there is to do is see if Angus makes a statement… and if he really does decide to split from the show!

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20 comments to “Angus T. Jones' Pastor Promises The Two And A Half Men Actor Will Soon Speak Out!”

  1. vince says – reply to this


    spoiled brat makes all that money each week and then trashes his show. Loser in some kind of a cult.

  2. 2

    haha reminds me of this video

  3. heather says – reply to this


    Why is it some people who find Christianity are normal human beings and the other ones go completely over board and turn everything they see into being "evil". Seriously its like they join a cult or something.

  4. 4

    "The last days?". Really? There's nothing wrong with queationing society but when words like that come out…that's mind control/exploitation.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Re: heather – Heather, you hit the nail on the head. I went to Catholic school for grades 1 through 8. For the most part, I met amazingly wonderful people. The other side of things is truly scary. No sane Catholic that I know thinks that it is "the end of the days". Think about it sarcastically: The church would go out of "business" if it were the "end". They don't want that lol….unless they're a CULT.

  7. chel says – reply to this


    ….religions that teach fearing God are simply ridiculous… why would you need to fear a God that loves you? Why would you need to fear a God that forgives all? fear itself is what we as a society need to overcome to be truly free… that and silly religions that try to make people afraid to get them to follow by their rules… loveeeee is the answer… love is light… these are not end times, simply new beginnings, humanity is waking up <3. Believe your own truth… not some book that has been mistranslated time after time, not some actor that claims this is the way… not me. look inside yourself.

  8. 8

    why do child stars always end up crazy?

  9. 9

    He'll speak out just as soon as they get the ventriloquism gadget worked out…

  10. Laura says – reply to this


    While the church Angus goes to is Seventh Day Adventist, the pastor in the video (Christopher Hudson) is not an SDA pastor. Please correct the article because I'm sure there are many SDAs out there who do not wish to be affiliated with him.

  11. 11

    this pastor is a very manipulative evil human being

  12. 12

    He was a child with no opinion when he started the show. I can see that a person can grow up and realize they don't want to be a part of a harmful message. I like two and a half men, but I stand by Angus. He should get out as soon as the contract allows. Move on with his life and not trash the hand that fed him.

  13. 13

    sweet jesus SNL HAS to do a sketch about this

  14. 14

    Like really, what the FUCK was this kid thinking?!

  15. Jenny Bishop says – reply to this


    I'm shocked to read these comments. None of you have ANY IDEA about God's word or the Bible. You're all a bunch of igorant losers that just wanna hate on people who found something you haven't even bothered to look for. Are any of you actually happy? I don't think being so blind to the truth and so far into ugliness can even produce any happiness. PLEASE wake up and stop making this world so ugly.

  16. 16

    Re: Jenny Bishop

    You're a super awesome Christian aren't you?! "Ignorant losers"? That's Christianity at it's finest right there. Love it when extremist behave like spoiled rotten hypocrites and call people names while taking an aggressive stance on their own special kind of crazy! <eye roll>

  17. jk says – reply to this


    This kid is not 21 and I hope there is someone in charge of the bank roll he has because you can bet that this Minister has his hands in this kids pockets right now. The kid is a druggie and they got him nand they will drain him dry and turn him loose..and I hope someone is looking after him and gets him away from this cult.

  18. Rodlie Ortiz says – reply to this


    The dude from the video is not his pastor….the guy actually isn't a pastor at all. He doesn't have a church. He has his website and I guess does some speaking stuff, but def not his pastor.

  19. Josey says – reply to this


    Why is everyone overreacting?! Maybe he shouldn't of said "stop watching the show", but all he meant was that it teaches bad values. And he's not in a cult. He's religious, and the meaning of the show goes against what he believes in. Instead of learning from the show and becoming a drug/sex addict, he goes to church and was enlightened and is a good person. He apologized and eveyone needs to stop overreacting!

  20. OhPlease says – reply to this


    The person who is controlling him is not with the Church (SDA). The Church has already stated that for the record. Since this person is basically using the internet to spread his nonsense and found someone of "note" to bring him into the spotlight I'm sure that Angus will say whatever he wants until he's flat broke and living on internet hype. That person is not a pastor, he is a fraud who found his fool.