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Halle Berry's Security Cameras Did NOT Film Fight! Gabriel Aubry Out Of Luck?!

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Poor Gabriel Aubry!

His face looks like a sausage roll that's been stomped into the ground and his one saving grace that could have proved his innocence in the nasty Halle Berry brawl will NOT be much of a help!

When Gabriel was first questioned by the police after the whole scuffle took place between himself and Halle's future hubby Olivier Martinez, he was adamant that police get their hands on the footage from the security cameras that he remembered where positioned to point at the driveway, before Halle or Olivier had a chance to delete it…

BUT because of a creepy stalker that was bothering Halle back in 2011, apparantly the actress had turned her outside cameras to look out on her fences and at the street (you know, in case someone was trying to hop on over) and girl never positioned them back!

SO, NO camera was facing the driveway where the beat down took place, and there is NO footage of the fight.

This COULD still be of help to Gabriel, as back when video footage was taken in Halle's stalker case, there was still ONE camera allegedly pointing at the driveway, and if this whole mess goes to court, Gabriel could use the video in that case in his defense. You know, WHY was that camera suddenly re-positioned, and what not.

Ah well, we just hope this all gets AMICABLY sorted out… think of little Nahla! What a horrible situation for a young girl to be involved in!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Halle Berry's Security Cameras Did NOT Film Fight! Gabriel Aubry Out Of Luck?!”

  1. 1

    Wow Perez, Halle is clearly the asshole here, STOP DEFENDING HER. She had her current man beat up the father of her child. She is the biggest piece of shit, I used to love her, now every time I see her I want to puke. I hope she gets everything that's coming to her. Bitch.

  2. 2

    Halle is one sick beeach, she has split personalities and enyu guy dating her should run.

  3. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    This is BS…and a terrible shame. I hope Gabriel sues Martinez anyone can see this is a huge problem. The police should have taken the footage from the cameras the same day all this took place. That is called proper investigative procedure.

  4. 4

    I bet you money that if on Thanksgiving her stalker had showed up she would have footage of the stalker to give to police. Her whole argument is that her daughter's safety is in danger yet I haven't heard of one incident that shows she is in danger. In fact it is Gabriel who obviously was in danger. I pray for the truth to come out and that little girl gets to keep her daddy in her life. I can't wait till Nahla grows up and writes a tell all titled "Why I hate my MoM"

  5. 5

    Aubrey lived in that home for years, he knows exactly where those cameras face. Will be interesting to see if police can show they were moved immediately before the fight which would not only provide defense for Aubrey but show permeditation from Martinez.

  6. alberto says – reply to this


    Perez, you are delusional trying to defend Berre Halle… it is obvious who doesn't want to pay child support here, it was a clear set up by that psycho bitch Halle… Never again will I contribute one more penny towards any of her shitty (catwoman) projects!! Bitch!

  7. shelly says – reply to this


    I am a domestic violence advocate who works with women and children who are abused. I do believe that having a child witness the beating of her father by someone who will be her stepfather is a form of abuse. I think child services needs to be monitoring what is going on in this house. I personally think Ms Berry is an ill, selfish person who has acted terribly in the past (with her hit and run incident etc). It seems almost obvious that something is very wrong here and that she's retaliating against the father of her child for not his wanting to be a parent and not allowing her to whisk her off to France. I've never watched any of her movies but I hope people turn from her - she seems to think she can get away with whatever she wants. And, Oliver Martinez is equally to blame here - how dare he do what he did in front of a child? I would run from a man like that.

  8. Disgusted says – reply to this


    This is not funny any longer. Halle Berry is clearly trying to get Gabriel Aubry in trouble for his landslide victory in not allowing her to leave the country. She always minipualtes the men in her life to do her dirty work. First of all, Olivier Martines SHOULD HAVE NEVER been the one outside waiting for the transfer of the child, both of the biological parents should be handling this and nobody else. She did this on purpose, she wanted to cause this confrontation. Hopefully, Gabriel Aubry's attorneys and the Judge are smart enough to see through this bull and allow this man to have his daughter. Halle Berry has proven to be a classless woman with no regard for her daughter's well being. Sorry but I would not want my precious daughter around another man that would do that to the father of the child. CLEARLY it was an attack that Gabriel Aubry was not aware was coming given how many wounds he has and Olivier has nothing, not who was the best fighter, who was the attacker and sleazy fighter. Hopefully Gabriel will get his daughter as it should be and if not, she will know when she grows up and winds up with her father anyway, because this is what will definitely happen. It works both ways, sometimes mothers are worse than fathers, and I am a woman and can say this. Good Luck to Gabriel and Nahla, I am praying for them

  9. 9

    On Entertainment Tonight last night, they showed all of the times Halle has been a, "victim." Seems she has horrible, "luck" and all of her mates end up being accused of some kind of abuse by her.
    This is a disgusting setup, and most of us know that. I wonder what she'll accuse Oliver of once he comes to his senses and dumps that psycho, too. I feel really, really bad for Nahla and her Daddy.

  10. redhead says – reply to this


    Shame on Halle Berry!!! Here is a man who wants nothing more than to be a father to his daughter and she is making it impossible. After seeing pictures of Gabriel's face I do believe the whole truth is not being told. Halle's current boyfriend didn't have a scratch on his face all injuries were to his hand. Now there is no security footage of the fight how convenient this happens now after Ms. Berry was denied by the judge that she couldn't take her daughter out of the country. Shame Shame on her and the poor little girl is in the middle of all this!!!!

  11. 11

    Re: shelly – Domestic violence advocate????? Does that mean you advocate FOR domestic violence??/ What a strange title.

  12. niggababyX says – reply to this


    I don't see what the rage is all about.The sissy-bitch Aubry got what he deserved:an ass well and truly kicked. Halle has every right to leave for France with her daughter & man,so i dont see what Aubry's rage was,and mind you this is not the first time we're hearing of his racist allegations against Berry.He even gets so mad when she says Nahla is black.Yeah baby, go on Halle!Get Olivier to kill that good-for-nothing pansy bitch ass fragile supermodel!He deserves this!CHEERS!I DRINK TO THAT!y'all wanna join me?

  13. kl says – reply to this


    They made damn sure that camera wasnt on or not taping or they took the tape out. I hope the judge sees thru this and this boxer goes to jail right along with that bitch.l I used to have so much respect for her and now she is just another hollywood tramp has been who is trying to take a kid away from their dad because she is a selfish bitch. I hope her career is all over and that this guy does the same thing to her and he will,.he will smash her face in. He is a POS . I believe Gabe and not them . SHe will stop at nothing to have her own way. She dumped him after she got pregnant because she used him as a sperm donor and never even put his name on that babies birth certificate so you can see that from day one she planned on cutting him out of this childs life,. Any woman or man that does this to a child does not deserve to have that kid and the should only get vistation rights themselves. I have seen this happen before and believe me it comes back to haunt the nasty parent who deprives a child of a mom or dad. Go to France Haley you are a lousy POS ,and leave the child with the one who truly loves her and that is GAbe not you.

  14. 14

    oh of course there isn't one facing that direction… right

  15. 15

    its his child not creepo oliviers

    he needs to stop breaking his hand on the childs fathers face and stop being the nasty freak he is halle is pure demon ..

  16. Sarena says – reply to this


    Since all of you fuglys girls here seem to know Gabriel personally, why don't you go screw him then??? Jeese it takes two to tango, he is as guilty as Hall Berry. They are both selfish and aren't putting their child first. I'm sure he misses living in Hollywood Hill with $20,000 child support. I know a lot of great fathers who do not receive cash & who are cordial with the mother of their child and the stepfather/boyfriend of their ex. Gabriel did this to himself when he asked for $$$ no matter what unconditional love you provide him. He will be the man who took money from the mother of his child to look after his own child. He is groupie in LA just a male version

  17. schol says – reply to this


    how far will halle berry go to get what she wants… thats the headline!

  18. Tobi says – reply to this


    Poor Nahla. Halle may count herself out of luck with men because her relationship with Olivier will never be the same. This custody battle calls for the child to be exchanged by the parents at the police station, if the judge allows both parents to have custodial rights. As for Gabriel, he is not out of luck because he simply needs trial jurors with my mindset. Considering that Olivier is a boxer by training, his hands are a weapon. No camera is needed to prove his brutality. It is the degree of the injuries that do not justify Olivier's defense. Was he held by Gabriel from walking away? Olivier should be treated just like any ordinary folks in the US who would be arrested for attempted murder, and let the jurors decide and not the LA police. These Frenchmen seem to get away with it in the US, just adding a different case involving the IMF Chief, Straus Kahn.