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Halle Berry's Ex NOT Facing Charges For Brawl?!

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Despite there being NO security camera footage to support Gabriel Aubry's claims of innocence, it seems Halle Barry's ex will NOT be facing criminal charges for instigating the now infamous Thanksgiving day fight with Olivier Martinez.

Olivier made a "citizens arrest" at the time of the incident, but according to the officials involved, the fight is being considered "mutual combat" and NO charges are likely to be filed against either party.

Which is GOOD considering Gabriel could be facing deportation and this may help him stay in the States…

But it'll probably be a while before Mr. Aubry gets to see his daughter Nahla.

Ugh what an unfortunate, tragic mess! Poor Nahla!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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28 comments to “Halle Berry's Ex NOT Facing Charges For Brawl?!”

  1. 1

    wow, really Mr Martinez is a DB Halle is the wicked witch with a history of idiot boyfriends. Gabriel should have full custody of Nahala, then Halle would be free to move wherever the hell she wants to be. Perez you are soooooooooooo judgemental.

  2. Soothe says – reply to this


    Absolutely ridiculous!!!!.. Martinez should be charged and be the one facing deportation. He has a proven record of violence. He attacked the paps twice in the same day with his CAR and it's all caught on tape.. It's on you tube. Gabriel should file a civil case against him .

  3. 3

    It will be a while before Aubry can see his daughter again, yet Martinez gets to reside in the same house as Nahla? Poor kid.

  4. 4

    mutual combat? where one is virtually unscathed excepted for one self inflicted injury (breaking your hand because YOU punched something is self-inflicted) and the other has his face bashed in… it just doesn't seem right.

  5. jodie says – reply to this


    I cant believe halle would be with a ma who would allow this kind of abuse on the father of her child…doesn’t she have any respect to the feelings and the thoughts of her own daughter…this is beyond gross

  6. 6

    There is a reason she has failed at all of her relationships. And a reason they call her Halle Scary. She is a fucking kunt, and how convenient that the camera's didn't catch anything. This is a woman that claims she is so scared to live in the U.S. but claims she doesn't have security camera's around her house, just ones pointing to the street. Yeah, right. What a fukcing joke, not only about this kunt, but about this site how fucking stupid you are to even insinuate that this is all above board. This nasty fucking whore needs to go away, and fast. How convenient of you to not slam Halle and her gay ass french queer boyfriend about the violence that destroyed this dudes face. I htought you were all about "violence is never the answer". Fucking doosh.

  7. 7

    Halle is villainous, and her boyfriend is violent. I would love to see a judge award custody to Gabriel, he can provide the more stable and loving home.

  8. david says – reply to this


    halle and the frenchman are F U C K E D!
    the internet is ripping Halle a new one as i type.
    she is a psycho. and WTF is up with her boxing-background bf all of a sudden showing up with a teeney-weeney finger sling? hardly compares to the premeditated damage the whore that halle and her beater bf set gabriel up for.
    halle should be walking around with her tail between her legs. ashamed of what she just subjected her daughter to.
    B I T C H! UNT-CAY!
    how is that H O L E working out for ya' halle? OUCH!

  9. 9

    Re: hoochpit – Well stated, hoochpit!

  10. 10

    This is ridiculous !!! Gabriel should absoludtly have the custody oF Nahla ! Martinez is a crack violent man and Halle should be scared of what happen to her ex…oh oops SHE PLANNED ALL OF THIS like a crazy !!! No record videos…pf…and his face is mess up ! Rodriguez have barrely nothing man…common ! The judge should took Nahla from them and Gabriel should take care of her. Why he have no right to see his daugther ?? This is unfair! PEREZ YOU SHOULD BE ON THE SIDE OF THE BEAUTIFUL GABRIEL AUBRY!

  11. luis says – reply to this


    Halle bitcherry sucks. poor Gabriel, they tricked him to be deported.
    he should get custody.
    and this kunt should go to hell with Martinez and make more babies for future problems.

    Halle if i see u i puke on u bitch.

  12. Marc says – reply to this


    I knew "Models" were stupid…But why would anyone pick a fight with an "ex" boxer? Specially since Gabriel makes his living off his face and body…I'm sure someone must have told him that Olivier boxed professionally and is the son of a retired boxer & coach…Gabriel, you're pretty but dumb as a box of rocks!!!

  13. boston61 says – reply to this


    This is why divorce destroys kids. So the real daddy is told by the fake daddy that he cannot see his kid. While Halle rapes the minds of both men.

  14. Leslie says – reply to this


    No security camera footage. Really? Wonder if they erased it OR had it turned off, knowing OM planned to attack Gabriel.

  15. chanel says – reply to this


    How is Halle going to explain this to her daughter when she sees these photos of her father's face in later years? That her mother's boyfriend used excessive force to try to destroy her father's face when he needs his face for employment as a model? That he suffered a fractured rib? The reason being that he supposedly shoved mommy's boyfriend and threw a punch at him somehow justifies this amount of force from Oliviier? This is so obvious who the guilty party is in this and it is not Gabriel. Let's hope sane minds prevail and Gabriel gets justice.

  16. 16

    Why isn't Martinez charged? I don't want that creep in my country!

  17. ONIT says – reply to this


    Has anyone seen Martinez and Gabriel after the fight? Besides an injured hand, Martinez has no injuries at all. Gabriel's face is a mess, so you was the punching ball and seemingly the victim?

  18. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I hope Gabriel sues the heck out of Olivier. I was always a fan of Halle's and tried to remain netural but when I saw the pictures of Garbiel's face that changed things pretty quickly for me. I no longer support Halle and I hope she and Olivier both get what they deserve when this is all done.

  19. 19

    You just made my day with your comments regarding this topic on The Talk! Halle & her fiance are causing all this & should be stopped by the courts. She is a Diva & just expects to get her way & when she doesn't her claws come out. She does not have her daughter's best interest in mind only hers! She says she doesn't want all this attention on her & it's not safe for her & her daughter to live in the USA so STOP causing all the drama in your life!

  20. Just keeping it real says – reply to this


    Re: chanel

    She will explain it by playing the victim card. Of course by that time Halle and the frenchie will be over and I would bet she will tell her this was the reason they broke up.

  21. Stevenav says – reply to this


    Just want to clarify something. There WAS security film footage. In fact Aubry asked police to view the footage to prove he was innocent and that it was Martinez that attacked him. You don't ask to have footage like that viewed unless you ARE innocent.

    A source said that the cameras had been repositioned so as to create a blindspot where the fight just happened to have taken place.

    They even stated that this clearly someone is innocent. That someone being Aubry.

    Clearly this was premeditated by Martinez (and likely HB) and he should be thrown in jail immediately. In fact there should be a restraining order placed on him to keep him out of the house when Nahala is there.

    Disgusting behavior from a thug… Shame on Halle for consorting with trash.

  22. vixengrrr says – reply to this


    sorry this is ridiculous, she is a very bad mother. The constant court fights, wanting to move to France & now this? Really? The worst thing that happened with that guy Aubry was to meet this woman, she looks like she wants to make his life a living hell. She deserves to lose custody and him to be the one with full time care. I'm never watching her movies again ( nothing good she been doing in the last years anyway )

  23. 23

    I can't believe Olivier is getting away with this! He knew the cameras wouldn't show the fight and it would be his word against Gab's and so he attacked Gab from behind. If he can be this evil, hateful and violent, Halle, you and Nahla are in big trouble. If he hits you, Halle, you may not wake back up. He's not just some ordinary guy throwing a punch. He is a trained boxer and you know it! And karma can be a bitch, just like you.

  24. 24

    I hope the paps rag on Olivier every single place he goes. Bombard him with questions over and over. Don't let up. Make him mad. Make him mad. Make him mad.

  25. Cheryl says – reply to this


    I think that this shows that Halle sure can pick some loser boyfriends. How many abusers does she have to date/marry before she realizes that she's the problem?! Also, how can it be mutual when one's face is beaten and swollen and the other one's hand is but only from hitting him. They totally set up Gabriel. I hope she loses custody! Nahala deserves better than a crazy crack whore of a mother!

  26. 26

    Halle Barry is a bitch!! There are father's out there who want nothing to do with their children, and here is a father who wants to be with his child. Why would you keep him away like that? Her and her man need to stop being selfish!

  27. david says – reply to this


    this UNT-CAY has just paid off her babysitter to support her side of things.

  28. matt says – reply to this


    you sir, are a scumbag. the man is bringing his kid back and gets attacked by the live in loser and you want HIM arrested? I have lost all respect for your histrionic personality disordered ass.