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Lana Del Rey's Cringe-Worthy Karaoke Sesh! WATCH HERE!

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We always wondered why breathy, eclectic singer Lana Del Rey fared SO much better in the UK this year than in the US.

We assumed it's because people over in the British Isles didn't see her ear-splitting, debut Saturday Night Live performance…

But now it seems those Brits have their own version of that fateful night, as the girl recently appeared on Later… with Jools Holland to perform her new single Ride, and well, the results are interesting to say the least.

Ch-ch-check out the awkward spectacle (above)!

It seriously sounds like one of those relentless karaoke sessions that seems to go on forreeevvveerrrrrr.

Ah well, maybe one day Lana will be able to take her sweet studio sound we've come to enjoy and apply it to real-life situations?

Like a real life singer?

Here's hoping!

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131 comments to “Lana Del Rey's Cringe-Worthy Karaoke Sesh! WATCH HERE!”

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  1. Cameron says – reply to this


    She sounds amazing! Exactly like her album and studio versions, you've lost touch Perez, "Like a real singer." I bet a million dollars you can't sing anywhere near as good as Lana Del Rey. But please do continue to report on the 'amazing' and 'awesome' sounds of autotuned singers like Chris "The Woman Basher" Brown, Nicki Minaj and Cheryl Cole.

  2. Jess says – reply to this


    WHAT!! Perez are you INSANE?! this was amazing, probably one of her best live performances! True, Lana's voice is only for a niche crowd, but those that understand her realise this is what to expect from her live performances. I still think she's amazing!

  3. 103

    Everyone keeps saying "exactly like her album and video." Yeah, but her album and video suck as well. The material is twee, there is no heart. The only reason she stays on pitch is autotune. Put her up against someone like Adele and you're going to get your feelings hurt.

  4. Londonguy1982 says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter

    LOVE this comment. So true and the performance isn't even bad!! Get a grip Perez

  5. Alyssa says – reply to this


    The first I ever heard Lana Del Rey sing was on SNL and I thought she was absolutely horrid. I refused to listen to any of her music because if I can't bear to watch her live why listen to her albums which obviously are edited to make her sound good?
    I could never get why people praised her. I just assumed they had never heard her live.

  6. *** says – reply to this


    go fuck yourself. she sounds great and beautiful.

  7. Royal says – reply to this


    Perez you are truly a piece of shit. Are you kidding me? Lana Del Rey has more talent in her clit than you'll never possess. Her words are timeless. You promote auto-tuned pop star trash but when something real comes around with depth, you talk shit about it? Lana doesn't have a typical voice. That's obvious. It's less pop star and more female Johnny Cash. It would be like judging Bob Dylan on American Idol. She sounds beautiful. Your standards are soulless and vapid just like they've always been. Perhaps that's why you'll always be truly alone. Lana has fans who adore her all over the world. You have disposable followers. Perhaps that's why you feel so inclined to make fun of her. Just like a bully does. They intrinsically see something in people that they don't have and they hate them for it. I think this is root of a lot of your bullying. You're a grown man, but you have the mentality of 13 year old girl. That is something to be said for. THAT is something to be made fun of.

  8. 108

    Re: Royal – Comparing this chick to Johnny Cash is like comparing Justin Beiber to Bob Dylan. But you are duly noted and get your points for being "cool and cutting edge," proof that her marketing is working. Most critics and all people who have good taste put her in the same category as that girl who sings "Friday," she just humps the mic stand now and then.

  9. Royal says – reply to this


    Re: purplegenie – I didn't capare her to Johnny Cash. I'm sorry you didn't understand what I was saying. I was drawing parallels between her and a singer who is known for his raw, imperfect voice. It has character. It's not supposed to sound like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, or Christina Aguilara. Anything else? Because everyone else on here seems to agree with me as well. You're literally the only one. LOL. But that's alright. There's a lot of people I don't like. I just don't read articles about them or go watch videos of their performances and troll the pages with rude, disapproving comments.

  10. 110

    Re: Royal – See? Just like I said. You're ool and cutting edge. LOL. I understood the Cash comment. But that's the point. Her voice is not put out as "raw." She is singing in a smooth, chanteuse style, very retro, and just FAILING at it. And I would hardly call this crowd a cross-section, as far as my negative comments being the only ones so they must be wrong. I've seen you folks go on for four pages about Lady Gaga's underpants, so it's not like you're Times Arts and Leisure. If someone has something negative to say about an artist, "You're the only one here saying it" is really not your strongest defense. And BTW, Johnny Cash was great anyway you slice it. I do understand what you were trying to say, but it's still heresy to put them together in a comparison.

  11. 111

    Re: purplegenie – Your claims are unfounded and based on maybe a couple of performances (mostly likely the ones on perez which don't do her justice) which unveils your ignorance of Lana's artistry. You are trying to contain her to one style of singing based on a review of just a fraction of her work. When in reality she is a natural singer that along her vast catalog of music sings in wide gamut of styles and genres. Oh, and Ride isn't supposed to be "smooth" it's supposed to embody a grinding reality (much like The Killers) that slowly builds and builds till she releases her troubles at the peak of the song. She is far beyond her years, and remember when I say that her music ideology will be studied at the scholarly level one day. Most of the best artist aren't fully appreciated by their generation. She is truly a gem. If you want to hear a clean performance from her watch to "Ride" on Langs de Leeuw, if you want dark and moody watch "Body Electric" at Hackney, emotionally gripping "million dollar man" at Hackney, if you want heartfelt "video games" iTunes Festival, fun/adorable/flirty "lolita" El Rey Theater 1st night. But to truly understand her you have to listen to her catalog and see her with her fans. I know everyone see's her looking moody but you should she her smile, it will melt your cold heart.

  12. 112

    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra – LOL!!! Vast catalog? Do you mean both of her records? I get that she's the Next Big Thing. I really do. For what it's worth, I have heard pretty much everything she's put out in her "vast catalog" (still ROFL at that). When people praise those like Lana Del Rey, it just makes me miss someone like Amy Winehouse, an actual artist. I've got friends who love Lana, and so believe me, I have had quite a big shoved at me.

  13. 113

    On the other hand, this parody of Lana Del Rey is absolutely spot on (and a bonus if you like The Hunger Games).

  14. 114

    Re: purplegenie – No, not just the Born to Die album and the rest of her concept album Paradise Edition. I have 56 different songs of hers on my iPod, and there is STILL many more I've haven't had time to find put on there. And in each song there is something that is signature Lana even though they sound completely different. The thing about Lana that most people over look is that she doesn't just sing a song on a record, she writes all the lyrics, she creates all her own melodies, she is directly involved with composing the music, and all the imagery used are things she's chosen or her own concepts. She's self-made several videos to accompany her songs. As far as herself imagery goes, her sister Chuck Grant takes most of her artsy pictures and cover art. She's not marketing manufactured, She's living the art SHE'S created, the lyrical content of her music since the age of 17 has always eluded to the evolution of what her style is today. She is the definition of an artist and her talent is undeniable, that's just the facts. Whether you like it/appreciate it or not, that's purely opinion. Just how you like Amy, I will say she was very talented but she didn't really do it for me. And I've seen a few live performances of hers that were not so flattering, but I don't condemn her as untalented/bad live for it. As far as your opinion, I accept that, trying to state a factual claim against "talent/art" is where I disagree.

  15. 115

    "I can't stand to sing the same song the same way two nights in succession, let alone two or ten years. If you can, then it ain't music; its close drill or exercise or yodeling or something, not music." - Billie Holiday
    She sang each song completely differently every night. Her voice quality was not outstanding and her vocal range was limited, but she had an amazing ability to breathe life into a song, using pauses and slurs. Her songs became famous for becoming experiences or story-like, rather than simply a regular song.
    This is the road lana walks on with her performances.

  16. LisaMarie says – reply to this


    Re: lauren – agreed!!

  17. aj says – reply to this


    cringeworthy? let's talk about that talentless tard kat graham on ellen…..

  18. Voivode says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – I think it's because she is currently the face of H&M at the moment, and that looks like one of their jumpers.

  19. Justin says – reply to this


    She sounds just like her album… I wish people would stop ripping her.. if you don't like her music originally, you're not going to like her live. She's an amazing songwriter and her melodies are perfect. Sorry she isn't using auto tune or repeating the same lyric over and over to get a hit.

  20. Louise says – reply to this


    Thought it was great!

  21. Mario says – reply to this


    Perez, you're such an asshole! I mean seriously, you praise her and then bash her!? Please grow up, you do the same thing with every star (Britney Spears come to mind) and it's getting childish.

  22. Colby says – reply to this


    Just to say, I think you are all ridiculous to hash at anyone… Look where she has made it at that. Maybe in the studio her voice is different as on stage some days. That is any singer. Voice and tune in the throat does not come CLEARLY the same everyday especially on that note for a singer. They're voice is constantly changing. Just as a mexican come to america or a british come to America… over time. The tune and tone of their accents change. Yea… so umm. Take in the fact at least live she sounds obviously better an almost more closer near what her songs in the studio sound like. She is different. I love her style. Shes herself. Like she says GET REAL… for those who down the girl.

  23. Colby says – reply to this


    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra – i love what you said honestly.

  24. Colby says – reply to this


    Yes, Perez is childish because his style in mind is to try bash and down anyone to try to better himself in look. Your loosing yourself really…. but I am gay and do know that is most of the gay society for you… Perez.

  25. Rachel Mintz says – reply to this


    how is it her fault the brilliant sound guy didnt do a check before the show and had feedback going on live TV!!??? what a moron! lana del rey is AMAMAMMAMAMAMAZING! her songs destroy the competition and anyone who doesn't see that has horrible taste.

  26. George smith says – reply to this


    Totally unfair to say its cringeworthy, it's not bad, like to see you go do a better job instead of just writing shit about people, pathetic.

  27. TIM says – reply to this


    lANA is not the music industry, plastic injection molded cutie pie of the moment. Most true artist are not. She sounds GREAT. I love it when you guys hate her so much, it lets me know you are really listening and like her without letting on. And by the way, she is Ass kicking good looking, and i can't tell you what happens now when i drink a PEPSI COLA!

  28. Lo Produce says – reply to this


    Re: Valentina – She's off key on every note on her upper register and has no power in her voice. The Breathy lack of projection sounds like a self conscious teen singing in front of people. Basically, she doesn't have a singing voice at all. What's on the albums is all processing.

    If you can't hear it, don't sing in the shower too loud. You have a tin ear and are torturing everyone around you.

  29. 129

    Anybody who thinks this is good singing is tone deaf. I've looked this chick up & everything she sings is awful. She has zero vocal ability as well as having no stage presence & no singing range. Her songs are boring & sounds like something a broken hearted 8th grader would write. This chick has no talent & as for the autone & people not hearing what real voices sound like a few comments up. I'll give you few REAL singers who don't use it Adele, Norah Jones, Amy Whinehouse, Melanie Fiona. I could go on but those few alone have WAY more talent than this disgrace you call a good Singer. I suggest you look up a few of those singers & find out what TRUE singing is before you voice any opinions on this truly terrible awful & boring singer whos career should be nonexistent.

  30. Zeinab Aoude says – reply to this


    She was great! I don't know what Perez is talking about! He's obviously just another hater.

  31. Zeinab Aoude says – reply to this


    She sounded great! I don't know what Perez is talking about. He is obviously just another hater.

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