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Demi Moore Is FINALLY Moving On From Ashton Kutcher…With A Man YOUNGER Than He Is!

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Well, we guess she's FINALLY taking her daughter's advice!

Even though she was rumored to be hanging out with Martin Henderson a few months back, most reports concerning Demi Moore have focused on her inability to let go of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, and her increasing jealousy and frustration over his relationship with Mila Kunis!

However, it appears the actress is ready to find new love…and has started her search in a CONSIDERABLY younger place!

The 50-year-old is said to be dating 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel, as they were spotted by guests at Naomi Campbell's 50th birthday party in Jodhpur, India "dancing and grinding all over each other!"

And just because she's putting her cougar on full display doesn't mean this is just a fling, either!

Vito, the son of director Julian Schnabel, is no stranger to older women, and is said to have dated Liv Tyler AND Elle Macpherson - the latter when he was only 21!

Well, it certainly sounds like this could be a match made in kept-men heaven!

And we're glad to see Demi getting her groove back!

It's about time! Get it, GURL!

[Images via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Demi Moore Is FINALLY Moving On From Ashton Kutcher…With A Man YOUNGER Than He Is!”

  1. 1

    This is not getting her groove back, this is sinking deeper into a rut. This is regressing not progressing. I am sad and embarrassed for her.

  2. 2

    It's creepy because they look alike.

  3. 3

    looks like a girl

  4. 4

    Ummm he looks young enough to be her son. She is a sad lonely person. I feel sorry for her.

  5. 5

    OMG! Demi is way sicker than I thought….

  6. madmike says – reply to this


    I'm thinking Dr Drew would be a better mate.

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This pathetic plastic hag - Demi Whore - is trying to re-capture her youth by f*cking younger guys…sad, so sad. She is one fugly broad, and she had had SO many facelifts, that when she takes a sh*t, she has to wipe behind her neck ! Really….can she just not accept the fact that she is in her mid-50s, stop the procedures, AND, stop the cradle-robbing …..? Good example for your mildly retarded daughters, Skank ! nOw, go off, and do a line of blow…….

  8. Atasi says – reply to this


    Wows in India they are hanging that is mighty cool!! Forget the whole age thing guys it's just a number I am a totally admiring a younger man too not that young but my sis is married to a younger man too. I'm glad Demi is finding some peace in India!!

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Guy looks queer….don't think he'd be interested in SNATCH, 'specially her old smelly gray one…Just Say'n …..!

  10. PM2901 says – reply to this


    OMG, he looks like he's in middle school! Demi should be sooooo embarrassed! Part of the reason her marriage ended with Ashton is because she was unable to give him children. WTF does she think is going to happen in 15 years when this kid wants to have kids? You know she's not dating him just for fun. She's needy. She's going to want to marry him. Hopefully he's not stupid enough to marry Grandma Moses; but, when he's done having fun with her, she's going to jump out a window! I'm sure Rehab is fluffing her pillow right now.

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I saw Mila's Kunis, and she must be peeing her pants laughing at how hard this Hag is working trying to appear young…let it go Demi…let it go……

  12. PM2901 says – reply to this


    What Demi doesn't seem to understand is that dating a boy that much younger than her doesn't make her look younger. It makes her look OLDER! DUH!!

  13. 13

    If the guy was 50 and the girl 26, nobody would care.
    Pathetic sexiists.

  14. 14

    so gross. agreed w rosebud99.

  15. MrsRae says – reply to this


    this is a real old pic of him… He's 38.. He kinda hot now too

  16. Avde says – reply to this


    perez you pathetic moron, why do you put a picture of him when he was 18 if he's 38 now? he looks nothing like that now, you are a vile and disgusting parasite

  17. Caroline says – reply to this


    I feel bad for her, she is so desperate, she will do anything to get back at Ashton,
    and in the process she looks rediculous.
    She is loosing it totally.

  18. Dixie Dee says – reply to this


    His dad is a hottie

  19. PM2901 says – reply to this


    #15 - I think his DAD is 38

  20. katee says – reply to this


    Naomi Campbell is not 50…

  21. amber says – reply to this


    EWWW She looks nasty…and its nasty to be with someone when you have such a big age gap…ick

  22. Michelle says – reply to this


    WTF is the matter with her? Total rebound, that's all that is. I mean c'mon. Girlfriend, find a man at least close to your age. You have a lot of competition other wise. Duh.

  23. 23

    this is getting sick

  24. 24

    So desperate! She needs to mature like the rest of us. Find a man!

  25. brad says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – The hatred just drips from you. You need help.

  26. 26

    Re: overthere – You're an idiot. Women would be calling him a sexy, perverted creep. Possibly even a pedophile. Men would be saying "lol guy is rich" don't call sexism when there isn't any you stupid libitarded feminazi.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Please tell me she's babysitting.

  28. nic says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – No there is definitely a double standard. His 60 ytear old dad married a 30 year old and no-one comments.

  29. kate.tate says – reply to this


    This is just sad, and makes her seem desperate. Get a clue, date someone your OWN age…what can you possibly have in common with a 26 year old twit?

  30. kate.tate says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Agreed. It's sad.

  31. 31

    REBe Atch, U talk about Demi and her daughters like a disgushing washup crack whore.You have no respect for your self so you sprew fowl things about other people.
    Really you must be a pathic piece of shit,who is probably so ugly and dried up your self that the only way you feel good about yourself is by tearing other people down.Go Away Your a gross PIG!!!! Your not even funny your a sad person, with a cold heart and no brain.

  32. Erin14 says – reply to this


    Naomi Campbell's 50th?? She's only 42….. Wtf