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GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People

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mitt romney laugh gif

Some people totally WOMP WOMPED out this year!

And leave it to GQ to remind us all!!

Of course, as much as we totally agree with most of these, we have to raise a brow with a few…

Oh and FYI — these people aren't really ranked in any order because "all zeros are created equal." They said it… not us! ;)

CLICK HERE to view "GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People"

CLICK HERE to view "GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People"

CLICK HERE to view "GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People"

CLICK HERE to view "GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People"

CLICK HERE to view "GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People"

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13 comments to “GQ 2012: The 25 Least Influential People”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Just as biased as you, and the fact you think it's hilarious shows your idiocy. Douchebag. What ever happened to that record label of yours? Yeah… too bad you're not on that list.

  2. rox says – reply to this


    This list makes no sense.
    How can Michelle Obama and a shooter be on the same list?
    I don't even know what to say. I've been stating that i wasnt ever gonna comeback on this site, but once in a while(ok, everyday) I hear about something stupid, that YOU've posted and I can't help but comment on it.

    Why are you so bent on making up shit, creating ridiculous lists, spreading vicious rumours, sharing some very negative stories about PEOPLE (celebrities are people you asshole), etc?

  3. lali says – reply to this


    Perez didnt even make the list up hints the GQ in front you silly rabbits lol imma need yall to get out your feelings right now haha

  4. 4

    Just think for one second that that guy you are mocking could have been the one who might have saved this country.. You people pushed ALL IN on this lying piece of shit, hope you right!! But he is already getting caught up in MORE BULLSHIT!!
    Lied about Bandgazi
    Lied about having a plan for the next 4yrs
    Lied about the layoffs he had them hold back till after the election
    Lied about guns into Mexico
    Lied about Rev Wright
    Lied about Birth
    Lied about being a NON Citizen to get into college
    Lied about his real Faith

  5. 5

    Should show the President at his first debate against Mitt!! WE paid this guy to PLAY the President that night and had NOTHING TO SAY!!
    You people are like this President that you voted in for doing NOTHING and he gives raises to people that will lie for him!!! RICE….

  6. Fixed says – reply to this


    Hhahahahaahaha…those pressed Republican$ !!!!! ;)

  7. 7

    What does it even mean "least influential"?? It doesn't make any sense. If it means what it does literally, my next door neighbor who is laid off and drinks every day should be on that list…

  8. 8

    The Obamas, Hillary Clinton, Leon Peneta(for punishing Navy SEALS over video games and book) and killing off the Military, but has no problems handing secrets over to Hollywood for a movie. Romney isn't perfect but he's better than what we've got in office right now.

  9. Proofreader says – reply to this


    Re: Yenkme – Hell hath no fury like a sore Republican loser. Although it's not really a hellish fury so much as a pathetic, lame attempt to hold on to and force upon people a world view which is extremely irrelevant to life in America today and thus completely obsolete. Also, your ass is showing in more ways than one. Even if the pictured ass is not yours. In fact, ESPECIALLY if the pictured ass is not yours. The world is changing. Get used to it.

  10. 10

    WOOT finally someone that reaches a good deal of people called out Michelle obama. LOL'ed at perezs reply "excuse us"..Shes not influential at all. She's annoying. Whenever I see her run her mouth about fitness (something no one cares about) all I think is, hey this is the first first lady who doesn't know her place. She needs to stfu

  11. Mlington says – reply to this


    this GQ poll is ridiculous., lolol wtf….. madonna has another #1 tour. other artists flop hard like gaga cant even sold out a show. had #1 most viewed moment on tv with superbowl. she is everywhere, everytime she goes to tv she gets huge ratings,. her shows are all sold out. ppl scream her name like thet wouldnt be tomorrow. every star would love to be madonna… how can a stupid magazine post that????? ridiculous just that. madonna was always relevant and keeps being. after 30 eyars she keeps being the best. thats why her tickets fly fast. while other artists not and their fame just gone quickly. madonna is #1 and polls means nothing… facts do.. and perez probably they didnt even remember u. who believes int his list is dumb. look at gaga a no one that her shows are flopping. how come shes not be on tat list??

  12. Mlington says – reply to this


    and u agree with what???

  13. Mlington says – reply to this


    who amde this list must be drunkes. where gaga??? she is zero…. why madonna is there? maybe just a hater. madonna is #1 and earned more this here. and everybody wants to go to her show. while noone wants to go to gaga or other artist. did u see superbowl? why amdonna moment was the mst watched in history? cause ppl want to see her. madonna shows influenece millions. shes a fighter. who did this is delusional