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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's Bitter Battle: Daughter Being Used As 'Pawn?'

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As we've said all along… the true victim of Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry's nasty warring is their darling daughter Nahla!

Obviously you know by now that Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez smashed Gabriel's face up during Thanksgiving, but the saddest part of the whole ordeal is that Nahla is getting caught between a MAJOR battle of egos!

One insider reveals:

"They keep playing this game and Nahla is used as a pawn. It's her I feel sorry for."

Right before the whole beat down occured, Halle had lost her petition to move Nahla to France where she was reportedly wishing to marry Olivier and raise Nahla away from the prying cameras of American paparazzi.

It seems to us that the ill feelings between everyone involved are because all want the BEST for Nahla, yet by acting like feuding children, Halle's little girl is experiencing a terrible, harrowing ordeal!

How can a child learn about love and respect when her parents are acting like brutes?!

And we sincerely hope Nahla did NOT witness her mother's current lover beating her father's face into a bloody pulp, otherwise we wouldn't be surprised if the poor girl wasn't traumatized for a VERY long time!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's Bitter Battle: Daughter Being Used As 'Pawn?'”

  1. drhouse says – reply to this


    You mean: how can a child learn about love and respect when her mother considers herself the center of the stage? Halle orchestrated the whole thing. It's a miracle in itself how she hasn't been ordered by a court subject herself to some serious scrutiny by a shrink.

  2. 2

    HALLE has become one of the worst mothers around. Her daughter hasn't always looked like the happiest child and now one can see why. She has the mother from the devil. Why do parents do this to their children? I am 99.9% on Gabriel's side and I hope he goes for full custody of that poor child. HB is a selfish, lying diva that should be knocked down a peg or two and brought into reality. If I were GA I would sue the pants off of both of them and take my daughter away, far, far away.

  3. halleisapig says – reply to this


    Halle needs to go back to her trailer park and die. She is a sorry excuse for a human, much less a mother.

  4. JoJoBeans says – reply to this


    Does Halle really expect us to believe that ALL those ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands were horrible, horrible men? Or perhaps is the world now starting to see that the problem is, in fact, HER!!!!! I mean really, one or two bad choices is understandable. But, EVERY SINGLE guy she has been in a relationship with she has accused of being abusive, or a cheater, or something else awful. Its just a matter of time before she turns on Olivier Martinez and he suffers her wrath and becomes the "bad guy". I'm not buying it, not for one second. This woman is the ultimate drama queen. She is not only drawn to drama, she CREATES it. And that poor little girl will suffer for it.

    Put me on Team Gabriel.

  5. 5

    I still don't understand why Martinez is in the middle all this … What a awful situation for the child … Her father could have been killed in Thanksgiving day !

  6. kandycane says – reply to this


    Now Halle can take her child away from him like she's always planned in the first place. Off to France, hope halle doesn't turn up like princess Diana…bc it's much safer in France. Rolling my eyes

  7. 7

    In a U.S. Courtroom, Gabriel won the right to have his daughter in the U.S. end of story. But NOooooo, because Halle wants what she wants, and expects to get her way due to her privilege and status - she cried to her Bully boyfriend. Her Bully boyfriend tired of her being upset, took matters into his own hands and VICIOUSLY attacked Gabriel. (The Bully boyfriend was previously a boxer.) Unfortunately, even though Gabriel was attacked, he was the one arrested - because this occurred on Halle’s property. (Want to bet that Halle and the Bully knew this.) The Bully Boyfriend should be put in jail and/or removed from the U.S. for his vicious attack.

  8. smurf says – reply to this


    Halle Berry should think about her daughter and tell her new boyfriend to back off! he has no say in her daughter she already has a father,I don't doubt she loves her daughter but come on you chose the father and in interviews never said he had issues so just sit down with him and share the love for that daughter that at the end needs both of yous!!!!!!

  9. halecranberry says – reply to this


    Halle is harassed by Paparrazi no doubt, just look at how they treat her on youtube, BUT her victim role playing skills are backfiring. Olivier should proceed with caution, he might end up being accused of baby touching or something when this relationship turns sour, and you all know it will eventually. Halle and Gabriel should be the ONLY two people involved in the hand over of Nahla, anything other than that should be investigated by child protective services because it becomes a violation of the agreement to protect the best interest of the child. This situation speaks for itself, the priority should be for the child.
    Halle should shut the f%$%k up and play fair. Olivier Martinez may have given Gabriel a beating, but also gave him ammunition that will steer public opinion in Gabriel Aubry's favor. Whatever the outcome, this situation is revolting, good luck to all parties in the future, and Olivier Martinez should prepare himself for being accused in the future.

  10. 10

    OMG, Nahla's body language with Gabriel is so precious! What mother wouldn't take joy from that photo?

  11. Steph says – reply to this


    Clearly Martinez had no business being there during the handoff and he was because he was angry and angry enough to pick a fight and keep threatening him cause he and Berry didnt get what they wanted. Nahla deserves to be with the father and she needs him with a mother with a bad boyfriend soon to be stepfather. Halle dump Martinez.

  12. madmike says – reply to this


    Team Gab! …….that lil girl SHOULD BE WITH HER DADDY and not the personality disordered mother.
    I find it interesting that Halle has to import all her beau's. The local studs are tooo in the know.
    Heal up handsome - you got some goooooood paper coming.

  13. 13

    I love the pictures of Nayla with her daddy. thats what HB hates a bond her bad ass and her money can't break.

  14. Tired of Silliness says – reply to this


    This is really getting old. Drop this mess already. Get out of this woman's BUSINESS!!! NO ONE knows what goes on in her life, truly. NO ONE! All of these Halle Berry haters need to get a life, for real. Her greatest crime is that she is a LOSER Magnet. There are many women who are too soft hearted and attract the wrong men and give in to their charms and BS too soon. Her other crime is her financial success and being a black woman who is determined to make it. SHE DOES LOVE her DAUGHTER. She is an excellent mother to her. Leave her alone and stop hating on this woman who has done NOTHING to you people who are riding on this HATE HALLE TRAIN. You're ALL SICK!