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Lindsay Lohan ARRESTED After Throwing PUNCHES In NYC Nightclub!

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Here we go again, folks!

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning in New York City after she allegedly PUNCHED a woman in a nightclub!

Sources with law enforcement report that the troubled starlet, who's latest attempt at a career comeback with her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick has been universally panned, was pAArtying at Club Avenue around 4am when she and a female club-goer got into an argument sitting near each other in separate booths!

Apparently, Lindsay told her to "Give me my space" but soon after, she lost her cool and punched her!

Of course, by the time the fuzz arrived our LiLo, who ALWAYS holds herself accountable for her behavior, was attempting to sneak off in her getaway car, but authorities intercepted and arrested her on the spot!


She's already officially violated her probation! Guess it doesn't hurt to add another one to the list!

So unbelievably sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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37 comments to “Lindsay Lohan ARRESTED After Throwing PUNCHES In NYC Nightclub!”

  1. 1

    Surprised? Not really.

    Now it's back to court crying infront of the judge.

  2. Gramemaw says – reply to this


    Hollywood has to stop hiring her. Period.

  3. Anna says – reply to this


    Someone needs to sit this girl down and tell her to grow the fuck up.

  4. 4

    hahahahahahahahhaahha… what a friggin' loser. can't act, can't function in society. at least she'll always have the 27 club.

  5. KiKi says – reply to this


    OMG When will she freakin learn that NOTHING good comes from being out at 4 am on a Wednesday. She needs to do some jail time. Its over for her getting away with whatever she feels like. Her judge is going to flip the fuck out. This chick is a mess.

  6. 6

    Come on Lindsay! Take part of your "Liz" paycheck and find a good therapist.

  7. chrissy says – reply to this


    What the hell! if this were anyone else she would be sitting in jail for years, but because she has money she'll probably get a slap on the wrist!

  8. 8

    Re: chrissy – "but because she has money she'll " money is questionable, she owes IRS over 100 Gs, after taking 100 G's from sheen to pay about half of it. She makes too little and spends too much to have a lot of cash.

  9. ShockaLocka says – reply to this


    It's not sad. It's pathetic. She continues to break the law, violate her probation and act like a spoiled brat and they just keep letting her get away with it. Lock her ass in a REAL prison, not solitary, and see how she's doing in a few years. Maybe then she'll grow up!

  10. Lindsay's Conscious says – reply to this


    Who cares? Its a fight at a nightclub. With her record, it wouldn't surprise me if a woman heckled her about her past and Lindsay went off. I am no Lohan fan really, but look at her parents! They make her look so bad as an actress up and coming. They have almost ruined this girl, while parading themselves on TV. They are beyond embarassing fame whores. Team Lindsay on this one. PS: Robert Deniro will get her off.

  11. ONIT says – reply to this


    Sick of reading and/or seeing her. Please stop!

  12. Mickie says – reply to this


    You know, if the media would quit covering her antics, she might just "go away"
    Such a loser

  13. 13

    This seems to be a pattern. Time to grow up Linds, you're not 14 any longer.

  14. maggie says – reply to this


    I wonder who Lindsay is going to blame this time??? remember, it's never her fault….always somebody elses.

  15. 15


  16. sm87 says – reply to this


    To be honest, I love her - I can't help but think of Cady Herron everytime I look at her. But that being said, she is seriously not a normal human being the last few years. Put her ass in jail, force her to grow up (clearly her parents aren't giving a shit about helping her with that), and she'll come out a new person. It's time she get's some serious punishment for her to realize her actions have consequences. I want Cady back!!

  17. 17

    Who in ape shit parties until 4 a.m. on a Wednesday???

  18. Ella says – reply to this


    Lindsay should have given the other girl some space and left herself. She has no common sense but then when you have drunks and druggies raising you, there was no common sense that she would learn from. Stop calling Mommy and Daddy, grow up without them, and find respect for yourself.

  19. Gretchen says – reply to this


    Oh, Lindsay. What are you DOING?

    I feel like the best thing in the world would be for her to sell off her fancy cars, cancel her credit cards, and donate the majority of her cash to the charity of her choice. She should move to a mid-sized city - Austin, maybe, or Raleigh - and use her remaining assets to get a roommate and enroll in a community college program to learn a profitable trade. It wouldn't be glamorous, but I think she'd be a lot happier being the sexiest dental hygienist in Des Moines than being the biggest mess in Hollywood.

  20. 20

    Looks like there's no "allegedly" about it, apparently there is plenty of proof that she did it. At least it happened in NYC, so she won't skate on the charges. They don't care who you are out there. If you do the crime, you do the time.

  21. 21

    Re: chrissy – NYC tends to be very strict, regardless of who someone is or how much money they have. Also, Lindsay doesn't have any money. That's why Charlie Sheen had to pay her tax bill for her and all these other "sugar daddies" are supporting her.

  22. Candy Barr says – reply to this


    Editing error: You mean "whose" instead of "who's," which is short for "who is" or "who has" . . .

  23. Gabrielle says – reply to this


    I watched Liz and dick last night and i liked it. Lindsay was not that all to bad. I dont get why she seems to get into trouble all the time. She needs to focus on her carriere and start doing some good movies, because she really is a good actress.

  24. stephi says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for LiLo , she is not ok , now is when she needs a real mom and family who tells her how bad she is ! But sadly it seems that her mom love more her role as
    manager . The last thing Lindsay needs is more people crtizicing her , needs someone who really take care of her and suppoprt her to change her behaviour.

  25. 25

    GOOD. About time someone in Hollywood gets held accountable for their decisions.

  26. 26

    Lindsay loves the drama and the handcuffs.

  27. 27

    OMG this girl just cant stay out of trouble no matter what???? why is she freaking clubbing till 4-5 am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT????

  28. 28

    She's must be the dumbest person in the U.S. She's such an idiot and now the coverups will start and all her lies.

  29. 29

    Shocker. This girl needs help, and a new family who actually cares about her well being. I watched The Parent Trap yesterday and it was just sad.

  30. 30

    maybe she should MARRY CHARLIE SHEEN. that might help.

  31. 31

    I don't understand the appeal of clubs, especially if you're sober. I can listen to loud music at home. I'm starting to feel very sorry for her.

  32. 32

    lindsay is actually hilarious. especially when she constantly leaves a police station with a coat over her head.

  33. Leslie says – reply to this


    If she had a family who truly loved and supported her (not fame whore parents) she wouldn't be into drugs and prostitution and hating herself. Lindsay is a lost soul who needs help. She is too far gone to help herself.

  34. 34

    first of all if she is sober why is she at a club til 4am??? Im sorry but it seems to me that miss lohan has fallen off the wagon again. she should not get away with her behavior. she has gotten away with too much this time. the judge should order her to go to jail. AND KEEP HER THERE! She needs more than just therapy or probation. She needs tough love and family and friends who REALLY care about her, not her celebrity.

  35. 35

    Re: movedtocomment – I don't really think that she is living a sober life again. She has probably fallen off the wagon. I feel really sad for her. She is wasting her life away and doesn't even relize it.

  36. 36

    OH DEAR I cant sleep i wake up lil linds is in trouble …

  37. Shawn says – reply to this


    FIRST: Media needs ot just stop posting stuff on her, forget about her. SECOND: LOCK HER UP before she kills herslef! She is f*cked up beyond help obviously, no one else could get away with all these charges in regular life why should she? It's a shame she had so much going for her, hit movies, even her signing voice wasn't bad, she's thrown it all away, although it doesn't help having fucked up parents. I'm just tired of hearing all stupid negative drama with her.