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Angus T. Jones' Shocking Commentary Gets Mega Support From Illuminati-Fearing Church Follower!

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You better buckle up tight!

Cuz Six Flags has nothing on this ride!

Angus T. Jones has denounced Two and a Half Men — the show that's been setting him up for life since he was nine years old — as filth and urged its audience to stop watching.

The interesting half-man has also warned everyone of the supposed Satanic workings of Hollywood's elite, claiming those Illuminati rumors are true.

And now one church follower is backing him up and providing EXTREME insight into the beliefs behind the madness sect.

Michael McNamee of Memphis, TN says:

"I believe Angus is going to be a guiding light for Hollywood. He felt the love of God and his spirit came over him like he was being hugged from the inside out. He had a radical encounter with the presence of God, and I have experienced the exact same thing – it is called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. God really did turn his life around."

And according to Mike, Angus found the light following a vicious upbringing:

"From what I know from Angus T. Jones’ testimony, he came from a troubled home and his parents were splitting up and he nearly turned to drugs. His friend and him were discussing ways in which he could make money and he came up with a business plan and said he wanted God to be at the center of it."

Now… there are many definitions of God around the world, and many religions believe in different things… so we don't want everyone reading this getting the wrong impression about religion in general… but when it comes to these particular beliefs, what exactly are we talking about here??

What's up with all this paranoia around Satanism?

The church insider reveals the dark side of the Illuminati they fear, explaining:

"There are a lot of people who believe that Hollywood is full of sinners. I believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z are both members of the Illuminati and that is part of a Satanic cult. A lot of the rap singers such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and rock stars are in it and they have given their souls to the enemy in return for fortune. The Illuminati is basically a spin off from the Freemasons, but it is a new age thing. I do believe that in some cases they made a bargain with Satan in return for fame and fortune, I wouldn’t say that every star has but there are several in Hollywood who have done that."


The church follower then actually admits that Seventh Day Adventists have actually tweaked the Bible's teachings for their convenience:

"The Seventh Day Adventists do still believe that Jesus is the son of God but they’ve got some other weird ideas. They have the bible like you and me know, then they took the bible of prophetess Mary Smith, from the late 1800s and added her words to the holy book. The bible actually says that nothing should be added or taken away from it, but the Seventh Day did it anyway. Rather than people being forgiven for their sins, the sect believes there is an angel in heaven who is actually writing down what people do for a judgment. While Evangelicals believe in the grace of God, with the Seventh Day it is all about work. I think it should be more like that and people not backing down in the light of the truth."

Sounds pretty radical to us!!

As we've previously reported, even Angus' mom thinks he's being brainwashed by this church. And she's not the only one!

So far, sources say Angus will not quit the sinful show he said he desperately wanted to leave… cuz apparently money is worth more than God's will.

How convenient!

[Image via WENN.]

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51 comments to “Angus T. Jones' Shocking Commentary Gets Mega Support From Illuminati-Fearing Church Follower!”

  1. Jonny says – reply to this


    a lot of these people that believe in the satanists in Hollywood are also homophobic

  2. Rainzo says – reply to this


    I am assuming that he uses his $350,000 an episode for church reasons? That is the only thing that gets me about this story. If you hate it that much (the show) leave, and stop using it for an insanely huge paycheck. Very hypocritical. And isn't it that church from the mass suicide back in 1998 or whenever? They chase comets….? Sorry, God doesn't really operate like that….

  3. Melisa says – reply to this


    What that man said about Seventh-Day Adventist changes the Bible, it's interpretation, and that Salvation is achieved through work is false. I hate that idiots like that would concoct such lies and there are people like you Perez that publish these things to confuse the public about the denominations beliefs. Shame on you. You are all about education others about homosexuality and civil rights, well it's time for you to educate yourself about the church's beliefs instead of being gullible and confusing your public with inaccuracies. That is not an active church member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. Sounds like a disgruntled and bitter person who just wants to continue to give the church a bad rep.

    Also, please analyze this kid's parental guidance. His mom obviously wants to make sure the money doesn't leave her hands so she makes it seem like her son is brainwashed so she's not broke. She's a bad influence to begin with.

    If you want to report what it is like to be a part of the church, why don't you come and visit and I'll take you so you can see for yourself how wrong people are when they report such hateful works about the faith.

  4. caravaggio_the_factual says – reply to this


    Re: Jonny – BRAVO Angus T. Jones. And no……it has nothing to do with the gays in hollywood. You should do some of your own research. Leave the church out of it, he right on it.

  5. Bubble says – reply to this


    He's not the first kid to cry out for help, and Perez, just because he's 18, that doesn't give you free reign to make <del>money</del> fun of him. He's had no childhood, his parents talked him into staying into a job he didn't want to keep last year, and they are going to lose their cash cow. He has no job skills other than acting, which he probably is sick and tired of. AND HE'S NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO FEEL HE DESERVES TO KEEP THE MONEY HE MADE FROM A JOB HE DIDN'T LIKE.

  6. Willyfro says – reply to this


    Whoever taught this kid how to be 'photogenic' must have said "Remeber, a smile doesn't count unless you show every tooth simultaneously - also, never make direct eye contact with the photographer".

  7. kdm says – reply to this


    That is NOT true about Seventh Day Adventist! Get the facts straight! The Seventh Day Adventist message comes from the BIBLE and all of their beliefs can be shown right from the scriptures.

  8. 8

    I have been an adveld ntist although I don't go to church much who the hell is Mary Smith?

    Could they possibly mean Ellen G White? good grief if you can't get the name right please don't believe the rest of this crap. Adventist read the BIBLE and they read books written by ELLEN G WHITE. they don't mix the two.

  9. Brittany says – reply to this


    I grew up in the Seventh-Day Adventist church and even went to private SDA schools from middle school and throughout high school and I can tell you directly that some of these statements are really rude and people need to do more research. The SDA church has been a target for cruel "cult" criticisms that are uneducated. They are NOT a cult, they are a church just like any Christian church. It is unfair to say that every SDA member is the same, just as it would be to say every Baptist, Mormon, etc. member is the same. Churches, along with people, have their own interpretation of the Bible. Growing up as a SDA member, I was always taught we are saved by grace alone, not our works. I also never have even heard of this "Mary Smith" character. Along with that, I've never heard of an angel in heaven writing down things to be used against us on judgement day. Everyone has their freedom to believe in what they want, but, like I said before, it would be totally unfair to say that all SDA members believe in this. There is a lot of evil in hollywood, as there is a lot of evil around the world. The difference is that people are surrounded by celebrities, entertainment, music, etc. and so it has much more of an impact on us. I feel like if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Angus is expressing what is in his heart and what he believes is the truth, so don't bash things you can't understand.

  10. mich_nicole says – reply to this


    Re: caravaggio_the_factual – BUMP! wake up people.

  11. Stephanie Loor says – reply to this


    ugh, once again the illuminati card is brought up, they do not even know what it actually is if they are using it in that way especially associating it highly with satanic elements -___-

  12. 12

    Here's Lil' Charlie!

  13. lucinda says – reply to this


    Re: caravaggio_the_factual – I agree totally, what Perez has said is flat out wrong about the SDA church. If you truly want to know what the church believes, go to the source, on their website they say what they believe. Nothing Perez said was true, go here to see what they believe…

  14. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    Re: Melisa – No, sorry. 7th Day Adventist is a cult filled with nuts. Then again, so are all followers of religion. But 7th Day Adventist are as bad as Scientologists.

  15. caravaggio_enlightened says – reply to this


    Re: Stephanie Loor – Illuminati, secret societies, what do think these groups are involved in? Home economics? They are obsessed with spirit invocation of angel and demon spirits based on King Solomon's Goetia (to use as an example). Look at the Israeli flag. That is not the Star of David. That double triangle is the Seal of Solomon. Look it up. Look up Aleister Crowley. This has nothing to do with Christ, End of Days 2012, Revelation (from Bible)…. This is the elites (Royals, German Banking Cartel, Black nobility of ROme/Vatican) way of ushering in the 'New Age' (Aquarius) by completely destroying the old world (the one we now live in) in order to built and create THEIR version of the New World. "The New World Order". Look at the money printing that is endless. We have collapsed by design already. The plan is to collapse all currencies, weaken you to your knees and force you to accept their New World Order. Only gold and silver gets you out of this.

  16. caravaggio_the_factual says – reply to this


    The ancient world consisted of mystery schools, shamans, wizard types and sorcerers using high magic and alchemy, which included spirit invocation and ritual. The wizard or magician had a 'magic wand'. The magic wand was ALWAYS made from…the wood of a 'Holly Tree'. Hence the phrase 'HOLLYWOOD'. Thank me later.

  17. Rox says – reply to this



  18. @v@ says – reply to this

  19. Rita says – reply to this


    You should research more about something before writting it down to avoid this inaccurrate misleading statements! Please reaserch!

  20. Ryan says – reply to this


    What a convoluted mess of misinformation that this supposed religious teacher is spouting.

    —Ryan Bell
    Senior Pastor, Hollywood Adventist Church

  21. kandycane says – reply to this


    Perez…ever been made fun of? Called weird? Do you believe we should not call cross dressers freaks? Whatever …you're the same piece of trash that loves the singer peaches…and you know why you hate the word filth because you wallow in it

  22. Freddy says – reply to this


    To an average person it is obvious that the mother just wants the his son to remain in the show to keep getting money.
    For those of us who don't go to church and understand anything about the Bible it is clear that Angus is doing something insanely stupid.
    To say that about the show that made him famous and is giving him a lot of money is crazy.

  23. Freddy says – reply to this


    I saw his testimony and in it he explains how he has just began to read the Bible and how he is seeing clearly the teachings and that he cannot continue to live the life he is living and continue to do the show.
    I saw in another article that he has said that he is gonna leave at the end of this season.
    So before you trash Angus read up on all that is going on. He said he has a contract and is going to fulfill it and then leave.
    He doesn't to breach the contract and its understandable and responsible. Any who knows law and who has been in contracts now that by law you must fulfill any contract made to be free of any consequences.
    If you break the contract by any mean then you are entitled to be sued and anyone with a right mind will not want that to happen so Angus is playing it safe fulfilling his contract and we will then see what he does.
    Don't go bad talking the guy for wanting to avoid legal action against the show that gave him a chance.
    I'm pretty sure he has a connection with the cast and crew and doesn't want to cause problems.
    I would do the same no matter how much money I make.

  24. Freddy says – reply to this


    It just so happens he makes 350,00 per episode and it just so happens this information got out and now everyone is trashing him because they think that he the way they think. No.
    If you did not know how much he made you would not trash him like you do. That is a fact. We need to stop and wait and see before pointing fingers and judging anyone.

  25. Freddy says – reply to this


    I agree with Melisa. It is true that Michael McNamee lied about the Seventh-Day Adventist church. Why?
    I have no Idea but it is clear that all churches and Christians that stand up for God and The Word of God are trashed and made fun of and denounced.
    They are ridiculed and are given a bad rep.

  26. RNS292 says – reply to this


    Remember that video? It does not seem satanic to anyone at all?

    Remember Kanye had songs about God when he first came out? Since he has joined forces with Jay-Z it's been a completely different direction…

    We should all rethink who is brainwashing who here.

  27. RNS292 says – reply to this


    Oh the comment above was supposed to have the video by Jay-Z and Kanye West called, 'Monster'

  28. RNS292 says – reply to this


    Re: RNS292 – It was supposed to link to 'Monster' by Kanye West and Jay-Z

  29. bekindtoall says – reply to this


    I must say that I was really happy when you changed your ways Perez and evolved into this new guy who is a supporter and who is not bullying people but after reading this article I just feel as though you have shifted your target. I enjoy reading your blog and am a Christian (a Seventh Day Adventist Christian) who appreciates your willingness to be able to look at yourself and admit when you are wrong. It has been a great example to others. I enjoyed watching you on Oprah and have seen the joy in you lately in pictures of yourself that you have posted and in how you have been kinder on your blog.

    I notice though that you have a lot of aggression and bullying tendencies toward the Christian faith and while I understand that sometimes (maybe many times) people are judgemental and condeming - especially toward gay people - it is actually not fair to attack all Christians and faiths. It is important to get the facts straight and to address the situations individually and accurately. Many Christians are non judgemental toward gays and lesbians. Some Christians are totally cool with this lifestyle and other Christians don't believe it is right but also don't believe in condemning it. Some Christians believe strongly that it is wrong and voice their opinions on it.

  30. bekindtoall says – reply to this


    There is no Mary Smith in the Adventist church - Adventists do not believe in salvation by works - but rather by faith. Adventists believe that having a saving faith makes you grateful and that out of that gratefulness springs the desire to help others - for the sake of helping others - not for any personal gain. This is similar to someone who may have just been pulled over by a police officer for speeding and the officer let you go - you feel a tremendous sense of grace and appreciation - and it makes you want to be kinder to others because someone was kind to you. If you take the Christianity out of it - you can see that there is nothing wrong with wanting to do good things out of appreciation and gratitude and that that is radically different that one trying to obtain salvation by works - or by "being good".
    Adventists do a TREMENDOUS amount of good both here in the United States and throughout the world. The denomination is very much mission oriented - they build a lot of hospitals and schools in 3rd world countries - much like stars that you praise and report on like Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

  31. bekindtoall says – reply to this


    I am sorry that you have come in contact with judgemental Christians - I know they are out there - but there are also many many many loving non judgemental ones who are ACTUALLY living by the words of Jesus - if you look at the story of Mary Magdalene - Jesus was not a judger……he was an accepter.

    This Hudson guy doesn't represent the denomination and as such your comments should be directed to him, not to everyone within it. The fact is that from a biblical sense we all fall short of the glory of God and a true Christian does not point the finger at anyone - because as the saying goes - when you point the finger to someone else - you have 3 pointing back to you. This actor kid might have been fervent and not eloquent, the other guy might be wrong - but you have a responsibility with this blog to research and report the truth - not 2% of the truth as told to you by someone else.

  32. bekindtoall says – reply to this


    Adventists also believe in living a healthy life - some people might be more extreme than others - but in general - Adventists believe that healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are easier for the body to digest and that as such they lead to greater health. They eat a lot of tofu and other protein rich foods but also enjoy sweet treats just like the ordinary American. They are much like people who practice yoga - understanding that the body, soul and mind are connected and function best when they are in harmony. They also believe in getting fresh air and exercise. Several reputable news shows have done in depth reports on the positive aspects of the Adventist life and a 12 year independent study done on health found that Adventists in Loma Linda actually lived on average 6.1 years longer (women) and 9.5 years longer (men) than other Californians. If you took out the fact that they were adventists and maybe said they were just vegetarians or yogis - then maybe you would not be attacking them…..I am not sure.

  33. bekindtoall says – reply to this


    I don't doubt there are a bunch of Adventist quacks - just like there are a bunch of Baptist, Catholic, Non-Denominational, Buddhist, gay, straight, etc quacks in the world - but that is a small percentage of each subgroup so please - I urge you to be respectful of all - and responsible in your reporting. You have become a role model for many and that seems to be something you have been able to recognize and appreciate - but this type of accusatory ranting while not even knowing the facts takes you several steps back in many people's eyes.

  34. teeter totter says – reply to this


    This story is like 2 days old, unless he held another conference I missed.
    He will serve out the terms of his contract. and for what he gets for one episode, I could live on for a number of years!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    This kid needs advising. There are a lot of people, 'religious' included, who smell cash. You can be an upright guy without giving away the farm.

  36. No one says – reply to this


    Re: RNS292 – sooo sooo true I feel bad about these people who don't believe yet were the ones telling them but they turn away and still sing along to those dum songs WAKE UP PEOPLE STOP BEING SO STUPID

  37. Danny says – reply to this


    im sure that if u could sell ur soul and become rich and famous a lot more homeless people will be turning rich overnight… and the people who are brainwashed to believe this rubbish also are the ones who have the nerve to call over people brainwashed sheep while they carry on riding their bandwaggon train…. "illuminati" is just an excuse for jealous people who believe certain things are un achievable… and if there was an illuminati i think it would be impossible for randoms off the street like music artists to join and i dont believe they would be too interested in the fame they get also…. if i were famous i would milk the "illuminati" idea and watch my money stack… 1 more thing.. "rap singers" like "chris brown"? lol and to think some people will believe he knows about them yet has no clue what they do…

  38. Kristen says – reply to this


    These "facts" about SD Adventism are completely false. Get your facts straight because this is offending!

  39. 39

    Sad & crazy. Look how many turn to god though. Willie Aimes, Kirk Cameron & soon. I feel bad for this kid. he carried that show with Jon Cryer when Sheen was on his drug induced rant & antics. He carries his whole family & lets face it will be a wash up a s soon as the show is up. What you talkin bout Willis???? My point exactly.
    He is no Jodie Foster, Ron Howard or even Raven Simone. Let's hope he doesn't hurt anyone like another cute kid actor we know (Lindsay i'm talking bout you).

  40. 40

    Re: LilNikki – soon = so on.

  41. mia says – reply to this


    Britney tried to escape :( so did Michael and Whitney and they paied the price. Mariah almost went the same way (2001) but she was never apart of it just married to man who was, she surived and has even hinted about it before but can't say. UTUBE IT. check out the meaning behind 'can't take that away' from her rainbow album and how the label tried to stop it from being released

  42. 42

    What is this OTHER Bible? I am a S D A and I've never heard of it or Mary Smith.If you mean E G White,she's an author just like Campolo,Lucado,and others.She cautioned to NEVER take her word over the Bible.You need a fact checker& if you have one you need a NEW ONE,moron.

  43. Karl Wagner says – reply to this


    I don't know who this Mary Smith is and Adventsits don't have a Bible from the late 1800s with Smith's writtings in it. We use Bibles off the shelf of any Christian Book Store, like the KJV< NASB, NKJV, NIV, NLT or other. Check your stuff before publishing as "fact" when they in fact are not and only serve to hurt people and give false impressions.

  44. Kitta Rose says – reply to this


    lol, because the Illuminati is a ridiculous notion… gosh people gotta one day accept that there are secrets in the world - we don't live in fairyland where everyone is honest. stop hating on the kid, let him believe what he wants to believe, it's his own life.

  45. jesse says – reply to this


    Did you do ANY research before writing this article? You are wrong about the majority of things said on here and angus claims REGULAR christianity the 7th day advantists just change the 7th day from sunday to SATURDAY because it actually is the 7th day of the week and the catholic church previous pope changed the sabbath to SUNDAY thats it then they teach from the DIRECT BIBLE no add ons

  46. Jessse says – reply to this


    Re: jesse – sorry meant the 7th day adventest change sunday to saturday is the only thing they do right and they dont have no add ons 7th day adventest are wrong but angus is claiming REGULAR CHRISTIANITY meaning only what the bible teaches and no different

  47. Kamen says – reply to this


    You need to get facts straight about Seveth Day Adventists. They are another Protestant church that beliefs in Christ's Second Return, but wait how should you know you don't even read the bible. Also Mary Smith? 1800's? You really shod do some research before you mouth off on something you really don't know.

  48. SDA Proud says – reply to this


    Wow…okay, I don't even know how I came to this place, but whoever wrote this needs to seriously be prayed for. Mary Smith? I had to search this lady and I come to find out she was an active METHODIST. This is why we need education in America. People repeat what they hear instead of searching for the truth by themselves, that leads to ignorance. And in case you are wondering where I got the info on Mary Smith, here is the link

  49. The Bible Only says – reply to this


    May The Lord be with all! The Word of God has been put nicely on your coffe table,But as usual not read! " Man shall not live by bread alone,but by Everyone Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God"

  50. The Bible Only says – reply to this


    Re: jesse – READ YOUR BIBLE,show where! Start with 4th commandment,you will find that in Exodus 20…..the one that says REMEMBER! Look in Genesis 2:1-3 were God rested on the 7th day.

  51. Henry says – reply to this


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