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Michael Lohan DESPERATELY Wants Lindsay Checked Into Rehab …STAT!

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michael lindsay lohan rehab plea

Okay okay.. so we know Michael Lohan LOVES the spotlight just as much as Dina and Lindsay

But he's still her father, so we wanna believe him when he says he's desperate for Linds to check into rehab for treatment against her alleged addiction.

Having already weighed in on his daughter's recent arrest, Michael reiterates his wish, saying:

"I just want her to go into rehab. I love her and I just want her to get the help she needs. I have called, but of course she has not picked up."

Oh that's right! Ever since he released their recorded phone conversation during her fight with Dina, Lindsay has basically disowned him.

But really, how long can that last??

It's the holidays, people!! With jail and supposed addiction issues going on, we think these fake egos need to put themselves in check for the greater good!

We can understand Linds needing her space from her father's trespasses, but clearly Linds isn't a saint either. Maybe some genuine family support would be good right now.

At least we hope there's some sincerity in Michael's words. We really, really do.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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14 comments to “Michael Lohan DESPERATELY Wants Lindsay Checked Into Rehab …STAT!”

  1. 1

    There is no point to another rehab if she is still in denial.

  2. Joi says – reply to this


    I agree with rosebud99. It's clear, only too clear, that Lohan wants to keep drinking. No rehab will take that out of her. Rehab does not work on Lindsay. It won't work on anyone who doesn't go to rehab out of their own volition to stop drinking. It make take years for her to get to the point where she doesn't want to do cocaine and alcohol. In the meantime, she spends more and more money on rehabs, no results, relapses with dangerous consequences not only for herself but for the general public. She has HURT human beings because of her drinking and drug use. She needs to go to jail for the mother driving her children to daycare, or someone's sister or brother - because she is going to kill someone someday, mark my words. She - no WE as a society need her to be in jail for a long time. And like I said, that's the only thing that worked for Robert Downey Jr. He just didn't want to go to jail anymore - so he wanted to quit his addictions.

  3. JO says – reply to this


    Rehab will work if she goes to a real hard-working one. Lindsay needs to be brought down a notch and celebrity rehab "vacation" resorts are not the answer. Someplace where she has to interact with real people, share a room, do chores, participate and learn that she's sick. And her mother should not get any visitation.

  4. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    I wanna know how come people like Heath Ledger are no longer with us but we get this trash? He doesn't give two shits about her or he'd stay out of the media. This whole family are leeches to her. I can sympathize with the fact that she comes from batshit crazy people, but you know there are a great many who came from shitty parents and over came it to be better people. Lifes a party to her, even when the party stops. She is never gonna learn and its bullshit she keeps getting so many chances. Why is it that other young celebrities can manage to stay out of trouble but she can't? She needs to be sentenced to live in an Amish community for 5 years, away from media, parties, and drugs, and straighten herself out.

  5. 5

    Re: RainbowBrite – Love it!

  6. Love24 says – reply to this


    Rehab won't help her, the only person who can change lindsay is lindsay. You can't help someone who won't help themselves. I don't get why she can't stop going out in Hollywood, she should have at least learned that by now. And shes 26, grow up. Life's not a party at that age. Work, workout, read a book, watch movies. Why do you feel the need to go out to places where you constantly get into trouble. When will this girl learn. Shes so annoying. But I still stand by her talent and people should stop dissing that. Liz and dick was really good. And I know many who loved the movie.

  7. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Thank you rosebud, I agree. She has done rehab 5 times, she needs serious time in jail or better yet prison, but likely will not get it.

  8. 8

    dude wants the whole family to go into rehab and have the wholw thing televised. what a disgusting insect of a man.

  9. 9

    her father is the very LAST person to be suggesting how lindsay should straighten up. Dude is a blood-sucking insect of a human being. Dude had another family with another daughter that HE DENIED FOR DECADES. He only fessed up when he could go on tv and get paid for it. his face makes me want to punch something. Lindsay DESERVES jail, not rehab. jail will at last dry her out. she gets loaded in rehab.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rehab and then off to jail. I doubt she'll sign up for the rehab ahead of a jail sentence if that's what her lawyers tell her is coming.

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She needs to work in a homeless shelter…aids hospice…soup kitchen. Maybe a battered womans' shelter….Skank has to get outa her self…she is an egomaniac. Also, a good smack across her fugly bo-toxed face might help knock some sense into her.

  12. 12

    Oooh! Maybe she'll be on Celebrity Rehab just like good 'ol dad. That would be SO cool! I LOVE IT when they have Diva Wannabe's on that show! She'd be PERFECTION for THAT role!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – Sad thing is she might push the drama until she ends up there herself. There aren't a lot of Charlie Sheens left if you continue to allegedly punch people.

  14. cari says – reply to this


    and the WORLD desperately wants Michael Lohan to disappear! SO…..any chance of that??