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Kim Kardashian Kauses Kontroversy In The Middle East! Riot Police Fire Tear Gas At Islamic Protesters!

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Guess her mission to be educated on Middle Eastern issues and affairs before heading out there has fallen on deaf ears!

As expected, Kim Kardashian toured Kuwait and Bahrain this weekend to promote their respective openings of Millions of Milkshakes, and despite taking it upon herself to beef up her knowledge on the current political climates of both countries after some misinformed Tweets resulted in fan backlash, many folks just WEREN'T happy that the reality starlet was there in the first place…and took to the streets to stage a PROTEST!

According to reports, about 50 hardline Islamic protesters stood outside the new store near the capital city of Manama before Kim arrived for the opening, many of whom chanting "God is great" while holding up signs that read "Kim Not Welcome" and "none of our customs and traditions allow us to receive stars of porn movies!"

However, before the shenanigans could get TOO out of control, local authorities dispatched their riot police, who fired TEAR GAS into the crowds and broke it all up!

Goodness gracious! Talk about a tough crowd to please!


We're just glad to hear that all of this was resolved before shiz got TOO out of control, and that no one was hurt!

Especially our Kim!

Some extremists may not have approved of her presence, but we know she only went out there with the best of intentions and to keep herself educated, so we give her a lot of credit in that respect!

Glad you're safe, gurl!

[Images via AP Images.]

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32 comments to “Kim Kardashian Kauses Kontroversy In The Middle East! Riot Police Fire Tear Gas At Islamic Protesters!”

  1. 1

    Yes, the Kardashian visit to Bahrain sparked protests. They don't like whores in that part of the world.

  2. Chris says – reply to this


    Well…She's a whore…An attention whore, so she must be really happy.

  3. Charles Negan says – reply to this


    The True Whore Of Babylon

  4. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, are very untalkative, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

  5. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely wild as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.
    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN IT’S TRUE

  6. Jaded28 says – reply to this


    Annnnnd sometimes they aren't as crazy bas we think they are.

  7. 7

    One of the few times I am in complete agreement w/ Islamic protesters.

  8. Maryam says – reply to this


    I went to the walk yesterday to meet Kim Kardashian, it was the best day of my life thanks to Kim! Thousands of screaming fans attended, Kim herself said : what a crowd! Bahraini's, Saudi's, Qatari's were all there.. A canadian singer performed along with 2 dancing groups! I went on stage to have my picture taken with her and she was the kindest! WE LOVE KIM, BAHRAIN LOVES KIM!

  9. what says – reply to this


    I have never commented before but after reading this article I had to. I'm sorry but is anyone surprised??? She is everything that is wrong with this world. If she really wanted to educate herself, READ about it, take some classes. because then she would know that you shouldn't dress like that in public in those countries. Also, does she really think the leaders of an Islamic nation are just going to sit with her and take time out of their schedule to 'educate" her on their affairs?

  10. 10

    Well of course they are extremists Perez, if they believe in God and not the Hollywood trash you support they must be crazy extremists. Someday you might figure out the rest of the country and world is not the same as Hollywood.

  11. 11

    "Educated" herself…laughable, I cant believe Im on the side of the protesters.

  12. Dude says – reply to this


    This nasty porn whore pig needs to be taken off the masthead. I hate to be rude to the people in the middle east but i hope she stays there. This fat nasty khunt needs to disappear already.

  13. Oodilicious says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez you're too smart of a person to post that Kim was there to "educate" herself about middle eastern affairs. She was there to make money by promoting her brand. And truth be told her brand is that of a dick sucking whore who's family has followed suit and begun to whore themselves and their lives for money and fame. Really, you used to be mean but at least you were honest and NOT kissing ass of the people you cover!

  14. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    I am in no way a Kim K fan, but she really does not need to be showing up in these countries. There are too many things that could go wrong, and with the obvious sparked protests, she is endangering herself and her team. That's great that she wants to open the Milkshake stores there, but she really should not be traveling there. I am surprised mommy dearest let her go over there considering the danger. Certain parts of the world are on the "No Americans should be traveling here" list. The State Department puts this list out for a reason. Especially a controversial figure like Kim.

  15. Vanessa80 says – reply to this


    check this link out!!!!!!

  16. 16

    This will hopefully take her ego down a few pegs and remind her of how she actually got famous. She got to where she's at by being in a homemade porno with a semi-famous person. She has no shame, but maybe now she'll realize that not everyone takes a blind eye to her past just because she's considered a celebrity. People like her the sell their souls for money and fame should not be adored and celebrated.

    Re: what – Agreed.

  17. 17

    Kim Kardashian is an ignorant asshole, just like you are, Perez. This is why you have your ugly ape-face shoved into her nasty vag all the time. You're both useless trash. Like attracts like. It's too bad one of those rag heads, assuming they weren't paid actors hired to give the whore some press, didn't blow her ass away.

  18. Carlos says – reply to this


    Why is this whore and rich locast even alive, where was the suicide bomber when you need one.

  19. 19

    ugh please make this disgusting money chasing family of whores go away. That dumpy hairy pornostar will fly anywhere for a paycheck. Hopefully somebody on Mars will make her an offer and she'll fuck right off there permanently!

  20. Mickey Nemesis says – reply to this


    Kouldn`t kare less.

  21. 21

    they dont like uneducated porn trash …

  22. 22

    I wish people would start picketing her here.

  23. wilmot says – reply to this


    Re: Maryam – u r proud of someone who gained fame from sex video? maybe u dont mind ur daughter to be like that!! change ur name from maryam to mary pls

  24. Momo ashmO says – reply to this


    Yes the best of intentions in a country where it's citizens have been asking for greater freedoms since before the Syria crisis. And to top it off, she insults the whole country by thanking the self appointed prime minister of 40 years for spending millions on her instead of its own people

    Guess she didn't inform herself too well after all

  25. MomO ashmo says – reply to this


    Re: Maryam – nope Bahrain doesn't love Kim, if anything she just made that country look worst

    And Maryam I hope you're not under 18 years Old, shouldn't be looking up to women like her, there's MUCH BETTER OUT THERE THAN THAT TRASH

  26. 26

    Ugh, ur so fucking LAME! Kim Kardashian is a PIECE OF SHIT who has NO place in the Middle East. The only place she should be is in a bed with like 12 dicks cumming inside her and all over her disgusting, fat body. She's a filthy fucking little pig and that's all she will ever be. Even with preparation she still fucked everything up. Call her like she is Perez. She's a piece of SHIT PIG!!!!

  27. Dov says – reply to this


    Where's a terrorist with a bomb when you need one.

  28. 28

    Isn't that sweet, did you see the massive Rolex she received too? And the money she got for going over there, more to her empire! WOW Kimmie sure does know how to rake in the dough! Go over to her blog and congratulate her!

  29. prg says – reply to this


    i think half of those people wants to kill her

  30. Rule says – reply to this


    Debbie did Dallas xxx. Why not Kim does Kuwait. Buy a milkshake and get a free copy of her sextape. While supplies last.

  31. OhPlease says – reply to this


    I think that KK is a contagion that does not need to spread to the ME. Frankly I think it's a shame that the rump shaker visited there. She's ignorant of much of what goes on in America.WE know she is clueless about the ME. Please let Kanye just ground this woman and spare us all…

  32. shoosh says – reply to this