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John Travolta Sued By Supposed SeXXX Tape Pilot & Gay Ex-Lover!

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We hope the Hairspray star brought an umbrella, because when this shiz hits the fan we'd hate for the poopie to splatter all over his purdy face!

John Travolta's former pilot and alleged gay ex-lover, Doug Gotterba, filed a lawsuit after allegedly being threatened by the actor's camp upon revealing the intimate details of their 'steamy' seXXXcapades during the later stages of the Cold War!!

When the pilot revealed he was pressured into making a sex tape several months ago, the actor's attorney reportedly tried to silence him with a threatening letter claiming Doug signed a confidentiality agreement at the time of his termination in 1987.

Doug, however, swears he's under no obligation to stay hushed! He admits to signing papers, but he says confidentiality was not mentioned.

John's attorney said:

"Mr. Gotterba obviously filed this lawsuit to get his 15 minutes of fame. We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed."

We don't know whether or not the plaintiff really flew John back and forth between Oral Town and Analberg, but it's becoming increasingly clear Mzr. Travolta's camp is bent on sealing Doug's lips!

Hmm… What Would Xenu Do?

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “John Travolta Sued By Supposed SeXXX Tape Pilot & Gay Ex-Lover!”

  1. 1

    October 12, 2010

    WOW..PEREZ HILTON'S Internet numbers continue to drop..BIG TIME
    Proof some people Dont wanna hear or see this person…It seemed like only yesterday..his site was in the top 300 Sites..yesterday it plummeted to 918!! Good numbers for ANYONE..but crappy numbers and a huge drop off..when you are that high up on the internet food chain. Another sign the hits are declining..his quantcast traffic stats have been removed and hidden. You used to could see them.Not no mo! Guess they don't want sponsors to see the decline..

    As like everything in hollywood..What goes up..eventually comes down..Someone lost their cred!

    can you say KARRRMMAAAAAAAAA?

  2. 2

    F.a.g.s fighting f.a.g.s. I love it.

  3. OBUMER THE MAGICAL JIG says – reply to this



  4. 4

    well duh he is gay.. is this a surprise. What is more surprising is that he can't seem to find a better hair piece…

  5. joyce says – reply to this


    Perez you definately found the most girlie pic of him since hairspray haha..but i don't care, i love that man and will watch his movies always!!

  6. toni says – reply to this


    It's too bad he doesn't feel safe enough to just Come Out.

  7. buster says – reply to this


    in 2005 Miss Travolta & his "wife" joined a scam with the Queen's gangsters & Nedenia Hutton wherein everyone was paid a $Million to sign a smear campaign against me to help them steal the $4 Billion my friend Paul Getty left to me in his Will! they were shown a video of my kidnap/torture/gang-rape/attempted murder as if it were a porno i'd willingly made! when Dina told everyone it was all a bogus fraud, 50 of the cabal returned the money & th Queen & her gangsters gave back $600 Million for me as my rightful due = Dina kept it all for her habit!?! not these 2 though nor any of the other closet cases (like Hanks, Speilberg etc…) really sinister doings by this mess of hypocrites…

  8. ldy says – reply to this


    I know for a fact this story is true. I heard about the pilot about 5 years ago through a coworker of his, and I just been WAITING for this to come out. heck yeah.

  9. Lola says – reply to this


    Re: Mad DogRe: Mad Dog – Hey a.s.s.h.o.l.eRe: Mad Dog – Mad Dog, u are the type that gives straights bad name and it appears you are a closet case

  10. jk says – reply to this


    Re: ldyRe: ldy – Take your neds and a nap and you will feel much better. OR better yet take a cab back to the nut ward they turned you loose from.

  11. jk says – reply to this


    JT needs to come outand say he is a switch hitter. His wife already knows that and has no problem with bit. COS can toss his out but he shouldn't care because in reality they vare responsible for his kids death. The lkaw suits can be dismissed much earlier and less costly if JT came out and these guys would have to stop trying to suck up his money. The real creeps in this thing are the guys who has sex with him and are crying about it..liars. Put and end to it JT come out and tell these guys to go fk themselves. I am a female and I still love ya and I dont care about your sexulaity and the only ones who do are Jesus freaks and males that are still in the closet. They are afraid they are going ton give their wife aids or be outted the hypocrits.,

  12. christopher Fogelson says – reply to this


    I don't blame the pilot, I don't blame Mr. Travolta. I blame the media for even waisting the webspace to print this garbage. Who the hell even cares if John is gay? So there's gonna be a lot of heartbroken women out there who's fantasies of sexy John are going to be dashed. If that's the worst thing that ever happened to those love sick croney's they ought to consider themselves lucky. I am so sick of hearing about this star and that star that might or might not be gay. What's the matter with you people, do you think Hollywood is a heterosexual's only club? Does it surprise any of us that so many of the stars today live out their lives in seclusion because of trash like this? I have a really neat idea, let's go pick on the president and all the idiocracies he's pulling today, I gaurantee you that would be more fun to read than this crap

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't like the way these people operate. Pilots are a special breed, gay or no, and allegedly threatening one against disclosing his own history seems squalid.