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Kim Zolciak Is Officially Off Real Housewives Of Atlanta…And No Longer Speaks To ANY Of Her Co-Stars!

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We've been hearing about this for quite some time, but on last night's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it FINALLY all went down!

Kim Zolciak was fired from LEFT the series…and as to be expected, it was ALL SORTS of drama-filled!

As previously reported, the initial source of contention was over the reality starlet's decision to skip out on a couples' trip to Anguila organized by co-star Cynthia Bailey, even though the itinerary was changed to accommodate her schedule!

And while Kim claimed that she was under orders from her doctor to not fly out of the country due to her pregnancy, she and her husband Kroy Biermann planned a separate vacation for the very SAME dates!

Given NeNe Leakes' recent Twitter comments on the matter, it's no surprise that during the show, she said:

"Did I not change my schedule? Bitch please. If you were the right kind of bitch, you would have said 'I'm not going to travel with you guys because I don't want to.' So Kim storms out with her belly and wig in tow, and I'm like 'Good, you need to be gone!'"

And GONE she was!

Later that night, Zolciak appared on Watch What Happens Live, where she confirmed that she no longer speaks to ANY of her co-stars, and continued:

"I was really in a different place. My priorities have changed. I had a one-year-old at home, I love my husband and wanted to be home with my kids. People change. When you're pregnant . . . I don't think you should fight with a pregnant lady. That was a bad scene."

Well bad for HER, maybe!

WE, however, thought it was DRAMA-licious and AH-Mazing! Pure, old-fashioned Housewives style!

But obviously, she is moving on to a different chapter in her life, and if her priorities have shifted to focus on her still-growing family and she no longer feels the show is a healthy environment in which she can partake, we can't fault her for that!

Thanks for at least going out with a BANG, gurl! We'll miss you!

Well, at least until your spin-off premieres! Ha!

[Image via RealityTVGifs.]

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25 comments to “Kim Zolciak Is Officially Off Real Housewives Of Atlanta…And No Longer Speaks To ANY Of Her Co-Stars!”

  1. keith says – reply to this


    I liked Kim in the first few seasons, but she turned out to be a terrible friend to the other housewives. She only cares for herselves and dishes on the other girls…no respect for others, and looks down on everyone…last season and this season she was hard to even watch her. She was gross and nasty all the time…thats too bad…shes a user and will eventually lose her husband…she's pushed her family and friends out of her relationship and her husband is next…sad

  2. 2

    Good! Of all the white chicks in Atlanta, the best they could do is this white-trash, foul-mouthed hooker! Go back to the trailer park and live with your meth lab mother.

  3. boston61 says – reply to this



  4. 4

    she really is classless.

  5. Reese says – reply to this


    This woman is a compulsive liar. Just be honest. I'm glad they got rid of her because her story was old and boring. She does need to focus on her family. I just hope she doesn't drain that poor guy dry. The way she spends money is sickening.

  6. donna says – reply to this


    I like Kim more now than in the first few seasons. These other women only care about themselves, Kim cares about her children and her handsome husband. I admit she is very spoiled and should lose the wigs. I guess that is just Kim.

  7. 7

    i can't hate on being in a different place and wanting to be with your kids and husband more than spending time with gossiping drama filled bitches. but at least be honest. say i don't want to go on the trip. don't lie and say that your dr said you can't go. if she wasn't such a huge ass liar, she wouldn't have issues with all the ladies like she does. or her dad so…. yeah. she needs to stop acting like she's above it all. she's right in the gutter with the rest

  8. Kelly says – reply to this


    Her no longer speaking to them is THEIR gift from her. She is disgusting. The people she has had in the past in her life are frightening. Throwing her Mother and Father out of her wedding that was just crazy wrong, what type of person would ever do something like that. All I read these days are how NONE of her bills are paid, she has people do things and then doesn't pay them. This sick lady will get back all her bad stuff, Kroy's poor parents.

  9. 9

    That Fat Drag Queen looking nasty bitch hag??? I thought she caved into her own loose wide cooch befor ethe season started?? She is a whoppin (literally) BORE, an needs to stay home & take care of her 4 kids & her cousin/husband. I think they are white supremisist wierdods those too. KKKim! Get lost bitch.

  10. 10

    This loser fat trash KIM can't even afford to pay for a HOUSE!!!! Plus she always lies about everything — the fat trash cum cup lied about having cancer!!!! that's effed up!!!!

  11. 11

    Re: CaliCoyote – yeah!! she lied about having CANCER!!!! she's crazy!!

  12. 12

    I'm kinda sad she left (was fired). I mean who doesn't want to see Karma slap her in the butt? You know, since she and "Big Poppa" were an affair…sooner or later Kroy will find himself a side piece and all hell will break loose.

  13. Chepa24 says – reply to this


    Thank the lord she is off. Shes the only one I dont like too see, but i love her husband he is so sweet.

  14. 14

    I hope every show drops Kim zolciak, she has been biting the hands that fed her gold digging a$$ and her kids!!! Poor Croy has went and had kids with this TRAMP and yes I said TRAMP, did he not see the first seasons!!! I know this syndrome so well my best friend was like that, she hung around blacks until she got everything she could and decided to be white again later, she looked like trailer park trash trying to hide in beginning episodes!! She said she was a nurse, did she meet big poppa while his wife was delivering his baby?? I am going to trash her shows and if I have throw a party not to watch!! Poor Croy did not listen to his family, that is a case where mom should have met her b4 she got pregnant, I think his parents would have rather him date and marry a black or minority women than her trashy, bad credit, broke a$$ and if he is not careful, he will be broke!!!! If she quit, let the b quit for real, she sucks and what is wrong with her mom, she is too dumb to realize they are going to dog my family!!!! Expose her father's alcoholism and mom drugs!!!

  15. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: donna

    What the hell have you been watching? Kim don't even raise her own children…NONE of them. She is the laziest person on TV. They always had nannies and Sweetie. The only reason she brought Sweetie back is to pack up that house when she got evicted. It won't last long though. Kroy don't want that brown person around. And Kroy is NOT good looking. He's just big like her. I'm going to leave those babies alone okay. Even her oldest daughter is as lazy as she is and is emulating her mother hanging out all the time with her boyfriend.

  16. Amira says – reply to this


    Perezhilton,luv u, please expose this liars true age! Her oldest does not look fourteen, she kim zolciak for dam sure is 40 or over 40! Her highschool pic is clearly 80s lookx like 1985! And dam her looks.really expose her old ass, her wigs dont help, baby, oh & not even popping babies, shes just fake and old! Glad shes off the show,now I can watch the show.

  17. Amira says – reply to this


    CRe: donna – kim zolciak is not a caring mother, shes a a whore gold digger, what is that old ass drag queen looking whore show her girls to sleeo witn married men for money, to lie about everything including your age and kids ags , lying bitch looks like a man! Not even all that plastic surgery helped that poor drag! Re: LilNikki

  18. nita says – reply to this


    Kim zolciak is an ignorant woman who uses god and curse words in same tv scene holding a baby…she is gutter trash

  19. Ashtyn says – reply to this


    Kim SIGNED ON TO DO THIS SHOW! If she wants to focus on her man and kids fine but when you agree to do a JOB (which RHOA is a job) then you are obligated to do it. SHE IS NOT the first woman to get preggo or have a family. What the hell do you think regular working class women do that have to work for a living AND still have families and babies? They shut up and do the job they are required to do. Kim is a lazy piece of trailer shit. NO EXCUSES.

  20. Lola says – reply to this


    Kim is nothing but a lazy selfish foul mouthed ho. She totally looks like a drag queen and built like a football player. She is a user and constantly is complaining. not to mention she is BORING. I am so glad she is off the show now I can actually enjoy watching it again. Bye fat ass bitch.

  21. Dannie says – reply to this


    Re: donna – agreed. Not too cool how this article leaves out that Kim & Kroy only went away for a long weekend within two hrs. of their house NOT out of the country. The other ladies were disappointed because they didn't get a victim to pick on as they planned so they had to turn on one of their own (Kenya).

  22. Ashtyn says – reply to this


    Kim is a narcissist. She expects favored treatment despite doing nothing to deserve it. If you or I signed a CONTRACT to do a job and be filmed and didn't do what w were told then we would be fired baby or not. Those that excuse Kim are just like her; lazy freeloaders that want to sit on their asses.

  23. CALI6 says – reply to this


    I love Kim & Kroy and I am so glad she won't be on the Atlantic Housewives anymore because I really hate the show and all the other women. Her and her husband and children would be the only reason I would watch once in a while. I'm glad she might be getting her own show that I will definitely watch. I think all the other ugg mugs were jealous of her especially the Huge gorilla with the bleached crop top NeNe even with all the plastic surgery she still looks like a drag queen only usually drag queens are attractive she just one of the ugly drag queens. Oh well gotta go.

  24. rita mosher says – reply to this


    Re: CALI6 – You summed the entire thing up ! For Kim —RHOA against

  25. matureblackwoman says – reply to this


    Re: CALI6 – Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I always imagined that there must be someone who liked her. I found her to be too common and cheap for my taste, and would usually fast forward through her sections. But, those like her will enjoy her and her poor husband and children. Kardashians in the making.