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Halle Berry's Fiancé Drops Charges Against Gabriel Aubry!

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Yay! Perhaps these three really CAN work out their issues in a civilized manner!

After turning Gabriel Aubry's face into a bloodied and brusied mess during the now infamous Thanksgiving day brawl, it seems Halle Berry's fiancé Olivier Martinez is NOT seeking criminal charges against her baby's daddy!

One insider reveals:

"Olivier informed the LAPD and the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office that he was no longer interested in pursuing criminal charges against Aubry… Aubry and Berry worked out a confidential settlement last week that included specific language about how none of the parties — Halle, Gabe or Olivier — would pursue criminal charges against the another. All sides managed to agree to satisfactory terms with the focus being on ending the mayhem for the sake of Halle and Gabriel's daughter Nahla."

Oh such lovely news!!

During the ordeal, Olivier made a citizen's arrest and rumor has is Gabriel swung first… but then there were whisperings about non-existant security camera footage that would have proved Aubry's innocence, thus we were sure a nasty trial was inevitable!

But we're SO so glad that these three managed to reach an amicable agreement, and now they can all focus on Nahla rather than their own, personal problems!

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Halle Berry's Fiancé Drops Charges Against Gabriel Aubry!”

  1. JoMomma says – reply to this


    You may ask why this happened. I will tell you. The judge spanked them all for their behavior. None of them are innocent in this. I am sure by this point Gabriel has had it with all the games Halle has played and he had an attitude about and was feeling cocky after the win to keep Nahla here in the states. Olivier should have never been there to be part of the drop off. Halle and Olivier both should've known better. The judge told them they all need to be on their best behavior or none of them are going to like what is handed down in court. When custody cases get this heated and dragged out, the people involved get frustrated and tend to make bad choices. I think there is a little truth to what they all have said but in court it is about the kid, not about the adults' feelings. Hopefully they will listen and keep their issues to themselves as it is not in the best interest to Nahla. She needs to be allowed to love both her parents and even Olivier without pressure from any of them.

  2. snowhorse says – reply to this


    The judge should remove Nahla from such a violent and hostile home situation with her Mother and fiance having such hated and violence towards the Father Gabriel. Olivier should not have been present at the dropoff nor she he have shouldn't of escalated the situation and beat Gabriel at the risk of lossing his modeling career being a semi professionmal boxer. I wouldn't have my daughter around a man with such a volatile temperment . The Judge should not let Nahla leave the US nor should he have Olivier allowed to live in her home . Halle Berry must put her daughter first; just disgusting behavior !

  3. chanel says – reply to this


    It's nice to see all parties behaving like mature adults and deciding to handle this matter privately with guidelines in place to prevent future incidents. Hopefully with any other future problems Halle and Gabriel will choose private mediation to settle their differences for their daughter's sake and Halle's career. They need to realize that one day she will be old enough to read all about this drama and see the photos of her father's face.

  4. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I just canNot rap my head around how ugly this custody battle has become. Halle went from Gab is the best father etc…etc…to he is volient and should not be around their daughter. I have really lost a lot of respect for Halle. I used to really like and defend her but I blame her for this mess. It is one thing to protect your daughter and a entire another thing to try to trash the father, because he is not doing what you want. How dare Halle think she can take her daughter from her father, Nahla will grow up resenting Halle for this entire thing.

  5. 5

    sure he got away with beating the hell outta gabriel

  6. Really! says – reply to this


    She needs to do what Vanessa Williams did when he got divorced from Rick Fox. She said she would never trash talk or throw him under the bus because he is her kids father. Which I admire because we know they had some issues but thankfully we never hear about it. Maybe Halle should learn from the age old rule if if you have nothing nice to say than dont say it at all. Actually all of the need to follow that. Between all the he said she said and he did and I did its like I'm back I high school where the jocks are fighting over who gets to take the popular girl to the prom. It's seriously ridiculous. I have seen two year o,do with better problem solving skills.

  7. Really! says – reply to this


    Ignore my misspellings iPad keyboards leave a lot to be desired. Lol

  8. 8

    How is it that "law enforcement" can conclude that Aubrey instigated the fight when there were only two witnesses (Aubrey and Martinez) who gave contradictory accounts?