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80 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Superior Parenting Pisses Brandi Glanville Off!”

  1. Shez says – reply to this


    Im inclined to back Brandi. The pillow comment was pathetic though

  2. 2

    Considering the history, I don't blame Brandi at all!

  3. 3

    LeeAnn needs to remember her place-she know that Brandi will read her online comments, and the fact is, she is NOT the boys' mother. Have some respect and stop being so selfish and self-centered!!! Isn't it bad enough that you stole her F-ing husband??!!

  4. 4

    If Brandi has a problem she should have just contacted Leann, instead she has to make this public tweet. It's attention grabbing! Even though Eddie cheated on her she needs to move on and try to be civil for the kids. It seems like Leann really loves her boys, it's not that the most any mother would want? Someone who will love their children as if they were their own?

  5. jjwww33 says – reply to this


    i believe the reason brandi was so pissed was because of a video of her son riding a bike with no helmet… i would think that any mother would react the same way. Why does leann tweet about the boys so much when she knows it will bother Brandi…

  6. 6

    I wish these people would quit tweeting. If Leann wants to keep in touch with her fans, then she should leave her personal life out of it - keep it professional and maintain her privacy. As for Brandi - is this really about her kids or is she just using this to build hype for her stupid tv show? Both of them should make more effort to provide privacy for the kids.

  7. Sheila says – reply to this


    Leeann never called them her children, she said her boys, as in referencing all THREE males presently with her. Brandi is overreacting, in this day and age wouldn't it be more prudent for her to be grateful her sons have a stepmom who obviously does love them? There does not need to be a competition, it is clear who their mother is and clear who is not but it does not negate Leeann's presence in their life. I am divorced and my ex is remarried as am I and neither of us fret over silly comments. Again this clearly shows why Eddie may have left her in the first place. Brandi is catty and malicious, while it could be argued Leeann might have meant no offense in her comment there is only one way to clearly take Brandi's "for now" comment. Leeann is showing growth, while Brandi is yet again behaving immature and vindictive. Hear me now folks, if you think Brandi is mean-spirited now wait until those sons of her marry, she will be in competition with their wives, why? Because no one else wants her, men despise nasty women, as the saying goes, sons are sons until they take a wife, daughters are daughter all of their life…when they marry we will see the REAL Brandi come out.

  8. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: littleme87 – Very wise words here. I completely agree, Leeann is young and may not have understood how her comment could be taken, I always give the person the benefit of the doubt instead of looking for ways to find negatives. It is clear that Leeann is showing more maturity and growth emotionally then Brandi, and look at how much older Brandi is than her. I applaud Leeann for taking the high road and I now understand why Eddie left Brandi. Bitterness never looks pretty on any one, even those who have spent millions on surgery to try and look pretty. True beauty comes from within. This is now the third shot Brandi has taken at Leeann publicly lately and Leeann has shown class all three times, ironically the stepmother is the one placing the children's feelings first.

  9. 9

    Actually Brandi has been more than taking cordial in the press when it comes to Leann. She doesn't bash her publicly even though she should. She has said it would not be good for her kids who have to spend time with Leann also. She had a slip up. Given what Leann tweeted, any mother would have felt the same. So she is a little possessive of her sons, so what.

  10. 10

    You should want your kids to be loved by people in their lives, especially their step-parents.

  11. 11

    The term "My Boys" refers to her Husband and 2 boys. It is no different than if you were going to dinner with your wife and 2 nieces and saying going to dinner with "My Girls"

    its an expression you gold digging whorebag
    grow up or your kids will resent you someday

  12. HeatGrand says – reply to this


    I think Brandi has a right to be angry. Maybe it's time LeAnn learns her place!

  13. 13

    Just curious Perez…How much did LR pay ya for this? "Superior parenting'???

  14. kazy says – reply to this


    Has Brandi ever heard the saying Kill em with kindness? I don't think that marriage will last at all and then Brandi will be dealing with a new step mom. I'd just sit back and be kind Brandi.

  15. perez the bully says – reply to this


    superior parenting? you totally crossed the line perez. there is nothing that hurts a mom more than jabbing at her parenting. she is doing the best she can under the circumstances and those boys love her. shameful how you jab at brandi. and fyi, the pillow comment had nothing to do with the "my boys" comment. brandi was angry because she had just discovered a video leann posted of her youngest son riding his bike on leanns road without a helmet on. show me a mom that wouldn't be upset about that. why does leann have to post videos of these kids for all the world to see if its not to seek attention and get to brandi? she is disgraceful. the day eddie leaves her can't come soon enough. certifiable.

  16. 16

    I completely understand where Brandi is coming from. Having a serial cheater for a ex husband, she knows he will do it again. I think she is protecting her children for the big blow out. I predict Eddie will be cheating again on LR, LR will have a nervous breakdown and Brandi will be left with putting the pieces back together for her kids. If LR wants kids, go have your own and be respectful of another womans children.

  17. 17

    Superior parenting?? You are stupid gay man who knows nothing about it, Perez. I'm with Brandi on this one. And on everything in general.

  18. 18

    Leeann is on a fast train to divorce town

  19. boston61 says – reply to this



  20. Kim says – reply to this


    Superior parenting? You, Perez, are ignorant, just like your buddy leann. Quit taking sides, especially when YOU ARE WRONG!!!! Look at her single sales.. She is crashing fast and making an ass of herself, just like you

  21. marymay says – reply to this


    Leanne is a dirty homewrecker. Brandi is gorgeous. She is trying to protect her boys. Leanne is a selfish skank I can't wait until he does it to her. Maybe then she will finally go crazy enough to off herself and do the world a favor

  22. 22

    Re: marymay – why dont you off yourselve?

  23. TeamBrandi says – reply to this


    If LeAnn ever has a child of her own, whether biologically or by adoption, she will understand how completely offensive it is for someone else to call YOUR child, "THEIR" child… Not acceptable at all. I am very fortunate that my son's stepmother is very tactful and sensitive about the matter. They are not LeAnn's children and she should have some respect for the woman whose family she destroyed and now likes to boast of as her own. Grrrrr….

  24. Really???? says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila – Oh so you know these ladies personally, do you? Look in a mirror (or read your own comment) before throwing stones. Cuz you don't exactly sound like a very nice person….

  25. Arrora says – reply to this


    Poor Brandi, she will get the last laugh in the end, in a few years when Leann Rimes gets older, Eddie will move onto the next and Brandi can say I told you so.

    She is being very passive aggressive when making public comments like that, stop trying to pretend her kids are also yours, you are just an inconvenience.

  26. 26

    Re: Sheila – LR is not that young! at 30 you should show some sign of maturity…unless you are mentally ill, which is obviously the case with LR! If she would just do as both of the boy's parents asked her to do…which is stop making these boys life a media circus and continually tweeting about them I think all would be much better off!

  27. Guess what! says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila

    First of all Brandi left Eddie!! When the money ran out he decided to move in with LeAnn. Second if LeAnn "CARED" for her step kids than why would she have an affair in the first place???? But of course in your case that doesn't matter. LeAnn also says "It's always more fun when they are with Me." indicating that when there with bio mothers the kids are bored but in that case that’s not immature or vindictive of her? You also stated that Eddie left her because she is catty and malicious?? You know this because your ex left you for that matter??

  28. excuses says – reply to this


    How much did Leann pay for this fluffpiece?

  29. 29

    Leann is obviously a spiteful bitch! As women,we KNOW that a comment like that is a jab at Brandi-there was NO way it wasn't meant to piss her off! She can't claim her innocence since I think ANYONE would get pissed at that comment-she is not being considerate to the family.

  30. Guess what! says – reply to this


    LeAnn should stop posting pics or tweeting about those kids and if she wants too she should consult the mother! I repeat consult the mother!!

  31. excuses says – reply to this


    If Leann had no clue that calling Brandi's kids, "my boys" was going to cause problems,then why has she been blocking any of her fans who asked her to stop calling the boys "my boys"? She knew what she was doing because she had even been asked by the kids' mother to stop calling them "my boys" several times before.

    So now Leann is paying blogs to spin this in her favor. If Brandi had come off looking foolish, then why did some of Leann's fans tell her that they weren't going to follow her anymore because of what she did and continue to do?

    Leann didn't keep her cool or stay calm. She got even by posting even more photos of Brandi's kids.

  32. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! Brandi looks like a weird miserable old whore!!
    No wonder Eddie left for greener pastures!!!
    Superior parenting - so true!

  33. 33

    Superior parenting? Really? Let's not forget that LeAnn is the one (along with Eddie) who broke up this family. Anyone who has seem 10 mins of RHOBH would know that Brandi is very passionate about her relationship with boys. As if taking her husband wasn't enough, staking claim to Brandi's sons is another knife to the heart.

  34. 34

    Re: lizziec123 – Anyone who has watched that stupid show knows that those women are more passionate about being the center of attention and on tv than they are about their children. Do you really think that any emotion you see on those shows is genuine?

  35. Shez says – reply to this


    Re: WowzaChild – Why bring up the fact Perez is gay?1 Whats that got to do with it. I agree with you that perez is TOTALLY wrong and the "superior parenting" comment was ignorant but there was no need to bring his sexual orientation into it cos its irrelevant

  36. Crissy says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila – Are you serious? Leann Rimes has not one ounce of class. Husband stealing is classy to you?

  37. 37

    Re: The Perez Hater – You REALLY think LR is prettier than B?!?!? Are you high?!?! The only green about it was the $ $!!!

  38. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    They're both idiots. Leanne for breaking up a home and Brandi for being an attention whore. Sorry, but she totally is. Get over it, as long as she is treating them good be respectful, the past is the past move on.

  39. Allie says – reply to this


    Re: jjwww33 – No! Leann shouldn't have referred to Brandi's kids as 'her boys.' She did it out of spite, knowing it would make Brandi mad. Who can blame her? This woman has bought her husband and tries to buy her kids. Plus, she tweeted a video of Brandi's son riding a bike without a helmet. You don't do that! Leann has tweeted of ER vistis with Brandi's sons, never telling Brandi of an injury to begin with. THESE THINGS ARE WRONG! When my step daughter tripped over a dog and fractured her finger, I called her MOTHER to let her know. That's what you do!

  40. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: angela1234 – Take a look at the picture up top. On the left, a happy family; on the right, a miserable old crazy whore.
    Superior parenting by far!

  41. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila – Brandi has repeatedly stated that her children come first and that Leann can have Eddie but not her boys. They are HER BOYS! Leann is immature and childish. I'm not a fan of either of these women but I am a mother and step mother. You respect the mother of the children whose life you have just invaded(ruined, in LR's case.) Leann said yesterday 'can't respect where there is nothing to respect' about the mother of her 2nd husband's children. And don't forget the phone call she made where she cussed a woman out for not kissing her butt. And don't forget that she is suing said woman for making a fool of Leann. Leann needs to grow up and stop being a spoiled brat. Her career is OVER

  42. karen says – reply to this


    Re: Sheila – wrong. Leann is a manipulative, crazy woman and it is unsafe for these kids to be with her.

  43. karen says – reply to this


    What do Leann Rimes and Perez Hilton have in common? Both are men trying to be women.

    Perez - you lose any shred of credibility that was left when you edit the way you did. Not cool to select only certain tweets for your "article". Leann is headed back to tweehab soon and will probable have a pink wig meltdown on the way. So sad to see such talent wasted due to her mental illness. Hope she gets the help she really needs.

  44. 44

    LeAnn is constantly baiting Brandi, very very insecure girl! She took the husband, but the children will always be Brandi and Eddie's.

  45. 45

    I think Brandi is being a bit oversensitive. She didnt mean "my boys" literally its just a common term meaning all the males in her home. If Brandi has a problem why cant she keep it private? Im sure she has Leannes number to text. She just seems to enjoy the publicity around the drama.

  46. 46

    Re: The Perez Hater – that comment actually made me spit my coffee out!! in that pic above LR appears to be off her meds!! She looks like she have gone stark raving MAD!! Bahahahahaha….it is all about the money….has to be! Well besides Eddie seems to be a serial cheater….

  47. Holly says – reply to this


    Jake and Mason's mother should just be glad that her boys are not treated like trash the way that they very well could have been! I have an aunt who was put through a living Hell thanks to her step mother and what made things worse for my aunt is that her step mom was the ONLY mother that my aunt ever knew!!!

    God bless you and my aunt and Jake and Mason always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

    P.S. Maybe its a good thing that my aunt now has Alzheimer's Disease because now she can't remember how much abuse she had to endure before getting married at the young age of 14. (trying not to cry)

  48. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Holly – When Leann Rimes disrespects Brandi she IS treating her stepsons like trash. Brandi isn't wrong and she isn't acting overeacting. Look at how inaccurate this article is. Leann knows that she is wrong, hence why she paid for this article. How can you continue to support Leann when all of her actions are against what you profess?

  49. Lisa says – reply to this


    perez, are you saying only 2 people love those children? you need to clarify this.

  50. 50

    i understand both sides. if my husband and i divorced and he remarried, i would NOT want the step mother to refer to my children as hers. it'd beyond piss me off. however, the step parent's role is very difficult. you want to be mom or dad but still respect that they have a mom/dad. my husband's step mother calls him her son. he is that to her (he doesn't call her mom, but there are children who call their real mom and their step mom "mom") leann seems to feel like and take care of these children as they are her own. which is a great thing!

    although, who knows what happens behind doors. maybe leann says or does things that makes it obvious that she's using the kids. or maybe brandi just needs to relax and they all need to go to family counselling for the boys sake.

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rhimes is out of line with the passive aggressive tweet. 'My' kids? Not cool. What's wrong with her?

  52. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: perez the bully – Thank you, this is the truth! Perez you are a piece of shit.

  53. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: Shez – You are irrelevant too go fuck yourself

  54. 54

    Re: @v@ – Agree! I think LeAnn is actually very threatened by Brandi, who is beautiful, and a good mother to HER boys.

  55. geneva says – reply to this


    someone tell leann rimes she isn't a woman or a pretty man.
    would brandi glanville prefer it if leann were horrible to her kids?
    you two exhibitionists should just perish from this earth and leave everyone, including the kids in question, in peace.
    god, i hate these kinds of women! go fuck your plastic surgeons.

  56. 56

    I love Brandi! She has been taunted and bullied nonstop over the last 3 years by Leann. Recently, Leann has tried to hide it and play victim. She is suing a mom of 4 special needs kids for taping a phone coversation where Leann is cursing at the woman. Apparently she doesnt like being exposed. Google Kim Smiley and Leann.

  57. Clairez says – reply to this


    Brandi needs to be grateful that LeAnne treats the boys like her own, and provides them time and attention they deserve. I'm sure LeAnnes comments was a slip. As step parent myself, I make it quite clear that I'm not a replacement parent, and would never try to take over that role.

  58. Shez says – reply to this


    Re: Jason – Mature. "go fuck yourself" is that really the best you could come up with?!

  59. laura says – reply to this


    Re: Really???? – i so agree

  60. heather says – reply to this


    Their biggest mistake was not ending their marriages right. Even if they had bad marriages and everything was wrong the moment they developed these hardcore feelings for another person they should have ended it and then persued it. At the same time I find it a bit refreshing she is being honest about what happened. Most people make excuses when stuff like this happens but she has admitted it was wrong and she ended the marriage wrong but she is ultimately happy now. The thing is Leanne is HAPPY now but his ex wife is still clinging to the past. Its obvious that Leanne is just wanting to enjoy her life but the way things went down I think its going to be a very long time if ever that his ex wife doesn't act like this.

  61. WOLANDA says – reply to this


    Leann Rimes is such a slut. She is ugly and the only reason someone would bother is that that she gives out. I would not want her around my children…what a poor example for children.

  62. 62


  63. @v@ says – reply to this


    Having a clue along with a grain of sensitivity (considering,) would be saying 'I'm flying out with my husband and my step-sons.' Just how much is one woman supposed to lose?
    I'm surprised her hubby isn't clueing in. I guess with her money he chooses not to.

  64. Warren says – reply to this


    Re: angela1234 – I can't understand where people get off saying LeAnn is ugly. She looks beautiful to me and she looks young and healthy. Don't just make uncalled for statements, it ruins your point.

  65. 65

    I love Brandi and she deserves to treat Leann however…granted her husband is/was a douche but Leann is just as douchie!

  66. 66

    I love Brandi. She's my favorite on the Real Housewives, and I probably would still be upset too.

  67. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: lexxii – Big blow out? Sweetie the only person who is blowing out and up is Brandi. Are you blind? Protect her kids? From what? Two stable people while she careens madly day by day? Brandi is and has always been out of control. First she slashes her husband's tires…if a man slashed his wife's tires we would call him an abuser! Then she spouts off every other second about her children's father and his new wife on social media, so he left her for another woman? Grow up, move on, there are more fish in the sea. Just because a man cheats does not make him a bad parent it only makes him a bad husband. Next she runs off to Vegas with her bf's ex-hubby and teasingly proclaims they married throwing his newly ex-wife and children into emotional turmoil and she tells the world she hooked up with a Hollywood film start who claims he never heard of her. Attention seeking, all of these acts are attention seeking when the woman should be focusing on her career and children instead of exhibiting borderline personality behaviorism. The only blow out that needs to happen is for Eddie to seek sole custody of those boys so they can be as far away from that bitter, vindictive, malicious woman.

  68. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: bipper – Oh please, are you really that dumb? To begin with think about what you posted above! I have two sons with special needs, it was hell raising them but they turned out well, but let me tell you, not once, not for a second did I have time to go online and bash people, and she has four special needs kids? Has it honestly never occurred to you that this mom needs to be taking care of her kids instead of bashing celebrities online? Furthermore, read a bit deeper honey on your so called mom with four special needs kids….they only became special needs once LeeAnn started suing her, school records show that! The woman went overboard tormenting LeeAnn making he life hell, she did the crime she can do the time as far as I am concerned.

  69. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: karen – Where is your proof? Look I get the woman stole another woman's husband, it was a crappy thing to do but it does make her a monster. Her own ex-husband defends her! No one, I repeat no one has a problem with LeeAnn except Brandi and fans of Brandi. LeeAnn has been in the public professional spotlight for years and not one person has said anything negative against her. No one has said anything negative about her in her personal life, but Brandi on the other hand has had numerous complaints, numerous people stating she is difficult to work with, she has a temper etc. In their divorce decree it was cited she slashed his tires, had Eddie done that we would of said he was showing signs of abuse. Can't you see that Brandi is hurt? She is angry, she is brokenhearted. People who are angry and hurt lash out uncontrollably. It has been years now, it is time she moves on. Obviously her husband has, and soon her boys will too because eventually you have to stop the nastiness and move on. No man wants a bitter and vindictive woman.

  70. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: Carol – Her career is hardly over, on Dec. 11 LeeAnn will be in concert at the Hard Rock in Albuquerque, NM. So no, it is hardly over, if anyone is done it is Brandi. Her claim to fame is being an ex-wife of a television star who left her for another woman! And you think she deserves respect? Why? Because she was cheated on? Respect is given when you put hard work, YEARS of hard work into a profession, and if you begin that at 13 and support your parents then yes THAT is something to respect. Look I get it, LR did a crappy thing, she cheated on her husband who is a nice guy and she stole another woman's husband. It was crappy, but it happens! EVERYDAY. most people do not even admit to it, they blame the ex-wife, but LR did the right thing, she admitted it and apologized for it. IT was years ago. It is time for Brandi to move on, she needs to focus on herself and career and her children, not her ex. And saying your kids come first means nothing if your actions show otherwise, no parent slams their children's parent, those boys are half of him so when Brandi is slamming him she is telling them that half of them is a piece of crap too. Words hurt, especially little kids. When these women war publicly it hurts those boys, yes LR is guilty of it, but she has now stopped and tried to move forward in a positive manner while Brandi needing attention still cannot help herself.

  71. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: Crissy – No Crissy husband stealing is not classy but it is a mistake, a very human mistake and LR is certainly guilty of it. But it still does not make her a monster, a worthless human being or crazy. Point in fact the woman is a professional singer/songwriter/musician, she has been beginning at age 13 when she began supporting her parents. I understand Brandi was heartbroken when Eddie left her, but why is she classy? Because she was cheated on? NO. Her claim to fame is being the ex-wife of a television star who cheated on her with a country music star. That is classy? I quit respecting Brandi when she capitalized on being a victim and then turned around and hurt her bf by running off to Vegas and pretending she married that bf'd newly ex-husband. He had kids, she hurt them. She hurt her bf. Yet she goes on and on about being a victim herself? Sorry I stopped buying that ticket.

  72. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: Really???? – What you can dish it out but not take it? Am I a nice person? Someday, most days but not everyday, nope because I am human. But the one thing I am not is a borderline personality behaving bitter, vindictive ex-wife, and sweetie Brandi surely showing signs of that. Her claim to fame is being the ex-wife of a television star who cheated on her, can you say pathetic? For a woman who claims she is a victim she sure does make a lot of money off the role….victim or manipulatively smart? Think about it, I know, I know, you will have to use some of your gray matter…but hey, that is why God gave you a brain.

  73. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: angie_hater – Ever hear of the book "Stop Walking On Eggshells?" Wonder why Eddie left? Look up the book, people who go berserk over every little comment is classic sign of a mental disorder. So is slashing tires on your spouses motorcycle, or making up stories about sleeping with movie stars who do not even know your name. Know her place? LR is a woman with a professional music career, step-mother and wife, not a dog. LR has found her place, it is being happy with Eddie while Brandi is bitter, vindictive and manipulative. Yep, I can see why he left her.

  74. Sheila says – reply to this


    Re: Warren – I think LR looks pretty too, she has a unique look, I am not saying Brandi is ugly, but have you noticed she looks like all the other housewives? Wide mouth, pronounced cheekbones? You would think one of them would go for something more unique, what ever happened to individualism?

  75. excuses says – reply to this


    Just a warning. PEREZ HATER is hijacking people's names and using them to make attacks against Brandi and other posters. He is upset because I said that Sheila's post sound just like Leann's tweets.

  76. kate says – reply to this


    Oh I don't think that is the case. I think it is pretty obvious that LeAnn lives in a "fame" bubble. She has never experienced having children by herself. Brandi is reacting pretty normally considering her husband dumped her for a very wealthy, very famous singer. How does a regular mom compete…and why is LeAnn tweeting pictures of these kids…they are not hers.
    LeAnn should stop tweeting everything and go private. They all should. And yes…kids should wear helmets when bike riding…duh.

  77. hollyw says – reply to this


    Um, NO, three parent's aren't automatically better than two (or one or none, depending on the circumstances). Clearly, this situation would be the case where they're not, given that the union of the last two was what actually broke up the happy home (for the children) of the first two.

    I'd be watching the ish out of that chick, too, if I were the birth mother, considering that she didn't have "her boys" so much in mind when she started banging the father =|

  78. 78

    dont think Leanne's comment 'my boy's was appropriate

  79. Jordan says – reply to this


    I cannot believe that anyone sincerely thinks LeAnn is pretty. Be a fan if you want, praise her for other things, but her current face does NOT look right. I find it very plausible that she may have had a LOT of work done that turned out poorly. She looked nothing like this 5 years ago. She used to be cute (IMHO), now she looks like a sleestak from Land of the Lost. Maybe it's reversible??

  80. raginglotus says – reply to this


    i know this is an old thread — but i can't help be amazed at how emotionally invested "sheila" seems to be with this whole issue. what's up with that? that aside, any woman in the world can see that lr is trying to push bg's buttons. you just wouldn't do that if you were acting in integrity. she knew what she was doing. sad.