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Matt Lauer 'Obsessively' Watches Good Morning America!

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Who cares if the Today show has ratings that are circling the drain — Matt Lauer isn't about to miss his favorite show: Good Morning America!


Apparently it's true! Matt obsessively watches GMA as the Today show tanks in ratings. We're sure it's purely to understand why the rival ABC morning program continues to gain viewers while Today hemorrhages them!

Here's what a close source to the show says about it:

"Matt has been obsessively watching Good Morning America, which he has recorded on his DVR on his television at his office. Matt watches because he just doesn't understand why GMA continues to beat the TODAY Show.”

It could be because they don't fire perfectly good and well-liked anchors for petty reasons over there. That could be it. You know, because your falling numbers kinda started right around when you had Ann Curry fired.

The source continues:

"Matt pays particular attention to the chemistry of the cast and focuses more on the first hour of the show, which tends to focus more on news and hard hitting interviews. Matt thought that once Robin Roberts went on medical leave, TODAY would resume first place in the ratings race, but that hasn't happened, and he just doesn't understand why. Matt takes this very personally."

Banking on the illness of an anchor to revive your ratings? That's pretty awful!

We also hear part of the reason why he's studying so hard is because his own job is on the line:

"News executive Alexandra Wallace has told NBC bosses she will have to replace Matt if the ratings continue to tank. The TODAY show has always been considered a cash cow for the network. It dominated the morning news ratings for years and brought in millions of dollars in ad revenue.

"But, if viewers continue preferring Good Morning America over the TODAY show, that revenue will decrease and cuts will have to be made."

Honestly, with all the bickering and posturing we hear about the behind-the-scenes situation over at Today, we wouldn't mind watching a crew of anchors that weren't faking friendship if that means Lauer had to leave.

Sounds like it's time to grow up, Matt! LOLz!

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7 comments to “Matt Lauer 'Obsessively' Watches Good Morning America!”

  1. 1

    Truth is, I abandoned the Lauer ship because of Ann's firing. When will Lauer get the fact that the only reason we moved to GMA was because of his dirty tactics to get rid of Ann Curry. Truth be told, I'm watching GMA but really can't connect with it at all. The Josh character might as well just stare at a mirror and masturbate - he's so into himself and annoys the shit out of me. I miss Ann Curry.

  2. Lizzie says – reply to this


    I also will never watch The "Matt Lauer Show" or anything with him on it until he is fired. He started out being a decent person and has turned into an egocentric douche. The reason GMA is better (and I have to admit, it really IS), is because the people on the show are genuine with each other. Over the years, I've seen TDS show it's true colors. For intstance Bryant Gumble, Matt Lauer's older douchebag jerk father and just realizing over the years that a lot of the interactions are just show. They really aren't that nice and they really don't give a damn about each other. It's the money and the "polish" and the ratings. When you see the NICE people who have exited the show : Meredith Viera for example. She would RATHER host a really overdone game show than be on that show! Too bad. Once a person and a show-show their true colors, BELIEVE it. The network is lying about Lauer not having anything to do with the ratings. He definitely did. I may NEVER watch TDS again. Too "posh" and uncaring.

  3. Shenli says – reply to this


    Lauer obsessive w/GMA? Hilarious!
    Guess he doesn't get it yet! Tsk tsk!
    Change comes from within himself
    first! Need to get rid of his ego!
    Repentance helps a lot; followed by
    humility! Factor in honesty & true
    kindness! Then just maybe the real
    God-given soul/person of Lauer w/finally
    penetrate through! He's currently muffling
    himself w/a fake persona that finds & has
    him in trouble! To be better - he has to
    want & pursue it! Then transform good to
    others w/a conscious of never wanting to
    be devious & immoral again!

  4. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Matt Lauder can suck it.

  5. cindy c says – reply to this


    mat you need to grow up.willy was just joking and you are making such a big deal about the slap on the tush.everyone else is so good togeither except you. you do not fit in with savannah nadlie willy al.they are great and you are a little baby. GROW UP.

  6. Nobodys Fool says – reply to this


    So does the rest of America, Matthew Todd! I guess YOUR viewing is helping it maintain it's primary spot. Figures you'd turn against your own show as you did to your former colleague Ann Curry! Former loyal viewers KNEW you were always a trader and two faced and NEVER watched the TS because of YOU! Today Show will NEVER return to the top spot with your not so GQ looks over the screen and with the insincerity that comes across the screen DAILY. GMA all the way and won't tolerate inhuman behavior that took place back in June all intiated by Matt Lauer! Bye Bye Matt Lauer and pretty soon you'll be able to watch GMA live when your rear gets "thrown off the bus".

  7. Butchbb says – reply to this


    When Ann was kicked off and put in the back ground , that's when I stoped watching the to day show, Matt seems like hes a little on the stuck up side, Ann had compassion, and personality plus, and if Matt goes to good morning America, I be stopping watching him on there.
    To many people loved Ann. shes hot looking Lady, and beautiful