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Prince Harry Will NEVER Be King Thanks To Kate Middleton's Baby?!

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King of scandalous funtimes? Sure.

Reigning Ruler of the Las Vegas Strip? Definitely.

But Prince Harry becoming King of England? NOPE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Hmmm. How do we put this delicately? Unless the Queen of England, Prince Charles AND Prince William were to unfortunately meet their demise, the gingery royal would have been the next in line to rule over the British Isles…

But because of laws that may soon be passed, a direct descendant's first born child (regardless of gender) now takes precedence over ALL others, thus Kate Middleton's babe (or babies!) trumps Harry when it comes to ANY claim to the throne!

Sorry dude! But we always got the feeling that Harry does NOT want the intense responsibility of ruling a country.

Plus, we don't think Buckingham Palace takes kindly to flip-cup games on their stately, antique tables, and naked strippers are probably frowned upon… LOLz!

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24 comments to “Prince Harry Will NEVER Be King Thanks To Kate Middleton's Baby?!”

  1. Emmanuelle says – reply to this


    That's not an effect of the new laws. William is the eldest so any child of his would have trumped Harry even before the law. What the law will change is this: if that baby is a girl, and they later have a boy, the girl will remain ahead of her brother in line for the throne.

  2. 2

    Re: Emmanuelle – True. Nothing has changed for Harry. Also, Perez, the monarch may have plenty of obligations and responsibilities, but actual 'ruling' is no longer one of them.

  3. MariaPompeo says – reply to this


    Thank you for reporting on a subject we all learned during 5th Grade History. Very appreciated… *eyeroll*

  4. Bubble says – reply to this


    I think Harry is probably very happy he was not first born.

  5. ABBY says – reply to this


    For Harry to have any chance at becoming king Will would have had to have died before him childless and this has always been the case so it's never been likely Harry would get the throne.
    And if Charles lives nearly as long as his mother (or her mother) it could be somewhere between 20-40 years before Will himself gets it and in that time he could not only have more kids but grandkids, all of which will come before Harry in line for the throne.

  6. 6

    i think harry seriously couldnt give a shit hes having too much fun hell be glad about the baby and glad that all is well in his castle..

  7. 7

    Man Perez, you are stupid. First of all, to write he will NEVER be King is ignorant and wrong. Okay, so you know: right now, Charles is next in line. William, being Charle's oldest son, is next after him. If William and Kate have a Baby, that baby is after William… IF that baby is a son (for now, unless they change the law)… Were William and Kate fail to have children, Harry would then come after William. If Heaven forbid William and Kate have just one child and heaven forbid something happened to that child, then Harry would come after William.

    Before you go being your usual dumb-f*ck self, next time don't write never. F*cking as*hole.

  8. david says – reply to this


    harry is prob breathing i big sigh of relief he gets to live hislife, in the shadows, but with all the wealth of those that ascend him.

    i would love to be harry! dirty boooooooooooooooy, he is, but in a decent way….

  9. 9

    Re: MariaPompeo
    Exactly what I was about to say, not news just history! Bit offended that this was seen as something we didn't know.

  10. david says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – how morbid. :(

  11. ABBY says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – I'm pretty sure they've already changed the law so that male or female this child will be next in line after Will

  12. 12

    Re: ABBY
    your right boy or girl they will be third in line

  13. Jessica says – reply to this


    If William abdicates before his children turn 18, then they will likely lose their position in the line of succession too. So the only way Harry will be king is if William and Kate's children predecease their parents before reaching adulthood/before having children of their own (which I doubt) or if William abdicates before the eldest child is 18. Both are unlikely, but possible. There is also the option that they have one child who marries a Catholic and is therefore removed from the succession, but that's even less likely than abdication or early death!!

  14. 14

    Re: Jessica
    I think they changed the law on marrying a Catholic too, or at least it will be changed, my source on this is a vague memory of drunk conversation and wikipedia though! :)

  15. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I also think Harry is glad about this.

  16. 16

    Re: ABBY
    Maybe. But still, Perez writes NEVER and that is just not the case. So if the passed the law, the only big difference for Harry is if the first born in a Girl or Boy and how many children William and Kate have. Everything I wrote still applies. What hocks me off is how f'ng stupid Perez is.

  17. 17

    be a king or not be a king.the most important thing is he have a beautiful wife and child.have a happiness live.it's can't change by anythings.make everybody envy.

  18. mike says – reply to this


    Its Kate "Windsors" baby actually,

  19. 19

    Nothing changed in regards to Harry. Even with the way things are currently, if William were king now, his would-be daughter would still take the throne before Harry. That's why Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II became queens despite having living, paternal uncles at the time. Rules of succession have always favored the children of the sovereign over a sovereign's brothers/uncles/etc. The only difference the new law would make would be to give precedence to a firstborn daughter over a later-born son. Harry would've been bumped down regardless.

  20. 20

    How many times!? She is NOT just the Queen of England. This is sheer ignorance

  21. Ashwini says – reply to this


    that' is soooooo meannnnn.!!!!! poor harry….!!!! :(

  22. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Says – Thank you :) The laws about Catholics have not changed yet. They're focusing on succession first and then on Catholicism. They'll likely be changed by the time the child marries, but you never know!

  23. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Harry was never going to be King from the moment he was born. So what is new?

  24. 24

    Hmm what a coincidence. She marries way up, then decides she needs to pop a kid out instantly. Shes a money and power grubbing commoner!