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Angus T. Jones' Spiritual Shepherd Arrested Two And A Half Times Before Leading Him From 'Filth'

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angus t jones pastor christopher hudson arrest jail

The minister who helped Angus T. Jones' find the "filth" of his ways last week was apparently hiding dirt of his own!

In fact, according to a police record that spans several states, Christopher Hudson is as far from saintly as one can get!!

Before brainwashing the half-man from Two and a Half Men, he was caught driving without registration and without a license on multiple occasions!

Even worse, Kriss Krossed Chris crossed state lines without paying his debts or settling his court affairs in his previous places of residence!!

WWJD?? Well, he certainly wouldn't run away from his problems!

At one point, the po-po caught up to Chris in Georgia where he spent time in a cell and eventually pled guilty to "failure to obey a traffic device"! And then he spent a year on probation!


We realize Jesus was arrested by the Romans once, too, but handcuffs hardly seem like the most direct path toward spiritual enlightenment!

Hopefully Angus did his homework on this guy!!

It's possible Chris isn't the best spiritual role model!

[Image via TheForerunner777.]

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17 comments to “Angus T. Jones' Spiritual Shepherd Arrested Two And A Half Times Before Leading Him From 'Filth'”

  1. sportygurl55 says – reply to this


    This is just sad. No one was "brainwashed", he came to Christ. Also, the entire point of Christianity is for sinners to come to Christ and become new in him. Having a police record, let alone such a minor one in regard to traffic laws, is completely unrelated to what this man has done for Agnus. It is sad to see how bias this site is, and how clear the enemy is working to attack both Agnus and Christopher.

  2. Celia says – reply to this


    Driving with a suspended license!!!??? Are you serious perez??! Freedom of RELIGION!!!! TOLERANCE not only applies to the Lesbian & Gay community Perez! Practice what you preach!

  3. 3

    Come on…you write this as if the guy committed murder or something. So pathetically biased. Traffic violations? That's it????? Get a grip…and respect their decision to pursue whatever religion they choose.

  4. Rex says – reply to this


    Oh so tolerant!

  5. Katiereilly84 says – reply to this


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Driving on a suspended license!!!???? Is that a joke??? Well lock him up and throw away the key he is a danger to society!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Hudson is a Seventh-day Adventist and is famous for his fiery online sermons.
    In one of his videos, he claims that Jay-Z called his latest album The Blueprint 3 because "the blueprint albums are special markers indicating Jay-Z's progress in his obtaining degrees in the secret order known as the Freemason".
    In another video he claims to have exposed Barack Obama's pro-gay agenda and likens the President to Hitler. "Obama's Christianity is just a thin veneer to mask his espousal of the New Age agenda."
    He claims that reports of Osama bin Laden's death last year were part of a conspiracy and that Michael Jackson's death was a distraction for the Pope's call for a "new world order."
    And the gas crisis in New York sparked this outburst: "If the trucks are cut off you're going to start eating something if you don't control your appetite and your baby might start looking like a chicken wing."

    Hudson also believes masturbation is an unnatural act and claims he is still a virgin.

  7. B says – reply to this


    Being a Christian doesn't mean you're perfect, not now and not in the past. It just means you recognize that you need a Savior and that Jesus Christ died for your sins, that you may have your sins forgiven and have eternal life. John 3:16. I commend both of these men for finding that truth.

  8. Kitta Rose says – reply to this


    Oh god forbid he didn't pay his registration. I guess he really IS a filthy brainwashing man who is hellbent on destroying peoples lives. Oh please…. So ridiculous.

  9. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: AttFinch – id still have him for son than Perez Hilton! He's a little wound tight but Perez is a nasty man

  10. kandycane says – reply to this


    I thought you could do better? If that's as bad as it gets he's perfect compared to most. Now if you find out he's gay…the world will then be disgusted

  11. kandycane says – reply to this


    BTW… ANGUS SEEM LIKE A NICE GOOD YOUNG MAN! Can't help what his parents threw him in.

  12. Kate says – reply to this


    OH PLEEEEEASE! NO ONE is perfect. Talk about tolerance, what a hypocrite you are. Don't you have anything more interesting to talk about?

  13. 13

    warm it up Kris, lol.

  14. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Angus did not "come to Christ" he came to a wolf in prophet's clothing. There is a difference.

  15. Getitright says – reply to this


    Christopher Hudson is not with the Church. They have already stated that — he's a con man…

  16. John says – reply to this


    First, this post is ironic considering your gay, which God says is sexually immoral.
    Second, a suspended license are you serious? I'm pretty sure God will give him a pass for that one on Judgment day.

  17. Jwill says – reply to this


    Wow is this seriously the best u guys can slander?? That's pretty frikkin weak and pathetic.. So frikkin what if the man had some traffic violations, this offense is so minor that its not even a big deal. Second of all the man is a born again Christian, God has already forgiven this man and blotted out his sins, God has forgiven and forgotten about this minor offense and so should we. There's plenty of people in the bible who had a shady past and God still forgave them and used them. The same still applies now. Don't fall for this garbage ppl. Christopher Hudson is clearly a man of God