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Halle Berry Forgave Gabriel Aubry For Making Mashed Potatoes Of His Own Face On Turkey-Day?

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halle berry declines prosecution gabriel-aubry-thanksgiving fight olivier martinez

Good news, Nahla!

Years from now you'll be disappointed to learn Dad instigated the Thanksgiving Day Massacre Scuffle of 2012, but tonight you can sleep soundly knowing he stayed out of the clink!

Law enforcement officials concluded Gabriel Aubry started the fight with Olivier Martinez, but they think his vicious public beat-down was punishment enough!

Gabe's baby-momma/Olivier's current lady love, Halle Berry, agrees and she will NOT press charges!

The El Lay grilled witness before assigning blame.

They ultimately determined Gabe swung at Olivier's face, hit his shoulder instead, and was immediately pummeled by three rapid punches from Olivier, a.k.a. the son of a professional boxer.

Talk about your fist writing checks your face is disinclined to cash!!

Thankfully, Halle and her almost hubby agree putting Nahla's pops in prison is counterproductive so so they will not pursue criminal charges!

A judge could still decide to send Gabriel to Anger Management, though.

The classes, we mean. A court-ordered cameo on Charlie Sheen's show could be considered cruel and unusual punishment, LOLz!! JK!

[Image via WENN & L.A. Superior Court.]

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14 comments to “Halle Berry Forgave Gabriel Aubry For Making Mashed Potatoes Of His Own Face On Turkey-Day?”

  1. chamber says – reply to this


    It happened in halle berry's house though so what do you expect the witnesses to say

  2. 2

    That still does not address why Martinez answered the door. In child dispute cases the courts are usually pretty specific about how child transfers are done - generally through a neutral person. Martinez is anything but neutral. To have Martinez answer the door looks like deliberate provocation.

  3. 3

    Halle set the scene up from the word go, she is damaged goods, whacked out beeatch

  4. Carol says – reply to this


    Nope, sorry LAPD. Halle set this in motion because that's how she is. She has been trying to get Gabe our of HIS daughter's life for a while now. She won't stop! Olivier had no business even seeing Gabe that day. No doubt he said something to set Gabe off, just like Halle ordered. You're her future EX, Olivier, get used to crazy.

  5. 5

    Looks like Halle's PR machine is working. Is It only in California that private individuals get to "press charges" in a domestic? I thought Halle was in the other room, you reported Nahla saw nothing bcuz she was out of the room with Halle? So how could she be a witness? In BFE, USA you can have cops say–well he got a beating so let's drop it, but that is not law cops could NOT do that in a case like this, that would be against the law. I love reading fake stories they are fun, but it is a little sickening when you let a PR person lie to stupid people so s/one can hurt s/one else in a custody battle…..ick.

  6. boston61 says – reply to this


    She is sick. Classic narcissistic personality.

  7. marlow says – reply to this


    When Nahla is a little older and sees her daddy's face online beaten and blackened, she will also see that Mom and her then boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, did not press charges. So when she asks her mother about the incident, at least Halle can say to Nahla, "But you see we didn't put your Dad in jail."

  8. 8

    This is all such BS. Remember Gabriel wanted the police to look at the video tapes? Also, the "witnesses" are HB employees, and unless they speak French, I doubt they understood a word in the exchange.

  9. 9

    Total BS..there's no truth to this …why are you stirring up this stuff with the others?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Olivier kicks Gabriel's ass bca he's pissed at the courts' telling them they can't take Nahla to France. Olivier calls the cops. When they get there he , Olivier tells the cops Gabriel started the fight and he was making a "citizen's arrest." What utter B.S. If Gabriel was guilty, do you think Halle would've paid his medical and legal expenses? Do you really think they would drop the restraining order? Hah. Olivier is a very violent man. Halle needs to check that out. Gabriel is right not to want Olivier to take his daughter to France. Olivier is a thug.

  12. drhouse says – reply to this


    Halle Berry is a total nutcase who belongs in a mental asylum and the LAPD is practically drowning in its own corruption. Biased reporters can keep repeating how snow is purple, and a few people may eventually believe it, but unfortunately, it doesn't change reality.

  13. h0tr0d says – reply to this


    I want the video released.

  14. OhPlease says – reply to this


    It really shouldn't matter who answered the door. As an adult you have to keep a calm head. We all knew that she is engaged and to have your fiance answer your door is to be expected. Not all transfers are at the point of being outlined by a judge. Apparently this one was not. Gabriel is going to have to suck it up and get over it… He gambled and he lost.