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John Travolta Fingered In Scientology Wrongful Death Suits??

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John Travolta Fingered In Scientology Wrongful Death Suits

A Scientologist rehab center in Oklahoma is under fire for allegedly causing the deaths of at least four patients — but they're not the only ones.

Celeb Scientologist John Travolta has been supporting Narconon Arrowhead for years, and the families of the dead are just as upset with him.

Grieving mother Connie Werninck's daughter was among those who died while under the facility's care. She has settled her lawsuit out of court, but she had some choice words for the Grease star. She said:

"If I could talk directly to John Travolta, I would tell him the program he is supporting is responsible for killing my daughter!"

Connie may be done fighting, but three other families have wrongful death suits against the facility, pending an investigation into its methods.

A rep for John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston says all they did was host a fundraiser and aren't in any way responsible for anything that happened.

The Church itself also attests a lack of responsibility. A rep said:

"There was nothing that the Church of Scientology did, or failed to do, which caused or contributed to the fatalities at Narconon Arrowhead."

Sounds like no one is responsible. But then why are four people dead?

[Image via YouTube.]

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22 comments to “John Travolta Fingered In Scientology Wrongful Death Suits??”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Dude has had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much Bo-Tox ! Looks like a wax museum statue. Guess he thinks doing this will get him young chicken in those bath houses he visits in the Los Angelos area……

  2. AnotherSP says – reply to this


    The cover up is done. Narconon is Scientology and it does not save lives. Facilities are beginning to get closed down because the media is finally reporting. Celebrities like John and Kirstie have to stop promoting this non-medical program that abuses clients. Bad John. Good reporting Perez et al.

  3. JustCallMeMary says – reply to this


    Good article. Travolta has been promoting Narconon to other celebrities and the general public for years. I wonder if he knows that the private records of people he sent there via Scientology Celebrity Centre were sent by fax, with updates on a daily basis, while these celebrities attended Narconon in violation of HIPAA laws. Luke Catton, former President of Narconon Arrowhead spoke of this in a recent Radio interview.

    Preston is even more involved in the Narconon program but what she is doing is trying (unsuccessfully so far) is to lobby Hawaii legislators and regulators to chance things so Narconon can operate in that state. Thank goodness Hawaii has strict evidence based requirements and professional standards for the program and providers which Narconon will never meet. Like the Church of Scientology, Narconon eschews any association with the 'evil psychs' and so does not want to have to hire professionally licensed social workers and counselors as the state requires.

  4. JustCallMeMary says – reply to this


    BTW, that hair has to go…. ;P

  5. John P. Capitalist says – reply to this


    It is not the hair that turns my stomach. The chin pubes are downright skeevy, however.

    Oh, and Narconon is evil and corrupt. One hopes that these suits are successful and that this dangerous recruiting tool of the cult of Scientology is shut down forever. They use dangerous methods, which are proven not to work, and have a dismal success rate, far below cold turkey. They use fraudulent recruitment methods to get desperate people to send their loved ones there.

    The more you look at Narconon, the angrier you will get that they are allowed to stay in business.

  6. Radio Paul says – reply to this


    Lucas Catton the former president of Narconon Arrowhead is speaking out about the fraud and abuse going on in Narconon. It is worse than you thought!

    Also a judge in GA has just ruled that narconon lied to her and the courts in yet another death!

  7. Radio Paul says – reply to this


    Google RadioPaul

    On my site I have a full hour interview with Lucas catton

    This site wont let me link the video

  8. Radio Paul says – reply to this


    Re: Radio Paul

    Search for Radio Paul on the web. On my site I have a full hour interview with Lucas as he blowes the lid off Narcanon

  9. Bevi says – reply to this


    He really should get rid of the felt wig……..

  10. justin says – reply to this


    Parents need to take responsibility for the fact their kids are drug addicts. Ive known 2 people who went through narconon; they got clean off drugs. And never said anything about the church of scientology trying to convert them. theyve been clean for about 10 years now

  11. someguy says – reply to this


    justin is a Scientology internet employee.

  12. 12

    Re: someguy – Go back to OSA you paid agent CLOWN of Scientology. It is documented that Narconon is nothing but a front group for Scientology and you cannot deny this. The truth is out and you cannot cover it up with your lame ass "my friend" stories.

  13. 13

    Re: justin – Go back to OSA you paid agent CLOWN of Scientology. It is documented that Narconon is nothing but a front group for Scientology and you cannot deny this. The truth is out and you cannot cover it up with your lame ass "my friend" stories.

  14. Hilting Perez says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch

    Oh, please, Perez…

    You're just hoping somebody will "finger" you.

    PS: I know several industry types who are grads of either Narconon or a Hollywood facility that uses the same vitamin and cardio and sauna-sweating procedure to get old drugs out of the body.

    Guys and dolls alike, they all looked and said they felt great!

    Be careful whom and what you bitch at. Probably we'll all need it someday.

  15. daniel says – reply to this


    It's seems that in the USA no one is responsible for what they do or have done ,it's always the neighbour or the boss or a God or the Devil etc….People are braves with their guns but otherwise they are cowards , they are ready to make money out of everything even in a tragic situation like the lost of relative,whom they didnt really cared before , why not ! They have the chance of their life ,with the help of a HONEST lawer ,rather liar, the jackpot is at 2 fingers close . In the present case some wants to insinuate Travolta or the Narconon center or scientology are the cause of deaths .I personnally drink a lot of alcool and I really consider that i am the only one in charge of ny life and my doctor or anyone else is responsible for my future death.

  16. someguy says – reply to this


    Re: daniel – daniel is definitely a Scientologist, auditing removes the sense of irony and to him obviously Scientology is in no way responsible.

  17. someguy says – reply to this


    Re: Hilting Perez – pseudoscience with no scientific proof, snorting coke probably makes you feel better but is it a wise thing to do? Scientology is able to take advantage of people because of the generally piss-poor education people receive in science.

  18. Wendy T says – reply to this


    Narconons being closed down by government agencies. Other Scientology front groups becoming non-existent because of lack of membership. When will John, Tom, Kirstie and all the other fragile Hollywood types wake up and realize it's a scam? Hope it's soon cause won't they be embarassed when the cult is closed and they're still shilling it?

  19. GetReal says – reply to this


    Perez, now that you're on the subject, did they ever find out what happened to David Miscavige's wife Shelley? David is the leader of Scientology and his wife mysteriously disappeared several years ago. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that!!!!

  20. Chesty Larue says – reply to this



  21. Radio Paul says – reply to this


    Re: daniel – Just for the record Narconon does not work. They lie about their stats all the time. Also the 5000 milligrams of Niacin destroys the liver for your friends now have damaged livers 100% of them time, kinda makes you a liar huh? Putting people in a sauna for up to 8 hours a day to induce heat exeaustion and call it a re-stem should be a crime. It is fraud plus it hurts people. Everything Narconon does is fraud. Canada just shut them down and it looks like they are on their way out in the US. Infact they are such liars the just got sanctioned by the judge in Georgia who said she had never seen anyone lie as much as Narconon (Google it). I don’t care what you claim you hear about two made up people, I care about since and medical facts and they validate Narconon not only does not work but it harms people.

  22. Radio Paul says – reply to this


    Re: daniel – Dan, make sure to tell people about OT III, Xenu the Glactic Overlord and Body Theatens too. Let us all know how to clear our reacive minds by getting the dead space aliens off of us too, (Yep Scientology pushes this crap)