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Kate Middleton's Nurse Found Dead After Radio Prank! LISTEN To Prank HERE!

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It is incredibly devestating to think that something so stupid could have caused so much pain.

Friday morning, news broke that one of Kate Middleton's nurses Jacintha Saldanha had been found dead in her home after apparently committing suicide.

Jacintha fell victim to a radio prank this week orchestrated by Australian DJ's Michael Christian and Mel Greig when she transferred their call through to Kate's private nurse.

Listen to the prank (above).

The prank involved Mel and Michael calling up King Edward VII hospital — where Kate was staying because of severe morning sickness — pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

Unfortunately Jacintha was working at reception during the time of the call and transferred the DJs through to Kate's nurse, who then divulged confidential information believing them to be Kate's in-laws.

We really hope this idiotic joke did NOT play into Jacintha's death, but it makes sense if it WERE a factor.

Our hearts go out to Jacintha's loved ones during this difficult time.

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44 comments to “Kate Middleton's Nurse Found Dead After Radio Prank! LISTEN To Prank HERE!”

  1. Jazzy Spazzy says – reply to this


    Why do you feel the need to constantly post about it? You're not making things any better.

  2. lala says – reply to this


    So devestated…you have three stories on the front page, including the video so you rank well on google.

  3. RosiejacksI says – reply to this


    What are you possibly thinking posting the prank call? You are just as bad as the dj's propagating thIs! I thought you were on a mission to change yourself. This is so disappointing

  4. Perezisafool says – reply to this


    It wasn't her nurse that committed suicide. It was the nurse who transferred the call who off'd herself.

  5. 5

    other news reports say jacintha is the nurse who put the call through to the private nurse that is on the radio. the nurse on the radio isn't the one who offed herself.


  6. emmer says – reply to this


    Hi Perez. Like your site…don't like this post. This poor women has killed herself. The radio station is responsible for it. I would suggest taking it down out of respect for the nurse and her family. We don't need to hear it.

  7. 7

    are you kidding me?!?!…the royals are worst than the MOB. this woman was murdered.

  8. 8

    Does it ever make you wonder, Perez, that some of your posts might have the same devastating effect on people?

  9. why says – reply to this


    Why have you posted this audio Perez? You are just as bad continuing to play this that led to the suicide of this poor woman in the first place. Shame on you, I thought you had made some big proclamation on how you had turned over a new leaf and were not going to bully people any more. Keeping this audio on your website just means you are an enabler.

  10. 10

    Im sorry but I dont think its the djs fault. I think the hospital reprimanded her and thats what did it.

  11. Mary says – reply to this



    You should not be posting the prank on your site. It is a tragedy what happened to Jacintha and by you posting the prank you are just promoting the prank. Please take it off your site out of respect for Jacintha and her family.

  12. Isabell says – reply to this


    The radio station is not responsible for her death! Why do those who comment on this site believe that?? Think, people.
    It takes more two words for someone to kill themselves.

  13. Baba says – reply to this


    First off Perez you are sick for posting this your website is sickening why don't you post only good and stop gloryfing the bad someone died and you have posted about it 3 times and now you have posted the prank call.

    Secondly I don't think the prank had anything to do with her suscide. She didn't do anything wrong but transfer a call. They Gould investigate her death more instead of pointing fingers. Pranks happen all the time and people don't kill themselves something else must have happened in her life.

    Perez stop being a sicko

  14. 14

    They are dreaded people. that poor nurse was so nervous thinking she was speaking with the QUEEN. Poor dear really. They laughed at all the information she devulged to them. So sad you use people in this way. Was not funny in the least!

  15. 15

    I thought the prank was an awful, lawbreaking thing to do. I thought they got those nurses fired for sure. She probably got into a lot of trouble, co-workers may have taunted her, calling her stupid, saying she should be fired, who knows. She put the call through very easily. Those DJ's should be fired, or even jailed.

  16. Katie says – reply to this


    You've lost a reader now, profiteering from a woman's death, just as bad as the DJ's

  17. Roe says – reply to this


    Suicide is a selfish and cowardly act. Nobody "made" her do it, She did it. Its her fault. Which is why its called suicide and not murder. And to all of you complaining that Perez posted it, you guys obviously listened to it so that makes you just as a shithead as he is.

  18. Bee J says – reply to this


    You people are pathetic, disgusting and totally disrespectful. Somebody died as a result of this and it should be taken down. Nobody has absolutely no respect and no morale for the people affected by this. These radio DJs should be taken off the air, and this should be deleted. Have a little respect!

  19. HMMM says – reply to this


    Okay first of all the poor woman thought it was the Queen. So please tell me if you lived in England and the Queen asked you a question your going to tell me your going to say "no mam I can't do that" Yea the fuck right you liars. The Queen isn't like a president she is an icon in England everyone loves her.

    Also, why is everyone bullying the dj hosts? You can't force someone to kill themselves. It's sad the woman felt the need to kill herself. The djs clearly stated they were trying to speak to Kate and what the nurse said wasn't even a big deal. "she has been up sick all night and barely got sleep" OMG such an invasion of privacy lets make a big fucking huge deal over a pregnant woman having morning sickness lol. Happens everyday people.

    The real problem is society being assholes. They made this woman feel like shit for no reason. So she broadcasted that a pregnant woman had morning sickness *rolling my eyes*. BIG SHOCKER. It's not like she broadcasted something no one knew like an std or medical condition that no one knew she had. Geesh people stop being so judgemental.

  20. 20

    You posting the prank call is vile and inappropriate. I hope someone sues you and everyone else posting it, to take it down.

  21. 21

    Re: Roe – You dont have to listen to it to clearly see he posted the fucking video.

  22. Kathy says – reply to this


    Perez, are you this cynical?

  23. jg9292 says – reply to this


    very very sad. but i dont think the djs are to blame here. imagine what the royal family could of said and done to her after she made the mistake of revealing confidential information. they probably cracked down on her REAL hard. and i think the royal family is to blame. poor girl, she was probably treated so badly after the mistake.

  24. nick says – reply to this


    Thanks for the audio perez , all i kept seeing online was text saying two radio dj's pranked a nurse that was watching over the queen and then the nurse killed herself. After hearing this i am very at awe as to why this woman who was so respectable would have killed herself after this as all she did was answer the phone and transfer the call . It was the other nurse that should have asked more info before spilling all those details .

    And for all you who are saying this is wrong to post this audio or this is just sick, you really need to get a grip . There is nothing in this audio clip that is vulgar or disgusting , no one could have known that the crazy telephone operator was going to off herself for something so minuscule . I have seen much worse things on Howard sterns radio shows , not to mention many other radio stations .

  25. Dart says – reply to this



  26. josh bixby says – reply to this


    they should be fired as radio hosts

  27. GOD says – reply to this


    IS THAT IT! The lady who ansewered the call and transfered it, A mother, 46 years young, goes and tops herself!! I dont believe it one bit! What was she to do, sit and ask the queen security questions, start quizzing the person on the phone to find out if it really is the queen. She transfered the call, that is it. If i rang and asked to speak to one of my relatives in hospital they would also transfer the call. Assaination? Maybe, royals have a long history of doing such things. Sucide is very hard to believe when the lady had so much to live for. Honestly ask yourself, would you kill yourself after this? Maybe the nurse who gave away all those details might of.

  28. suckafatone says – reply to this


    Re: Dart
    Your mom should kill herself for bringing your retarted ass into this world.

  29. Dart says – reply to this


    Re: josh bixby

    Nah they should kill themselves, or someone else should kill them. Or Firebomb the radio station!!!!!! Someone out there KILL THE DJS RESPONSIBLE! JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!!!

  30. Convict says – reply to this




    As this seems no coincidence

    Was the nurse sacked, as a result, hence, killed herself ?

    Was she so affected by the hoax, she killed herself ?

    Any many other key reasons.

  31. Beth says – reply to this


    Re: Roe – suicide is not cowardly or selfish, actually making people feel so bad that they feel the only way out is suicide is cowardly and selfish. Think before you post comments like that; a lot of people have lost others to suicide and suicidal people are usually victims of other people's dickheadness.

  32. Blaire says – reply to this


    Can you guys stop bitching Perez out. Yes, it may seem disrespectful but you have to think maybe he posted it so that everyone can hear how horrible those two Australian dumb asses are. Stop assuming things. Some people haven't heard it and all they wanted to know is what happened, not to laugh. Your all just as disrespectful as your saying Perez is. And if you don't like it then you can leave. Better yet you can shove it where the sun don't shine.

  33. Cristian says – reply to this


    How can anybody blame on these DJs?, it was just a JOKE!!!, we live in a real world where jokes like these are very common and even worst, but we need to be able of dealing with them, it's part of our life, comme on!!!

  34. jason says – reply to this


    Re: Perezisafool – I dont see how this would cause a nurse to kill herself . This is just a bad coincidence that the media is making money off of . You should be shaming the media for possibly ruining the lives of the radio host by coming up with this stupid story.

  35. PinkPatriot says – reply to this


    As a hospital employee, I found it very odd that there was no security passcode. Typically when we have a high profile patient, anyone who called was asked for the security password. If they couldn't provide it, it was "we're very sorry, but we can't provide you with any information." I get that it was "the queen" but surely they're used to nutjobs calling in and trying to get through to Kate?

  36. Deadly says – reply to this


    Re: jason – You're way off, catastrophic result was caused like said above, No coincidence

  37. PBS says – reply to this


    I don't hear anyone questioning why the hospital had no protocol for vetting calls to a royal patient. I don't hear that the hospital provided counseling for the nurse or other staff who were or may have been affected. I don' t hear anyone suggesting that the hospital management failed in their duty of care. Instead the hospital attacked the radio station from the high ground of public opinion. We should be looking at the BIG picture, and the hospital management should admit they made mire than one mistake.

  38. Anonymous says – reply to this


    So once again who’s to blame right now - so many factors that could have caused this: stess, pressure, media, cover-ups, royals, life, retarded people, job related
    And don’t start judging me due to my language , punctuation. I also too feel sorry for her…

  39. Sile says – reply to this


    To off herself over something as trivial as that? LOL.

  40. 40

    Why would someone kill themselves over this? That's pathetictheremust be other factors also who cares omg Kate middle ton is anybody big fkn deal they got some info this royal stuff doesn't meanshit to me why do people make such a fuss like they're gods gift?!

  41. livilou says – reply to this


    Dont understand y this lady would kill her self over a harmless prank really there must be more to this storie then they r letting on

  42. lorri says – reply to this


    The nurse, if she killed herself, was either unbalanced or stupid. She might have needed mental help , ? yet if she was a nurse , ? you know ? So I think she died of a heart attack or something or was murdered.
    Why kill yourself because the public now knows that Waity was going to get "freshened up" ?! {I'm sure she needed it too}. So, I'm not convinced plus the nurse was a mother–why leave your children because of stupid Waity ? Or Waity's privacy ? Waity doesn't care about privacy. The idiot was in the nude outdoors in broad daylight — privacy concerns Waity not a bit. So, very weird. And no the DJ's were not to blame. It was a joke - they did not expect to get past the first person they talked to. Now everyone is ganging up on them, HYPOCRITES.

  43. red says – reply to this


    Re: tulipwalk555 – Thats what I was thinking…

  44. eb93 says – reply to this


    Oh god it's so awful hearing that knowing what she did, but HONESTLY!!?? She didn't realise it was a prank!!?? She sounded like a well educated medical professional and I just can' believe she thought this was the Queen!? I think the hospital also have a lot to answer for in her suicide.