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57 comments to “Kate Middleton's Nurse's Suicide Prompts Barrage Of Hateful Tweets Toward Radio Pranksters! Accounts Deleted!”

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    As horrible and invasive as this prank was, clearly there was more going on in this woman's life that would lead her to suicide. This may have been the straw that broke the camels back, but there must have been a lot of other straws. Sad, but even sadder is the fact that this woman was probably depressed and suicide for a long time and did not receive the help she needed.

  2. senya says – reply to this


    This is so sad. I pray her soul has gone to a better place.

  3. Bubsma says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I completely agree with you. There had to be other problems in her life as well. This is super sad all around!!

  4. Vamaranthus says – reply to this


    Re: senya – what kind of BS is that?! You do not think someone could be humiliated publicly, think they have betrayed the Royals whom they love, and be so horrified that they snap into a spiraling depression and make a drastic needles choice to end their life?!

    You have a lot to learn about what can break a persons will to live. Everyone has a breaking point, even you, you are not qualified to make a judgement of what was happening in her life.

  5. F says – reply to this


    This poor nurse was being hounded in Britain, people were calling for her to be sacked and to loose her job, before this everyone found it hilarious. Bunch of hypocrites everyone! She was a brilliant nurse and he life was cut short by some immature radio hosts. RIP.

  6. sukhi says – reply to this


    Those stupid brits made her a scapegoat for the leaches which are the royal family. fucking morons hounded the woman to her death. idiots. she probably had words from some palace and hospital big wigs. I hope this sits on their conscience for a very long time. She was an immigrant and probably could not distinguish between 'real' and 'prank' accents. she probably did not think it was possible her to say no to "the queen". I don't blame these djs - idiots that they were - but the society that this nurse lived in who enshrine the rights and welfare of some do nothing leeches before those of everyone else, including those who bust ass to provide "help" to the royal mofos. RIP lady.

  7. 7

    People have to realize that one person's practical joke can have devestating consequences on the lives of others. I agree with others that there must have been more going on with her, but this definitely must have been a big whammy to her, especially as all of Britain was ridiculing and hounding this poor woman. Thing is, she's a professional nurse, not a professional PR person, it was her job to treat people, not to be a receptionist. I feel sad for the woman's children, they are going to be devasted the most by this.

  8. 8

    Kate better learn a lesson from this tragedy & Princess Diana's tragedy….The Wicked Witch of Buckingham Palace is watching her every move…

  9. Leslie says – reply to this


    Bet those stupid, low-IQ DJs are feeling really good about themselves right now.

  10. 10

    It is just a tragedy all the way around. These radio DJ's had no way of knowing that there silly little prank would call for the country to attack this nurse. And they had no way of knowing that they would happen to get a nurse who is clearly a very sensitive person who wouldn't be able to handle the humiliation of it all.
    I think the biggest problem here is a culture/society in England that would attack somebody so severely, simply for using poor judgement because she was probably a bit frazzled that she was talking to the queen and wanted to handle the call quickly and efficiently for her. The brass at the hospital should have had phone protocols put into place as SOON as Kate became a patient there. There obviously weren't, and it isn't the fault of this nurse that she handled the call the way she did. Yet a lot of people demanded for her to be fired and treated her terribly,and I think that is the TRUE reason she killed herself. If the majority of the people in her country had supported her and not made her feel like an idiot, she would probably still be alive.

  11. han31 says – reply to this


    It is terribly sad, but as the samaritans say its never just one thing. Definitely a humiliating experience, but for those saying that the uk public were calling her to be sacked need to rethink. No-one blamed her not even the royal family, so simmer down.

  12. UKCITYzen says – reply to this


    Re: F – The nurse was not being hounded in the UK. In facther identity was unknown until the anouncement of her suicide. The calls for any action against the two nurses involvedwere few and far between. She herself feltthat way and felt there was only one way out. This outcomebin no way could be foreseenbut the DJs will be hounded by this forever - from others initially but mainly by their respective consciencesnow and for the rest of their lives.

  13. dalondon says – reply to this


    just to clear a few things up for the obviously retarded

    nobody in england was calling for this nurse to be sacked, she had our sympathies, she sounds like a hard working mother of two who devited her life to caring for the sick, this so called parnk obviously made her feel humiliated and that she had let down her friends and place of work

    all the fault lies with the scumbags radio hosts who thought nopthing fo bullying tehir way past this poor woman on the phone

  14. UKCITYzen says – reply to this


    Untrue. She was not hounded in the UK. No one was interested in the story. They were more interested in the pregnancy. Be careful whatyou read in the papers.

  15. True U says – reply to this


    Those bastards should be fired!!! They deserve on that hate. Her like was turned upside down after the prank. People in London and around the world ridicule her and she couldn't take it. I know I couldn't take people around the world laughing at me.

  16. mj says – reply to this


    Re: Lilygirl27

    Brilliant comment.

  17. 17

    It was a damn prank! You mean to tell me she was so weak, she didn't realize her family needed her here???? She was more concerned about being embarrassed???? RIP Miss, but, this is BS…

  18. 18

    Re: F – That's BS. If she were a brilliant nurse she wouldn't understood doctor/patient confidentiality!

  19. Katherine says – reply to this


    Re: sukhi – I agree 100% with this. The DJ's were stupid, but Britain is even dumber for holding these people in high regard for doing absolutely nothing except collect money from the working class. If Britain wasn't so obsessed with their royals, this lady most likely wouldn't have felt the pressure to disclose information about Kate, because she wouldn't have been "starstruck" by some 85 year old broad who sits on her ass all day.

  20. 20

    I am so sad about this story. That nurse had probably been hounded by the press, her job put on the line and her own personal guilt. All for a joke? Kate in the hospital for severe sickness was NOT a joke!!! If I was the husband of this nurse left with two small children, I would sue that pants off ANYONE who brought her to the end of her life. My prayers for her family and the Royals, because the Royals will feel terrible about this…maybe it will introduce some new privicy laws. One can only hope!

  21. SueRG says – reply to this


    Re: Anabelle Whitepaws – you lady are disgusting. You'd realise that a woman has lost her life for transferring a call to the ward. She did not tell anything. So wind your pathetic neck in before calling this BS.

  22. jose says – reply to this


    I think the royals are behind the suicide of the nurse, it would be the first time people who is in their way dies. Some body pay with her life for the "invasion of privacy" of her highness
    Duchess of Cambridge.

  23. y12345 says – reply to this


    I think the royals were involved in the dead of this innocent woman, would be the first time people they do not like suffers accidents(Diana) or "commits suicide"

  24. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: F – no one was calling for her to be sacked. The hospital was supporting her actually the only reason she answered the phone in the first place is because it was 5 in the morning and the receptist that usually answers wasn't there. Everyone needs to remember that this a mother of two little boys that are gonna have to grown up without their mummy. The DJs should be sacked, they have blood on their hands because if wasn't for them she would be alive. My heart goes out to her husband and two little boys.

  25. 25

    Re: Katherine
    Darling you are clearly misunderstood and uneducated. Britain does not have an 'obsession' with the Royals. We rightly hold them in high regard because they are our history, our heritage and culture. Something which is quickly being taken away from us in Britain. We are lucky enough to have something which other countries don't.
    And to all the others she was not hounded by the public or press in Britain. Do some research before jumping the gun.

  26. 26

    Re: Lady Says
    Just to correct my self when I said 'other countries don't' I know that obviously there are others that do have Royal families, jusy meant that many don't. :)

  27. 27

    its still no excuse to OFF urself ….

  28. 28

    cant believe some of your comments, why would anyone make a prank phonecall to a hospital where someone is ill this is sick and not funny. No one in England found the prank funny people were shocked and disgusted. anyone would have been shocked and not followed confidentiality if they though they were speaking to the queen. I dont think people should hound the DJS though yes they made a tragic mistake but dont want them do do anything drastic and have another tragedy happen in the wake of this.

  29. 29


  30. Someone who cares says – reply to this


    Why would you blame the radio station or the nurse who took the call?

    It is obviously, the reception at the hospital who pass the call through. Let me ask you, who should have qualified the call?

    She is Dead now, Bloody Royal did it again….. First Pricess Diana and now her. I wonder why people cannot see the truth…..

  31. Mcred says – reply to this


    I'm finding it interesting that everyone is wanting to attribute BLAME to someone, which is so common in suicide deaths. There may not be anyone to blame. Individuals perceive events differently depending on their personalities, current and past life stressors, and resilience. No-one can be blamed that this nurse chose to take her life. An unfortunate choice for her family and loved ones, too bad she couldn't see other options like getting help. Then we wouldn't all be sitting around deciding who to blame.

  32. Ms Sympathy says – reply to this


    Re: Katherine – A prank is when a school kid phones up a bar and asks to speak to Seymour Butts - when a radio station transmits a hoax call where the victim is a private person, and they know full well that that person will be suddenly exposed to global media ridicule, likely lose her job and suffer abuse for a long time it's not a prank.
    This lady was prob terrified about what was going to happen, to her and her family, she'd allowed a hoax call to get through while she was caring for the royal family, she couldn't live with the terrible feelings of guilt and humiliation and she took an overdose - , normal people just aren't built to take this kind of s**t

  33. Ted Textured says – reply to this


    Re: sukhi – (This is in response to sukhi) If you don't blame the DJs then you are a f*cking moron! What if the hoaxer had been a dissident Republican trying to glean info. relating to when Kate would be released with a view to taking a shot? The nurse's surname clearly wasn't English so she might have found it just as hard to tell a fake accent than I would differentiating between a Northern and Southern Ugandan one. You d*ckhead!

  34. 34

    Re: sukhi
    Your a muppet. Check your facts she was not hounded, and you clearly know nothing about the Royal family. Your ignorance is offensive.

  35. Jessica says – reply to this


    Yes, blame two radio hosts that played a silly prank, likely thinking it wouldn't work in the first place, and not the woman who chose to needlessly throw her life away and abandon her husband and children. This is not something that should drive someone to suicide and frankly I can't feel much sympathy for someone who would abandon her family and friends over something so trivial. How is this the radio's fault? If everyone who had a bad joke played on starts jumping of a bridge will we have to start rounding everyone up and sending them to jail?

  36. Jessica says – reply to this


    More pathetic is the hateful reaction toward the two radio hosts who could never have foreseen this outcome and can't be blamed for someone overacting to a bad practical joke. Maybe the radio hosts will commit suicide next over these hateful tweets and then we can blame everyone who tweeted these messages for their suicide.

  37. MeKnou says – reply to this


    Wake up folks! I'm gonna take a sip of the "conspiracy" punch and say this nurse was murdered and didn't commit any damn suicide…

  38. Senior says – reply to this


    Who the hell is Kate Middleton anyway whose vomiting would create such havoc and one person lose her life because of her stupid pregnancy! Women get pregnant all the time. She is nothing special. She is only a spoiled jobless little girl who chased a rich guy and got what she wanted! What a waste to lose a life over any thing that has to do with Kate! Disgusting! I am sick of her and the news about her!

  39. Senior says – reply to this


    Re: sukhi – Totally agree!

  40. Mary says – reply to this


    off with there heads.and jeff kennet first brainless idiots

  41. 41

    The prank wasn't horrible. This woman as just a weak minded idiot. Those guys did nothing wrong. How on earth were they suppose to know the idiot would kill herself for no reason at all. It's not like she was being harassed, it's not like those DJs bullied her to the point of suicide. Bombarding the two DJs with that much hate is by far worse than what they actually did. People need to get lives

  42. Fuck the queen says – reply to this


    Inbred corgi-fucking retards should all be put up against the wall and shot.
    Fuck em all

  43. FFC says – reply to this


    I am British, and i can tell you straight away that she was not being hounded in this country like so many of you are believing, most took it for the honest mistake that it was, and nothing else. i can also tell you that not all Brits are in love with the royals, we are proud of our royal heritage but not to an extent that we should crucify a woman for making a mistake. All that happened since the prank call was that the security situation was to be reviewed at the hospital, as nobodies personal situations should be given out over the phone, whether royal or not. The two dj's should not be hounded out as much as they are, they will know now that what they have done has had the knock-on effect of someone committing suicide, and as a consequence they will no doubt lose their jobs and the reputations be severely damaged.

  44. englander says – reply to this


    Re: FFC – what he said

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  46. ossiesaredicks says – reply to this


    [ossies are all cocks anyways

  47. Sara Lee says – reply to this


    I don't really think the talk show hosts did anything horribly wrong here. It was just a prank. It's not their fault at all that this woman killed herself. They didn't bully her, it was just a prank gone wrong.

  48. LeahG cartoonist UK says – reply to this


    Re: Lilygirl27 – as a UK citizen I agree. It wasn't the prank that caused this woman's death it was the backlash from the UK s own media but as always they will never acknowledge the parts they play is destroying lives. Better to blame he djs. Fact is we wouldn't even know about the prank if every daytime tv show, chat show, newspaper, radio show wasn't making such a meal of it and playing her voice over and over. It was intolerable, unbearable and quite simply this poor woman couldn't take the pressure. Not many could.

  49. 49

    As an Australian, I have to say, we have all these radio "personalities" here who are aiming to be the most shocking thing you ever heard of and haven't learned to be decent in the process. THAT's the trick. They just careen along, thinking they're being really cool.

  50. 50

    "This poor nurse was being hounded in Britain, people were calling for her to be sacked and to loose her job, before this everyone found it hilarious. Bunch of hypocrites everyone! She was a brilliant nurse and he life was cut short by some immature radio hosts. RIP."

    I've just shared this with some aussie friends. Thank you for showing us what was happening on the flip side.

  51. diego says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but i didn't find any harm in what those people did. Everyone needs to calm down. I doubt that the nurse committed suicide due to that prank, she didn't even say or do anything.

  52. Frodo says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – Well said. People with children that take their own lives are seriously selfish and I have no sympathy for them. She could have tried to get help, but instead she thought she would take the 'easy' way out - with no thought of her children and husband and what she would be putting them through, leaving them without a mother. Disgusting. As I see it, it was in no way the DJ's faults! I mean, really?? Someone plays a prank on SOMEONE ELSE and she happened to forward the call and she decides life isn't worth living anymore?? Get real. She would have been thinking it for a long time before and it was just a matter of time before she went through with it. Unfortunate for these Aussie DJ's, it happened to be when they want to play a prank and she was one of the 'victims' of it. People make their own decisions and everyone has choices. She chose to leave her kids and husband in grief. No sympathy WHATSOEVER.

  53. Me Way says – reply to this


    Re: MeKnou – i totally agree with you. The moment i heard it I thought no way a 46 year wife and mother of two is going to commit suicide over something like this… which leaves the alternative, which is the horrific concept that she was murdered to shame the radio station, and discourage anyone else from doing anything similar in a hurry. horrific

  54. Waity says – reply to this


    The nurse, if she killed herself, was either unbalanced or stupid. She might have needed mental help , ? yet if she was a nurse , ? you know ? So I think she died of a heart attack or something or was murdered.
    Why kill yourself because the public now knows that Waity was going to get "freshened up" ?! {I'm sure she needed it too}. So, I'm not convinced plus the nurse was a mother–why leave your children because of stupid Waity ? Or Waity's privacy ? Waity doesn't care about privacy. The idiot was in the nude outdoors in broad daylight — privacy concerns Waity not a bit. So, very weird. And no the DJ's were not to blame. It was a joke - they did not expect to get past the first person they talked to. Now everyone is ganging up on them, HYPOCRITES.

  55. Waity says – reply to this


    where is my post ?

  56. Waity says – reply to this


    If the suicide note was typed then it was MURDER — FAKE NOTE

  57. americs says – reply to this


    Oh come on, these men shouldn't lose a dime nor there jobs you sad Brits. Are tou serious?? They are the reason she killed herself?? WOW you guys are stupid lol.. they were having fun something they did all time and it was okay with you people untill a sad woman took her life.. jump off the band wagon and get a life.. I hope these guys get raises!! No ONE can make another person do anything especially take there own life..