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Kristen Stewart Continues To Dominate The 2012 Lists!!!

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Ahh the end of 2012…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and LISTS!!!

The celebrity rankings for 2012 are just pouring in and perhaps the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders affair actually worked in Kristen’s favor??

After being awarded #50 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Women In Entertainment 2012: Power 100, E! Online released it’s annual Top 10 Inspiring Stars and the Twilight star ranked #7.

Why is she so inspiring, you ask? E! Online explains:

“What do you do when you screw up, and get caught? If you’re the Twilight actress, you apologize, put your head down and do your work, even if doing your work means putting you in front of the same people—the press and the public—who spent their summer scrutinizing and criticizing your every move. It may not be the classic feel-good tale, but it’s a blueprint nonetheless on how to take your lumps.”

We can’t disagree with them on that! We love a scandalous K-Stew, but putting her on the same list as a double-leg amputee and a disease-stricken author is just a BIT curious!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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8 comments to “Kristen Stewart Continues To Dominate The 2012 Lists!!!”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    Perez, RPatz didnt cheat on YOU. You looooooong ago should have moved on. He's straight too., so leave KStew alone.

  2. ljs says – reply to this


    Your a dick, Perez. That last sentence wasn't even remotely necessary. We still don't have a clue what the "scandal" was really even about, but she has shown class with dealing with the aftermath for a 22 year old. Seriously, how do you sleep well at night?

  3. 3

    Why don't you write an unnecessarily rude article about RUPERT for a change? It takes two, idiot.

  4. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Why the fuck do I come to this site….today it was because I clicked on the wrong link…my bad. Sorry I did. Perez, YOU TOTALLY SUCK BALLS. One bad decision doesn't mean she is not inspiring to people. There are some of us who refuse to be lead down the line of ruining someone over their private life that we are not privy to. And for what sake…for money and hits on your lame ass site. You and the haters are just pissed off because she has recovered nicely from her "indiscretion" and that just eats at your crawl doesn't it…LOL! You Perez will NEVER have the star power or the ability to inspire anyone and be on a list like this…poor Perez…bahahahahahahahahahahahhah……

  5. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    This site is trash.

  6. mm says – reply to this


    I love Kristen. She is holding her head high, working, part of a 3.3 billion dollar movie and getting critical praise for her work.

  7. Cu20Me says – reply to this


    Perez, eres un asco de ser humano…
    Resulta difícil de entender que naciste del vientre de una mujer…
    Tú no eres perfecto! Nadie lo es!
    Este lugar debería ser clausurado..
    Algún día vas a pagar bien caro toda la basura que hablas de otras personas.
    Después no andes llorando cuando algunas de esas personas de las cuales tú te harta de hablar mal, te vuelvan agredir físicamente..Bien merecido te lo tendría por ser tan mala persona.
    Recuerda que cuando apuntas alguien con un dedo, cuatro están apuntando hacia a ti.

  8. 8

    Interesting how Mario loves to love on Lindsay Lohan and all her stealing, lying, car crashing, drug and alcohol abusing self; someone who has never apologized for one sheit-y thing in her low class, miserable life (along with her enabling fame-whoring mother-orange oprah) but constantly blames her troubles on someone else. Yet Perez has ninety million posts about her wonderfulness and he couldn't kiss her ass enough when that lame Liz & Dick sheit came out. Not to mention how he salivated over Kim Kartrashian with her fiasco with her 72 day husband, Kris. She bilked people out of millions an tried to play the saint by "donating a portion of her profits and returned wedding gift cash to charities", all the while not mentioning she was taking a hefty tax deduction for "giving". These are the people Perez champions. It has implications of his character (or lack thereof). Pig.

    But when a hard working young actress makes a mistake and publicly apologizes for it, dumbass Perez continually looks for any opportunity to skewer her and call her a cheater and bring up the old news. Can you say "Perez is a panty waisted of a hippo-crit" ? Asswipe.