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Psy Might Be Plotting To Kill! Anti-American Past Revealed!

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The world has fallen in love with Psy ever since his song, Gangnam Style, popped up on Youtube, but Psy might actually want some of his most devoted fans DEAD.

It has been discovered that the South Korean entertainer had been an active protestor in several anti-US protests over the course of several YEARS!

For example, Psy sang in gold face paint and a glittery red costume at a 2002 concert protesting against the 37,000 U.S. squadrons stationed on the Korean Peninsula. While on stage, he presented the audience with a model of a U.S. tank and then proceeded to throw it to the ground.

However, the most chilling discovery comes from an event that happened two years later— In 2004, Iraq civilians sought murderous revenge on a South Korean missionary for the asian countries' support of the U.S. war in Iraq. The protest that followed featured another PSY orginal titled "Dear American," but this time their was no charley horsing around. The rap included such lyrics as:

"Kill those f***ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/ Kill those f***ing Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully."

Hmmm..we get his allegiance to his home country, but those are violent and graphic feelings! It's hard to believe that Psy could change such strong opinions of us in such a small amount of time!!

Either way, we don't think he should be let off the hook for this!! We want answers!

[Image via Hugh Dillon/WENN.]

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124 comments to “Psy Might Be Plotting To Kill! Anti-American Past Revealed!”

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  1. 1

    So can we FINALLY move on from this tool!

  2. shelly says – reply to this


    What? Y'all don't realize this is how most of the world see you - fat, stupid, illiterate, brainwashed and violent. Go fuck off. He has every legitimate right to protest US bases in his country and the torture in Iraq during an illegal war. Good for him.

  3. gem says – reply to this


    thank god for dead soldiers

  4. Fetti F Peet says – reply to this


    If Korea had 37,000 squadrons in US and thats a big fckn IF because US will never let that fly. BUT IF, There would be songs, movies, tv shows, news casts, lunchboxes, MTV would call whatever star had input on the topic and all of it would be "Fuck Korea,they need to get out of our country" or something very close. I dont think he is wrong to want a foreign army out of his country. Furthermore, Americans are the idiots buying into that Psy craze. We are the ones dumb enough to buy into anything that sparkles and glitters…Is he wrong to take advantage of our stupidity and ignorance? I dont blame him!

  5. Emma says – reply to this


    I for one welcome our American overlords.

  6. ItalianStallion says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – says the person perusing an American celebrity blog…

  7. ktown says – reply to this


    Not half as bad as certain American rap artists lyrics. Not to mention, what the first two lines refer to are completely accurate. Kudos to PSY - call it as you see it.

  8. Sam says – reply to this


    I agree with Shelly. I find it surprising you are just realizing that you are very disliked all over the world. That is exactly how the world thinks of you "fat, stupid, illiterate, brainwashed and violent." Maybe take this as more of an eye opener to how you are perceived by the world and less a hate on this singer.

  9. shelly says – reply to this


    Good point. So shall I protest American warmongering and stupid arrogance by refusing to read an American blog like y'all stopped eating french fries and switched to "freedom fries" when you were angry at France for not joining your illegal massacre (couldn't give up fries all together I note)? Good ol' American logic - bless your little brains.

  10. klatwork says – reply to this


    Typical AMURICAN mindset…bad for Psy to verbally sing about killing our soldiers, he's evil..but when Americans actually go and take lives and resources, it's for the betterment of humanity, now f**k off…You haven't done anything great for the world since WWII, America…You've become a leech who caused a global financial crisis and invaded countries to take their resources and rebuild projects …WE SUPPORT YOU, PSY!

  11. Janelle says – reply to this


    Well I will be going to teach in South Korea next year. From what I gather from American teachers the soldiers in the Itaewon base cause a lot of trouble. Who knows.

  12. liam says – reply to this


    All he did was rap and smashed a toy tank, american soldiers smashed 2 korean girls with a tank and raped several others.

  13. sydney says – reply to this


    WOW. Such a generalization. And soooo unintelligent and rude! @SHELLY. Wherever you are from, you can stay there. I have never met someone so vile. Every country that I have visited people have never had distain for me. I 100% american, and I am proud of it. What you just described is a STUPID IGNORANT generalization. Go troll somewhere else. You sound bitter. And the french fry comments are just petty. No one here has ever called anything a Freedom Fry. Seems were not the only "STUPID" ones on this planet.Re: shelly

  14. Christina says – reply to this


    I agree that America is pretty screwed up but not everyone in America should be put under the same catagory some of us have hearts and care about other people actually most I cant say much for the people that run this country because over the past few years they have run it down hill in my opinion.

  15. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – You're an idiot.

  16. T. Cash says – reply to this


    From the Buzzfeed article: "The song was originally done by the band N.EX.T"

    PSY didn't write the song. f you're going to post a sensationalist "article" like this, at least get your facts straight.

  17. 17

    This doesn't change my perception of him at all.

  18. sandyfeet says – reply to this


    All of you that hate the US should pack up your things and move to a place of your choice and never be allowed to enter the US again. Then we'll see how you feel about the US.

  19. 19

    No, the "world" isn't in love with this talentless gook. Most of us are laughing AT him, not WITH him, but you, Perez, are too dim to see how things really are. Nobody gives a shit about Psy, and his 15 minutes are almost up. Stop being an idiot pheggot for once in your pointless life.

  20. klatwork says – reply to this


    Re: Christina – I'm sure Americans would be hated alot less if they admit that they are fucked up and do somethng about it…but instead we keep getting this "we' re always right…f**k you" attitude. It's no different from a child who steals and blames the world when he gets caught…

  21. shelly says – reply to this


    I don't know if you have the capacity to consider the fact that just because someone reads and even comments on this, and American blog, does not mean they are IN America, because it's a blog on the internet - you understand?

  22. klatwork says – reply to this


    Re: sandyfeet – I'm happy here in Canada. No thanks. Who needs to go to a country full of self-absorbed people who never sees their own faults and be the first to blame everyone else.

  23. shelly says – reply to this


    Ha. No, clearly you were so charming they had nothing but love in their hearts for you. LOL, you Americans have no idea what most people think of you. I'm sure they were kind as they took your money at various McDonald's outlets across the globe. I understand, being the big (and fat) and powerful people that you were, it didn't really matter what everyone else thought but now it does, since your geo political influence and economic power on an unstoppable slide. It's typical end of empire stuff. I don't care if you think I'm rude Sydney, it doesn't matter. What matters is your country's arrogance and illegal aggression and violence across the globe. You should take issue with that and not my rudeness but you won't because you are stupid and brainwashed - exactly as I said (cheers for providing the perfect example). As for me coming or not coming to the US - I don't need your permission and I thought it was a free country which "loved freedom" including freedom of speech? Funny how you thugs forget your love of freedom when faced with something you disagree with. If I want to spend my money in your country, I will and you will thank me since so many of y'all are living in poverty or close to it. TA, bitch.

  24. Tan says – reply to this


    Do you feel yourself concerned? Then I guess you actually tortured Iraqi captives and ordered to torture/Kill daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers slowly and painfully.
    Because if not, even being American, you shouldn't feel yourself attacked!!
    It doesn't say to kill all Americans, does it?

  25. sukhi says – reply to this


    good one. witty retort Mandy. You're a smart girl.

  26. coco says – reply to this


    You're just a HATER Perez.
    STOP HATING because he has more fame and talent than you'll EVER get.

  27. Marcella says – reply to this



  28. tortora says – reply to this


    I believe that it's just so IMMATURE and CHILDISH to think that since PSY rapped about killing those american soldiers, it would necessarily mean that he wanted to kill all americans. I mean, come on, stop overgeneralizing. As human beings, we tend to overreact about incidents that's why we could curse as somebody instantly and it's but normal.

  29. ellen says – reply to this


    While I'm not gonna jump on the "americans are fat and lazy wah wah" bandwagon, I will say that Americans do have a positively AWFUL foreign rep. The rest of the world does tend to see America (as a whole! there's plenty of decent americans) for the violent, arrogant, greedy, corrupt political empire that it is. Your foreign policy has been utter shite for decades (barring Clinton maybe) and you really don't do yourselves any favours when you invade other countries whenever you feel like it, and refuse to let your soldiers be held accountable for crimes they commit abroad. Hence your rep for trigger-happy, really bloody scary soldiers.

  30. Velyna says – reply to this


    Re: sydney – Actually I'm sorry you feel that way to what shelly said but honestly it is how the rest of the world views Americans. That's why people from America are told to wear the Canadian flag on their backpack because since the 1950's the US has been raping countries for their resources, killing the people in the country and overall destroying their countries. It started in South America and it's not going to end anytime soon unless the American people start waking up and demanding change, but your far to ignorant watching your MSNBC and your Faux News and eating up all these lies. Even if you know that they're lies you still don't care because as long as it doesn't personally affect you then fuck it (that seems to be the general mentality). Even Canadians are think this about you, especially now with how much our PM is being over for Obama. Your country is ruining ours and you haven't even invaded it yet.

  31. heather says – reply to this


    I'm well aware that as Americans we come off as big headed. It annoys me how americans talk about other countries and they don't even try to teach about the world in our school system or foreign languages. American culture feels that the world owes us something. But I find that if you try and be respectful and fit in their culture and not be obnoxious these countries are very welcoming.

    . But also why the blatant disrespect to soldiers on here? I'm a military wife and you have no idea whatsoever in your mind what you are talking about people. It sickens me when people think its funny to joke about our military members. I want all troops out of the middle east. Leave them alone and let them kill themselves if they want and stop putting the soldiers in danger. But you have to realize these soldiers get orders. They get sent somewhere for their country and they can't just read an article and decide " yea they are right I'm just not going to go on my deployment" yea right. Sickens me that people feel the need to disrespect our military.

    Oh also not all Americans are fat, brainwashed, violent and stupid. That's a stereotype. I'm sure if I found out what country your from I could find a stereotype too.

  32. fid says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Ah and there's that lovely American spirit! Just start spewing evil racial slurs. That will make the rest of the world like you more!

  33. Velyna says – reply to this


    Re: Marcella – I don't think you understand what happened at pearl harbour. Yes the Japanese did attack, but do you know why they attacked? It wasn't because they hated you, actually they wanted nothing to do with you, but at the time Japan was in a war with China, and you see since the US wanted to get into WW2 (war is good for business and the economy) they had to do something that would get them into it. So it started with the US sending in guys to help China, and not to fight beside China but to sabotage Japan in many ways. Japan found out and that pissed them off, but they still didn't attack. It wasn't until the president at the time decided to move the majority of his military to pearl harbour. Japan felt like you were going to attack since they knew that you were helping china. So they attacked first. History is more truthful in Canada since we don't see ourselves as the "greatest country in the world" which is also very annoying to claim that when it's clearly not.

  34. Marz says – reply to this


    @Shelly-Way to overgeneralize. Ignorance is bliss-keep up that nasty attitude, what goes around comes around. It's people like you that make this world a shit-hole.

  35. fid says – reply to this


    Re: Marcella – I think you seem to be confusing all your racial slurs with what race they pertain to. Perhaps more education would help you? Well, probably not. Most people who write in all caps generally have a low IQ. I'm pretty sure there's a study about it out there somewhere.

  36. 36

    LOL, so you guys never looked him up? I did. I know he caused controversy in his country, some of his music is banned. and some of what Perez presented. I bet he was like,' I'll get those stupid Americans to fall inlove with me, sing my song and then…' I always look people up who are hyped up about. I never fall for anything because it looks or sounds good. I'm black, but you won't see me crying Over Obama. Yes I love him and I believe in him and what he's doing, but he ain't God and I will not worship him (like most people did). You'll only be dissapointed, (like most people were).

  37. Ashywash says – reply to this


    This is soo stupid and soo like Americans to overreact(I'm from Ireland btw). So you're country have done bad things in other countries and Psy 8 years ago protested. PROTESTED not plot against yas. Peaceful protesting is a BIG part of democracy, which I thought yous were all for. Hes done nothing wrong. That song is silly, people make things like that up all the time like Morrissey from The Smiths has done songs like that and many many others have too. But Morrissey's songs are still used in American movies. Its not a big deal. Yous can all still like Gangnam Style and it won't make you less American, it'll just show you have the intellect to see this isn't a big deal.
    Loves yas x

  38. sydney says – reply to this


    You think if you use intelligent words and babble on about your conception of the people here that suddenly we will all agree and turn our allegiance against our own country Shelly? You're severely misconstrued. We're not the "thugs" you are. All i've read from you is aggression. I would actually love for you to come to this country, because you'd actually meet real people, and i'm sure they'd be courteous and kind to you. Free speech is fine, we do believe in a healthy debate. It's when the opponent is blinded by hatred & refuses to listen is when that becomes less than tolerable. Who wants to listen to psychobabble? I may not agree with everything that the US does politically, we've made mistakes, & we've learned from them, but as a whole we are a prosperous country, and you know that. Four years ago, we voted for a man who promised to end the war in Iraq. We did. A man who promised to refocus on the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11. And we have. We've blunted the Taliban's momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over. So an END TO AN EMPIRE, I think not. We're just getting our stride back. Don't respond, I don't really care. I just think that if you can spew anti-USA propaganda, someone should defend us.

    -Your "easy brainwashed target"- aka A degreed, intelligent, well off, average sized human being, and just as anti McDonalds as you are sweetie.

  39. Marcella says – reply to this



  40. Velyna says – reply to this


    Re: sydney – This is the thing you haven't learned from your mistakes yet. I know many Americans that I would call my friends, but there are a lot that I have met who just buy into what ever the tv is feeding them and they even argue so passionately about it. Yet they can't see that the media is lying to them, nor will they even put the time in to research if what they were saying is true. I know not everyone is the same that is obvious, but I find that in America and actually quite a few other countries all over the world they praise mediocrity and hate the intellect. Which is very backwards, and they're still using Keynesian economics which is just going to lead to more debt, more recessions and depressions, and since the US uses the Federal Reserve it will always be this way, unless the people stand up and say they've had enough, but I can't see that happening in my lifetime and I still have 75% to go.

  41. 41

    Re: shelly – you realize that french fries are named so because if the cut of the potato and not the origin of the creation, right? of course you do. the name change was to promote nationalism….. i, personally dont care if you hate america, and visit this site because youre entitled to your opinion.. i DO wonder what great country youre hail from, though. lets all blindly throw stones :)

  42. ProudToBeAmerican says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – Shelly - he is discussing about killing and torturing human beings. Regardless if you are against America that is WRONG! I also like your comment about our "tiny brains" Only a small brained individiual such as yourself would try and classify an entire nation as being completely alike. I guarantee that I am not only smarter, but in better shape then youself as long as many other AMERICANS are so maybe you should look in the mirror and judge yourself becuase you are the one who appears uneducated and most likely a little heafty as well!!!

  43. Tan says – reply to this


    Re: Tan
    You're on Perez Hilton's blog site. Cultural differences aside, that's pretty pathetic. And when I say this I'm talking about you and every person who has commented on this post, including me.
    I don't even know how I got here.

  44. Rita says – reply to this


    I'm shocked and surprised to see people supporting Psy's rap.. 'kill their daughers, mothers..' you honestly think that's justified? Soldiers aren't the wrong doers; they're just doing as they're told. it's the sly politicians that are to blame. They're the ones misleading these innocent people into thinking their doing right. Anyway, America isn't as bad as some of you make out (coming from a Brit). Some Asian countries are ludacris.

  45. shelly says – reply to this


    LOL, I agree. it is pathetic. Logging off now. Laters y'all - don't go all postal now y'hear. I'm British, Canadian, Italian and Indian by the way. Let the racism flow ('gook"? you mutherfuckers)

  46. 46

    poor psy lolol

    so what im still dancing

  47. FACTSnotRUMORS says – reply to this


    1. There is no direct translation for "Yankee" in Korean so you should use an actual translator and not Google translate.

    2. It's not Psy's song! It's another band's song that he did a cover on. Perez, you are the absolute worst at reporting on any story accurately or getting the facts straight. Spreading false rumors? No wonder you got punched.

    3. Considering what Americans have done to South Koreans during the war, you would think Koreans would have the same sentiment as Jews during WWII but instead they opened up their doors, there are plenty of American companies & armed forces in Korea. Open trading, ask any Korean in South Korea and they'll tell you how much their government respects the US.

  48. FACTSnotRUMORS says – reply to this


    Plotting to kill or just covering another band's song? I used to read your blog pretty regularly but I will never read this POS again. It used to be entertaining and fairly harmless but now you are trying to destroy someone's reputation in a seriously dangerous way. Ask Psy what the Americans did to Korean women, including rape, murder, using them as sex slaves during the war. Ask him how the young soldiers in Korea behave now, in 2012. Anyone in the army/Air Force who goes to the South Korean base knows it's basically party central, drinking all day and using their military status to do whatever they want.

    I will do exactly what you wanted people to do with this article–pass it around. But not to destroy Psy. It will open up people's eyes to what kind of malicious reporting comes from this site.

  49. OhPlease says – reply to this


    His protest ended when the checks started rolling in. I will also point out that S. Korea's biggest problem is N. Korea — not the US. But we know what happens when you protest them too loudly or step one toe over the border… Psy is a flash in the pan here in the states. That dance has been around for years .. it'll fade and we'll be on to the next fad.

  50. 50

    Fuck off AMerican haters, if America is despised how come MILLIONS of people from every corner of the world migrate here and settle down? no other counry ion the world is as welcoming as America

  51. 51

    Alright, so. This wasn't actually PSY's song, he was a featured artist. But it stemmed from the fact that a Korean Christian Missionary was beheaded in Iraq… which would have NEVER happened if America wasn't in there screwing things up. It set off a huge negativity towards the American troops who are stationed in Korea. Similar things have happened to others, too, with their connections to the American military.
    The smashing of the tank came about because two young girls were killed by an American tank during a training exercise. And that probed a LOT of anti-American protests by a LOT of people. The soldiers involved were acquitted.

    Does PSY want to KILL everyone? Um, no, probably not. It's a song. A song fueled by strong feelings about past incidents, but it's a song. There are PLENTY of American songs that express a lot stronger "hate" messages, so um. Cool it, P. Because THOSE things that happened were much much more graphic and violent than PSY's part in that song will ever be.

  52. 52

    As soon as someone starts poking at Americans for their wrong-doing, past or present, you just start jumping on them and aggressively defending yourself. Hate to tell you but America is not the greatest country and Americans are not the greatest of people. Cue the idiots coming in to say "DOn't group us ALL together we aren't ALL bad!!!" and to them I say this: Alright, let me get the names and numbers of all of the individual bad Americans, then. Of course we're going to group you all together. And of course most of us KNOW that not ALL Americans are bad and fit their stereotype. I have lots of friends and I have family who are American. I visit America to visit them often. But you have to realize that Americans don't have a bad reputation for absolutely no reason.

  53. Brittany says – reply to this


    My grandfather fought in the Korean war. He took 250 pieces of schrapnel to his leg when the guy next to him stepped on a land mine. After WWII Russia got North Korea and we, the US, got South Korea. When North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950 we came to their aid. We fought the North Koreans and the Chinese to a stalemate at the 38st parallel where the DMZ now lies. North Korean, South Korean, and US troops always defend the DMZ. Any educated person knows what is going on in North Korea and would not want that for South Korea as well. The US is a major reason the North has not crossed the border again. South Korea has a flourishing economy and is one of the top economies in the world for steel. Our grandfathers and soldiers fought and died to protect the South Koreans from enduring the same fate at the North Koreans. Not only does PSY preform awful music but he is an ignorant ass as well and should be thankful he was not raised with Kim Jong-Il, or now Kim Jong-un, as his ruler. If they were his rulers he would already be dead for singing his music and taking any political stance.

  54. Well... says – reply to this


    Well, if you read carefully, you'll see that the song lyrics say, "Kill those f***ing Yankees who have been TORTURING Iraqi captives/ Kill those f***ing Yankees who ORDERED them to torture." The song lyrics express anger towards the soldiers and the military administration who have enabled the abuse of human rights, not the general American public.

  55. Brittany says – reply to this


    Re: Velyna
    Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor because we put an embargo on their oil. They couldn't survive if they didn't attack us and HELL YES WE WANTED TO GET INTO WWII! and thank God we did otherwise there would be no Europe, no Jews, no Gypsys. There would be a big white Aryan Germany! The Japanese knew the second they bombed us it was the stupidest thing they had ever done. Oh and google the rape of Nanking and see what the Japanese were doing to the Chinese. I am from America and had an AMAZING education so do not bash it. You do realize you live in America Light right.

  56. Idiots Overseas says – reply to this


    To those fucktards who hide behind their computers the US are to stupid to grasp in the pea size brains that without a doubt American soldiers and dollars saved their nations useless assessed and rebuildt their nations after the likes of Hitler bombed them into the stone age. Sit down and shut the fuck up you trashy foreign pieces of shit. PSY needs to move to North Korea and contact avian flu.

  57. Velyna says – reply to this


    Re: Brittany – I think eventually Europe would have asked for the US to help in WW2 but you underestimate the help that came in from around the world, the US didn't win WW2 for Europe. They definitely helped fight off Germans but it was a group effort. The Canadians were the ones who pushed the Germans back from the beaches after hours of trying to push the Germans back, claim them and countless deaths. The polish people fought hard, as well as the British and all the other countries that were involved. Americans since then have not been able to find a way to really get into wars, that's why they do these illegitimate wars now. Technically their entry into WW2 shouldn't of happened and they should have waited until Britain or any of the other countries asked for their aid. This is why most countries have a bad view of the US and it's people because the US has been illegally warring with other countries and the US people do nothing about it, and they actually think they're right to be there.

  58. mz.b2u says – reply to this


    Don't trust anyone that change up that quick be very afraid of :-) smiling faces!

  59. this article sucks says – reply to this


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there are obviously many. However, one thing for certain is that this is a horrible article with an equally horrible title.

  60. 60

    Re: Brittany
    Erm 'There would be no Europe….' I've seen American documenaries regarding WW2, they are highly biased and leave out vital facts, I suggest you do some research through other more reliable global sources.

    There is a very negative stereotype towards Americans, I somewhat agree with it but like all stereotypes it's not true of everyone. However alot of you aren't helping the situation with your arrogant posts and disgusting racial slurs!

  61. yvassallo says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – fuck the fuck off. he wants our american dollars and the fame we give him??? No one else will make as rich s he has become, and he needs to bow down and plead mercy because that kind of history dont fly. he should be thankful that the millions of americans who made his single go to the top of the charts are still alive and breathing. we may not be the best country in the world, but we still the bad ass fucking americans and we crazy mutherfuckers….

  62. Brittany says – reply to this


    Re: Velyna – Churchill was asking FDR for help prior to Pearl Harbor. The Poles had the largest resistance force and yes, other nations did help but the US, British, and Russia were the three major powers that defeated the Axis. The US also had soldiers fighting for the British long before Pearl Harbor. This also isn't about WWII this is about Korea and we were asked by the South Koreans and the UN to fight for South Korea and we did. That is why they are not under the insane leadership that North Korea is under. Negative views on America come from a lot of things. There are negative stereotypes about a lot of countries. When you are overseas the coverage you see on the US is completely bias, just like the news we see here about the rest of the world is completely bias. The stereotypes don't stem from WWII or Korea.

  63. Kaityn says – reply to this


    Re: Fetti F Peet – totally agree!

  64. Inah says – reply to this


    It is never right to generalize,America is a huge country and I'm pretty sure there are many great people out there.Also,stop blaming their presidents,if you are handling 50 plus states and other countries depending on you I'm sure it won't be a boat ride along a Venice canal. Every country has its own demons, sadly there are people who tolerates it or can't accept the truth and gets mad when they are confronted with the reality. I'm from an Asian country and trust me I never sugar-coat my country,I tell people both the positives and negatives. As for Psy well the guy brought some weird kind of unity to all by dancing Oppa Gangnam Style! Hehe;p lighten up people! UNITY will come from us not the government so stop bashing each other,like a fine beauty queen said…WORLD PEACE:)

  65. Mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – that's called a stereotype and you have nerve. Every country has some sort of stereotype and the fact that you believe it makes you the brainwashed and violent one. I'm thin, intelligent and wouldn't hurt a fly and I AM AN AMERICAN. It's kind of ironic you calling Americans brainwashed in probably the most brainwashed comment I have ever read.

  66. Mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: klatwork – if someone said everyone in your country was fat, violent and unintelligent you would be offended. I don't know of any person in America that thinks our country has never made a single mistake, of course we have. I'm sure you can't name a single country that hasn't.

  67. Mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – I would love to know where you live so I can list every screwed up thing your country has ever done and categorize every single person in your country with that same stereotype. At least we understand not everyone in a certain country is the same and that every country, including yours, has screwed up at one point. Let me try using your mind set for a minute. Congratulations to you're country "for raising a bunch of closed minded, arrogant, rude, racist and ill informed idiots.(:

  68. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: ProudToBeAmerican – So discussing the torturing and killing of humans (American soldiers in this case) is wrong..yet American soldier's PHYSICALLY torturing and killing humans isnt wrong? So lets see if I got this, talking about it is wrong..but doing it isnt?

  69. Mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – of course it's wrong, no one said it isn't. Don't start saying "oh American soldiers torture and kill people." Obviously that has happened. People go to war and shit happens. Their angry, maybe there wife died when we were attacked on 9/11. I'm not saying its right but don't pretend like your country has never had soldiers that have done it. So yes, when we hear a man who is currently walking around America, singing with Americans and making money off American support would not only like our solders dead but also innocent women and children we do get angry.

  70. Inah says – reply to this


    Just a friendly advice to all Americans here…take the higher road,it will show your haters that you are not the brainwashed idiots they think you are. Let Psy enjoy his 15 minutes, no need to get angry for what he sang or rapped before and Gangnam style is a song mocking his own people…ya know what I mean?! Take it as you giving him a really nice present even if he bashed you before,so he will know that the very people he hated are the ones who gave him universal fame and fortune…whether he is grateful or not, you are generous enough.

  71. ray says – reply to this


    It's cute that Americans think everyone likes them. Even better, they think we don't like them because we are jealous. GET A CLUE!

  72. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: ray – hahahhaha we do not think we're better and we do not think you are jealous. We think people that don't like America as a whole are ill informed and ignorant as well as dumb enough to believe a stereotype.

  73. Ellie says – reply to this


    Re: sydney – i agree that Shelly is generalizing, but just letting you knoe that we DID call hamburgers and fries 'Liberty Sandwiches' and 'Freedom Fries' for a while in WWI and WWII, as well as other times in modern history.

  74. Amy says – reply to this


    In 2002, two korean girls were crushed to death by us military tank in korea. Their picture of dead body were posted online and korean people were outrageous. There were also other korean ladies who were rapped and murdered by american soldiers in korea. And korea felt hopeless to even punish those soldiers.I have respects to american military. But i also do not blame psy. Think if one of your friends or family got crushed to death by foreign soldiers. Think if you saw the crushed dead body. Think if those soldiers got sent back to home without even getting proper punishment. It's all in the past. Very sad past.

  75. JASMINE says – reply to this



  76. rain says – reply to this



    If anyone steps on u.s toes they go to war. If u.s step on others toes they say nothing. This is not the only time. Look at Pakistan or Syria. They have a blatant disregard for foreign policies and agreements. America has unfortunately turned into what they strive so hard to defeat; terrorists. :(

  77. caravaggio_retribution says – reply to this



  78. you're an idiot says – reply to this


    Re: Ellie – "knoe" is spelled KNOW. That is by far one of the most uneducated things I have read on here… and that is saying A LOT amongst this bullshit! How old are you?

  79. johnny says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – Please quit making yourself sound so ignorant. You have no idea what you are talking about, have you ever been to any other country. Have you ever seen the "rednecks" and fatasses in other countries? I would imagine you are just an ignorant ass that has never left her own country, hence your bigoted views. BTW, it's pretty ironic your anti-American dumbass is commenting on an American blog.

  80. johnny says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – Get the fuck over it. How many Americans died protecting South Korea from North Korea back during the Korean War. He should be happy he can voice his views….and that's all due to American troops

  81. 81

    Re: reinbeau – You don't even know. If it's not the Americans then it's the Japanese or someone else. Koreans never blame themselves for their own problems, they have perpetual underdog mentality. As soon as you say a Korean man in Los Angeles raped and beat his daughter they just go, "well American soldiers raped, Japanese soldiers raped, Chinese soldiers raped." I can say this because I know. I am American, but of Korean heritage. Stop living in denial, if you are Korean then you should be aware, our culture is just one big embarrassment.

  82. andreas says – reply to this


    so invading sovereign countries, killing and torturing people for oil is all OK
    but if someone protests agaist that now thats evil and anti-american

    US, you try to be policeman of the world, telling everybody sh_t about humanism while :
    you are the only country in the world which dropped atomic bombs on civillians (facts)
    game over for you very soon !

  83. shelly says – reply to this


    Re: Mikayla
    Americans are not a race, you idiot. Do you get that? Not hard to understand for anyone but the stupidest (Americans) lol.

  84. shelly says – reply to this


    This doesn't just happen in Korea - a few times a year American "heros" stationed in Okinawa are found to be guilty of raping young girls. What happens? Nothing. Similar cases happen in most countries where there are US bases (Italy comes to mind). Your "heros" are despised for the violent lunatics they are the world over. That's a fact. Americans know little or nothing about their foreign policy and the actions of their soldiers. They are too busy ranting like nutters looking for the next country to attack (sorry, liberate - for oil). Freedom of speech hurts, don't it?

  85. shelly says – reply to this


    LOL. Okay. Yup. I've never left mine own country y'all. For freedom lovers, you lot sure are angry.

  86. bjsmith says – reply to this


    I have a solution to all people who are not American and who continue to be negative about America. Pack your bags and never return. You come to America to earn a living, go to college and have the same freedoms we have. So why are you so critical. Psycho Has had his 15 minutes of fame by doing a dance that's been out for years in America. He can go too. We don't need all this negative crape from foreigners.

  87. shelly says – reply to this


    LOL. I've already addressed the "American blog" issue above. You might want to read it. See, you can't stick a flag in it and a bit fence around it because it's on the internets and those things don't really exist in terms of actual space. Get me? I know it's comp-lee-kated. Lol. Anyway, I take it you're a freedomlover yeah? So, you love my right to say what I want (all based on fact - even the fat american thing - you are the fattest nation on earth so more of you are fat than anyone else). I can say what I want? Go shoot your mamma up if it makes you mad - that seems to be your national pass time anyway nutters.

  88. 88

    Re: bjsmith
    Why would you assume that any other these people who speak negatively about America are in America? That would make no sense. I have never met anyone that has dreams or aspirations to immigrate to America, visit, travel through yes, I've been a few times and love it. But it's by no means a place I'd want to live, which is why I moved to good ole Canada.

  89. 89

    aww - dont be too hard on him:) Like, I can listen to a MnM cd and hear some pretty nasty twisted shit in there - does that stop from buying his cd? - nope.

    And besides - the anti-american jibe is probably related to some anti-war anti-political outcry that was popular or trending there back then - so it makes sense to make songs that talk about this shit. Your own pop artists do the same ….it sells records!

    Anyway - he was probably some pot smokin hippy back then - & now he's all grown up and sensible with wife, kids and mortgage.

    Or - probably more closer to the truth - this guy is one 'smart' cookie. He 'knows' how to align his ART with what the crowds want to hear & see…regardless of how 'he' actually feels about the song content - this dood needs to pay the rent, put noodles on the table & keep a PS3 stocked up with the latest releases - at least he hasnt had to drop his dacks to do that - and that my friend, takes BRAINS to do.

    This dood deserves a standing ovation - whether I hate him, or not!

  90. Mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – Americans are not a race they are a nationality, I am very aware of that but thank you. I called you a racist because I am assuming you are one. Any person that makes generalizations about of group of people they do not know in my book is most likely also a racist. But thanks a ton for trying to say all of America is stupid based on one persons comment that you were to dumb to understand (:

  91. 91

    No way in hell would we or should ever forgive this creep for those words he said. Absolutely not and for the idiots outside of America who constantly talk shit about us Americans go Fuck yourself like Sandy said if you dont like it here pack up your stuff and leave. Learn how to defend your country. You dont come onto an world wide blog and talk down your Country especially America. It is rude and disrespectful, you'd be one of the first people crying wolf if we were ever severely attacked again. Get out or shut your mouths.

  92. Ellen says – reply to this


    hey, he was just trying to defend his country when 2 korean girls died from a accident which contained AMERICANS.

  93. 93

    he just doesn't like americans. who cares. he's not going to get the entire korean army on his side

  94. 94

    F*ck him that ugly, no-talen freak! So he hates U.S troops in South Korea? F*CK South Korea! Then we should pull out and let the North take them. PSY is a no-talent, bi-polar douchebag! Why are Koreans so inF*CKINGsane?

  95. 95

    Re: Sam
    Yeah, right…again, as another user wrote… as YOU, you dumb f*ck come onto an AMERICAN HOLLYWOOD gossip blog. Fu*cking idiot. You should have been aborted as a fetus you stupid f*ck.

  96. 96

    Re: shelly
    Of course we understand you stupid whore… but this is 99.8% about… Americans! Moron. Man, you are one dumb cu*t. So.. why are you here ya sutpid B*tch?

  97. 97

    Re: shelly
    Man, you are really one angry piece of sh*t. Let me guess..you are a f*cking ugly pig who can't get a date, right? Dumb no-good pig.

  98. Ev says – reply to this


    If you wonder why people around the world often look down on US, one of the reasons is the large number of the shallow imbeciles in the country, such as Perez.

  99. Amanda says – reply to this


    For all of you hating on the Americans for making a story out of this I say, "What if it was your country?" We would be just as angry in the UK. It may just be a lame one hit wonder, but the people who are putting money in his pockets have a right to know what they're supporting. He put out an apology as quick as he did because the US is where his fat little pockets are being filled. He hates the US so much that he moved to it…that's logical. Just like all the haters on here who complain about America but then wear American brands, listen to American music, watch American movies, and, apparently, troll American media sites. He absolutely has a right to free speech and protest, but so do the Americans- they have the right to be angry and protest his concerts, music, and anything else. He's scheduled to perform at the White House on Christmas for god sake. I ask you, what other country would put up with that? How would people react if he was singing about killing Jews? There's no difference…when we allow hate and violence to exist against those we dislike….we are no better than that which we condemn. Stop with the hate people.

  100. Leland says – reply to this


    For the record, the South Korean government wants those troops stationed there (they serve at the pleasure of the Republic of Korea). If you look just north of that country on a map, you'll see why.

    Either way, PSY encouraging the killing of children and the elderly is NOT ok under any circumstances.

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