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Scotland Yard Considering Launching Criminal Probe Into Kate Middleton Prank Call!

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Scotland Yard Considering Launching Criminal Probe Into Kate Middleton Prank Call

We figured it would only be a matter of time until this happened.

The world is still in shock over the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at the hospital where Kate Middleton was being treated for severe morning sickness who transferred the prank call from Australian radio DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles that ultimately led to the Dutchess' nurse revealing the details of her medical history live over the air, and now, it appears that Scotland Yard has gotten involved…and may be launching an investigation into the hoax!

A spokesman with the Metropolitan Police has revealed:

"Officers have been in contact with Australian authorities."

However, Nick Kaldas, the deputy commissioner for New South Wales Police, confirmed:

"It hasn't been indicated to us that an offense has occurred and they have not actually asked for anything yet. They've simply touched base, let us know of their interest and they will get back to us if they actually want something done. Nothing has been requested of us yet."

While DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian have been suspended indefinitely, it's unlikely they will be prosecuted, as the hoax did not guilty intent and the call was pre-recorded and cleared by the stations lawyers before it was broadcast. Furthermore, both of them are said to be in an unstable condition and are currently recipients of intense counseling!

However, even if no criminal charges are filed, it's clear that Southern Cross Austereo, owners of the offending station 2Day FM, are facing serious repercussions - and have met for an emergency board hearing to review company practices regarding these kinds of pranks.

It's just such an unbelievable tragedy that something like this had to occur for people to realize just how damaging and invasive the stunt was.

Our thoughts continue to go out to everyone affected by this unbelievable and pointless loss.

May Jacintha be at peace.

[Images via WENN/2Day FM.]

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43 comments to “Scotland Yard Considering Launching Criminal Probe Into Kate Middleton Prank Call!”

  1. Chris says – reply to this


    This is BS if the nurse committed suicide because of the joke she is one stupid human being. There was NO freakin reason for her to commit suicide for this. She must of not been a happy person.

  2. Dan85 says – reply to this


    This is so stupid. She killed herself because of the backlash she would get from this. Not to mention being so unprofessional to give out the patients personal information to complete strangers over the phone. Yes, its unfortunate she killed herself. But come on. It was a lame joke that went to far.

  3. 3

    the really sad ending to all this is that no matter what, this birth will always be associated with a prank and a suicide…horrible way to get born….

  4. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    To the two commentators saying it's bullshit and stupid, how would you like it if it happened to you? Imagine the humiliation you'd feel. These two assholes do need a stricter punishment, we need to learn to stop being so invasive to peoples lives. What they did was fucked up and cost a human life. There is such a thing as pranks going to far. Yeah the nurse screwed up, and she realized that. Was it the right choice? No, but what don't know what was going through her head or in her personal life. Maybe it was just the icing on the cake. Not everyone has a thick skin.

  5. Rosa74 says – reply to this


    The nurse was just the receptionist that transferred the call, not the actual nurse who gave out the information. Why are these DJs being pursued over a freaking prank? This prank was NOT even invasive. They called, they got in. Even the DJs stated in their recording how EASY it was to get through…the hospital needs to take blame for their privacy policy being broken. The DJs were just doing something stupid and they didn't even think it would work…I think the hospital wants to point fingers at somebody NOT themselves…shows the lack of integrity of the hospital.

    Seriously, this woman that committed suicide had issues BESIDES the prank she must've had it planned PRIOR to this incident because come on, committing suicide over a transferred call is absurd! And authorities getting involved over a stupid prank? Seriously, the one that should be reprimanded should be the NURSE WHO GAVE OUT THE INFORMATION….NO ONE ELSE. Grow the hell up. Authorities really show lack of judgement sometimes. OH SH** I may be prosecuted for saying this. I best get lawyered up.

  6. Tracy says – reply to this


    Re: RainbowBrite – Well said….

  7. Megster says – reply to this


    No way that the nurse killed herself just over this prank, there must be more to it. And how incredible stupid that the entire world is blaming these two radio-fools for this. Come on, giving out any personal info over the phone is silly and beside a queen that is talking this way about her "little bug in her tummy" should have giving it away already! Give it a rest, I thought the prank was funny, unfortunately some people are taking it way to serious…

  8. Rosa74 says – reply to this


    Re: RainbowBrite
    Yes, the DJs need to be reprimanded, however, the media is pushing blame for the suicide over the prank on them. The suicide is beyond the prank. I believe she had issues beyond that as you stated, this was probably the icing on the cake…The hospital needs to take responsibility and shift the blame where it belongs. Listen to the DJs recording again. They said were surprised on how easy it was to get through and how easy it was to get the info. Seriously, people need to put the blame where it belongs. Not on who started it. If the hospital had strict rules on privacy, it wouldn't have happened. This nurse's death is no one else's issue but the issues she herself had that apparently no one knew.

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Murderers ! ! !

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Except it hasn't been ruled a suicide; not yet, at least.

  11. We B says – reply to this


    WTF? The person killed herself they didn't, if she killed herself over this it is obvious there was a hell of a lot more going on in her life than just this.

    I think the people who are attacking the dj's for this stunt are complete morons. It was a prank, thousands have been done over the years and people didn't kill themselves over it they moved on.

    If anyone is at fault it is the hospital for not training the employees better on how to deal with the Royals and not having protocols in place on which calls to put through. even the dj's were shocked they were being connected.

  12. Courtney says – reply to this


    I don't see how this is not a clear sign of bullying! I worked for radio stations and the clear disregard of people's lives some have in the business just to get a good bit is terrible and not so shocking after witnessing it myself. This was tragic and even if the DJ's didn't think they would get through they still did! This not only put the hospital staff in danger but also Kate's. I am not sure what the rules are in Australia but in Canada you cannot put someone on the radio or tv or internet as a media outlet without their permission.

    The DJ's probably did not think this would happen but can you imagine the hell the hospital staff went through and are still going through after putting a royal in danger? Brits love their royals and would do anything to ensure their safety. I hope these two DJ's get the help they need since they must be terrible human beings to have such little respect.

  13. 13

    If you didn't complain about this type of radio behavior before she died, you have no right to complain about it after she died.

  14. beremorseful says – reply to this


    Your comment reflect on what's wrong with global society. Everything's funny as long as we aren't the target. Being offensive, mocking (in this case targeting the British monarchy), and blaming the intended or unintended victim instead of stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility, showing remorse and repentance. We are reverting to barbarism. Slippery slide starting with making someone the butt of a "joke" not paying taxes. Expecting a handout, "ripping" someone off (very funny - not). Letting it all hang out. We think we have rights but don't want to accept responsibility for anything.

    This woman was humiliated … internationally … not funny and now she's dead.

  15. 15

    I don't see how they can be held criminally responsible for her death as it was not a foreseeable outcome, even if it was in bad taste, however I do think they could get in trouble for falsifying information in order to obtain privet medical records. I'm not really sure what the laws are in England about medical information are though…

  16. dot says – reply to this


    Re: Rosa74 – exactly and the only reason they have said they will look into is because of the public pressure they didn't really commit anything and did not have the intent to do something malicious

  17. 17

    Re: RainbowBrite – Here here, couldn't have put it better.

  18. 18

    Re: We B – There's only two morons in this story, and that's the two brainless DJ's.

  19. 19

    Re: Chris – She was guaranteed to be ostracised. Who would trust her as their nurse after that? She felt like her life was over.

  20. Bubble says – reply to this


    In the U.S., it's illegal to pretend to be someone else to get someone's medical information. IT IS VERY ILLEGAL to make that information public (such as playing it on the radio). Not sure about England and Austraiia.

  21. MB says – reply to this


    Re: RainbowBrite – I agree. They, and everyone responsible, should be nailed to the wall.

  22. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Bubble – UK does not have something like the US HIPAA. My sister works for a Dr. so have a small bit of knowledge about this. Sad story. Think the autopsy is for sometime this week.

  23. KMR says – reply to this


    Just reading through the so-far 23 comments, it's evident that there are a lot of people out there who have no idea about depression in the workplace. I've been through it. In my job, which has major amount of stress, when you make a mistake, it can feel like your world is caving in, even for fixable mistakes. How much more when the entire internet world and media is reporting on your mistake. Given my experience of the agony of making mistakes in the workplace, and the only person who knows about it is me and my boss — I quake at the thought of what it would feel like for the entire blogsphere and news media to report my mistake to the entire world. What has happened to our totally wicked society when so many people can't even empathise with that?

  24. candoz says – reply to this


    She only transferred the call–she, herself, DID NOT give out ANY information..Why the heck did she kill herself? She must have been unstable to begin with. This is NO reason for suicide !

  25. candoz says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – I totally agree with you–SHE DID NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION, merely transferred the call to a different nurse,who did. She was unstable to begin with

  26. MB says – reply to this


    Re: candoz – Well, she felt somehow responsible for doing wrong towards the royal family, and whatever else she had on her mind was enough for her to allegedly kill herself.

    PS : I tend to really hate DJ's like this. I literally spit in their faces, and I hope they do get nailed to the wall somehow.

  27. shanghai says – reply to this


    Think these young presenters are suffering enough over a silly immature prank call. How could they EVER think it would end like this. They never expected to get past the first switchboard operator especially with their ridiculous "British" accents. This is something they will also have to struggle with for the rest of their lives.

  28. Nina says – reply to this


    I live in Australia and study law. I believe that if action would be taken against the DJ's it would be futile as the nurse committed suicide, they could be charged with involuntary manslaughter but it would never hold up in court as our legal system doesn't cover it. They had no mens rea or actus reus. Charges could be laid out for the prank call itself, however thats a minor charge. In our system the hospital would be negligent in providing the information, thus the nurse. This was not meant to get this out of hand, what the people forget is that radio stations do this all the time and the hospital should have anticipated people and media trying to get information, the nurse should never had issued any information over the phone. Her act caused a breach of privacy and confidentiality. Our laws don't allow any information to be issued over the phone, no matter who was calling the nurse should never have said anything. The only one at fault here was the hospital and their policy needs to change ASAP.

  29. 29

    These prankster DJ's, which appear to be now all over the western world, just don't know when to stop. They seem to have no sense of propriety. In their twisted minds pranking someone is just a funny segment on their show and maybe a boost in their ratings. Pranking is bullying.

  30. LL says – reply to this


    I to believe that there is more to this suicide, that this prank was nothing more but a "push over the edge". Yes these DJs pulled a childish stunt but its not like they said "hey lets pull a prank and maybe someone will go kill themselves" if they knew something like this was going to happen they would not have gone through with it. If anything the hospital should be blamed for this. I live in Canada and when my mother was in the hospital i called in to ask what was her diagnosis and they immediately told me that they are not allowed to give out that sort of information over the phone. This hospital clearly needs to change its policies and i blame them for what happened not the djs. Even I could tell the accents were fake and i dont even live in england.

  31. 31

    i heard some other djs a few weeks before ringing the queens residance on the radio the lady who answered shut them down so i guess these pranks happen alot …

    this is terribly sad but i dont blame the djs for her death in the end she chose to end her life instead of deal with the aftermath its sad yes but not the option to choose…

    may her family have some peace …from their sorrow..

    but i dont think the djs should be blamed for this just the part they played

  32. 32

    A. The British Government is in on this one. B. The DJS are morons and should face criminal charges. C. Their is no happy ending for either side on this one.

  33. 33

    Ridiciulous that people are hating on the woman who had "committed suicide" due to this "prank" which shouldn't have occurred in the first place. I mean, how old are we? And why are you trying to get medical info. about Kate Middleton? She signed up for this… Let her marry the prince and fulfill her job of providing the kids. THINK PEOPLE!

  34. boheme19 says – reply to this


    This is just incredible to me! I do not for one moment believe these 2 DJ's did anything wrong in playing this prank. What I do think has been wrong, is the suggestion that they had anything to do with this woman's death. That is just not possible. NO one and I repeat no one kills themselves over something like this. No one. I feel so sorry for the two of them that this is what is being insinuated.

  35. lola says – reply to this


    oh poor djs , they are shattered?! boo freaking hoo. Everyone is calling it a silly prank?? maybe the call was silly and lame but the joy they got when they the replayed the conversation over and over again is sickening. Part 1 prank call. Part 2. illegal recording the conversation and broadcasting it which further humiliates some poor souls just doing their jobs caring for sick people on an overnight shift. This is bullying and then passing the buck saying "every else does it" Leave innocent people alone and go prank yourselves.

  36. Lex says – reply to this


    I can see this from all sides, if they had revealed to the nurse at the end that it was a hoax and had a laugh maybe she wouldn't have been left ot feel 'the jokes on her' she was humiliated by this stunt, the radio hosts have producers and people above them that were also all in on it so how is it fair to blame them entirely? it is wrong but like i said i can see this from all sides maybe you should too.

  37. 37

    No matter what, this woman killed herself after going through the humiliation. It doesn't matter if a 'normal' person would do the same or not. What matters is it DID happen, and the two DJs are in very understandable distress because of it. I feel for them because it is obvious they would NEVER have thought this would be the result of the prank. But now they have to live with it. We all make decisions every day that could affect someone in an unexpected way. This is a good example to all that we should always be careful about other people's feelings.

  38. 38

    Feeling very sad for these young DJ's!
    Every radio station [in Australia] participates in prank calls.
    Suicide from a prank call? I am extremely familiar with depression (having studied it for a few years now) and quite obviously this lady had a lot more on her mind than a prank call? Did she know it was a prank? What was the hospitals reaction to how she handled it?
    An unforeseeable consequence now sees the two DJ's in a horrible mental state too. A really sad situation for all really.

  39. 39

    another fucking incompetent, error-filled Perez post. U R Fucking amazingly consistent. HIRE A FUCKING EDITOR! "the hoax did not guilty intent" ??? DUH. Coming from a leech like you, who publicly trashes people," your holier-than-thou "something like this had to occur…" preaching is laughable.

  40. 40

    You're judging them???? You? Who is always reporting on peoples personal lives making up assumptions and rumours? Judging and saying mean things? Just cause no one committed suicide over it I still think you're a million times worse Perez, also why would she kill herself over this? How lame she obviously had other issues plus is there proof it was related? Did she leave a note saying it was cause of this? Probably a coincidence!

  41. Helena says – reply to this


    The radio station did not clear it with the hospital to play the prank call. They tried 5 times to allow the station to play it but no consent was given so they played it anyway.

  42. Joaquin Desouza says – reply to this


    These murderers belong in a jail cell.

  43. Kinzer says – reply to this


    People need to chill the fck out.
    The loss of that womans life is very sad however to hold a prank call responsible for it is madness. She must have underlying issues that caused her to commit suicide.
    From what i know its not easy to take your own life, mentally and physically so i doubt this prank could have been the sole reason. Saying that, if it was her reason then it proves she was mentally unstable anyway to take it so far and would have been tipped over the edge at anytime. The 2 DJ's should never be held responsible for this death. In fact its probably just a coincidence and shouldnt even be linked to her death but as usual the media are all over it making it into that, before any evidence has even been presented on the case.