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American Idol Is Now PROMOTING The Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey Feud!

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Let's be real:

With this kind of ratings GOLD, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before American Idol started ca$hing in HARD on the staged alleged feud between its newest additions to the judges panel, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj!

So hard, in fact, that in the latest preview for the season, it's entirely FOCUSED on the pair at each other's throats!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

WELL. Whether or not this, ahem, 'difference of opinion' was legit or not, we're just relieved that these two have since resolved their issues and are moving forward with the show!

Can't lie, though!

After watching this, we cannot WAIT to see all the disses and eye-rolls FLYING when the new episodes premiere!

How about U??

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20 comments to “American Idol Is Now PROMOTING The Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey Feud!”

  1. Marc says – reply to this


    YAWN!!!! Didn't that happen in the summer? Idol really thinks anyone is going to care next year? Talk about messing up a potential free publicity "stunt"…Plus, by the time Idol is back on the air, it will go up against Modern Family on Wednesday nights..I predict that thisssss issssss the last season of Aaaamerican Idol!

  2. 2

    how pathetic that a network would stoop so low and that a porky has been and miss piggy would participate. am I the only one that thinks that that nicki thing looks like miss piggy from the muppets?

  3. 3

    Why don't those two just hash it out on Jerry Springer - Idol should focus on the contestants, not the judges.

  4. Kristian says – reply to this


    Re: ms trudy – yes,yes you are the only one.

  5. 5

    Re: Kristian – sometimes being right is lonely path…

  6. Mark says – reply to this


    SO EXCITED 4 THIS. Mariah Carey is like, TV gold. She doesn't even need a fricking feud to bring the ratings in. Her personality is OUTRAGEOUS and naturally funny. WHEN THE HELL IS THIS AIRING??????????????

  7. Marc says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – Mariah tv gold? In what planned? First, her pathetic attempts at "accents" and her "darlings" are as real as the implants on her chest! And let's get real, the woman talks like she never got off "the special yellow bus"..She makes Beyonce sound like a rocket scientist!!!!

  8. 8

    I blame the viewers.

  9. 9

    mariah sounds like she's reaching… like she's thirsty for a fight. the relevance is… running… out and she so thirsty.

  10. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: selinaaaa – Mariah always has a husky voice. Watch her interviews, that's just how she is with people; she likes banter and joking around. I'm just finding it interesting how they choose only to show Mariah in a bad light. there's no way Nicki didn't respons (or even provoke) those jokey remarks.

  11. 11

    Well, considering Nicki Minaj is a no-talent ass clown who doesn't deserve to have a record deal, much less be in the same vicinity as Mariah Carey, or judging the talent of others, I think Mariah has every right to be offended that freak was even allowed at the same table as her.

  12. Bobby D says – reply to this


    Re: Kmosuch – Amen!

  13. tj2 says – reply to this


    its a shame that people find wat mariah did was ok….. had it been yall , you would feel somewat of wat nicki's feeling (wtf).. yall can say ohh she's just playin that's how she is…Uh no theres a such thing as playin tooo much and she did and thats why nicki blew up on her asss!!! I love mariah dont get me wrong but she was wrong for wat she was doing… oh nicki is a talentless whore, she's a chest implanted bitch!, Why is she there?… BUT wat the fuck does that have to do with respect, key words: U respect me I respect u!!! Im glad they are showin this so everybody can see how innocient mariah is, thats all I got to say I know Im RITE!!

  14. 14

    Re: Mark – Tv gold yes… Tv for those in their golden age, like 50 years old plus. She is the most boring person ever. She is obnoxious and just doesnt stop blabling, even when she said whatever she had to say, keeps on and on and on and even repeats the same thing like three times. Its unbeareable.

  15. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    Re: ms trudy – well since the porky has been MeMe has long been compared to Miss Piggy in both looks and demeanor as well as a giant sleestak I don't think Minaj quite fits that description-besides Minaj is actually relevant in todays poptard charts and MeMe is not-with no awards in a good 10 years and only 1 single out in the last 5-a hideous failure to boot I really don't see what Idol is paying her 18 mil for other than to be the nasty blow hard has been trainwreck for everyone to roll their eyes at-like Ormarosa on the Apprentice

  16. Dog says – reply to this


    To all those out there who accuse Nicki Minaj of being untalented, let me ask you a simple question. Why didn't you guys complain when Ellen (a talk show host), Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson was on the panel. Let me remind you that all of them are not trained singers. Matter of fact is, you don't need to be a legendary vocalist to be a judge on American Idol. Look at the X Factor USA. In what way is Britney Spears an amazing vocalist. She's merely entertaining and has heaps of personality, something American Idol can draw from Nicki Minaj. Furthermore, the attention will still eventually divert to the contestants. I mean who can't agree on the fact that a little competition among the judges makes for entertaining TV, right?

  17. Rachelle says – reply to this


    I knew it was all staged… what celebrities do to get air time. HA!

  18. Truthteller says – reply to this


    Perez is shit

  19. Gigi says – reply to this


    Don't fuck with Mariah ! She is the queen of shade !!

  20. asmiralda says – reply to this


    I was so excited that Mariah was picked as one of the judges on AI. I hadn't been watching AI since maybe 2009. I planned on watching AI 2012 because of Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, I changed my mind because Nikki was picked as one of the judges. Sorry, what can Nikki offer? She doesn't have a good voice and her songs are craps. Putting Nikki as one of the judges was a mistakes. AI is so desperate. Maybe next year they will asked Bieber or Chris Brown as the judges. No wonder AI has less and less viewers. the show is suck!