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Britney Spears Sings X Factor Finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar's Praises & Compares Her To…

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Britney Spears Carly Rose Sonenclar Mini Me

With the X Factor season two finale coming up next week, we are now down to the show’s four remaining contestants!

While Simon Cowell told us he’s hoping for a miracle to bring his two groups to the finale, his fellow judge, Britney Spears sounds pretty confident with her last finalist, Carly Rose Sonenclar!

Carly Rose has been slated as a front-runner from the start and the 13-year-old continues to impress everyone with her vocals and old soul!

Britney recently stated:

"The way Carly Rose is kind of shy and then she gets on stage … and it's an insane voice. When I was younger, she reminds me a lot of me."

Oh shiz, gurl! Sounds like Brit Brit is predicting one hell of a successful career ahead of you!

Mz. Spears went on to share just why Carly Rose is destined for stardom, saying:

"Her personality … She's so cool. Like Simon said about her the other night, she has this demeanor. She really gets it. She understands the business and that's what you also need on top of being talented. I think that's her best quality."

No matter what the outcome of this week’s show and next week’s finale, we have a feeling Britney will prove to be right with this one!

It’d definitely be a shame for Carly Rose’s talent to go to waste!

[Image via X Factor.]

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36 comments to “Britney Spears Sings X Factor Finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar's Praises & Compares Her To…”

  1. Joanna says – reply to this


    Britney is right…Carly is going to win this season!!! She's the most talented of the bunch!! And u could tell that they have the best mentor-mentoree relationship. Britney has done a great job with her & Carly certainly brought a lot to the table with that incredible voice of hers.

  2. 2

    She does have an amazing voice. But in the long run, her parents might have been better off shielding her from the public eye until she is a little older. Why the rush to embark on a career? Especially when there are people like Simon Cowell out there who will squeeze every dollar they can from her then cast her aside. There will come a day when they wish they would have waited.

  3. Danica says – reply to this


    Yeah, she's a lot like you, Britney. EXCEPT SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING.

  4. PM2901 says – reply to this


    Britney is right. They both have insane voices. Carly's voice is insanely good, and Britney's voice is insanely bad.

  5. 5

    Must be embarrassing for Britney considering most of the contestants can sing better than she can.

  6. Nicole says – reply to this


    Carly Rose does NOT deserve to win this show. 1.) She's had a career before. Look her up; she's been in movies, television, AND she's sung the National Anthem for major league baseball teams… which during her audition, they acted like it was her first time singing in front of an audience. Why I don't watch "The Voice" after Cassadee Pope and Jordan Pruitt were on there. DO NOT GO IN COMPETITION WITH OTHERS WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A CHANCE. IT'S UNFAIR. It's the same with Diamond who was on there. She was on Broadway, and she did voiceovers for Disney. 2.) She has an attitude. Everyone is saying how she is so sweet, but look at her when she knows the cameras aren't on her. She has bitch-face, she rolls her eyes, because she knows that everyone loves her. She's too cocky, but she won't show it. She's very artificial. Compare that to Tate Stevens on the show, who is SO genuine. Not even a country music fan, but he's the best on there when you look at vocal ability, sincerity, and why he's doing it. He's doing it for his family. She's doing it for fame. 3.) All. She. Sings. Are. Ballads. Of COURSE her voice is going to sound even better compared to everyone else's. Even that dumbass group Emblem3 switches it up. She's completely fooling everyone by slowing down her songs so she shines.

  7. hmmm says – reply to this


    The country guy is gonna win. He's no frills and just what the viewers want.

  8. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    But Brittney…you can't sing like Carly…seriously. I get the shy part but the singing?

  9. 9

    Carly better win IAM so sick of tater tot he needs to go home and emblem 3 sucks no idea why these crazy girls are in love with them there ridiculous ad they look like drug addicts no lie and those girls can't see them as a real group.they look so fake like we all get along yeah right don't buy that for a second

  10. ryah says – reply to this


    britney can sing look it up on youtube but her record label dint care about showing her real talent so her voice has been altered threw the years!!!!

  11. barny says – reply to this


    For all the jealous loosers saying Britney can't sing.If this were true Britney would not have had the Success she had and continues to have.

  12. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Do you realize tate has had vocal training and was also in a band, thats also his stage name. You talk about her slowing down her songs and u praise Tate but tate has never done one uptempo song. And how is it unfair on other contestants because she has had experience? X factor is not about finding people who have only sung in the shower and into their hairbrush. Its about finding someone who has amazing talent and experience and making them into a superstar. Your petulant ranting about her rolling her eyes off camera is absolutly ridiculous.Oh and another thing, she has done Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Nina simon, Karmin, Beyonce, Justin Bieber all different artists so not exactly a ballad everyweek.I find it comical you have judged her personality without even knowing her, very pathetic imo

  13. 13

    Britney never had the voice Carly does. She didn't become famous for having an amazing voice, it was because she was an entertainer, which I guess in essence is what the X-factor is supposed to be about.

  14. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – Okay, you, other than your obvious lack of intellect based on your grammar, are lacking the educational skills to know what is a slowed down song and what is an up-tempo song. Tate Stevens sung "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban, which is an UP-TEMPO song. The only song Carly rose sung that was up-tempo was "Good Feeling" in which the vocals were SLOWED DOWN. I never said anything about her song choices, other than she slowed them down, if they already weren't ballads, to show off. Beyonce song: ballad. Bieber song: ballad version. Bruno Mars: ballad. Celine Dion is always a ballad version. And the Karmin song is a no-brainer up-tempo song and SHE TURNED IT INTO A BALLAD. Look at everyone on the show when they don't know they're on camera. They don't have their nose turned up as if they know they're better than everyone. She does. Vocal training isn't being unfair- it's unfair when the person competing has gotten far by appearing in film, on television and know how the business works because they've been there before, and are acting like they never have. My "perpetual ranting" is based on opinions that can easily be classified as facts. Your one dimensional reply is drawn upon favoritism and simple-mindedness.

  15. Stfu says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole
    Stfu. Seriously.

  16. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – OK Fist things first my grammer is irrelevent. I know the songs Tate has sung and he has sung the same way all the way through. There is nothing wrong with that. Carly has a soulful voice which is obviously going to sound slower. I just dont get the fact that you think your opinions are relevent or fact, believe me they are not. You keep saying its unfair because she has had training when i already told you most of these artists have had training. Its not as if they just sang in the shower then auditioned, please do not be that naive, you are completely missing the point of what this show really is. And again your passing judgement of a 13 year old girls personality of which you have watched a few little clips of which i find very ignorant and pathetic. What it boils down to is she is just not your taste, and you try to make your twisted opinions to seem like facts so you can justify in your tiny brain that you are correct….VERY SAD SMH

  17. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Stfu – Simple mindedness again. At least spell the whole damn phrase. If you don't know how, I'm sorry. And in case you didn't watch again, TWO MORE BALLADS.

  18. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – 1: Grammar is relevant because if you can't even spell words or not use abbreviations, how can you correctly know what's left from right? 2: I have NEVER said her voice wasn't phenomenal. It's pretty obvious that she has the best voice in the competition, especially for a 13 year old girl, NOR did I berate anyone for having training. What I DID say was that she, of all the other contestants have tried to HIDE the fact that she has had mild success: she has been in two feature films, on a children's television show, been on Broadway, and has sang at Madison Square Garden, the Dodger Stadium, and the US Open; which at her audition, HER father and HERSELF made it seem like it was her first time in front a crowd. 3: Her personality, albeit a 13 year old girl, sucks. It's a factual observation. She can't take criticism without looking like she's horribly offended that someone says something to her with a voice like hers. She seems arrogant and she doesn't project warmth and a genuine persona as the others do. You have misconstrued my statement as me not liking her talent, when I was originally saying based on what she has achieved already and how she has an unlikable personality. Please make sure that when you say something, that it's a plausible argument with good grammar and without acronyms.

  19. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – So what if her songs are slower. Im glad she is like that instead of doing teenie uptempo songs we see everyday because its not her style, its like asking tate to sing rap. This girl is unique, even if she is not your style you can not deny she is very talented. My guess is your a demi fan who is jumping on her negative criticism, or maybe a fan of Emblem 3 as you see her as a threat.

  20. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Shut up about my grammer, this is opinions on x factor not a english class. And your so wrong about her trying to hide her success as the official x factor usa website cited her past work lol. Your focusing on your personal dislike for her personality and trying to convince yourself its fact when its just your opinion. This is a talent contest not a most like-able person contest anyway. At the end of the day its just opinions, because lets face it none of us know what she is really like because we have never met her, thats why i just focus on the talent and im not naive to judge a person just from seeing them on an edited TV show, i suggest you should do the same because your making yourself sound like a little teenie bitter fan girl.

  21. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – It's hilarious how you feel the need to automatically lean to the choice that I'm a fan-girl who is "bitter" about her and that I'm a Demi fan, and that since I'm that, I probably like Emblem3. Demi is, as a fact, the worst judge on there and Emblem3 is annoying. Why it matters is that even though it's not a like-ability contest, you STILL are stupid enough not to see that if no one likes her, THEY WILL NOT BUY HER ALBUM. Yes, people will like her voice (which I do, dumbass) but what's going to happen when she's on actual interviews? You have to come off as personable and she does NOT. And not every up-tempo song is "teeny-bopper" or a dance number. Michael Jackson songs are an example. You cannot have a career doing ballads. At least Tate sticks to a genre, and does that genre in different styles. She is all over the place in genre with one way to sing it. You don't make any sense with your analogy, unless you're too stupid to understand that. She has no personality and that she shows shows someone stuck up and impersonal. And again with the grammar. Not an English class… so what are we speaking? Chinese? Gibberish? Apparently you are, since you lack punctuation skills, too.

  22. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Nicole im done arguing with you, its just your opinions that are stupid. And you cant make a career singing ballads?? Well thats funny considering you mentioned thats all what celion dion does. Your double standards are pathetic. Infact your a pathetic excuse for a human being. You have to start calling people dumbass just because i made your pathetic little point invalid. Please answer back if you feel the need to , but you will get no response as i feel like im dealing with a little girly fan who is infact jelours. Nothing you can say will make me change my mind.

  23. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: Danica – Bitch, SIT THE FUCK DOWN! BRITNEY IS A SOPRANO-SOUBRETTE! Stay pressed! ;)

  24. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this



  25. judy le says – reply to this


    I'm a big fan of Carly Rose Sonenclar. I really hope that you can win the xfactor competition of 2012. I see why you are in the bottom two of this week, because choice song and worerobe. you need to sing like winer and look like a winner and dress like a winer. everythings is important and flawless you need to be prepared ahead of time. rehersal and recorded. watch your performance corrected and have some advice from professional or someone have knowleged or experience.
    I suggested you shoud sing Celine Deon music.Because she is a legend and have a lot of fan. I beleveive that you can do the same or better than her. (Your vocal and high notes)This i s why Tate Steven stole your spot because he picked the right music and it already famous so he doesn't have to do much.
    You need to picked a right song, not any ordanary song but the one that bring out your voice and make the view unforgetable. Last but not least, you need to owned that stage think confident and act confident.Remember to asked yourself is your song your apearance worth five million dollars.
    I hope that you will read this message and the most important that I wish you will win!
    Good Luck! :-)

  26. george says – reply to this


    Uncertain if the producers at xfactor realizes it. But a judge is suppose to be unbiased and non prejudice. If a judge feels he can not set aside his prejudices, and rule impartially, he must recuse himself. Meaning therefore, a judge cannot in all fairness, be appointed as a mentor, for the same person their judging. What their doing is in violation of the contestants constitutional rights, and could result in a class action lawsuit

  27. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – You are such an imbecile. I said "Celine Dion is always a ballad version" - I said the word VERSION, meaning whenever someone ELSE sings a Celine Dion song, it's a ballad version. I never said "Celine Dion is always a ballad song." It's not my fault if you fail to comprehend. Look back and know your "corrections" before you berate someone, DUMBASS, because clearly since you can't follow a logical explanation and are so self-righteous, you can't handle someone else having the upper hand in a discussion, which results in you calling someone pathetic. I'd imagine you are in your preteen years, since you are defending a tween with such might, along with STILL not being able to spell correctly, make the appropriate punctation, and be so slow with such simple diction. "Infact" isn't a word. And what is "jelours"… is that French? Obviously not, because you can barely utter English. If you are above the teen age, that really WOULD be pathetic and at the same time a little sad. If so, I am so sorry for your unfortunate retardation, in which case your argument ceasing is for the best for your struggling brain cells.

  28. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – LOL i was not going to comment but your so up your own ass its funny. First things first English is not my first language so sorry if i still make mistakes from time to time. Secondly you have to go to name calling just because i completely made you look like a little teenie fan girl. And you also say Carly is unlikable, well she is in the final u dumb bitch, so loads of people disagree with you. Good day now :)

  29. K says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – Exactly! I agree 100%!

  30. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – No, you commented back because, like I said, you're too vain to let someone have the upper-hand. And to say English isn't your first language is to the first thing you would say to cover up the fact that you aren't educationally gifted. Obviously. Third, look back at the conversation, DUMBASS, because I never initiated the name-calling first. YOU did, by calling me pathetic. Fourth, it seems that the only saving grace you have is calling me a "fan-girl" when I am neither fiercely supporting anyone or saying who should win, when you sir/madam are the one who is resulting to downright insults, incorrect grammar, and the conclusion of the conversation with the word "bitch"- which is more "fan-girl" than a One Direction fan, considering we're talking about a reality show on a pink website. And finally, again you DUMBASS, I never EVER said she wasn't talented. You don't have to be likable to like someone's talent. Case in point: Mariah Carey. I do not like her, but she has the voice of an angel. I never said she wasn't going to win or wasn't going to be in the finals. I said she did not DESERVE it. Please try and get facts straight before you try to solidify your statement being the superior one, you meager moron.

  31. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – LOL I obviously have touched a nerve because u continue to try and argue with me, even though someone on here has already said they agree with me 100%. You're suffering from delusions. I'm dutch, moved to the uk in 1990. i have no need to lie because im not bothered what you think of my grammar, it is irrelevent, your opinion does not mean shit. And yes you are pathetic. You sit behind your computer judging a 13 year old girl's personality when you do not even know her. You said in your first post "shes too cocky, but she wont show it" so how the fuck do you know then? . There is so many holes in your argument it's laughable. Like i keep saying your basing your opinion of this girl as a fact, when in reality it's just your deluded opinion.Haters like you think they know it all, especially trying to divert a argument on to grammar, i guess it makes you feel superior in your sad little life LOL

  32. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – I have piqued your interest if you keep coming back, desperately trying to prove yourself right, even as going as far as to tell me your life story, which I have no fascination in knowing. The "agree 100%" is applying to your first comment, before you showed an ignorant side. I see that you're happy to receive any kind of attention. You're defending a preteen with your life. Are you a pedophile? Are you clinging for youth so much that my opinion of an impersonal girl rages you enough to keep coming back and trying to, but failing, to outsmart me in why I feel the way I feel? Pitiful. It's a shame that you can't accept the comments and move on. It's also a shame that you cannot make a valid argument on her, other than I don't know her. On my observations: she rolls her eyes when she knows cameras aren't on her, and she smiles innocently as if she's been grateful to be there. It's a fact that with the success that she's had, she doesn't deserve to win, on top of my opinions of her being phony. I divert (happy you know how to spell that- good for you!) to English corrections because it is impossibly stupid for someone who cannot fully speak / understand a language to argue in said tongue. Being pathetic is writing full paragraphs in forceful debates, but not knowing where to put apostrophes and capitalization, on top of using vulgar words to justify a half-assed argument. Pathetic, indeed.

  33. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – You are the type of person who has to have the last word because it makes you feel better.Not only are you judging a 13 year old girl your also resorting to pedo slurs , just goes to show how desperate you are to try and belittle me just because i made you look like a dumb bitch. You talk of carly not deserving this just because she has had success elsewere….bitch please, you sound so horrid and bitter, Carly has worked hard to perfect her talent why should she not be rewarded? Your the type of person who is jealous and bitter and hates people because they have had some success. Just to let you know, tate has been in a band, diamond white has done films and voice overs, emblem 3 were doing gigs before, beatrice has been in loads of films, so your assumption of carly having an unfair advantage is pretty pathetic. And please don't mention grammar as an excuse to try and get the upper hand in this argument, because you understand me, thats why you have been replying. The grammar thing is your defence mechanism to make you look like a clever person, when in fact you resort to judging a 13 year old girls personality even though you don't know her, and you resort to pedo slurs. Nicole im going to judge you now, i think you are a loner who is bitter with the world, who has a attitude, probably has no boyfriend and no prospects in life, maybe in your 20's to 30's. Get out more and maybe you will stop judging people you dont know.

  34. Spurfect one says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Not nice being judged is it, especially by someone who does not know you. I think i have made a valid argument as to why your opinions are very very pathetic and dumb. No doubt you will reply back trying to argue your case, even though i could pick holes in your stupid comments.

  35. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – You really are mentally challenged, aren't you? You really must want to prove something to yourself. It's comical how you say I want to have the last word, when your only response has been insults towards me instead of a counter argument. Hit a nerve, huh? It was common sense to say how much you are taking up for this girl that you might have an infatuation for her, spurring the pedophile comment. And you making me look like a "dumb bitch?" I'm the one with valid reasoning for saying what I say… all you've done is call me pathetic, and say the same thing over and over, which is I'm judging someone I don't know and that she's 13. No shit, Sherlock. I'm well aware Tate was in a band, as well as the background of the other contestants. I also believed that NONE of the young teens deserved to win, considering their success also. Tate may have been in a band, but the band never peaked national success and Emblem3 did shows, but not worldwide. Beatrice, Diamond, and your illegal crush Carly Rose have been in production of worldwide brands. Maybe not in the spotlight, but sure as hell has had more success over the others, which was my argument in the first place, dumbass.

  36. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Spurfect one – What was my opinion was that Carly Rose is artificial and isn't as genuine as someone who hasn't had her mild success. Goodness, you're dimwitted. Obviously I understand you, but what's the sense in you trying to argue in English when you haven't perfected the language? Please explain that to me, because that's like someone knowing 1/10th of Spanish and trying to have a conversation with someone who's fluent. It's idiotic. And your assumptions are laughable, seeing as I'm not desperate enough to give my description of myself as you had to do about yourself. My points were: Carly Rose has an amazing voice, but she isn't warm like the others, so her personality TO ME is unlikable, and with her success of being in movies, on television, and on stage, she doesn't deserve it like other contestants, who seem genuine when the cameras aren't on them, do. Your response has been "you don't know her." Just like your ONLY argument is to make me feel small or to insult me. It's just really rueful how you can "pick holes" in my argument and not see the stupidity in yours.