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28 comments to “facebook-interesting-facts-httppawsdownlittlemonsterstumblrcom”

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    Lol you're such a loser perez.

  2. Victor says – reply to this


    Well she's not ugly as Fuck like that Perez Guy that make his own fanpictures :)

  3. Victor says – reply to this


    Well she's not ugly as fuck like that Perez guy who makes his own fanpictures :) nobody likes u, people likes romours :) have a happy lonely life :)

  4. Victor says – reply to this


    Re: DannLac – Ikr? :D

  5. tempe says – reply to this


    He props her up then pulls the rug from underneath her. What a great friend Perez is huh. He uses a link in a back handed way to bash her.
    He will NEVER change. He will always be a k u n t and a lonely man at the end.

  6. Victor says – reply to this


    I bet you don't even have Christmas plans ;) or yeah your mom maybe if she still stand you, you're unloved :)

  7. luke says – reply to this


    How is it a success to have higher ticket sales than someone who has been around for 4 years when Madonna has been around for 34? Obviously she is going to have more fans. More people know her, she's been around longer. She has had more albums + singles during that time. That is all very important. Gaga only has 2 (3 if you count the fame monster) albums out. She still has many more to come, along with singles and videos. She has already marked her place here, and it is just the beginning. If anything, it is a COMPLIMENT that Gaga is being compared to what people would call "the greats", while other popstars today are not.

  8. 8

    WOW, Perez - you sure are BITTER she wants nothing to do with you, aren't you? fucking hilarious for someone your age. grow the fuck up, this isn't high school.

  9. mlington says – reply to this


    so true perez… true facts and gaga fans and gaga herself keeps lying avbout her tour. FLOP TOUR. she sucks. what a waste of time that shw is. she is a low player. what she did ti try to be on superbowl, what she paid to rolling stone magazine, she LIES…. in south america she gave half of her tickts for free and she didnt sold out anyway. low audience. terrible show, she was using amdonna stage… madonna let her use her stage. madonna invited gaga and she didnt accepted. no more chances to gaga. she wanted to be like amdonna, she wanted to steal all from her… ur just a simple singer. and madonna in 4 years was already THE QUEEN…. SELLING OUT ALL HER SHOWS. and after 30 years she continues. i wanna see gaga in 30 years

  10. Hendrik says – reply to this


    I think Perez invested his money in Madonna'stour.. Mabey they both try to sell there show to HBO or a other mayor network. If MDNA tour is sold, mabey perez get some money?? Dunno

  11. mlington says – reply to this


    gaga created monsters cause shes a monster herself. and a big liar

  12. jrandy says – reply to this


    Re: luke

    Read the Paws site… the statistics speak for themselves. That argument doesn't hold because only four years into her career, Madonna played to 1.39MM people on the Who's That Girl? Tour. She played THIRTY NINE shows. Gaga's Monster Ball Tour played to 1.45MM people - except that's over the course of TWO HUNDRED AND ONE shows! So at the same "year" into their respective careers, Madonna was more successful and had higher attendance per show.

  13. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: Hendrik – no perez was always a M fan and he was a huge gaga friend and gaga did something to him. she is such a liar!!! madonna doesnt need anyone invest. madonna has all her shwos sold out. and glad perez opened his eyes. gaga sucks. gaga is a liar!!! she lied about her shows and madonna even let her use her own stage. and gaga never said thanks. u suck gaga. karma dear!!!!! GROUPON TICKETS. no one pays to go to ur show. u did so many low stuff. u paid to press to insult gaga. i know. i knaoe ppl that know her. gaga is too low. shes a sick person. she used madonna. she lied about that email. U SUCK, and its not only about madonna. she joked about ADELE. shes so desperate

  14. EmEm says – reply to this


    Who cares?

  15. 15

    Re: mlington – - um whoa, MAMA PEREZ - this is so obviously YOU. how do i know, you ask? well, you're talking shit like your idiot son Perez but you can't SPELL/SPEAK the ENGLISH language! go away, you're both an embarrassment. no one gives a shit anymore!

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  17. 17

    no disrespect to "PawsDownLittleMonsters",
    this message is for Mario - - -

    just when folks think you couldn't possibly sink A N Y lower,
    you "subtly" undermine your um " wifey's " obvious failures

    in a way that suggests she burned you beyond all repair

    then, if by the slim chance she could ever really be relevant again,
    you Mario, would run so far up her Fame scented asshole, that she'd
    be shitting out your compliment laced tweets to no end

    i get that "GaGa" has only proven herself to be the ultimate
    wannabe in denial, i get that - - but you Mario….FUCK!

    you really have shown your truest of colors in this instance

    and those said colors are the deepest shade of shit brown

    your mother didn't birth a son, or a human being even,
    so much as she took a shit in the delivery room….


  18. 18

    Who cares? Why create this kind of unnecessary comparison, one made more money than the other that doesn't make anyone better than the other, it's not about money, it's all about the fans, at least it should be.

  19. 301starmenace says – reply to this


    I notice he hasnt put up anything about Gaga lately.R they not friends?

  20. 20

    What happened? I thought you two were best friends? Now all I see is you posting shit about her all the time…

  21. Jack says – reply to this


    Don't get it. What happened that Perez now links this sort of stuff about GAGA? Can't someone like Madonna AND GAGA. I'm not personally a fan of either. But I find this strange - after the constant promotion of GAGA for the last couple years to something like this. What happened?

  22. Jack says – reply to this


    You're not taking the high road, Perez.

  23. betty blue says – reply to this


    Good one Perez, nobody reads your site anymore and she has 32 million followers so good person to insult idiot. I advise everybody move on to buzz feed.com.. they put news up before perez anyway! and when they make fun of people it's for fun and not bitchy shiz

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Just because you had a falling out doesn't mean she merits passive aggressive posts. There's enough room in this world for the many different artists. Even comparing Gaga to Madonna is comparing apples and orange, really. It tells me that you haven't gone that extra mile to do what you can/need to work it the puck out, and Gaga needs to get off her munchies duff and thank M personally for the use of her stage. It's not cowtowing; it's the right thing to do.

  25. Bree says – reply to this


    Oh my god, this is just mean. I'm not even a fan of Lady Gaga, but there is no reason to bash her. And comparing her to Madonna? Why even do that? NO ONE is as successful as Madonna. Why should Lady Gaga be an exception? This single post might have convinced me to stop visiting this site…I'm not impressed.

  26. David says – reply to this


    This is sad and hilarious. Perez, grow up. You say you have changed but this is still the same old things you used to do. Why not just let it go.

  27. 27

    Here is an interesting fact. Go to
    Here you will see how Perez's site traffic has dropped drastically since he has become a dickhead to Gaga. Karma is a bitch you mean motherfucker

  28. Shawn says – reply to this


    STOP posting stupid shit on Gaga! What did she do that you hate her now? Ticket sales mean f*ck all. And her concert sold out in minutes in Toronto, they added a second show.