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RHOA's Kim Zolciak Spewed The N-Word At Her Former Cast Mates?! Watch HERE!

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Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta featured Phaedra's donkey booty the inevitable exit of Kim Zolciak, who fulfilled her RH duties for nearly five seasons!

After the ladiez switched up their plans so that a preggers Kim could join them on their Anguila vacay, Kim backed out last minute, leaving them FURIOUS!

However, it seems as though what some cast members have been tweeting following the ep’s airing has got the people talking!

Check out the clip (above) and pay close attention at 00:46!

Supposedly, some viewers claim they heard Kim call the women the n-word… but we’ve listened and replayed and all we hear is “f*ckin’ ladies!”

(Sidenote: Kroy is HOT when he’s all heated and angry… LOLz!)

Kim’s former cast mate — and former friend — NeNe Leakes took to Twitter, retweeting and replying:

NeNe Leakes Twitter N Word Kim Zolciak

As for Kim’s side of things? She blasted off a few tweets, too, sticking up for herself:

Zolciak tweeted:

Kim Zolciak NeNe Leaks N Word 2

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Would Kim REALLY say that, let alone on camera?? You be the judge!

We are only halfway through this season… wonder if Kim will show up for the reunion special and set the record straight!

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72 comments to “RHOA's Kim Zolciak Spewed The N-Word At Her Former Cast Mates?! Watch HERE!”

  1. Jonathan says – reply to this


    She obviously says f'n ladies. You can clearly hear it! Why start this drama Perez!!! Aren't you supposed to be her friend!?

  2. 2

    Kroy is always hot!

    And, there is NO way she used the N word. She clearly said laides. Anyone saying she used the N word is…as usual, just playing that boring, old, over-used race card crap.

    And she is better off being off that show…those "ladies" except for Khandi, are vile! Somehow I think they wanted an all Black Cast. That show sucks.

  3. 3

    Oh, and as for NeNe? She is pathetic…she is creating contoversy where none exists. STFU NeNe!!

  4. 4

    And Black people need to stop pulling this race card crap…seriously. They call each other that word all the time, so sorry, but days of double standard ARE OVER! Get a grip and knock it off with your race card crap.

  5. 5

    Come on Perez. We all watched the episode. She clearly said "ladies". You should be ashamed. Remove this.

  6. 6

    At 46 seconds she clearly says, "I don't need this F*ckin drama." Then said F*ckin ladies!

  7. lillym says – reply to this


    he did not say the N****** at all! She said f*** ladies! This is so funny…..

  8. The W says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – Believe me and be corrected. WE as African Americans DO NOT call each other the N word! Don't get it twisted and spread this lie. It's a degrading word and I do not believe Kim said it.

  9. 9

    So sick of the Atlanta house-hoes!!! They are the ones that are racist. If you have a brain you can watch over and over them cutting down white women and acting like they are better at everything. Makes me sick!! Who cares what color you are??? Not all white women are great and not all black women are great!! Stop. So sick of hearing them whine!!! You guys did not face anything your ancestors did. I am an American Indian yes I said Indian now I guess it is politically incorrect to say that!! Either way my ancestors faced a lot. I don't cut down white people all the time!! Get over it Atlanta the one white women on the show and you guys made sure you run her off. She said on the last episode Yes I want to be with my husband and kids. Every time I make arrangements with you ladies your always two to three hours late!!!!!!!!!!! Move on Atlanta the racist comments are yours!!! Especially Nene the meme

  10. boston61 says – reply to this


    Oh but it's okay for NeNe to act like the missing link? NeNe is a very scary person. IMHO

  11. 11

    I clearly heard f'in ladies. Seems like people trying to start drama again where there is none…She may be a bitch, but you can't use this video to say that she's racist.

  12. James says – reply to this


    Since Kim left this racist show, who cares what she said!

  13. 13

    Re: The W – I'm sorry are you kidding that black people don't use the N-word? I hear it every damn time I'm going for a client meeting on the subway and in every damn rap song. I think it's a nasty word and no one should use it. But don't jump on his back because many black people use that word frequently.

    Kroy is so hot. Kim is smart to not risk her baby flying over there. Did you see that boat ride to the island? Kim would have miscarried on the boat from all the waves.

  14. SheSaidIt says – reply to this


    I've replayed the part over and over again and she clearly said the "N" word. While I don't believe she used it in a racist way, she still said it. She needs to own what she said and move on. By lying, it only calls everything else she has said and done into question and if Bravo says she didn't say it then shame on them for their lies.

  15. 15

    She said f'in ladies-you hear the end of the word f'in so it kind of sounds like the next word starts with "n" and if you want to hear the "n" word, you do. But if you listen again,you can clearly hear that she is saying f'in ladies.

  16. Starr says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – First of all Paulie sweety, racism is still alive and kicking in the world. Second, only ignorant people use the N word, WHICH ACTUALLY MEANS "ignorant person". Third, your last comment ois actually racist. So next time u want to comment, educate yourself or else sit down. Thank you very much. Peace.

  17. 17

    she wouldnt be stupid enough to use that word. she is always around black people so I doubt its a word that would ever slip out certainly not on tape! some people are clearly reaching and trying to tarnish her through spite and jealousy. #desperate

  18. 18

    Re: The W – are you fckin crazy? every show i see with black people in theyre calling each other n*gger this, n*gger that! dont deny the obvious coz you make yourself look a damn foolio!

  19. ali says – reply to this


    Kim said,"These bitches aren't my friends, I don't know any of these fuckin N*****s anyway". That is exactly what she said. She didn't know the mic was still on. The word ladies and n****rs, doesn't sound alike. Even, before that she wasn't referring to the ladies, as ladies, she called them bitches. Thank you Perez, this just validate, what I believed all along about Kim. She is a racis. Plus they beep out the word. You know they wouldn't bleep out ladies.

  20. MRSDRAMA says – reply to this


    Re: boston61Re: boston61 – Go sit cho ass down somewhere.. We think we're better because WE ARE!! No woman on the face of the earth has faced more then we have.. With our kinky hair, full lips, and fat ass we are every mans desire that's why they had to enslave us to rape us to get us to obey them. I can go on and on but u already feel insecure no need to continue..

  21. SF gay says – reply to this


    Can Nene go away!
    she is so thick and huge..and ugly. nothing to look at..Nene says N word all the time. so why black people can say but others can't say?
    first of all, Kim never said and Nene puts Kim with her level. just so pathetic.
    Kim, we love you and I a so glad that Nene is no longer ur fiend.
    Can hardly wait to see you on your own show. Nene just take your big body and go hide.. as we can't even throw nene under the bus as she will not fit.

  22. 22

    Re: The W – One time an African American told me that using the N-word is not only okay for black people to use, but empowering. She said that her ancestors fought for freedom and should use that word in confidence. Honestly, I thought it was bullshit.
    So yes, some AA do call each other the N-word.

  23. MichJB says – reply to this


    Why shouldn't she - they are. Just because they have money it doesn't change the fact.

  24. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    WHO is this Drag Queen, and WHY would she be using such a derogatory term …? Being a Drag Queen, she too is a minority….

  25. Cannyo says – reply to this


    I don't think Kim meant it in a racist way but she said it! Then again u never know with Kim she had her parents escorted out of wedding!

  26. Arrora says – reply to this


    what are you deaf, of course she said it. She's been living, sourrounded, and friends with black people her whole life. They use the word 24/7 so its really only natural she would use it too. She's obviously not racist and its probably just part of the way she talks.

    So yes she said it, so what??

  27. Arrora says – reply to this


    Re: MRSDRAMA – don't be delusional

  28. kay says – reply to this


    She clearly said "F*ken" … people, let me correct that BLACK PPL only want to hear what they want to. I do find it strange, that black people can call each other n*ggers as a term of endearment, but when someone else says it they're called racist. If it's not acceptable for others, then it shouldn't be acceptable period!

  29. Shay says – reply to this


    She said "F' KEN, LADIES".. Now i can see why people think she said the N-Word, but if you take some earphones and actually listen to it through that way, then you can tell 100% that she said F'ken instead of the N-Word.

  30. aussieheart72 says – reply to this


    Yes, rewinded multiple times and Im convinced she said the n word. she said im sick of these f…. b….. and then the n word too….i heard it from all the way down under!!!!

  31. ms smith says – reply to this


    She said "LADIES"…STOP people…

  32. Nikki says – reply to this


    Kim is a racist and very bold in her comments and actions. She definitely said the "N" word. Come on people if she is bold enough to go to her friend's (Kandi's) house and say, 1) Kandi's neighborhood is bad and unsafe so she had to lock her doors. 2) If she was black she would have an indoor pool like Kandi. She's certainly comfortable using the "N" word to describe her dislike for the brown girls. I'm glad she and her puppet of a husband are gone from the RHOA show.

  33. April says – reply to this


    She said fu**in ladies

  34. Lolita says – reply to this


    If you listen very very closely she did indeed say LADIES…starting drama over NOTHING

  35. faith says – reply to this


    sorry no one is jealous of that trash, and she did say the N word…..troy do not look hot
    he looks like a red neck kkk, coming at the camera man to hang him up a tree.

  36. 36

    Hey,RHoAtl Bit&hes, did you ever think that the way you were talking about Kim after she left wasn't Getto Talk? I hear Black women talk like that all the time behind White girls backs. And you call Kim a racist? What about if we say the same thing about you?

  37. 37

    Most likely she said "ladies"…if she had used the "n" word, Bravo probably would have just edited it out..for fear of backlash when they launch her ridiculous spin off. But can this woman and I use the term "woman" loosely because she looks like a transvestite complete with the Rupaul wigs and linebacker shoulders…epitomize golddiggery any more perfectly? Her husband, an obvious hick hayseed must be a simpleton to get duped into marrying this broad. I predict he will be traded anyway and she will have to sell her wig collection to make rent. Both are white trash and if this broad must be lying about her age. She looks 40 ish not in her 30's.

  38. Lo says – reply to this


    Re: cokalina
    i dont think they are racist, nene and kim were VERY good friends! nene and kim children had a wondrfull relationship
    She was the one who put kim on the show kim even said it.
    bravo wanted black women only but nene said that kim was cool and that she would be good for the show!
    kandi produced kim single for FREE kim just became friend with here for the music!
    she was like the singer needs to be paid more than the producer, but she can't even sing. kandi was the one that made her sound good!!
    (lol im dutc(from europe) their might be some grammer mistakes :) )

  39. Rita says – reply to this


    First off, 'I don't know any of these n**** ladies anymore' doesnt even make sense. Secondly, you can quite clearly hear the f before it's bleeped out. I don't get what the drama is about?!

  40. G says – reply to this


    Kim did not say the n-word. however i wouldn't be surprised if she did with the way she treats her slave i mean assistant Sweetie and her complete lack of class. She had her parents escorted out of her wedding, swears like a trucker, and chain smokes Newports. get real. BYE!

  41. elle says – reply to this


    She said the N word.

  42. 42


  43. LeleEke says – reply to this


    Nene didn't go to college right?? That explains why she's so incompetent because Kim didn't even utter the n word, anyone who can listen can CLEARY hear that she said LADIES! I can't stand these atl housewives!

  44. Callitout says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – You are the biggest douche, please go flush yourself (twice if need be)… dumbass.

  45. BadboySF says – reply to this


    Re: SF gay – You are another one of those "IGNORANT" San Francisco gays, the ones that are very much "Methed" out. I mean you must be to make such an ignorant statement, what else could explain it? Your logic is akin to someone saying all gay people have AIDS. It's not fun being a stereo type is it…think before you spread more ignorance, and as a "Gay" person you should know better.

  46. getreal says – reply to this

  47. get over it? says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – . When ur able to understand the aa experience don't comment. Tired of other races telling us to get over it! The slave mentality unfortunately has been ongoing…tell people of the holocaust to get over it ans see whatcha get! My people have every right to comment so u nneed to get over it! Kim was cool wen she was down for the sistas and layin up with a married man!? Suprised kroy married the sloppy seconds and u sound like a thirsty third! Have a nice life lame duck!

  48. keepin it real says – reply to this


    Re: sis4cows – white girls talk behind people backs but the sistasvwill tell u to ur face! That was given to me by a white girl who felt I needed to be informed! Backstabbers!

  49. whoop whoop! says – reply to this


    Re: SF gay – sounds like ur jealous cause ur not her! A woman!

  50. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: The W – Maybe not all but just google it and it will show you over and over AFRICAN AMERICANS calling each other the n word. The African American thing drives me crazy too. Are you African or are you American? I have argued with my friends who are "African American" why they could call each other the n word but white people can't? They said it's just the way it is…..I personally hate the word!!!! A lot of good people died over that stupid word so I don't defend anyone using it. Just get irritated when it is O.K. for Nene or some other housewives to call white Kim a racist name. Or sit and act like they do it anything better then white people. If Kim did that she would be off the show and ruined for life. But it is O.K. for them to be racist!!!

  51. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: Starr – Yes racism is alive and kicking and most of the "African Americans" are the ones dong it. Just watch Atlanta Housewives from the start!!!!!!! If anyone thinks she said the n word then YOU ARE CRAZY!!

  52. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: MRSDRAMA – YOU ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF RACISM. PERFECT!!!!!! JUST WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! Be an Indian in the old times. Really you went though more. Try reading a BOOK!!! No one is better then anyone!!!!!!!!! I had an argument one time an African American lady said she was preferred to be hired over anyone because she was a women and her race!! Well wrong the government will pay a company to hire and employment an "American Indian". Why because of what they went through and how they are still treated!!! People like you are the reasons racism still exists. You keep going on and on!! The war is over move on. Hope you don't pass it down too!! TRY TO REMEMBER YOU DID NOT GO THROUGH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: MRSDRAMA – As far as insecure???? I don't have to change anything about myself. I look great just the way I am. Never ever had a problem getting anyone. Usually had to beat them off!!! So evidently the "American Indian/Irish" got something going on huh? Are you all naaatturall? Just from what you write…….I doubt anyone is knocking on your door!!!!!

  54. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: faith – Yes, I agree Kim is not the example I would want my daughter taking after. Trash is a very harsh word. I usually save that for the likes of child molester. But she did not say the n.. word. Just Nene starting hate some more. Let's pull the race card it always works!!

  55. cokalina says – reply to this


    Re: keepin it real – Perfect example of racism!!!!!!! Not all white girls talk behind people's backs!!! Not all "African Americans"( because the word sister isn't just used for "African Americans") tell it like it is. We are all HUMANS different personalities!!! See you are the type I am sick of!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Christina says – reply to this


    Who cares what Kim say's Anymore! that B*%*h is Broke Anyway! and her 15mins of fame is UP!

  57. Lyssa says – reply to this


    I herd "ladies" not the "n" word and I'm black trust me i'll know the word when I hear it

  58. being honest says – reply to this


    I think that the comments made here are terrible. Im on this comment page cause after seeing the episode for the first time I heard the n word. So I went to search and find I'm not th only one that heard it said. KIM LOST MY RESPECT AND YOU ALL ARE RACIST.

  59. being honest says – reply to this


    Re: Lyssa – I'm am black too and I heard the n word…listened again with my $300 beats and I heard the n word right after she is bleeped out saying the f word. The word ladies was not said at that time and the word ladies does not sound like the n word…get some good headphones and listen yourself

  60. nieece says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – so are you since you acting like one dumn ass

  61. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – Bullshit idiot!

  62. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: James – Hooker left the racist show because she came out as the racist she really is. Get a effing clue hillbilly.

  63. Lois x Brundage Vance says – reply to this


    Kim said Fucking N_gg__s. You can't bleep that out. I was watching the actual episode, not some replayed, refixed tape.

  64. LISA says – reply to this



  65. Jey says – reply to this


    She just mentions f****n ladies… For real people need to get a life!

  66. european blk says – reply to this


    of course she said the N WORD, i'm sure the word came out by 'mistake”< people like her are so used to using racial slurs, being a bonafide trailer trash prostitute that she is the drag queen just punked all these black girls out.
    ANYWAY you all need to get over it thats what you all call each other and i dont care wheather its out of love or whatever, african americans will rather help someone of another race than help their own . . . . .true experience, its a crime if you dont talk or sound like them, SO I SAY GET OVER IT

  67. european blk says – reply to this


    ps; i dont want to hear the word RACE CARD again ,we all know people have been using this CARD for a long time now…….and they r still using itand it will go on till the end of time, so please save ur crap one liners. Go and study WORLD history not just reality shows!

  68. susie says – reply to this


    Re: PaulieRe: MichJB – Fuck You, Is that what your mama told you while she was performing oral sex on a black man

  69. Kiki says – reply to this


    Not Kim's biggest fan but don't not like her either. It's obvious to me & my ears that she said "ladies". By the way, I'm Black, so you can drop the "Black people using the race card" thing. One size does not fit all.

  70. dylan says – reply to this


    Re: SheSaidIt

    check ur ears boo.

  71. Prayforall says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – you will reap what you have just sowed! You are exactly what you called people of color. No one should be judged by the color of their skin, but if you want to look at someone try to look within yourself first! It's the content of a persons character that makes them who they are. "Fix the man in the mirror, pointing fingers at others, 3 point right back at you!" God knows who you are & where you are, so be careful when you make comments because they will haunt you in daily life!

  72. Um...okay says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492[/re] I'm black and I don't use it . You shouldn't generalize that's how stereotypes perpetuate. This word should not be used by anyone anyway .