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Man Builds A Full Scale Replica Of Noah's Ark: 'Bring It On, Mayans!'

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Nothing like spending millions building a full-scale (and operational) replica of Noah's Ark, yeah?

That's how you know you have tooooooooo much money! Ha!

Johan Huibers of the Netherlands did exactly that, probably not realizing that there's no way that two of every animal on the planet could ever fit on that. We're sorry, it's just not happening.

It took him 20 years to realize his dream using Genesis, books 6-9, in The Bible as his guide. He converted cubits to modern measurements resulting in a boat that's 427 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet high.

We're not sure if it's less crazy or more crazy, but he didn't do it expecting anything bad to happen to the world where he would need it, even though he is a Christian. So why, then?

"I want to make people question so that they go looking for answers."

To the tune of $1.6 million!

Just for the hell of it, there is a small petting zoo with ponies, dogs, sheep, rabbits and exotic birds aboard the ship. Also, there's a restaurant.

This money probably could've helped out a bunch of charities, no?


[Image via AP Images.]

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6 comments to “Man Builds A Full Scale Replica Of Noah's Ark: 'Bring It On, Mayans!'”

  1. NORWAY says – reply to this


    Sarah Jessica Parker's entourage halted at airport - woman fined for petty theft

  2. 2

    "This money probably could've helped out a bunch of charities, no?" NO. Wealthy people do not OWE money to charities. Only liberal parasites think that way. It's HIS money, and if he chose to wipe his ass with it, spongers like YOU don't get a vote on it. You and your retarded kind have obviously never read Atlas Shrugged and seen how prophetic it was. If it was so bang on then, it's only a matter of time for the rest to come true. "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" is an abomination; that we're allowing liberal pieces of shit like you to bully others into giving to the undeserving losers in the world is the true crime against humanity. If you're so into charity, you prick of a homo, tell us how much of YOUR income that YOU donate to charities. I bet you give damn fucking little because you're a hypocritical, grasping piece of shit.

  3. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – the thing is he probably does give to charities…real charities unlike Perez who isn't know for st judes but gay marriage is.??? And he calls this guy crazy. Excuse me….Perez acts bipolar and twitches everytime he talks. That's sign of identity crisis with deep emotional scaring. I love gay people but if nature it's self that putting things in your butt isn't healthy. It's called perversion! If there's a heaven I would not want to be Perez entering in knowing he's going to have explain to God he wasn't happy with his creation

  4. 4

    Re: Pansy Hunter – YOU are one of the reasonss the USA is hated all over the world. You root for the rich, shit on the poor.

  5. gungi says – reply to this


    This is pretty funny considering the Arc was not a boat at all.

    But at least he done something he enjoyed. Ant thats what counts!

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    What a stunning replica in the flesh, and an amazing project for anyone to complete.
    I imagine monies from people touring might eventually go towards something charitable; but the man owes nobody anything and used his own hard won cash to do it. I think the biblical sight, theological significance and existence of the thing is a gift in and of itself. It's massive.