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Taylor Swift In LOVE With Harry Styles, Harry Thinks Relationship Is Good Career Move?!?!

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Oh man this has future Taylor Swift song written alllll over it!

But sadly, it's too late for Swifty to break free from the Haylor union — not that she wants to — as girl seems literally head over heels for One Direction's mop haired chum Harry Styles!

An insider recently shared:

"For now she’s totally caught up in love. It’s how she is."

Lady Tay has admitted she falls in "love" fast and VERY hard, and another source close to the relationship agrees, revealing:

"She doesn’t go at a normal pace in these relationships. It’s zero to 60 in seconds."

And from all the semi-sorta-hidden PDA sessions, private jet trips, English countryside caresses, and sex sleepovers, it seems this couple are a total, genuine romance.


Welllll… maybe.

Another source seems to think that while Harry is infatuated by Taylor, he's also a savvy young bussinessman and knows that dating her can only benefit his rocketing career!

The source claims:

"Harry’s big in the business too. He’s way into her, but he also knows this is good for his career."

Ruh roh!

But it does kind of make sense! Harry's expertly pretending nothing is going on because that simply leads to MORE media attention for him! And it's not like him and Tay are being very secretive about their love…


Well, whatever, let the kids be happy young lovers and hopefully nobody's heart gets smashed like a pie in the face!

[Image via Splash News.]

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37 comments to “Taylor Swift In LOVE With Harry Styles, Harry Thinks Relationship Is Good Career Move?!?!”

  1. boston61 says – reply to this


    There is no way he is getting married at his age.

  2. 2

    career move, lol. taylor swift is a media made hit.

  3. shanghai says – reply to this


    Great for his career and I am sure he thinks she is great until she get too serious too fast and he runs away fast. Cute but wrong guy if Taylor wants a serious lasting relationship.

  4. loveratlost says – reply to this


    Can't bare to listen to either one of them. Just when I started to like Taylor, for her album "Red" she does something like this? Harry on the other hand makes me not put on 1D because whenever I hear his melodic voice it makes my heart clench and I can't take it. My copy of Take Me Home has but only one song played on Itunes and that's "Little Things" which is written by my favorite Ed Sheeran

  5. Reject Angel says – reply to this


    I cannot believe how stupid this woman is. I honestly used to have nothing against her but EVERYWHERE I go I am seeing a story of her and Harry. I am the same age as her and just want to know at what point does she grow up and realize you aren't ACTUALLY in love after a week of dating? It takes time, I honestly believe it takes more than a few months to be truly in love and by then her relationships already over. She just wants to get married so she THINKS she is in love and hopes these guys go along with it. How many failed relationships does she need to have before she realizes she is clingy as all hell and needs to slow her roll?

  6. MAESY says – reply to this



  7. 7

    Source = lazy journo making crap up

    This is not good for harrys career right now at all. Its distracting and making his girl fans annoyed.

  8. Sara says – reply to this


    Taylor I love you… and you can do much better girl ;)

  9. Cool Styles says – reply to this


    WHAT!? You know he is so crazy to think that be with taylor is a good way, but really if he is more with taylor as liam,zayn,niall and louis, I HATE HAYLOR and really harry left the best friend away for a girl? that's so stupid i mean i love harry but really? I think that harry is being so inmature to think that. :(

  10. 10

    i feel so sorry for him…

  11. notyouraveragegirl says – reply to this


    I hate one direction… can't believe Taylor likes him. ew.
    the "sleepovers" made me laugh so hard omg.

  12. krtmom says – reply to this


    Can't stand that girl! Her voice makes me cringe. I hope she's not sleeping with all these guys because that would make her a SLUT!!!

  13. 13

    Re: Sara – he's the one who can do better than that emotionally retarded old bike! I dont think she's even mentally stable tbh. But he'll soon dump her like all the other men have coz she's so insufferable and frigid.

  14. A says – reply to this


    Re: krtmom – sweetheart, she's had two boyfriends in a year. that's hardly slutty, even if they were one after another.

  15. Bondisteve says – reply to this


    SERIOUSLY,Who the hell is buying this shit???

    Time for them to find a new beard. I mean really: Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles? They're not fooling ANYONE!

  16. Ms.sassy says – reply to this


    Wtf is wrong w. Taylor swift!?! She should stick with men her age instead of little boys who don't even shave yet

  17. 17

    Re: Reject Angel – I know I am her age too and I don't get it either. She seems mentally immature. Stop falling in love with little boys like frogface Styles and get a man.

  18. Not Love, Actually. says – reply to this


    Re: Reject Angel
    Ah, sigh. I feel better now, knowing that there are at least a FEW women Taylor's age who aren't addicted to the whole "must have boyfriend!/fall in love!/get married!" shit; who aren't the type to seemingly lose their own freakin' identity after a few weeks/months worth of dating.
    (And all at the still-quite-young age of 20-something.)
    I mean, ICK.
    So good to hear you're a hell of a lot more mature than this chick.

  19. Angelou says – reply to this


    They seem to be pretty in to eachother and people who are still calling this a publicity stunt need to stop being in denial. It's real. They're together. However, she looked super happy with Connor Kennedy, I really thought that one would last. Now I see it's hopeless for the girl. And Harry's 18. He is NOT ready to be hearing the wedding bells ring. Don't care how happy they are, it's still going to crash and burn.

  20. 20

    So what did happen with Connor Kennedy? No real word has ever been said about how or why their relationship ended. For her to jump right to another man speaks volumes about her insecurities. She is obviously a woman\girl who can't be alone and probably has a deep dislike for herself.

  21. Alaina says – reply to this


    Taylor swift has dated 18 different guys. Shes dating a guy thats waaaay too young for her and its just not right. She is mentally incapable of not falling in love and then ruining it. She stalks pretty much every single guy she dates and tries to get close to them again after they break up and it just doesnt seem right at all that she does that. She like chases them down. The girl is a whore.

  22. nataleeee says – reply to this


    this whole haylor thing has made me sooo annoyed by one direction. i know i should be supporting them no matter what, because i really do love the band. but harry needs to cut it out, and stop being so "secretive" about him and taylor. i mean yeah media is paying more attention to him, but a lot of his fans are getting sooo annoyed!!

  23. Shane says – reply to this


    No way there in love,harry is in love with luis

  24. Shane says – reply to this


    No way there in love,harry is in love with Luis.GAYS

  25. 25

    dood, she needs to tsp dating 12 year olds.

  26. 26

    This girl is just a cum bucket for every male celeb eh? Then she goes and cries and writes a song when they dump her. Maybe she shouldnt come on so strong. Cant st and her.

  27. Tash says – reply to this


    Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, a little girl was born, they named her Taylor Swift, But now she's a slut, now she's a slut, now she's a slu-u-u-u-ut

  28. Maren says – reply to this


    "Oh man, this has future Taylor Swift song written alllll over it"
    Completely true.
    Sure, it's ok that she writes her feelings in her songs.
    She tends to take her relationships far after, like, a week into the relationship.
    Maybe that's why she gets so heartbroken….

  29. mercyme says – reply to this


    It was not long time ago that she was crazy about another young High School boy, who was 5 years younger than her and he dumped her. Now she is in love with another 5 years younger boy who is thinking that dating her is good for his career. Soon he will dump her. It seems like Taylor can't live without a boy/man in her life. She constantly needs a male i her life. Maybe it's because she needs an inspiration forher next song. Expecting that this little dude is seriously wants to marry her is a waste of time on her part. What a lonely miserable woman she is. Can not live without a male all the time.

  30. gracie says – reply to this


    you cant blame either of them talor is pretty and harry is hot if you like them then just be happy for them!! you would want people to be happpy for just think how it makes them feel.

  31. caroline says – reply to this


    this is not okay. Harry isn't like that. This is making Harry sound horrible. not okay. I do not like Haylor, at all. but i respect it. oh well…

  32. caroline says – reply to this


    Re: Cool Styles – haha, no. Harry is the best.

  33. caroline says – reply to this


    Re: krtmom – you're lame. One Direction is the best ever. you obviously have NO taste in music.

  34. J.M.S says – reply to this


    Exactly. Hit the.nail on the headRe: Reject Angel

  35. Amber says – reply to this


    Taylor swift is honestly my favourite singer, and nothing is wrong with a freaking two year difference!? I bet if it was harry who was 2 years older it would be socially acceptable, but because its her its bad right? I know people who
    are freaking 15 years apart! But they have the most commited and loving relationship I know. Yes, she has dated a lot of guys, but a lot of people go through boyfriends/girlfriends to find their perfect match, and that's all she's doing. People are starting to really piss me off when they say stupid *hit about her because they don't like her, a mature person would keep to themselves instead of posing death threats! So leave her *ucking relationships alone!

  36. Jazzie says – reply to this


    Well well well tay you think you can keep harry but you can't you are a fu**in idiot!

  37. Jazzie says – reply to this


    Re: SPNfangirl83 – um harry is 18 duh