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Tom Cruise Pre-Screens His Support Staff For Elusive Scientology Gene?

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tom cruise employees tested scientology katie holmes family

The selection process is nearly that intense!

While the Jack Reacher star doesn't go so far as to test his minions' blood for traces of Xenu, Tom Cruise does force his otherwise-qualified auxiliary staff of assistants, drivers, hit-men, & estate managers to jump through hoops at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood!

One source close to the family revealed:

"Tom and [Katie Holmes] were looking to hire a new estate manager a few years back. They were using a high end Los Angeles employment agency that a lot of A-list celebrities use to hire staff. After going through the first round of interviews with the agency, applicants then had to take a multiple choice test at the Scientology Celebrity Center. The majority of the potential hires weren't Scientologists, but it was testing only and didn't involve any auditing."


If one surrounds themselves only with people who already think exactly as they do, there might be a lack of fresh ideas among them!

The source continued:

"The test took an entire afternoon and included questions such as 'if you saw a car stuck on the train tracks with people inside, and a train approaching, what would you do?'… Another section of the test dealt with math questions. It was a very rigorous, stressful and grueling test."

It's safe to assume anyone failing the test is immediately thrown into The Great Pit of Carkoon and left to be slowly digested by a ravenous sarlacc over the course of a thousand years, but what about those who pass?

More trials and tribulations!

Faux yay!

The source admitted:

"If an applicant passed the test they were then introduced to Tom's mom and sisters who work for him. It was only after gaining the approval of Tom's family applicants finally got to meet with Tom and Katie, and that was scheduled for a different time and day. It was a very methodical and controlled process. The entire vetting process took well over a month-and-a-half and was extremely secretive. It was like applicants were applying to work for the President of the United States, it was that intense! Background checks, references, no stone was left unturned. The pay for the estate manager of the Bel Air mansion was $90k with full medical benefits."

That's a lot of dramz for one job, but working for an A-lister like Tommy boy is the job of a lifetime for some people!

As long as they don't violate any Equal Employment Opportunity laws, who are we to judge?

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Tom Cruise Pre-Screens His Support Staff For Elusive Scientology Gene?”

  1. 1

    With all these ex celeb staff members going to reporters when leaving their jobs, it sounds like these prospective employers are getting off light with these screenings. I'd strap them up to a lie detector with a gun to their head while finding out their true intentions.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    People confuse innocence with ignorance!

  4. 4

    Re: overthere – Go away! You ad NOTHING to this website except negativity !

  5. Josh says – reply to this


    First of all, after all the lies the media keep spreading about Tom Cruise, we don't know if that is really true. In any case, if this was true, I woud do the same in his place.

  6. someguy says – reply to this


    It's not as creepy as Scientology's Children's Security Check, where they hook 6 to 12 year old up to a lie detector and ask them questions like,
    Do you have a secret?
    Have you ever noticed something wrong with your body that you were afraid to tell anybody about?
    Have you ever cried when you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever done anything to someone else's body that you shouldn't have?

  7. Jessica says – reply to this


    Your source is absolutely right! The reason every interview is held at the celebrity center in LA, is that the cult has the full control of Tom and his family life. Every step of their celeb's life is monitored by David Miscavige (cult leader) and his minions. Tom's sisters and mother take orders directly from David Miscvige and report back to his minions.
    Every person who gets to be in Tom's "circle" must go through this whole ordeal and passed by David Miscavige (who monitors everything behind the scenes).
    Every employee, family member and girlfriend or wife of Tom Cruise MUST sign a Confidentiality Bond.
    Oh yeah, because Tom Cruise and David Miscavige have many secrets and dirty laundries that they don't want to be reported or revealed to media, general public or even other Scientologist parishioners. I know this for fact because I was in that out-ethic, criminal and abusive circle for a while.

  8. laura says – reply to this


    Tentei traduzir pelo google e não entendi bem. Essas pessoas faziam teste para trabalhar na mansão? Babá, copeira, motorista, etc. Se tudo for verdade, penso que Tom sofreu algum trauma na infancia (pai) por ser tão inseguro. Miscavige tem atração por ele?

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: eicarr – You would go straight to jail if you did that. On another note,
    people who work for high end celebs should expect some sort of vetting process. Grifters are everywhere.

  10. Me. says – reply to this


    It's on my bucket list to someday punch this man in the face.
    (And utter a cheesy "Jack Reacher" movie quote as I do so.)

  11. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: jessincasefieldsucks
    "overthere" can certainly defend him or herself, but seriously?
    Perez pokes fun at, and insults whoever the hell he feels like; his articles foster his own personal agendas at any given moment; and 99.9-fucking9% of the comments written on ANY GIVEN article are filled with negative slurs and insults.
    Such as the one I'm sending your way…
    Go away, you dumb flake! :)
    The last time I checked, folks were allowed to express themselves in a free country.

  12. Anonymous. says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica
    Then please, Jessica… tell us more.
    Don't be a chicken, tell us how it REALLY is. I'm serious.
    This fucking cult that ruins people's lives is a travesty against humanity.
    So long as there is freedom of speech in these countries of ours, we need to stand up and TALK!
    Or it's a TOTALITARIAN future for us all, in another decade or two.
    Scientology needs to implode, and the best way to do it is to EXPOSE THE WRETCHED DESTRUCTION it has done in the name of us all becoming "clear" and/or "perfect."

    Which is a joke, by the way. Clear? A state of existence that has to be "achieved" with money…?
    Brainwashing done with sleep deprivation and lack of proper nutrients…?
    Paying through the teeth to take a course on how to destroy your own life…?
    Projecting your natural human emotions onto other people and making it their fault that you are not a success…?
    Continually being frightened by your very own natural thoughts?
    Is ignoring our gut feelings and emotions and letting these assholes tell you what to do going to make you into a superman or woman?
    No fucking way!

  13. Anonymous. says – reply to this


    A final thought for those who think that by eliminating their "abberant" and "nasty" human emotions is going to make them into perfect beings:
    "Perfection" is subjective, and "clear" is just a word.
    (One they use to nullify your individuality, and make you frightened of yourself and more inclined to follow their orders. ALL an e-meter does is register your body's temperature, NOT your emotions or your "soul thetan." It's the words they use, and the manner in which they constantly berate and insult you that you should pay attention to, and realize. It's mind control, plain and simple.)

    Scientology is the biggest MASS brainwashing scam ever attempted on humanity. It is in the military, it is in our governments, and it is everywhere.

  14. Wendy123 says – reply to this


    I believe it. There is a Hubbard policy on how to run a $cientology household. Of course anyone who joins Tom's posse would have to be cleared and vetted so they wouldn't freak when rinsing clothes 3 times or doing all the other crap L Ron made up that the culties follow. Good post. Shows what Tom Cruise Crazy means! lol