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Eminem Rides Skylar Grey! WATCH The Video HERE!

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So sassy!!!

Skylar Grey is DEFINITELY showing us her fun side in her new C’mon Let Me Ride music video featuring Eminem.

The rapper and Skylar have been teaming up for a while now, but we've never gotten anything from them like this before.

We're used to seeing a much darker Eminem, so it's nice to see that he can still have a little laugh at himself!!

Ch-ch-check out the deliciously raunchy ride (above)!!!

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21 comments to “Eminem Rides Skylar Grey! WATCH The Video HERE!”

  1. jak says – reply to this


    this song is so hilarious lol and the video too. and omg i'll ride eminem's "bicycle" any day LOL! He's soooo HOT!!!!! I LOVE HIM!

  2. confirmedexmin says – reply to this


    Wow eminem really needs that extra cash…..who is this bottom dollar ho?

    Shes lucky hes in that video with her. But he seriously could do better

  3. 3

    got to be the dumbest lame ass shit em has ever been in. fucking retarded for realz!! em needs another rehab stint to be shit like this… pathetic. #fuckoff_fatboy

  4. 4

    This was completely lame. Even Eminem's part was stupid. -_-

  5. Sendi says – reply to this


    idiot song for the idiot American teenage masses of the Obama generation

  6. 6

    ..tha fuck?

  7. 7

    Catchy = check
    Babe's in bikinis = check
    Sexual innuendo = check
    Marketability = check
    Eminen sold out = check
    Would I ride his bicycle = All night!!!!

  8. haylizzle says – reply to this


    This reminds me of Eminem's first cd, much better than the rap that's out now i cant stand it

  9. Rolo says – reply to this


    I can't believe this is the same Holly Brook chick. She's becoming desperate. Eminem probably doing her a favor since she wrote him some hit hooks but he needs to stop getting on these crappy pop songs.

  10. Tubeparade says – reply to this


    (>= TubeParade.Com
    the non-stop hit-music-videoclip machine

  11. Rhys says – reply to this


    Fuck! I Hope I Look Like Em when I'm 40.

    He's one of those guys that never ages like Jared Leto and Pharell.

  12. 12

    DAMN. Eveyone wants to screw Eminem…including me lol. I don't like the hillbilly thing too much, but I like the part when she was in pink. She looked really cute. This song reminded me of the station I created on Slacker Radio that played all of Queens' and Mikas' songs."Walks into the room, feels like a big ballon, Big girl you are beautiful." LOL

  13. 13

    what is it with late ass washed up chicks changing their name in the game? like wtf is skylar grey…? it's embarrassing, this chick is EMBARRASSING. eminem…. should be….. embarrassed.

  14. Brian says – reply to this


    Don't you understand that song is a satire? were not made to be taken seriously. Anyone with a sense of humor would laugh from beginning to end of the video. Gosh

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Meh @ this. I guess he had his reasons. He does like satire.

  16. hardcorestan says – reply to this


    Re: confirmedexmin – dude shes wrked wid him in like ten songs and she wrote the lyrics to loves the way you lie. So eminem and skylar actually are pretty gud togethr. Plus eminem has won like 8 grammies has his own record label has gne tripl platinyn and has ssme of the best sellling albums evr. He has more money than he needs. So he pretty minted at the moment. U shud really backup ur stupid comments

  17. hardcorestan says – reply to this


    e[e=6283497]Re: xcalibur[/re] ur thr fkin retard this aint lame shit its called havin a sense of humour. Bt then agen u wudnt undrstand it if u think his socalled rehab stint made him luk bad seeing as its hhiillarious and is one of hip hops best selling albums u twat

  18. raven says – reply to this


    i only loved a Few Songs from em like 1 lose yourself 2 Stan 3 Like Toy Soldier but I didn't Care for bad vs evil or Recovery All he Sing about are about Stupid Girlfriend's and Stupid People then don't Date or Sleep with stupid People Em has Lost touch I think he Hump the people he does Music with 2 Eww I liked em when he was Real all he sing about relationship that it Lame and I don't care about the New Music with Skyer Grey Sounds really lame what happened 2 em? I don't care anymore he need retired

  19. Eric says – reply to this


    Wow it seems skylar grey may of softened eminem's heart

  20. Eric says – reply to this


    With any luck, we won't see the mean eminem that we did. Meanwhile, skyler had better not of been looking up to the bad eminem, or, that's like an idiot listening to an idiot

  21. Eric says – reply to this


    Anyways, I totally get the subliminal message in the song