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Hillary Clinton Talks Being President! Will She Run In 2016?!

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Hillary Clinton Talks 2016 Presidential Run

Will Hillary Clinton be our next president??

Hillary is stepping down as Secretary of State just as soon as a replacement can be sworn in, but what will she do next? What can the world expect from this tough, no guff lady of Washington?

For now, the former First Lady is going to take a much needed break! She says:

"It sounds so simple, but I've been, as you know, at the highest levels of American and now international activities for twenty years, and I just thought it was time to take a step off… maybe do some reading and writing and speaking and teaching."

Oh, come on! You know the question we really want to know the answer to! Will Hill make another run for the White House in 2016?? She says:

"I've said I really don't believe that that's something I will do again. I am so grateful I had the experience of doing it before."

Oh, come on! Once more into the breach, whaddaya say? Your hair can handle it, right? She says:

"I do not travel with any hairdresser, or anybody, to help me do that, and I'm not very competent myself. I've been admitting that for years, which should be obvious to everyone…

…After a while, it just got to be really burdensome to try to find a hairdresser in some city, somewhere, oftentimes not being able to speak English, that at least I could communicate with…

And so it became simpler to just grow it so that I can pull it back, and I can stick rollers in."

See? That's the type of common sense and top notch problem-solving we need!

We'll tell you what, just give it eight years! If you find you don't like it, you can always do something else!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Hillary Clinton Talks Being President! Will She Run In 2016?!”

  1. 1

    God I hope not. If so that would be the end of men and feminists would take over. If she runs and actually makes it far enough ill register to vote, simply to vote for the MAN who is running against her.

  2. datiedo says – reply to this


    Get a haircut!!!!

  3. 3

    nooki that makes no sense.You don't want women in charge because you hate women? You don't want them treated fairly or equally? Do you think she should be barefoot in the kitchen.. she's kind of past that age.

  4. 4

    Re: charliechaplin@ – Women are illogical. Therefore they are not capable of making rational, logical decisions. Lets look at women's track records..They do not report rapes. They stay in abusive relationships. They have one way street mindsets. When they get emotional they become irrational, then they make bad decisions.

  5. 5

    Um….no. I would love to see a woman president, but NOT this woman. Any woman who stays with her husband after he admits to cheating on her with more than one woman throughout the marriage is obviously power hungry. She stayed in that marriage because she knew the name would get her places. No thanks. I'm still waiting for answers on Benghazi anyway.

  6. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Wish they had charged her in the murder of Vince Foster
    I know she didn't pull the trigger, but she was involved

  7. sugar sugar says – reply to this


    Hilary would get my vote!!!! I love her and President CLINTON!

  8. julia says – reply to this


    I wish she would run. I would vote for her. Obama thinks he's doing a good job, but I'm disappointed in him.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – I could trot out an equal or higher percentage of dysfunctional men. The decent and functional women, who are a majority, fortunately escape your radar because if you hung with them, they wouldn't back up your skewed, bitter, misogynistic and therefore probably self-fulfilling views.

  10. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I'd vote for her, too bad she lost the nomination to Obama 8 years ago, what a loser this guy is, but I guess people were trying to prove how PC they were. Hey peeps, that PC stuff went out of style about 2005 so OK to hit on people now.

  11. 11

    Re: NookiesWA – That's funny, sounds an awful like a lot of men I know. Let's not forget that men are professional liars, procrastinators, far more likely to be racist or violent, far less likely to be humane. I could go on and on but it'd be wasted on you.

  12. RhondaKelly07 says – reply to this