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Lindsay Lohan's Judge Looking For JUSTICE; Prosecution Butts Heads!

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The unthinkable likely has happened and Lindsay Lohan may finally make orange jumpsuits fashionable.

Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos lost her probation status during an arraignment hearing yesterday, and on January 15th, Lindz will be tried for probation violation, where she could be sentenced to 8 months behind bars.

Despite the fact that the judge overseeing the case — Commissioner Jane Godfrey — tends to favor rehabilitation programs over jail time, one defense attorney believes that if Lindsay doesn't comply with every tiny demand the judge gives her, she WILL go straight to the slammer.

The attorney explains:

"Anyone who says that Lindsay is going to skate again is just misinformed because Commissioner Jane Godfrey is a hard taskmaster. Godfrey handles the Drug Court Program and defendants enrolled must undergo at least of a year of inpatient treatment for their addiction, show up to court for progress reports and not test dirty. The idea that Lindsay could benefit from this is absurd. Godfrey has sent defendants in the Drug Court Program to jail if they test dirty or don't show up to court."

BUT, even if Lindsay avoids jail once again for her probation drama, she still has to stand trial for the three crimes she's being charged with in connection to her June car crash.

Apparently, while the L.A. City Attorney is super enthusiastic about putting Lindz in the pokey for probation violation, Chief Deputy Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White — the dude who is prosecuting Lindsay for lying to cops and such — isn't that concerned about jail and apparently would be satisfied with community service!

IF Lindsay is found guilty in all offenses, she could potentially face 19 months scrubbing toilets in the local jailhouse.

Well, whatever happens, it's gonna be a legal-celebrity-circus of epic proportions, but will Lindsay be fed to the lions or will she sad-clown the sh*t out of it and get off easy?

Girl walks that tightrope like a pro!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Judge Looking For JUSTICE; Prosecution Butts Heads!”

  1. me says – reply to this


    If Mz. Thang doesn't get jail time, I say we show up and egg the judge's office.

  2. 2

    Lohan is a talentless asshole who needs hard jail time and then all of Hollywood to refuse to hire her ever again. Bitch needs to go the fuck away.

  3. Scott says – reply to this


    Oh big deal she will be out in 3 hours cause they don't have the room…
    And she will be free to do it all agian. How about they say 18 months an mean it!
    Then she would clean up here act… Oh and make it hard time not the county jail.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    19 months of scrubbing toilets could be the best thing that ever happened to her if it straightened her around. Excuses isn't helping her.

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    OK, the name of the LA City Attorney is Carmen Trutanich, he is from the tow n where I now live. Send him an email like I did, telling him if you live in the LA area you will not vote for him. I hope he does the right thing.

  6. rehab'd ex-con. says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter
    Nice! Way to use this website for good.
    I'm gonna email him even though I DON'T live in the LA area.
    Enough of the special treatment already!
    I am sick and tired of hearing, "Well.. if she doesn't do this or that, she's gonna go to jail. No wait, she has another chance. If she doesn't do THIS or THAT now, she'll go to jail soon. Oh, nope, wait.. one more visit to the courts, where they will tell her AGAIN that if she doesn't do THIS or THAT… she'll end up in jail. Maybe. Provided she does THIS or THAT…"
    It's all a bunch of put-offs and excuses and second and third and fourth chances.
    It's as though no fucking judge or prosecutor actually wants to be held responsible for putting her in jail. As though they're shirking their legal responsibilities simply because they don't want the backlash/publicity for it!
    Put her where there are OTHERS who CAN'T keep getting off like she does!
    Put her where there are other young women incarcerated for drug offences, robbery and probabtion violation!
    Put her in with the women who COULDN'T hire a rich dumb attorney, who DON'T and DIDN'T have Lindsey's chances for success, or opportunities for rehabilitation.
    People, let's help DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
    Write to this man, write to the City Attorney! Write to the LA Newspaper!

  7. jk says – reply to this


    I think it is time for the people of Ca to take these judges to task for letting her walk. I know a man that has 2 strikes of non violent crimes who stole a piece of PIZZA and go the 3 times strike used on him and got LIFE. This crap where these people walk because they makes movies needs to stop and only the people in CA can stop it by protesting this kind of injustice. I also have a 66 yr old friend who forgot about a ticket who did 30 days for not paying it,,,butthis tramp walks away from everything she does.