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9 comments to “Taylor Swift's Golden Globe Nom Is Icing On Her 23rd Birthday Cake!”

  1. boston61 says – reply to this


    Will end up alone. Not a face the boys will fall in love with. Alone with her money.

  2. Harry says – reply to this


    Happy 23rd! Your songs are absurd!
    The most annoying crap that I ever heard!
    You lie like the devil, and pretend you're a saint.
    Cause you act like a virgin, but we know that you ain't.
    The gap in legs, and your long list of men.
    Tell the real story though you try to pretend.
    We know you're a ho with your huge camel toe.
    You need to slow down before your lips hit the floor.

  3. 3

    Sorry, regardless of her 'talent' she's not easy on the eyes. She must always have a crutch. Runs from guy to guy. She's going to have a name. A decent guy's Mom would say "no way, she's been passed around a little too much…" Be honest, you know she's not cute… she will always be used for her fame and/or fortune. I am not sure that she 'spreads like butter' but if I were a guy, I would NEVER sleep with her without an Aids Test and a Raincoat. Not even!

  4. Moe says – reply to this


    She's ONLY 23 !!!!!!!!!! ???? She dresses like she's 55. She looks like she's a desperate 40 yr old. Who would have thought she was under the age of 30…yuck

  5. Heidi says – reply to this


    it looks like she has fixed her teeth, not just from this picture. When she became famous she probably fixed them. So sad, cause I don't think it looks like those who did it, did not do a very good job… it looks fake.. and im sure they where nice before too.

  6. Katharina says – reply to this


    Re: Harry – if you're trying to be rapper at least make your shit rhyme. And don't be an asshole. I don't like her music as well, but it's no reason to be a jackass. I'd guess most of her "relationships" were fabricated by her management, but i guess that's just the way showbiz runs today. And we eat that shit up, going on websites like this. It's not her fault, but I guess that's the easiest way to stay relevant.

  7. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Re: Harry – So funny! I agree!

  8. 8

    yes weve all been 23 …however we didnt have as much dicks thru us as she does girl needs to slow down Re: Harry – lolol exactly

  9. Leila says – reply to this


    You can complain all you want but I dont see you becoming a golden globe and grammy nominee in a week and selling the most albums in the U.S in the last 10 years. Who cares who she dates even though its only 6 guys, she is talented and incredibly kind and charitable and deserves all the success she gets. Maya Thompson, the mother of ronan whom Taylor wrote a song for wrote the loveliest message to Taylor on her birthday. This is a lady who lost her 4 year old son to cancer and has nothing but love to share and all you guys are doing is spreading unnecessary hate. You have no reason to, Taylor isnt affecting your lives so keep your rude remarks to yourselves and learn the difference between constructive criticism and bitter and rude remarks!!