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18 comments to “Brandi Glanville Admits Her Blunders With Her Book Cover!”

  1. 1

    Im sure Kyle Richards is really pissed off over this…does anybody know if Kyle gave back Kim's house?

  2. 2

    Good for you Brandi. Get money.

  3. George says – reply to this


    Brandi is beautiful and photogenic. Surprised she approved that crappy picture for the cover.

  4. 4

    Where the fuck is my post!!!!

  5. 5

    I don't get this whore. She says her kids are the most important thing in the WORLD, and always complains about the tweet wars between her and Leanne, yet look at her making a book about it instead of acting like a fucking adult, especially since she's a MOM! Grow the fuck up. Anyone over 26 who tweets is a fucking moron. She doesn't really put her kids first because if she did, she would not have a filthy mouth, would not be a DRUNK, who acts like a WHORE, and tweets and fights over the internet like a damn child. Why not delete your account?! God forbid, right!?

    You people are missing the picture that this person is a mom, and one day her fucking kids are going to read her trash. Sure they will be adults by then, but a good mom would be MORTIFIED!!

  6. 6

    How much a bet Brandi says that the reason she wrote the book is "to help others".

  7. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – OMG! You're so right! How do you help others when you can't control your own drinking, foul mouth, and whoredom?

  8. Kansas says – reply to this


    Whoring and Skanking and other Bimbo Blunders.
    This woman is such a k u n t.
    These stupid bitches have got to get off the airwaves!
    Braindead wastes of space! They are contributing to the dumbing down of young women everywhere.

  9. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    Agreed. 100%.
    Enjoying your posts lately, pollopicu.

  10. LL says – reply to this


    I have yet to understand what makes this woman think she is important enough that peole care about her drunken nonsense? I think maybe CPS should be reading herb book about drinking and tweeting, if hse is drunk crap about people enough to tweet her usual nasty trash about people maybe CPS should be seeing who the hell is taking czare of her kids while she is drunk. SHe is slicing and dicing Eddienand Leeann all the time maybe she shoud sweep her own damn drunken door step . Anyone who buys her book is a moron, all they want to read is a pack of lies and bitter BS and what she does whne she is drunk. SHe insukted someone she works with for cripes sakes, this drunk thinks she is a STAR lol.. anorexifc thing that she is, scranny legs and looks 10 years older than she is unless sh eis lieing her age. SHe needs to go to treatment and grow up

  11. ll says – reply to this


    Re: LLRe: LL – SHeesh I had a virus and was affecting my keyboard, grrrrr

  12. 12

    I don't thank any one will read it because you are an idiot, a trouble maker and all around hoe. get over yourself.

  13. 13

    Re: pollopicu – REALLY? Who gives a fuck if a kid reads about their parents. MORON. But she is a lying, disgusting, skanky fame-whore/whore.

  14. 14

    Re: carlystyle – Who gives a fuck? a good parent gives a fuck, that's who, piece of shit trash. Go back to your trailer park, where you come first.

  15. 15

    Re: pollopicu – lolol

    ill read this book if she goes to town on leeanne

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's seriously plucky. I like that.

  17. Trixie says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    My oh my…. What must your family think about your potty mouth. Try using another adjective… You will come across as more intelligent.

  18. deelish says – reply to this


    pollopicu: brandi is trying so hard to be an adult, she says. what that mean i have no idea. she’s foul. loves being the witchy femme fatale and wud take any husband on. btw: what model? what covers? where? that seems fictitious. i don’t like her byline saying something like money cant buy u class…she clearly doesnt want class and wants money. shes only entertaining when she conti ues to insult,,,otherwise id like her to continue “modelling”.and be broke like the rest of us