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Every Glee-Tail: One Wedding & A Possible Funeral?!

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Simply…having…a wonderful Gleemas time!

Merry Crissmas, everyone!

Yeah, you read that right. Crissmas — as in Darren Criss. As in the only thing we're asking Santa for this year. 10 mins + Darren + some mistletoe = A HOLLY, JOLLY HOLIDAY!!!

While we wait for our completely REASONABLE gift to show up under the tree, we caught last night's holiday episode of Glee and thought we might share with all of our fellow Gleeks exactly what went down, just in case you missed all the fun times because you were out shopping, baking cookies, or some other festive festivities!


This week, in the spirit of the holiday season and that movie “Love, Actually,” Glee was divided into five different stories about five of your favorite Gleeks. Get it? Because “Love, Actually” was the first “Valentine’s Day,” “New Year’s Eve,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” …etc.

So let’s break it down for a second….

Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets Back Into His Wheelchair

Remember last year when Tina fell into a fountain or something and everyone switched? Okay, Artie’s dream was a lot like that – except this was a Christmas episode, so the writers went with an "It’s A Wonderful Life" theme..

And you know what? As much as we loved watching Kurt and Blaine skate the night away (more on that later), we really would’ve like to see that idea drawn out for the whole episode. First of all, Artie hasn’t had a centric episode since… um, “Wheels?” Second, it would have been a perfectly acceptable way to bring all the original Glee kids together in McKinley for the holidays, without utilizing the Lima Shuttle. But we digress….

In Artie’s vision of “a world without him being in that stupid chair,” the Glee clubs has never happened. So, Puck and Finn are still jock jerks, Kurt never graduates because he’s bullied to the point of missing too much school, Tina still has a stutter, Rachel is a timid librarian … and Quinn is DEAD! And Terri (who made the best cameo EVER) still has Will convinced they had a baby. He’s apparently been too drunk to notice she’s holding a DOLL!

When Artie’s guardian Christmas angel! Rory (another cameo!!!) shows Artie just how much he was the glue of Glee, it dawns on him that there so much more to his life then just being in a wheelchair. He wakes up from his haunting Christmas dream with renewed sense of faith – Christmas Faith.

And Now Who Has Cancer?!

Yeah, remember when Glee holiday specials were all about singing in tree lots and robotic legs for Artie? Well now, apparently Christmas is the time of year that Burt tells Kurt after taking the Lima Shuttle to NYC that he has prostate cancer.


In a seemingly unnecessary move (although if they kill Burt, the fans will most likely revolt), Burt shows up in time for the holidays to break the sad news to his son, but also give him hope that everything is going to be all right. They’ve got the cancer early, so there is no reason to think he won’t make it.

BUT JUST IN CASE HE DOESN’T…. Burt makes it a Christmas his son won’t forget with a Broadway show, a tree with all the trimmings and flying Blaine out for all the merriment, WHICH there may be more of since Blaine reveals he’d like to apply to NYADA come the spring. And world’s Klaine fans take a collective sigh of relief.

Band O Brothers, Wedding Bells & Grinchmas Is Over

Our last three storylines were sweet, if not also feeling a little cut short. The Puckerman boys vow to make their mother’s friends so they can spend the holidays together. Once they complete that mission, Puck decides that L.A. isn’t for him, and announces his return to Lima (yes! Finn has a friend his own age now!) Because of the Mayan Apocalypse, Brittany and Sam are sure they are going to die, so they decide to get married and enjoy their final blissful days together. Beiste helps them out by performing the ceremony , and then coincidentally revealing she was in no way ordained to do so once the pair realize the world hasn’t ended and they are 17 and in no way want to be married. And finally, Sue pick’s Marley’s mom in the faculty Secret Santa, but before she gets the chance to be a Grinch, she recognizes the real hard times their family is going through. So, in true season two Sue fashion, she breaks into their house, brings in a tree and presents and brings holiday cheer to a family less fortunate than her own.

And isn’t that what the holidays are all about! So sweet!

But… we still wanted more Terri! LOL!

And that’s a wrap for Glee 2012! Come on back next year, where we hope to be talking about Finn’s new girlfriend, a storyline for Joe and the return of Kristin Chenoweth! (There is no part of her that doesn’t miss her on that show!)

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6 comments to “Every Glee-Tail: One Wedding & A Possible Funeral?!”

  1. Legif says – reply to this


    you're the most fail animated GIF creator… they're always frames taken from a movie or show where nothing happens, just a moving head or something, you miss the whole point of making those, God you're dumb, it hurts

  2. 2

    I'm so mad at Ryan Murphy! Really?? Cancer? Really??? And Chris Colfer and Darren Criss… just! get out as a couple guysm everybody knows already, those looks are so real! Adorable

  3. Dazedandconfused says – reply to this


    Return of April Rhodes is long overdue,and might actually make sense with the New York storyline of Rachel and Kurt,running into April there woud be more plausible than when she showed up in Lima. BUT, don't think it will happen. It woukd appear Ms.Chenoweth has gotten on the bad side of Ryan Murphy,for someoe who called Kristin a muse a few years back,Murphy now doesn't ever mention her name. Sorry,but seems we've seen the last of the loveable drunk.

  4. David says – reply to this


    I just can not get over how beautiful Darren is, i may be fanboying again but never will i not be a fan of this wonderful man.
    If Ryan dares to write Blaine out the show i WILL cut a bitch!!

  5. aussiechick says – reply to this


    I'm with Perez,,,Darren Criss all the way…I only watch glee so I can watch Klaine and feel like there is really a warm and fuzzy world…pair em back up I say…

  6. holycowbatman says – reply to this


    1. Shouldnt NDs auto-bid to nationals? Rules mis-applied. New Directions - Warblers - Vocal Adrenaline nationals showdown.

    2. Missed storyinline - Sue-baby first xmas.

    3. Burt cancer!? Carole missing; Finn didn't even visit mom for holidays, how rude! When will Rachel's dads glitter bomb Finn for breaking daughter's heart?

    4. NY solidifies: Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Finn, Quinn (Conn.), Britt (eventually). Finn director/casting - between Rachel/Quinn lead; tensions build; Rachel understudy; lead sick, Rachel opens, star born, Finchel reunites triumphantly. Mercedes outta LA-purgatory to NY.

    5. April on Broadway: male lead/understudy give each other mono, begs Will to perform, questions Lima return, Wemma tension. More likely, visiting NY, Cassandra uses Meanslut super-powers seducing Shue to hurt Rachel.

    6. Joe. Snore. Seven episdodes up..cue inevitable dreds-in-copy-machine accident. Sugar magically disappeared..why not Joe?

    7. The undedog vibe was there, but overlooked: Pressure on Asian, wheelchair-boy, Dancy-ditz, trouty, gay-glam-boy mentoring newbies, especially w/o Finchel/Shue. Would've made Jake-Ryder-Marley-Kitty more organic/palatable. Fve champs as background dancers/singers for newbies? Puhlease.

    Ok, I'm off my soap box now.