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Kristen Stewart Missing Robert Pattinson So Much She Can’t Eat?

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson New York Lunch

Eat up, gurl!

If Robert Pattinson will take Kristen Stewart back after she cheated on him, he surely won’t mind if she chows down on some burgers and fries.

And hopefully, she cleaned her plate after stopping by Sarabeth’s in New York before the premiere of On The Road Thursday night.

Movie premieres take energy!

KStew, who is in NY without R-Patz, was dressed unusually preppy while dining at the restaurant that was apparently so bright she had to keep her sunglasses on.


We know you became a vampire in Twilight, but you can stop acting like one NOW!

And stop worrying, Rob ain't going anywhere.

[Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News.]

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20 comments to “Kristen Stewart Missing Robert Pattinson So Much She Can’t Eat?”

  1. 1

    Another NON-story.

  2. tempe says – reply to this


    Please leave her alone with your suggestive stories.
    You're a bully for CONSTANTLY posting your backhanded thoughts of her.
    Leave her alone !

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    Perez, she didn't cheat on you she cheated on RPatz, stop acting like you were the one jilted. The sooner you realize he is STRAIGHT the sooner you can move on with your gay life.
    Your so PRO gay yet you contantly covet straight young boys.
    Somethings seriously twisted with you.

  4. 4

    You are hardly in a position to criticize what anyone else wears seeing as how you always look like a blind retard dressed you, loser. You impress no one with your chronic and psychotic bullying of Stewart; nothing you say or do is going to get Pattinson to spread his ass cheeks for you, you nasty, diseased deviant. Give it a rest. And get some help. You are sick, out of control, and need to see a psychiatrist. Or, better yet, just terminate your life. It's not as though you contribute anything good or useful to society, you asshole leech.

  5. susan says – reply to this


    You are living in a dream world in some kind of closet yourself.

  6. susan says – reply to this


    I am speaking to temp

  7. nicole says – reply to this


    does anyone know who makes her sunglasses? i love them and cannot figure out who makes them!

  8. Isn't it ironic... says – reply to this


    That two stories run side by side. One detailing the horrific shooting of innocent children and one on what a celebrity had for lunch. Only one has any importance what-so-ever and let me give you a hint Perez…it isn't lunch. Do the world a favor and get a real job because you completely suck at this "journalism thingy".

  9. Sick of people says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Wow, see that's what's wrong with the world. You are insisting someone should end their life, really!? This is just uncalled for and not acceptable. You are calling someone a bully but had rather atrocious things to say about them including insisting that they commit suicide…Does this not sound like a bully to you? Look in the mirror… Article or no article, no human being deserves to be talked to like that.

  10. ann low says – reply to this


    you are a hateful BULLY!!! you know there is a law about bullying people maybe you should look it up someday.

  11. 11

    Oh and she is like the only star in the world that wears their shades inside. Give it a rest you pig faced bully

  12. bjsmith says – reply to this


    BRe: susan – I think that's cruel. WOW! Would not want you mad at me. You are frightning

  13. rsd says – reply to this


    Re: nicole – burberry

  14. Kbrew says – reply to this


    That poor woman can't do anything without a camera in her face. Give her a break for a meal.

  15. bitchofbitches says – reply to this


    she actually looks like she gained weight. she has rounder stomach and breasts, ass.

  16. jessie says – reply to this


    she didn't miss him when she's hooking up with rupert.. they were found out so now she miss rob

  17. jessie says – reply to this


    yeah? she must have miss him when she hooked up with rupert but they were found out.

  18. N says – reply to this


    How about watching the paparazzi video of this!!!!
    They knocked on the window, and flashed cameras through the glass.
    Her and that assistant of hers could enjoy a meal.
    They left due to being hounded by the paparazzi. NOT because she missed Rob. Plus I'm sure he was a phone call, or SKYPE away.

  19. santa says – reply to this


    Perez is such a jackass.
    Why does everything in Kristen's life have to revolve around Rob?
    I mean, she comes back to LA cause she couldnt stay away from him, she doesn't eat because she misses him, or she wants to quit acting to be with him?
    I mean, come on Perez, you can do better than that.
    Leave our Kristen alone.
    We love her.

  20. Amy says – reply to this


    I hope everything works out for you and Rob you two make the most beautiful couple I've ever seen It's like your supposed to be together . So cheer up and keep on fighting for him .I don't know what else to say .I'm a Taurus also and we can be pretty stubborn but we are also lovers and he loved you .You cdn see it.Don't give up.