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Kristen Stewart Quitting Acting?! WILL Spend Christmas With Robert Pattinson!

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But the acting world would heave such a sigh of relief regret!

We know Kristen Stewart is not the biggest fan of all the media attention that goes along with being a famous tween movie franchise actress, but would girl ever consider giving up the glitz and glamour to live a quiet, normal life?!


During a red carpet interview at the On The Road premiere, the vampire lass revealed:

"Oh man, I really love my job. I would not give it up."

HA! Obviously.

Well, it's good to know that Kristen will be lip-nibbling on screen for the foreseeable future…

AND we also hear that contrary to recent rumors, KStew WILL be spending the holidays IN LA with her jilted lover Robert Pattinson!

We guess he's not jetting off to spend time with his English family after all!

We wonder if the fact that they apparently didn't want Kristen to come for a visit played in to his decision to stay in Los Angeles?


[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Kristen Stewart Quitting Acting?! WILL Spend Christmas With Robert Pattinson!”

  1. kim says – reply to this


    So, what's the point to this stupid "article"? I know you love to take every opportunity to bash anyone you don't like (and that's a LOT of people), but your gross bullying isn't usually so pointless and without a plausible subject.

  2. Mikes says – reply to this


    Re: kim – just another female star he's jealous of, pathetic.

  3. Mindy says – reply to this


    Wish she would quit acting.

  4. tempe says – reply to this


    Somebody should do a welfare check on Perez, he's obsessed with with KStew cheating on him !

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Maybe he's high. I'm really considering the fact he is impaired. He sounds mentally ill.

  6. 6

    i wish she would quit shes a whiny tortured cheating thing … not even that good actress

  7. MichJB says – reply to this


    When did she start acting? Her acting range is standing around looking blank to running while looking blank.

  8. 8

    Bloody hell not a fan but you realise your seething jealousy embarrasses you in these rants..I mean 'articles,' right?

  9. 9

    Your persistence in dogging this girl is growing old. You insist on bringing up the past, which they obviously have moved on from. I don't see you referring Angelina as a devious home wrecker every time you post some crap about her and that dirty homeless looking man she stole from JA. And WTF is the headline for this snippet of your drivel? Really Perez? You suck, literally.

  10. ann low says – reply to this


    BULLY why don't you get a life. BULLY

  11. wakeupperez says – reply to this


    Come on perez, honor the smallest victims today instead of putting up garbage like this crap on your site. This is stupid, and i really don't know many people who actually care about kristen stewart.

  12. Tai says – reply to this


    Seriously? This is NOT an article…Stop with this stupidity and write decent articles. I you went to college at this writing level you would fail everything!!! If you have gone to college, I would be surprised if you passed your English courses!

  13. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Disney
    Exactly. I never could understand why people disliked this man so intensely. I mean there is always a few crazies around, but he provokes hostility towards himself by his downright mean spiritedness. And it seems a large part directed towards young heterosexual women. Have you noticed? If he's not ripping them apart, he's saying something nasty.

  14. 1234 says – reply to this


    Loved reading the latest news. Dont u have a newsletter??

  15. chrystal says – reply to this


    I can't say anything except Perez is a bully. A coward and a bully….

  16. 16

    Another bullshit title…I wouldn't mind if she quit though…

  17. sven erlandson says – reply to this


    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays! (Rimes/Cibrian, Coco/IceT, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Petraeus women).

    My latest book, "I Steal Wives: A serial adulterer reveals the REAL reasons more and more 'happily married' women are cheating" is a powerful look at this EXPLOSIVE topic of female infidelity. And the REAL reasons aren't the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in the SECOND-HAND information of some psychologist's self-help book.

    This book is the FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on female infidelity from the FIRST-HAND experience of a serial adulterer, who cheated with the wives/girlfriends of over 25 married men (and a few women), and who also happens to be a therapist (never cheated with clients)! The deep and powerful insights of this book will startle women and shock men! And here’s a tip: Cheating always, always, always boils down to the exact same reason at the core: FEAR!

    "I Steal Wives" is a salacious, self-deprecating, at times funny, and penetratingly insightful look into what is now the very cutting-edge of relationships. It's the relationship version of "How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar!" It will forever change how you do relationships and view life!

    Check it out now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!! It's selling FAST!

  18. Glorimae says – reply to this


    I do hope this time my comment show up. I wish Perez would print someting nice and the truth and quit bashing and quit being mean, you are a so stupid there are fans here that do care leave Kristen alone please she hasn't done any thing to you so leave her be.
    I am one of her fans I am a fan of Kristen and do care and love her.
    Wish Kristen the best good luck, wish Kristen and Robert the best of luck love them both will always be their fan and will be supporter as well.

  19. 19

    FUCK HER, no big loss.

  20. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson

    Yeah, she'll be missing that.

  21. Val says – reply to this


    Perez is at least doing what he signed for, and there is nothing more or less we could expect from him. However Kristen is sucha little hypocrite because she doesnt waste any opportunity of criticizing the other starlets for doing exactly the same things she does with a twist, such as wearing skimpy outfits to sell her movies, or selling her body for the role to any pervert director. She is basically the biggest hypocritical of all, she prove it enough already, and she has been given a slap in her wrist for her mistakes but she is fierce trashing the other starlets for doing exactly the same as she does??? she is just a bad actor that fakes it until she makes it and tha that lies so much about herself and others, that now people reaally believe that they must cover every single stupid word that comes from her mouth.. common bravo for Perez for doing his job, but Kristen is just a pretty face that loves her career so much (acting, or getting directors to bed) so much that anybody else (such as directors wives, their kids or her very own beloved boyfriend) anything else doesnt matter she is just a pathetic reflection of the value of youth fake it till you make it, even if on your way up you leave a long pile of broken people

  22. monkey1234 says – reply to this


    i mean she did some bad things in her life but thats no excuse ones a cheter always a chetar

  23. 23

    perez: could you write one article about why you hate her so much? Cause I really don't get it and it's starts to piss me off that every time i'm in this website i have to read this headlines. And im not her fan but this is a ”mileycyrus” situation all over again..

  24. antipodean says – reply to this


    This has become so boring, leave the kid alone

  25. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: rousii – His main targets always seem to be young female heteros.

  26. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: wakeupperez – First story I saw today when I logged on an hour or so ago was a recap of the CT shootings including homages to the victims..

  27. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez, please ban sven erlandson for spamming. Thanks.

  28. jen says – reply to this


    Another BS story there was reports saying they were spending it apart and how would you even know if they were spending it together. Your starting to act like Hollywood Life now

  29. Indigo says – reply to this


    All you people getting mad at Perez sound downright ridiculous. This is a celebrity gossip site. If you want real news go watch CNN! Perez is doing his job, which is reporting on the lives of celebrities, and adding his own mean/funny anecdotes; just as he has always done. And if you don't like it I have a simple solution… DON'T READ IT; you idiots lol! Oh and to address the K Stew thing… I really do wish she'd quit acting, she's terrible! Her awkwardness in the Twighlight movies always makes me cringe! I seriously don't understand how she even got that role.

  30. iss says – reply to this


    first and foremost, i dont believe kstew will quit… it's not as if rob is her world you know? otherwise she would not have cheated

  31. Kristen says – reply to this


    kristen stewart

  32. Crissy says – reply to this


    Re: kim – Kim, are you retarded? You do know that this is a gossip blog and he makes money making fun of people, right? Why else would you be here? Stop clicking on Perez Hilton's website so you don't have to read the articles, DUMB ASS!!!!

  33. Janiekat says – reply to this


    I like Kristen Stewart. I'll go watch all her future movies. All my friends like her too. We are all female and we don't understand why people won't leave her alone. I haven't met any one that is perfect, no one is, and she isn't either.

  34. amy says – reply to this


    They didnt spend Christmas together. Robert spent it at home in Barnes, London. I think the split between Robert and Kristen will happen soon. He never looks happy with her.

  35. Sophie Hughes. says – reply to this


    This article is so pointless and unprofessional. Once again you are bashing on a female celebrity you are jealous of. Why do you spend so much of your time bringing up Kristen's past/talking about her if you have so much 'hate' for her. You're obsessed and quite frankly you are just 100% pathetic.
    Why do you hate her so much anyway, what did she personally do to hurt you in such a horrific way that you have to rip her apart?
    It is bullying and abuse, I don't care what anybody says about this matter. Kristen can see and hear all of the abuse you give her and she really doesn't deserve it at all.
    Seriously Perez, grow up and write an article on some real news for once instead of grasping for something that's not even there. You'll never get any respect if you carry on like this.