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RHOBH's Adrienne Maloof Fires Back At Brandi Glanville's 'Hurtful' Comments!

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Adrienne Maloof Brandi Glanville Surrogate False

And the dramz continues for the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Just last Monday, RHOBH viewers were left wondering just what kind of comments Brandi Glanville had made about fellow housewife, Adrienne Maloof!

After the episode aired, it came out that Brandi was claiming that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her and ex Paul Nassif's three children — Gavin and twins Colin and Christian!

Now Adrienne is speaking up about matters and wants to make herself very, very clear!

Mz. Maloof recently stated:

"From the very beginning of the show, I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the storyline. It is my right, as a mother, to protect the innocence of my young children on my timetable. I am shocked that Brandi, as a mother, would do something so hurtful to gain attention and relevance at the expense of other's."

Brandi DID bring up a pretty personal issue — if true — so we can't really blame Adrienne for feeling that way!

However… Adrienne still didn't deny Brandi's claims with her statement, though, that is her business and her decision!

While we previously mentioned that Brandi spoke out regretting the comments she had made, it sounds like the damage has been done!

Word of caution to Mz. Glanville??? Never cross a Maloof!

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36 comments to “RHOBH's Adrienne Maloof Fires Back At Brandi Glanville's 'Hurtful' Comments!”

  1. 1

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  2. 2

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  3. 3

    I've always supported Brandi but she seems to be going off the rails. Brandi leave Adrienne alone. Team Adrienne on this one.

  4. 4

    What she said was mean and uncalled for. Brandi is the one to talk, her husband left her and Gerald butler denied having sex with her. Why does it seems that everyone wants to distance themselves from this woman.

  5. 5

    They are just building hype for their stupid show. Anyone who buys into this crap needs to give their head a shake.

  6. 6

    I think that when you are on a REALITY show that there aren't any parameters…you are putting yourself out there and things get out eventually. I agree that Brandi shouldn't have been the one, but Adrienne shouldn't be surprised either.

  7. Carlos says – reply to this


    I love Adrianne and regardless weather it is true or not, Brandi is white trash and how dare her attache Adrianne, Adrianne is amazing and Brandi is trash.

  8. 8

    Adriane Maloof is amazing and fabulous! She is my favorite housewife and it's pretty annoying that she of all cast memebers is being attached so far in this season. She has the most class, is the most fabulous and pretty much always has stated accurate information and acts civil- hence her applogy to Lisa. Anyway Brandi Trailorville! is trashy VERY ENTERTAINING, cute and straight out annoying. This season she has used her mouth of "truthfullness" AKA I WANT ATTENTION AND MONEY BY SPEAKING WHAT PEOPLE DONT SAY OUT LOUD is annoying and is trash talking Ms. Maloof for wrong reasons. Advice to Brandi Trailorville- Get a real job and keep a man please! Oh one more thing- Stop kissing Lisa Vanderpumps ASS!

  9. 9

    Adrienne, why join a reality show with crazies…are you that stupid?
    Your on BRAVO, Andy Cohen jacking off to all the press and drama youre bring them.
    How did Brandi get all this information unless Adrienne told her…

  10. annabelle says – reply to this


    If you don't want your skeletons made public then keep them in the closet.

  11. 11

    If its true then wtf is the problem? It shouldnt even be a secret! And its not insulting the children in any way. Maloofs have said far worse about Brandi and how she is with her kids saying she neglects them and sleeps in til 3pm. and called her a drug addict! dont dish it out then sue people in return!

  12. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez or mods, please ban spammer lizzyhot, Thanks.

  13. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Well….It's getting clear why Eddie Cibrian left Brandi. She is an immature, malecious bitch.
    Imagine living with that, her mouth running all the time, and her ultra skinny ass.
    she's horrible, no class whatsoever. Backstabbing bitch.

  14. DoneWithBravo says – reply to this


    Ms. Maloof can't keep her lies straight. Her boys were shown in Season 1 often enough. She even mentioned that she had them via a surrogate. In the Ojai show, Adrienne went off on a tangent, spinning stories about having them via c-sections. Brandi called her out on it. ADRIENNE BROUGHT IT UP-WITH THE CAMERAS ROLLING–HER KIDS WEREN'T OFF-TOPIC!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe that's the big secret that she'd sue over–there's no lawsuit there. It had to be something more, otherwise this is another Bravhole attention-getting lie. Two shows about absolutely freakin' nothing. Classic. Now their writers don't even have to write. Let's ditch these bitches once and for all! And Andy too————he's a waste of space!

  15. Flowerbomb says – reply to this


    Re: littleme87 – Brandi is brutally honest, has no filter, doesn't take shit from anyone and is not hypocritical. THAT is why people distance themselves from her, once they screw her over that is.

  16. missdaisy says – reply to this


    I'm on Brandi's side…always. From the very beginning they all ganged up on Brandi…Kyle & Kim should be the ones to talk….so don't mess with Brandi and nothing would be said. By now everyone should know that from the beginning we saw when Brandi commented that Kim was a meth addict, maybe not…..but she surely acted like one…she didn't just look like an alcoholic only….she was obviously on something else….surley like Paul had said "PRESCIPTION PILLS"….Hello?? Why was she so skinny? LIAR…….ADRIENNE!!!!! she can't be in the spotlight and not take the heat!!!!!!!!

  17. stelli says – reply to this


    If adrienne was so worried about her children, then why did she allow to have them on the show. I have seen them on there because I remembering thinking what little monsters they were. Also, if you dont want your secrets to come out, dont go on a tv show. What an idiot.

  18. yeahright says – reply to this


    Adrienne looks (and must be) about 55 years old. We all know that there is no way she could have had two healthy kids at her age. I wish she and her scary annoying husband would get off the show. They are both as fake and phony as their faces.

  19. joyce rogers says – reply to this


    adeirinne is a bitch and brandi speaks her mind money does not buy you class

  20. joyce rogers says – reply to this


    brandi may say things that she shoud not however she owns it adrienne news for you money does not buy you class

  21. Nikki says – reply to this


    Brandi is trash and has diarrhea of the mouth. Faye Resnick called it right last night on RHOBH show. Brandi has been hurt and treated like a non-factor in her life time. Therefore, she wants to inflict her pain and hurt on others with her vicious comments. I don't like Lisa Vanderpump, because she is fake and sneaky. She throws a rock and hides her hand. I will not buy Brandi's dumb book and I will not watch Lisa's boring Restaurant show.

  22. Tampa says – reply to this


    If you are on a show that perpetuates drama…hello! Get ready because you signed on for the ride. If Adrienne had zipped her lips then it wouldn't have come out. If Faye really knew Adrienne she would have noticed at a baby shower, if she had one, or heard about the surrogate. To which I thought after Adrienne said that I was trying to recall if it was her and Camille had mentioned it in the first season.
    Regardless, Faye is a big mouthed individual who is trying to become "relevant". Her going with questions to only answer them herself made me ask where her doctorate degree was.
    Faye looked worse than Brandi, in my opinion, because for some odd reason I think Brandi was right. I've read other blogs and it all adds up to her telling the truth. What I want to know now is what did Adrienne say/do? I'm guessing it was them wanting to turn on Lisa at the Reunion. Nearly Everyone but Brandi was at Lisa. Kyle was no longer my second favorite after that. I would have bitten duckbill and princess A's head off at the notion I'd even consider being unloyal to my BFF. Shame on Kyle. Her and her husband use to need her business but I guess they have moved up.
    I also side with Kim. Even though I don't like Adrienne and her poor acting, I think she needed to know, and they could have put their "big boy pants on" and not have confronted her at that time. Not a Bravo moment though. Lol

  23. MissBehavin says – reply to this


    Re: Flowerbomb – Umm, really? Not a hypocrite? Brandi has stated on multiple occasions that when you mention her kids/family, all bets are off. Didn't she do the same thing by throwing out Adrienne's business?

  24. GATORGIRL says – reply to this


    Why do they seem so surprised about this? Surrogate no surrogate who cares. They talk about Brandi like a dog. I guess she isnt classy enough for them. First of all Kyle and " OJ Simpson trial attention seeker for 15 minutes of fame" Faye cant talk about anybody. They are just jealous of Brandi and her body and they are over the hill. Kyle just used to feel like she was the prettiest and now she isnt. Thank Goodness for Kyle's other friend and Lisa standing up for Brandi. Why is Fay so upset about last years blow up about Kim? Lets get for real Kim was messed up most of the season. She acts like a person who has abused substances far to long and now is off them with a lot less brain cells. Kyle you are such an attention hussy.

  25. 25

    If Sarah Palin can fake a pregnancy with a down syndrome child for political gain, why can't Adrienne fake one?

  26. smileyjack says – reply to this


    Faye had no business drilling Brandi it was not her business. Adrienne had contacted Faye.
    Adrienne always have others to do the dirty work, Faye has rubbed offer on Adrienne.
    Adrienne and her husband are no friends to Kyle and her husband. How can a friend(s) come to special events and cause such bad scene.
    Adrienne still resent Lisa for not hiring her to decorate her daughter’s wedding.
    Kyle needs to accept that her sister is very jealous and will do anything to hurt her. Kyle has unconditional love for her sister.

  27. insider says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Its family business, but not a very guarded secret that Adrienne used a surrogate with the twins. I worked for Adrienne and Paul and have never been around a more dysfunctional bunch. Never got paid either…

  28. Sirena says – reply to this


    At first meeting, gave Brandi a chance. Thought she was being bullied by Kyle and Kim Richards for being the "hot, new girl". I was wrong. Over time she has revealed her true character and it is apparent she's nothing but a bitter, cruel beast. She was hurt and burned and is out to slaughter anyone in her path. Innocent children are not safe in her wake. Shame on Lisa Vanderpump. The set up of that alliance is clear giving way for the boring premise of her restaurant shows. Everyone and everything ptifully fake and just plain BAD ENTERTAINMENT! Unless you consider sadistic cruelty, and glorified immorality as entertainment.

  29. Jessie says – reply to this


    Adrianne needs to get off her high horse. If she's that embarrassed about using a surrogate, why did she do it in the first place? My guess is vanity!
    And Brandi may be a bit gruff, but she is honest where others continually lie and that deserves credit.

  30. Blah says – reply to this


    Dumb dumb dumb dumb adrienne or whatever her name is needs to get over whatever brandi said and put her big girls pants on and stop being so petty, if your this ashamed of something you did than you shouldnt have done that something in the first place, you gave up your right to privacy when you signed up for a freakin REALITY show!!!

  31. FU says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – I feel sorry for you, you are obviously ignorant

  32. Denver says – reply to this


    Brandy has a banging body. Round 1 goes to Brandy.

  33. Jmac112065 says – reply to this


    I can't believe what I am reading / seeing . Brandi u are a strang person. U try to act like your all good but your not …. Adrianne has more class than u will ever have . u are trash wnd always will be . why dont u get a meal … skinny trash …

  34. Jmac112065 says – reply to this


    Brandi is a bipolar bitch. U dare attach a mother . Lucky I don't know u .

  35. Jmac112065 says – reply to this


    Re: Denver – shut up

  36. FanfromSanDiego says – reply to this


    Doe's BRAVO think we are STUPID??I The REAL comments that Brandy made were NOT about the surragacy were they??Come on…Adrienne's been in LA for years, Im sure it was no secret!..In fact, what was said was something about her family, wasn't it?? like maybe a brother or something? Why else would 'BigMouth" 15 minutes of FAME seeker, Im gonna write a book about my dead girlfriend" Fay Resnick make that comment to Brandy at Kyle's dinner…"I know Adrienne's brother, my niece (or someone) used to date him"..Am I the only one who remember's that scene?? Bravo, JUST LIKE BRANDY, were probably threatened to shut down the whole storyline if they didn't change the "Big Secret" ……It's a joke if they think Im buying it.