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Charlie Sheen Drunkenly Gives Zac Efron $1.6 Million Babe Ruth Baseball?!

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Mer…Murrrrryyyy Christymasss *hiccup* Chrsms Zac Efron!

It seems that Charlie Sheen's generosity know no bounds — especially when he's consumed a glass or several of alcohol!

Charlie and our imaginary boyfriend Zac were recently getting into the spirit(s) of the season, and the Anger Management star decided to show Zac his extensive collection of rare baseball memorabilia, including a 1920s signed Babe Ruth baseball which Charlie had bought for $1.6 million!

One insider reveals:

"Charlie is a massive baseball fan. He is really proud of the array of stuff, old and new, that he has amassed and keeps it in a special room in his Los Angeles mansion. One evening he and Zac had been having a wild boys’ night at Charlie’s. Charlie showed him his collection and Zac was blown away by the 1920s signed Babe Ruth baseball which he’d bought at auction for around £1.6million. Charlie got it out and suddenly told him it was all his, that Zac could keep it… Now he doesn’t quite know how to ask Zac for the ball back."

Awww, well… we guess that's a good enough reason to NOT get completely obliterated on alcohol!

But we think it's super cute that Charlie is suddenly a regular Santa Claus, helping Lindsay Lohan out with her major money issues AND gaving $$$ to set up a fund in honor of a young cancer patient!

We're liking this new you Sheeny!

And maybe he can ask Zac to play baseball now and again…

Or just get HIM liquored up enough so that he offers to give it back!


[Image via WENN.]

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