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Katy Perry And John Mayer Have Another Date Night

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2012 has been a year of ups and downs for Katy Perry, but it is becoming quite apparent that she has found happiness with John Mayer that will (hopefully) last into 2013.

Katy and her man were spotted, YET AGAIN, having a romantic dinner in style on Saturday in New York City

Not only were the two color-coordinated, but Katy also happened to be exercising her right to B.Y.O.B with a $1,000 Laphroaig single malt whisky.

We must say her taste in men AND drink is EXCELLENT.

Ch-ch-check out their love story from the beginning (below)!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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38 comments to “Katy Perry And John Mayer Have Another Date Night”

  1. 1

    I could give them a TASTE TEST with $7 bottom shelf whiskey and they would not be able to tell the difference.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    OMG. He cleans up nicely. That's a good look on him, too, along with his musician casual.
    I guess it would be hard to make him look bad, lol.

  3. ayeya says – reply to this


    She is transforming the guy. But he will not change complete. I remembered when Russell didn´t have a beard. He looked clean but he wasn´t himself. And now he looks like jesus.

    Jjajajaja I believe that this kind of girls and assholes. For real. Yo can´t change a man for a long period of time. This won´t last.

  4. 4

    Why, of all people, is she dating this guy? His reputation for hit and run dating is legendary. Assuming Katy hasn't been living in a cave, she knows his reputation. If all she's looking for is a hook-up, she can do much better than this dude. What's the appeal here?

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I have drunk Laphroaig in the past, and can get a good aged bottle in a liquor or grocery store for about $25-$30. It is great and has a distinctive smoky peaty taste.

  6. Pia says – reply to this


    Best woman John has ever had. Gorgeous and EPIC couple.

  7. shanghai says – reply to this


    Wow he looks good!! Doubt if he will change but he is lucky to be dating her and hope he appreciates her but guy does not have a good track record.

  8. dave says – reply to this


    Katy and John make it date night in Page, AZ

  9. Kansas says – reply to this


    Get me some Palmolive, stat.
    I feel a little greasy after looking at this picture.

  10. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: Pia
    Explain for us all, please, just what the fuck you mean by "EPIC."
    Slimy douchebag meets the horny teenager with half a brain?
    Is that the angle you're working here?

  11. Ally says – reply to this


    He looks miserable but she looks determined to make it work. Bad signs.

  12. Pia says – reply to this


    Re: Susannah – What I mean is two highly creative people (of equal massive talent), sexy, gorgeous and enthralling. I think they are both sensitive and poetic and belong together. Epic also means this woman is John's match. No other woman can hold a candle. Katy is raw, true and beautiful. She is not fake and not into only portraying an image. That is new for John. So there you have it. EPIC. Only reply if its nice. Lord knows, the world needs positivity. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

  13. Nice try "Pia" says – reply to this


    I'm just dying to spill the beans, but I'll let everyone live in la la land a while, including the John and Katy hideouts! Snickering about the beans that aren't spilled yet. It's not good either Pia.

  14. All The Way says – reply to this


    IDK, creative? Gorgeous? Epic? Hold a candle to? Thanks for the laughs Pia. More like an epic tragedy in the making. John's not so much of a catch and neither is Katy. It's like dumb meets dumber and I guess you can call that epic because that's a rarity why to a**moles gravitate towards each other. Grabbing popcorn and salt water taffy now!

  15. Nice Try "Pia" says – reply to this


    Re: Pia – Talent? What talent? What are you smokin?

  16. had to say it says – reply to this


    Re: Pia – bet she's not into portraying that she has a brain as well? That's obvious.

  17. J says – reply to this


    Who cares about these two? Did anyone happen to see GQ's top 20 hottest women of 2012? Katy Perry wasn't listed as one of them. Mayer should be trying to date one of those beauties from GQ. Those girls are fantastic and seem perfect for him. Just saying!

  18. DJ says – reply to this


    Nice try "Pia", what info do you have? John and Katy looked pretty happy together this past week, so it doesn't look like a break-up is happening anytime soon.

  19. traveler says – reply to this


    What did John do after he heard the song Miss You by the rolling stones? There's a lot more going on with John than people want to believe. I still think that he is not sure about Katy Perry, even though he introduced her to his dad. No one knows for sure what the father really thinks except what was said behind closed doors when it was just John and his dad at the apartment. I suspect that John may still have doubts about him and Katy. I'm not buying intopia's hype. She doesn't know for sure whether or not Katy can hold a flame to any of the women he dated, unless pia specifically talked to John and he gave a few of his exes bad reviews, which I don't and can't imagining him doing. For all pia knows, John could be feeling like a miserable guy, filled with guilt, and just giving in to going along for the show. He looks unhappy and I don't believe it's because he's being followed around by paps and asked stupid questions. Pia sounds like someone who's intimidated by an unknown fact that a few are ignorant to. Pia should ask John who he's missing and thinking about. It's written all over his face.

  20. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: traveler – I hope talk is not about to turn to this dancer in New York that no one can verify or this jewelry designer in California he was with. LOL John may not look happy is this photo, but there are others from this past week where he is smiling.

  21. mr. potato head says – reply to this


    Re: Pia – Pia, put down the bottle of 1,000 g's malt. Best woman Mayer has EVER had? Please. Certainty not best or brightest is more like it. If she wasn't trying to portray an image then why does she pile on the makeup at every opportunity? Raw? I had no idea that ”raw” meant having no brains or true talent. Poetic? Ha! At that. She is clueless and writes pop crap about feeling like plastic bags, which is perfect because she is a plastic bag. Wonder if john Mayer feels like he's sleeping and playing with Mrs. Potato head when he is with her because of all of the fake stuff she sticks in, glues on, pops on and snaps in before and after dates and shows. The woman is more shallower that a puddle on a sidewalk. You say that she is not trying to portray a fake image? She been fake ever since time. Everything about her is fake, from her spanks to her hair and eyelashes she released last week. Her plasticity is enoug to scare eco groups. Epic? That must be a new euphemism or code for being stupid and willing to be used while stuck in denial.

  22. Loves Comedy says – reply to this


    Re: mr. potato head – Dude you nailed it. Excellent.

  23. friendster says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – Yes! It's the dancer for sure. I heard that John is still in touch with her. Maybe Katy should check his phone? Lol. He is quite the womanizer and she can't change him. He wants what he wants. He is the type of guy who will want to remain free so that he can return back to his past loves. He isn't married so he can be a bachelor still. Dating doesn't mean he can't have multiple women.

  24. phuck yew says – reply to this


    Re: Ally – he looks like he just realized that someone hates him. This was the last date right? He looks like he is devastated by something. It's not the paparazzi that's got him down. He's a womanizing manwhore.

  25. Don't Feed the Troll says – reply to this


    Re: friendster – You guys, don't fall for this troll. S/he comes into every thread on Mayer and makes up stories about him cheating and someone left behind. Let's see, in this thread she starts out as "Nice Try Pia" and then gets nastier and nastier with new names and accusations. She'll attack anyone who says anything nice about Katy and claim he's with someone else and she has special secrets. This troll is nuts. Don't feed the troll. Now get out the popcorn and watch her attack me.

  26. Delaney says – reply to this


    Re: mr. potato head – It's called show biz. When she's on stage or on the red carpet, she is in wild attire. She's a performer. Make the distinction. She's a human being. Off stage, please notice, she doesn't smile for the paps or pay attention and she wears ordinary clothes. She and John have never smiled for the paps.

  27. DJ says – reply to this


    I will say that this relationship has surprised me more than anything, but I am starting to wonder if it's serious since she met his father. I don't recall any of his other girlfriends(at least not the celebrity ones) meeting either of his parents. I think the others have met his brothers and friends, but not his parents.

  28. wink and nod says – reply to this


    Re: Delaney – hey Perez? What will everyone do when proof is presented that Mayer is guilty? That could be very ugly and embarrassing for everyone huh? Mayer is chatting with the dancer.

  29. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: Delaney – I've seen photos of both of them smiling for the paps. Maybe not widely, but they have been known to crack a grin ever so often.

  30. winter says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – did the dad like her? That's the important part. I get the feeling that he didn't. That could determine a lot. John seems to value his dad's opinion and that could set the stage. Btw, don't think it's just one person that's a troll.

  31. goody goody gumdrops says – reply to this


    Re: mr. potato head – love it! I agree. Don't you think they looked upset, compared to a few nights ago? If there's a troll than her name must be truth.

  32. Justin says – reply to this


    I guess that if everyone or whoever speaks their mind is a troll because their comments aren't in John and Katy's favor? ? ? ? ? Troll on. Don't think so. We are entitled to what's true. I do believe he's in touch with the dancer.

  33. Vincent B. says – reply to this


    I gotta agree with how hot GQ's twenty were and those girls weren't wearing that much makeup or plastic parts. Brooklyn Decker is a babe. They were still hot! Those were some beauties. I guess I'm going to be labeled a troll too because I'm gonna say that Katy Perry isn't hot or smart and has a head shaped like mr. potato head. Proud troll I be.

  34. dislikes Mayer says – reply to this


    John Mayer is such a sleaze pit for several reasons. These two deserve each other. Let them bask in the std infested rays alone. We don't want any of that. Womanizer racist douche with one wart covered plum.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't really see him making her happy. How could he when he's busy being a shooting star? So is she. A non musician is ideal. Think Matt Damon and his non industry partner.

  36. lindalisa886 says – reply to this


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  37. Delaney says – reply to this


    Re: winter – Nope. Not since they have been together have they ever looked at or smiled at pap cameras when getting in and out of cars, at the airport, entering or leaving buildings on dates, etc. Sometimes if they're out they let a fan take a phone pic with the fan in it. But they have never smiled at paps when they're not on a carpet or taking a posed show pic.

  38. Oh Well says – reply to this


    Some ofthese comments are insane. i like katy fake hair, eyelashes and all. I just really like her a lot. as for JM, i will always like him. Just love each other, guys. If it works out, fine. If not, end it with love.
    As for "guilt", that's none of our business..besides I hate that word. People like to throw it around like a hot potato because, in my mind, no one wants to confront their own.